Mandy & Amy, Part 1

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Published: 26-Jan-2013

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This is a work of fiction with characters based on a story published anonymously on a now defunct Web site. The published work is that of the present author. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This work features inter-generational sexual activity with participants under the age of 18. It is a fantasy. The author does not condone sex with children.

Amy Loses Her Cherry

Gloria, the kids, and Jim started a new life together. His ex-wife Linda, though hurt, was reasonable about having their daughter, Amy, live with her adopted sister, Mandy, four days a week and every other weekend. She also didn't mind the sizable alimony Jim was paying her.

Gloria wanted to continue taking clients and Jim fully agreed with that. It provided a nice sexual outlet for someone who loved to be a 'bad girl.' As he anticipated, Gloria was incredible in bed. More than happy not to have to scrimp and save for every little thing, she was a very congenial marriage partner.

Mandy and Amy loved the arrangement, too. They got to explore each other sexually with Gloria and Jim's blessing. Often, the parents participated, and at the very least performed for the girls. They liked seeing Jim cum on Gloria's beautiful tits and gorgeous ass.

The girls also enjoyed giving Jim head both singly and together. At the age of 11, Mandy was beginning to approach womanhood. She still had her little girl body but she was sexually very sophisticated. Part of that was her mother's teaching and part of that was her and her step-father's experience together. She always gave outstanding head but now she became an accomplished fucker. There was some weeks when Jim fucked little Mandy every day.

Amy, at twelve now, was becoming a woman. That led to the next big event in all their lives: Jim taking his daughter Amy's virginity.

"You know it's time, Jim," Gloria said to her husband one day. "After all, she's done almost everything else and at twelve, she's old enough."

Jim thought then that Gloria was right. Mandy started fucking her birth father at nine. Amy had given her father a blow job when she was eleven. He had also started eating her out at that age. He loved her smooth, bald pussy and the taste of her pre-adolescent cunt. It was Amy's turn to start screwing so Jim decided to broach the subject with her one evening when she and he were alone. Gloria was doing a special group outcall with Mandy that night and would not be coming home until the next day.

Jim had just finished licking Amy's snatch. She started off the evening by sucking her father's cock 'til he came in her mouth. Amy took pride in swallowing it all without gagging. It had become difficult for Jim to say who gave the best head; Mandy, Gloria, or Amy. Tutored by Gloria, and experienced in giving blow jobs to regular clients, they were all equally good.

"Amy, honey, do you like being with me in this way?" They were lying side by side, nude, in bed.

"Yes, Daddy. I really love sucking you off and getting eaten by you." She smiled and said, "You know that."

Amy would be a teenager in another year. Jim was concerned that she was still a virgin and told her so.

She immediately replied, "Gloria thinks I should be doing it. I've thought about it a lot. What do you think, Daddy?"

"Well, sweetheart," he said to her, "I think you should, but what matters is what you think. If you don't feel you're ready, you shouldn't. No one is going to rush you."

Amy sat up. "I've decided that I want to do it. Mandy does it with you and she likes it a lot."

He smiled at her. "Yes, darling, Mandy and I enjoy intercourse. Do you think you'd like to do it with me?" He was hoping that she would say yes.

"I sure would! You're the one I want to be my first. I love you, Daddy." His heart leapt when she said that and his cock started to get hard.

She reached out to gently touch her father's face. Jim thought that Amy certainly exuded a woman's sensuality.

"So, you think this is a good time?" Jim wanted her to be sure.

Amy answered, "Yes, Daddy, I'm old enough now to be taking you in every possible way. You know, Mandy and I have even started doing anal with our fingers."

"Wow, honey! I guess you are growing up."

She was growing up in more ways than one. Gloria and Mandy had introduced her to sex. Amy had taken to it like a duck to water. Gloria had the girls double team her clients. Gloria was turning tricks to make ends meet when Jim first met her. She had worked as a team with her ten year old daughter, Mandy. Jim had helped Amy and Mandy become friends, which in turn led Mandy to teach Amy some lesbian moves while on a sleepover at their house. (His wife at the time, Linda, had put aside her prejudices and had taken Mandy into both her home and her heart.)

