Lorna and Kylie

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Published: 20-Aug-2012

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All people in this story are made up - totally a figment of my pervy mind. Do not do this ever.

Chapter 1

It all started about 2 years ago. Until this time I had not had any conscious thoughts about sex and kids, it was just banished from my brain, like normal everyday people. And I would probably have stayed that was if I had not met Lorna.

I was on a business trip to the south east, so staying in a pretty decent hotel. I'd gone through a pretty tough divorce. I had suggested to my 52 year old wife (I was mid 50s at the time) that she join a gym as she was just getting plumper by the week. For a change she followed my suggestion, lost about 15 kilos and fell for her personal trainer, 20 years her junior. We had no kids, but even so it was not easy.

I was sat on a stool in the hotel bar in my business suit having a quiet pre-dinner drink when I saw a pretty girl sitting by herself at a table. She had long dark hair and was neatly dressed, busy with her messaging. She suddenly looked up and saw me looking at her. I looked away, but I could feel her stare, so glanced back and she gave me a lovely smile. I smiled back, and she nodded towards the empty seat opposite her.

I slipped off the bar stool and my mind was racing. I had heard that high class hookers were sometimes found in this hotel, but she really didn't look like that. We shook hands and I sat down - 'you looked a bit lost' she said in a soft Irish accent, 'I hope you don't think I am too forward'.

'Not at all' I managed, a bit croaky, 'I could do with some company, I'm Dave'. And so it began. We had dinner, lots to drink, and finally, after enough drink, I asked 'so how does this work then?'

She knew straight off what I meant. 'Sorry - I can't stay in the hotel - I have a babysitter waiting for me. You could come to my place for a errrrrrrr small gift...' she smiled that lovely smile.

I followed her like a lamb, and a short taxi ride took us to a good class apartment block. She smiled and nodded at the doorman who gave me a Sid James 'Carry On Film' wink. I looked away.

She led me in to her apartment - and Madge, a woman in her 60s, was let go. 'If you have anything left after Lorna, you can always give it to me...!!!' she said softly as she passed. Lorna scowled at her and off she went.

'Yea - its not as easy as before, every time I go out I have to find someone to take care of little Kylie' she told me. I opened the bottle of rum I had bought in the hotel and we continued chatting. I had felt so at ease with this girl, and let myself go for the first time in a couple of years.

The rum was starting to show and she was telling me about her work - and that it wasn't as easy to get out with Kylie, but she's made a mint that she could have only dreamed off, because of her. I was innocently curious.

'Well, you know, I have a couple of customers who like to play with her'. I was still confused - the booze was not helping. Playing with a baby - getting on your hands and knees and moulding Plasticine or drawing??? She giggled - 'No! You know, touching her, getting her to suck them, that sort of thing. I don't let them fuck her of course, she is far too young for that. She's only two for god's sake. Maybe when she is older, and of course I couldn't let anyone hurt her.'

I was - what do they say - gobsmacked. She was speaking about child - indeed toddler - sex abuse like it was her giving a blow job. I was just staring at her. 'And they are all around your age, mid 50s, 60s, nice family men' she looked me straight in the eyes 'and they found out that they like to feel a smooth little pussy and put their tongue in it and cum all over her tiny hairless body'. My cock was twitching - but I shook my head. 'Not me, you have the wrong guy here. I can do you alright - my god how I want to - but kids are a no no - absolutely not, ever'.

'Hmmmm' was her response as she looked me in the eye. It was if she was saying 'Lets see about that.'

We went into the single bedroom, Kylie's cot was at one side of the room. We got down to it - she sucked me to the brink, then let me fuck her and it was about 20 seconds before I filled her pussy. It was as good as I had thought it was going to be. I rolled off and let her sleep in the wet patch.

It was still dark, but there was crying - a baby crying. Lorna struggled out of bed and returned with Kylie in her arms, coochie cooing her. Kylie took a drink of milk from a bottle and Lorna laid her down between us and climbed back into the bed. I went back to sleep.

Light was seeping through the curtains. My eyes opened and I was looking at a very beautiful dark haired two year old girl. She was facing me, fast asleep. Some dribble was running from the corner of her mouth to the pillow. I remembered what Lorna had told me, and imagined the dribble was my cum. My dick instantly sprang to attention. This was wrong - very wrong. Lorna had her back to both of us. I put my hand on the tot's side and felt an opening between her pyjama top and bottoms. I slipped my had down her back and felt the cushion of the pampers. As we had never had children, I had never been in this situation before.