Gloria moved Amy along by teaching her how to give head in tandem with Mandy. Gloria, to her credit, also taught her how to receive pleasure. Jim would never forget peeking at his little Amy servicing a man orally while Gloria licked his eleven year old daughter's asshole.

Amy said, "Well, Gloria, Mandy, and I have been eating each other's pussies and assholes for more than six months now. I think I'm ready for a cock," she giggled.

Jim observed that she looked so lovely with her long blonde hair and her pretty, innocent face. Her hips had started to fill out and her breasts had begun to grow.

"All right, Amy," he said, "When do you want me to fuck your pussy?" He hoped it would be soon. He was aching to enter her, his beautiful little girl.

"What about right now?" she said eagerly.

"Don't you want to have Gloria and Mandy with you when you finally do it? They love you so much. I know they'd like to share that special moment with you."

"You're right; they would. How about tomorrow night?"

"That would be fine, honey. Now you know it might hurt the first time, don't you?" Jim didn't want her to be surprised by the tearing of her hymen.

"Oh, I know that. I'm ready for it. Besides, Gloria said that when she did it the first time, she only felt pressure and a pop; no pain. Mandy said it only hurt a little bit." A very thoughtful look came over her face. "I think Gloria said she was eleven when she first got fucked."

"I told you, Jim, you should have broken her in months ago. ... ooh! That's it baby! Ram it home!"

Jim's wife, Gloria, was on her hands and knees. He was behind her looking down at her beautiful asshole. At that moment, he thought about Mandy giving her mother a rim job, slurping that very anus now winking up at him as he plowed her lush pussy and bumped up against her nice, round bottom. He had told her and Mandy about Amy's impending defloration.

"Yay! That's great! Amy's been wanting to be fucked for a while now." Mandy's reaction to her step-father's news was joy. She loved Amy and enjoyed sharing things with her. "Now we can both be fucked by you!"

Jim had flipped Gloria over and was fucking her in the missionary position. It offered him a great view her big tits and pretty face.

"I'm looking forward to tonight. I want to see that gorgeous little girl become a woman. Hmm ..." she mused, "once you split Amy open, you can ball the three of us together!"

Jim was starting to cum inside Gloria. Her sopping wet pussy and blow job eyes were doing it for him. He felt the pin pricks in his prostate as he built to a huge climax. "Oh, fuck, Gloria! I'm fucking cumming!" He arched his back and drove his cock hard into her; it was one last thrust that filled Gloria's box with semen.

As they lay next to each afterward, Gloria described her weekend away with Mandy.

"It was that nice hotel I was telling you about. The guy had a lot of money. He'd had plenty of hookers before but not an eleven year old. I let Mandy fuck the guy. He cummed eight times in her and six times in me over the weekend. We also put on a lesbian show for him. He even jacked off to it!"

Gloria was discrete about her hooking. Since her marriage to Jim, she didn't need the money. Gloria did it because she liked it. Jim loved that she did and enjoyed hearing about her trysts. He was glad Mandy was being speared now. He had been enjoying her a great deal lately, which told him it was time to do Amy. Jim loved his daughter and wanted her first time to be good. He enlisted Gloria and Mandy to help make it so.

That evening, the girls talked excitedly about Amy losing her cherry. Jim told Amy they'd go to bed at 9:00 as it was a school night and she shouldn't be up too late. Gloria told Jim she had a surprise for the occasion.

At 8:30 they all showered, preparing for the evening's festivities. Jim had bought Amy a gold necklace with a ceramic rose pendant as a gift. He would present it to her when she came to bed. He felt he should court his daughter a bit, make her feel special on her special evening. He also bought a matching bracelet that Mandy would give to her.

Jim got into their king size bed while the girls and Gloria fussed in the bathroom. He thought about the plan for Amy. Once they were all assembled in the bedroom, Mandy was going to start things off by giving Amy the gold engraved bracelet he had bought for Mandy to give her. Mandy was then going to start kissing Amy and feeling her up to get her hot. Gloria was going to work on her husband's tool by going down on him, though the thought of Amy's virgin pussy made him so hard that he wasn't going to need one of Gloria's excellent blow jobs to be ready for his baby.

The next step was for Jim to dip his cock into Gloria's pussy for about ten strokes. He was then to pull out and have Amy suck it in order to taste Gloria's cunt. He would follow with a quick ten-stroke fuck of Mandy's quim with a repeat of Amy's taste testing. Then Mandy and Gloria were going to work on Amy together.

Gloria came into the room first dressed in a see-through peach negligee and matching thong. Mandy then came in nude with her face made up and her long, brunette hair tied back in a high pony tail that made her look like the pre-adolescent whore that she was. She wore thigh high stockings and high heels - a nice slutty touch that was Gloria's idea. Then came Amy.

She was wearing platform shoes, a baby-blue see through negligee, and nothing underneath. She was a vision of true jail bait loveliness. She had no make-up on, which accentuated her innocence. Gloria had fixed up her hair by pinning it with two baby blue barrettes; more innocence. She looked at her father's hard on and remarked, "Well, Daddy looks ready, too!" and they all laughed.

"Come here, sweetheart," Jim called to Amy. She stood next to the bed. "Turn around," he said to her. As Amy turned her back to him, he reached for the box with the necklace from under a pillow, took it out and proceeded to place it around Amy's neck. He clasped it together and Amy ran to the mirror.

"Daddy! It's gorgeous! Thank you so much!" She jumped on the bed and started kissing Jim.

"You're welcome, honey. By the way, I think your sister has something for you, too."

Mandy went up to her and handed her the gift-wrapped bracelet.

"Oh, Mandy! Thank you so much! You're the best sister!" she cried as she tried it on. She hugged and kissed the diminutive brunette. Mandy held Amy in her arms and stuck her tongue in the pretty blonde girl's mouth. Amy responded in kind as they fell onto the bed still in their carnal embrace. Mandy also rubbed, kissed, and licked Amy's little breasts. It was Gloria's signal to attend to her husband. She put her face in his lap and commenced the blow job. Gloria raised her head briefly to inquire whether or not Jim liked Amy's outfit.

"It's beautiful and very appropriate," he said.

"I got that for her three weeks ago in anticipation of this night." She resumed sucking Jim's cock as he watched the two little girls have sex.

Mandy has worked her way down to Amy's little virginal jewel box and was kissing and licking her hairless twat. She had used two fingers to open Amy's pussy hole and was lifting and rubbing the girl expertly. Gloria had taught Mandy well.

Amy was moaning as Mandy worked her over. Mandy then flipped her over, parted her butt cheeks, and started to stuff her tongue in Amy's pink asshole. Mandy drove her face into Amy's butt and sucked on the opening.

"Mandy! That's so good! Keep going!" Amy enjoyed her sister's attention.

Gloria lifted her head to watch the girls go at it. She told her husband later that she had felt very proud of Mandy as she watched her little daughter perform oral sex on her adopted sister. "She's smart; she pays attention."

Wanting to get down to it, Jim ordered Gloria and Mandy to lie side by side on the bed. He positioned Amy on her knees between them. Amy looked almost as if she were panting in heat as she watched her step mother and daughter prepare to be fucked.

Jim mounted Gloria first. He shoved my cock into his slut wife's trimmed beaver and gave her his ten stokes. As he withdrew, he signaled Amy to start sucking it clean. "Now taste your step-mom's pussy on my cock, Amy." With a naughty look in her eye, she licked Gloria's love juices from her father's boner. "Umm ..." his little daughter said as she tasted the woman cum covering his hard cock.

"Okay," said Mandy. "Now it's my turn!" Amy smiled as she relinquished Jim's cock. Mandy spread her legs and very sweetly extended her arms to embrace her step-father as he slid his cock into her 'tween cunt. Mandy was wet and he quickly did the required ten strokes inside her, just enough to get the taste of Mandy's sweet little quim on his throbbing boner. When he removed his rod from Mandy's box, Amy took the knob in her mouth and started rolling her tongue all around it. It felt fantastic but he certainly didn't want to cum yet.