My dick was so hard, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but no-one ever need know. I touched her face and she just murmured. I slid my hand to my dick - I was naked after our session - pre-cum was leaking, and my rod was rigid like it had not been for 20 years. I slipped my hand under Kylie's top and felt her tiny nipples. She groaned and rolled onto her back. I stopped touching her for a minute in case she woke. I tried to get my hand down her front but her nappy was on tight. I had an idea how these things worked and opened the selotape fixer at one side of the nappy. My fingers could now slip inside - she was so small, that I very quickly touched her tiny smooth cunt. I was breathing hard now, she had wet herself in the night and the nappy was damp. I brought my fingers out to my nose and inhaled - the beautiful aroma of baby pee. I had wanted to do wet sex with my ex but she thought it too dirty - I had a real urge for it, and I imagined Kylie sitting on my face, letting me lick her tiny pussy, and drinking down her pee trickle. My hand went back to her cunt and I felt a tiny button right at the top of the tiny slit and stroked it gently.

Lorna turned round and I froze. She saw the look on my face and pulled back the covers to see my hand inside the nappy of her little girl. She shook her head as she smiled.

'I can always tell' she said. 'You may not know it yourself - but I can always tell. You seem to be enjoying it!' She nodded to my dick. 'OK - now that we know, it's a thousand pounds for half an hour - no fucking her cunt or arse - but you can rub yourself against her anywhere. She will get about an inch of your dick in her mouth - don't choke her. Most like to cum in her face. You can help me bath her after for free!'

I just nodded as Lorna spoke. 'Do you want to - you know - strip her?' she asked. I nodded as Lorna went and put the main light on. I took of Kylie's top and kissed her tiny nippies, then kissed her on the mouth and stuck my tongue in. She didn't seem to mind. Lorna returned to the bed and knelt alongside her daughter. I took off Kylie's pyjama bottoms and nappy - it was only pissy. I swivelled my hips, lifted her right leg up and brought my dick close to her tiny slit. I was breathing so hard. The slippery head of my dick touched the lips of her tiny cunt and Lorna took hold of my shaft with her left hand. Lorna was looking very intently at what was going on and her right hand gripped her crotch are - she was enjoying this. She was making an 'ug-ug' noise and was panting. She stopped her crotch grabbing and put her middle and index finger either side of Kylie's little cunt and slowly opened her up. The little pea of her clit came into view and a tiny dark hole below. She gently wanked my rigid dick for only three or four seconds and I actually cried out as I shot my cum up into the tiny hole of her pussy. Lorna angled my dick up and the next load shot up Kylie's belly and into her face, it was so erotic. And another rope - I don't know where it came from - I had filled Lorna only 6 hours previously. Kylie put her head back in reaction to being splattered and this one hit under her chin. More cum over Kylie's belly as Lorna went back to grabbing her crotch. She rubbed herself faster and faster, staring at her cum covered baby and cried out 'Aaaagggggghhhhhhh' then sat back on her haunches.

Five or six deep breaths and then said 'you like that then?' I had lasted about half a minute, and paid for half an hour....

I just nodded and then felt so bad about what I had just done.

'You will feel bad for a time' said Lorna - right on schedule - 'but don't worry - you didn't hurt her and had a lot of fun. Next time I will take a video that you can use a lot - get your money's worth that way!'

Kylie had her fingers in the cum on her belly and was playing with it. I sat up and went to the bathroom. Lorna was bringing tissues to wipe the cum off her daughter.

I left, went to a cash machine and returned with the money. 'How did you know I would come back?' I asked. 'You lot always do' she smiled.

And that began our relationship. She had another customer who would like to have another guy involved and Lorna asked me if I was interested - of course I was. I had been bi all my life but not done much about it.

I've had a lot of fun in the last couple of years. Once a month I still see Lorna and Kylie - Kylie is four now and I can get about 3 inches of my dick in, but I would never hurt her. She is expensive but has quite a client base - all on word of mouth. Not the sort of thing one can advertise really. Lorna is pregnant again so really is concentrating on Kylie's customers, and a few pervs who like to bang a pregnant woman!

I'll follow with a few more chapters of this if you like - all fantasy of course....

Chapter 2

After the initial session with Lorna and Kylie I really was concerned for a couple of weeks. I had nightmares - waking up in a sweat with a huge hard-on thinking of tiny toddlers. I knew it was wrong but it had been so fuckin erotic, and I had cum so hard. I decided to go again as I was really keen to taste the toddler's tiny pussy. I would wank at the thought of it - yea, a guy in mid 50s pulling himself in the toilet at work - never failing to shoot a load as soon as I thought of little Kylie sitting on my face.