"Hold on, honey!" Jim said to her. "I want to shoot it in your pussy not your mouth." She giggled and Gloria and Mandy laughed as Amy then lay down on the bed for her first fucking.

Jim said to himself, she looks so beautiful, my little girl. Twelve years old and ready for her first time. He looked into her eyes and saw the love and the lust there. It was time.

Jim placed the head of his cock at her entrance, gently easing it in as a prelude to the act. "Here I come, Amy!" he said and started to push into her.

"Okay, Daddy; give it to me!" She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes as he felt her tightness. As Jim slowly drove deeper, Amy said, "I can feel the pressure like you said, Gloria."

Gloria said, "That's it; keep your legs spread and let it happen, sweetie."

Unable to go slow, Jim forced it deep into his virgin daughter's cunt.

"Oh, God!" She cried and opened her eyes wide. "I felt the snap! I felt the snap!"

It was done: he had tenderly and lovingly raped his twelve year old daughter. He was all the way in. Jim started pumping her hard and fast. Amy responded by panting and writhing.

"Wow!" Mandy said. "That's good fucking!"

"Oh, yeah, Daddy! Cum in me!" Amy cried.

That was all he needed to hear. Amy's warm, tight little cunt took Jim over the edge and he spewed hot semen into her sweet little girl snatch.

Jim left a big mess in her box. The cream started dribbling out of Amy as soon as he withdrew.

"Wow! Look at that cum pouring out!" Mandy said.

Amy sat up and looked down between her legs. She saw the gobs of semen dripping out of her pussy and started laughing. "Look at that!" She cried.

Jim said to her, "I guess I shot an awful lot inside you, honey."

She looked at her father lovingly and said, "That was fantastic, Dad. I love you so much!" She hugged him and, bending down, took his softening, cum-slicked cock in her mouth and licked and sucked it clean.

Amy had done it. She wasn't a virgin any more. Now she could go all the way with Gloria's clients. The burden of fucking would be distributed equally between Gloria; her daughter, Mandy; and now Jim's daughter, Amy.

Jim said to them, "It's getting late, girls. If you don't mind Gloria, I want to sleep with Amy tonight."

"We figured you'd want to," she said. "Mandy and I can enjoy ourselves in her bed."

Amy kissed her sister and her step-mother good night and jumped under the covers.

Mandy smiled and said, "Yeah, we'll 69 thinking about you guys fucking." Then she giggled all the way out the door.

"Are you going to fuck me some more, Daddy?" she asked.

"Yes, honey, I planned on it if it's okay with you," Jim replied.

"Sure, whenever you want to," she said as she reached for his hard cock. Jim positioned his 12-year old daughter onto her hands and knees so he could take her from behind. Her asshole looked so good he started eating it. Amy moaned.

"Oh, God, Daddy! I love getting rimmed!" He knew that both Gloria and Mandy regularly ate Amy's little rosebud. He bore down hard trying to thrust his tongue as far into her anus as it would go.

After licking her hot asshole, Jim raised himself up and gently stuffed his hard cock in his little daughter's tight twat. He pumped Amy vigorously from behind. Her body shook with each hard thrust into her beautiful cunt. Amy's slim little hips and small but shapely ass looked great to Jim as he drilled her innocent little quim.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Daddy, it feels so good. Uhn ... Now I know why Mandy loves it so much! Uhn ... uhn!" Amy's little body shuddered as she neared orgasm from the continued screwing.

Jim reached down and stroked his darling's hair. Amy was clearly enjoying the balling she was receiving.

"Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!" she grunted each time her father's cock slammed home.

The fucking of her 12-year old snatch was fantastic. After a few minutes of this, Jim could feel his balls brewing up a major cum shot.

"Amy," Jim gasped, "when I pull out, turn right around and I'll cum in your face!"

"Okay, Daddy," she whimpered. Her face was pressed to the bed with her cute ass up in the air.

Jim pulled his prick out of her tight fuck hole and yelled, "Okay, baby; here I come!"

Amy turned to face him on her hands and knees. Her experience with Gloria's clients taught her to close her eyes when taking a cumshot to the kisser. He gave his pretty little daughter a heavy bone blast directly in the center of her face. He coated her nose, her forehead, both eyes, and her lips. Amy had cum dripping down her cheek, off the end of her nose, and off her chin. It was an incredible sight to see this adorable delicate featured little blonde girl almost literally bathed in hot semen!

Remembering Gloria's usual exhortation to "Drink it down, sweetie," Amy ran her tongue over her cum-glazed lips and she began to consume the jizz covering her sweet face. She scraped off thick ropes of cum from her cheek and chin. Tilting her head back, she let it slide off her fingers into her mouth. Jim watched, fascinated, as she gulped down the jism until she finished eating the entire load of sperm.

Jim grabbed a towel and wiped her eyes. She opened them and smiled at him.

"That was so cool! You're a great cummer, Dad!" She said admiringly.

Although Gloria had schooled the girls in sexual performance, the truth was that they took to it naturally. Mandy had told Jim that when she was nine, she asked, and received, permission to watch her parents fuck. It was but a short step from watching to her participating with them. She had started with receiving oral sex from both her parents and then to giving head to them both.

Her father had taken her cherry a week after Mandy's first blow job cum swallow. She seemed not at all fazed by losing her virginity before she was ten. "It hurt the first time," she told me, "but I knew it would feel good after that 'cause I saw how much my Mom liked it." Much later, he learned that Mandy's father had also made her available to his friends and clients, which was not the best thing for the quiet vulnerable little girl. Mandy never talked about that and Jim never asked.

Mandy liked girls. It was obvious to Jim just seeing her with Amy. They were not only close friends but passionate lovers. Mandy had awakened in Amy a desire for sex with both men and women. Mandy, though younger, became Amy's sexual role model and Amy became a pupil to both Mandy and Gloria. "If the girls didn't like it so much, I'd never have had presented them to clients," Gloria told him. "I love my daughter and your little girl. I wouldn't force either of them to do anything sexual that they didn't want to do."

Nonetheless Gloria was very vigorous in exposing the two pre-adolescent girls to all kinds of sexual practices from taking cum shots to the face to swallowing cum to sucking cock and eating pussy to getting fucked. Now that Jim had taken Amy's virginity, she was ready to screw clients with Gloria as her procuress.

Along the way in this sexual journey, Gloria enjoyed sex regularly with the girls. "I love them," she said. "They each perform well and I go crazy licking their little cunts and assholes." Jim knew what she meant. Both girls drove him wild in bed.

As they settled in to sleep that night, Jim fantasized about making Amy pregnant just as soon as she was fertile. Although he knew he would never do it in reality, he enjoyed imagining how beautiful his precious little girl would look with a pregnant, swollen belly at age 13. He could just see her sitting on her legs with her belly out in front as she sucked his cock! Her regular breathing let him know she was asleep so he leaned over and gently kissed the back of her head.

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Soo lovely and horny story!!


Terrific stuff, Arachno. Real up-front sexuality. A very 'unusual' family, completely uninhibited and liberated, with just about every possible intimacy shared between them all. As a result they have the confidence to service clients, and what pleasure they must bring to these lucky fee-paying guys. A family for the modern age, showing the way for everyone to go!


Thanks for the kind words. One could consider them a 'pioneering' family, boldly going where (almost) no family has gone, to mix a metaphor.


A good stroke story. For myself I like more character and plot development, but this will suit many readers in for the non stop sexual activities of this unusual family.


I think I have a new favorite author:) Kiss


Reading this through for the 2nd time, I appreciate the nuances even more. This no-nonsense family are more likeable with every meeting. 'she's done almost everything else and at twelve, she's old enough.' Um, yes, Gloria, that's all that needs to be said! Straight from the horse's mouth - who can argue with a woman who has been there, done it?

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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