Three weeks after the first encounter I called Lorna and booked another half hour. I was not badly off, had a good job, no kids and no maintenance for the ex wife, so a grand once a month was OK. I booked them for 3 in the afternoon one day, and had a raging hard-on the entire train and taxi journey.

Lorna had set up a video camera on a tripod beside the couch. Kylie was in her cot having a nap, so we got right to it, kissing, feeling each other up, and getting our kit off. Lorna had lovely tits and liked them to be sucked. She had shaved her pussy - 'most of my clients prefer bald pussies' she said. She sat back on the couch and I got in between her legs and gave her a good licking. We were both starting to breath heavy. 'Shall I get her?' Lorna whispered. I just nodded.

Lorna came back through the door with Kylie cradled in her arms - it was such an erotic sight, this lovely naked 21 year old holding a toddler who was half asleep. I told Lorna about my fantasy - tasting Kylie's pee. She said that was actually a common thing for 'you guys' who like toddlers, and brought out a duvet from the tv cupboard and laid it over the fitted carpet.

I lay on my back, cock was rigid, my red knob head pushing past my foreskin as it did the first time I spurted over Kylie. Lorna stood Kylie next to me and I took off her piddly nappy. She still had a pretty cream dress with red flowers on, and pink socks. Lorna picked her up and turned her so she faced my feet and sat her on my face. Suddenly I had a two year old pussy on my mouth and my nose was pushing against her bum hole. She squiggled around as I lapped her pissy little cunt hole. Lorna grabbed the video camera and started filming. I was in perv heaven. Lorna stood up and stepped over my head. She started to toddle to her high chair - there was a pink potty next to it. 'Wee wee' she said. Lorna put the video camera tripod back down, checked it was on my face, and said 'your lucky day Dave, you will get to taste her pee you perv. It tastes so good.' She had now picked Kylie back up and was bringing her to me. 'I know from experience...'

This time she stood Kylie over my face with her back to my feet. I looked up and could see her tiny slit, and past that her lovely little face peering down at me. I pushed up her dress either side as Lorna moved the tripod to get a good shot.

'Go on, darling, you go wee wee for mummy' Lorna whispered in that soft Irish lilt. I opened my mouth as Kylie bent her knees. 'Good girl, like you do for uncle Stephen,' Lorna went on with her encouragement.

A couple of dribbles came out of the tiny slit which I caught in my mouth. Nectar. I was close to blowing my cum. Her pussy was only 2 or 3 inches form my face now. My tongue was straining out to touch her. More dribbles, then a stream of warm piss hit my nose. I angled my head back quickly and caught it in my mouth. It quickly filled my mouth and I swallowed. Too much, I bucked my hips as a came so hard, onto the back of Kylies dress. The piss continued as did my cum. I swallowed and spurted - it was such an intense experience. Four or five heavy ropes of cum - I felt them flow through my dick - then dribbles of cum as Kylie's flow stopped. I was out of breath as she stepped off me.

'Wow - I got everything on the video' said Lorna. 'That was hot - did you see how much you came? That was three times the normal - you've been saving that up I think.'

I could only nod. A middle aged guy had just had his most intense sexual experience ever, and with a two year old girl. Talk about confused again. I was still lying on the duvet when Lorna reappeared with a can of lager. 'this will calm you down' she said as she handed the can to me. My heart was still beating fast - my blood pressure must have been through the roof at the time of orgasm. 'What a way to go' I thought and smiled to myself. I thanked Lorna for the beer.

'Watersports turns me on big time' she said. 'Is that beer filling you up?'

I drained the can and put it on the floor. 'You want to find out?' I asked. She smiled and laid next to me on the duvet. She put her face in the wet part next to my head and there was a loud 'mmmmmmmm' as she got her daughter's piss on her face. 'Big turn on - such a turn on' she was rubbing her pussy now and lying on her back. Her daughter had found some Duplo and was making a wall on the other side of the room. I knelt next to Lorna. She opened her mouth and was nodding her head frantically as she rubbed her pussy. I felt the pee come - I had not peed since I first got out of bed that day. Her tongue came out as my piss hit her in the face. She closed her eyes and tried to get as much in her mouth as possible. Her right hand was now a blur as she opened her legs and rubbed harder. My piss kept coming as she started to groan - 'aghhhh - gl.gl....gl..' as she gurgled my piss in her mouth. Her face and hair were soaking - as she was in orgasm heaven.

I looked across at little Kylie who was sat giving me a good view of her tiny twat. My dick just hardened immediately. I liked my moustache - still tasted of Kylie piss and felt another cum building up. Lorna faced my dick again and made grunting noises, and stuck her tongue out as far as she could. A rope of watery cum shot out of my dick and hit Lorna in the face. She leaned forward and put her mouth around the end of my knob as another blast came. She was looking up into my eyes now. I pushed my dick into her mouth as the last spurt from my now empty ballsack hit the back of her throat. I was finished, and sat back on the duvet. The room went very quiet, then Lorna reached for the towel she had put to one side of the duvet.

'That was good' -she said as she wiped the piss and cum off her face. 'Guess I need a shower!' She turned and smiled - that innocent Irish maid smile which I loved.

'You are one depraved girl' I told her. 'But you love it' she responded.

We all went into the shower and the duvet and towel went into the wash. She was an organised girl.

'You know - the last time I had a drink was with you' she told me. 'I have quite a few gents now, business is very good. I like to see them with Kylie - it turns me on - but I need seeing to as well. I think my sex drive is quite high.'

'There's no arguing with that' I agreed. She started putting the video onto a memory stick and we continued to chat.

'I've another gent' (she did not call us clients) 'who wants to play with Kylie with another guy - he likes sucking cock and being fucked as well as girl and toddler stuff - are you up for it? You fit the description of who he would like to play with.' 'what is he paying?' I asked.

She laughed. 'You both pay me - you fuckin whore.' I was cool - I had some sessions with a lad as a teen, nothing since. I did enjoy it, and had recently been looking at gay stuff on the net and had been getting off on it. 'Sounds like fun' I said as I passed her the cash.

'In about a month then' I suggested.

'Ok - I will sort out this other guy - I think we will all have a lot of fun.' My sore cock began to twitch at the thought of it..... I slipped the memory stick into my pocket and it twitched again.

Chapter 3

This time I had more than memories to take me through the month - I had the video that Lorna had made. It was incredible - close-ups of little Kylie peeing into my mouth out of her tiny slit. I was really looking forward to the next encounter.

I rang the bell some four weeks later - as I have said previously, it was a thousand pounds for half an hour with Lorna and her two year old daughter - worth every penny - but I could really only afford it once a month.

A gent about 10 years older than me - in his mid sixties - opened Lorna's door. He was taller and skinnier than me and when we shook hands, had a firm grip. Like me, he had a moustache, but his was clipped to match his military bearing.

'Hi - I'm Steve' I said. He nodded and said 'and I'm errrrrr George' obviously not his real name. I grinned. We went through to a normal family scene - Kylie playing with her blocks on the carpet, Lorna in the kitchen. She came through to the living room with a can of cider and pecked my cheek as she put it in my hand.

'I like drinking cider errrrrr later - you know what I mean - after you have recycled it.'

'George' grinned and asked if I liked the watersports as well. I nodded a yes and indicated Kylie - 'especially the young vintage' I said. He grinned and said that we would be getting on really well.

Lorna spread the 'pee' duvet down on the carpet and sat in the middle of the sofa, tapping the space either side. We obliged, and immediately got down to a snogging and feeling session. She unzipped both of us and we took out our dicks. George had thick one, same length as mine but noticeably thicker. He reached across to my slender dick and said 'this will be sliding up little Kylie quite soon I should think.' The thought of that nearly made me cum. His face was glued on Lorna's as he softly jerked my dick. I reached between Lorna's legs and started rubbing her pussy. Kylie sat oblivious to this playing with her dolls.

I slipped off the sofa and knelt between Lorna's legs. She was still wearing panties - I started sucking her cunt through them, then pulled the fabric to one side to give her shaved cunt a good licking. She spread her legs to give me better access. George slipped off the sofa and undressed completely. He knelt behind me, reached round and undid my trousers. I stopped the licking and stood up. I stripped off, as did Lorna. Both George and myself had considerable hard-ons - we faced each other standing and took hold of each other's cocks. George dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth. I looked across the room at Kylie who was looking back at us with a curious look on her face.

Lorna stood beside me and started kissing me deeply. She, as usual, was rubbing her pussy. I broke away after a minute, went over to Kylie and knelt in front of her. 'Hey darling, you want something to suck?' My dick was bobbing a few inches in front of her face. I pushed my hips slightly forward and she automatically opened her little mouth. I turned back to Lorna and George and they were standing together, wanking each other, looking at us.

I picked Kylie up, took her to the duvet and laid her down. I tickled her tum and started undressing her. My hands were shaking - I had been waiting a month for this. Her top came off - then her little girl vest. She was left in a flowery skirt, nappy and yellow socks. The skirt came down, and the beautiful little girl was laying there smiling dressed only in a nappy and her socks. The fasteners at the side of the nappy were undone and I pulled the front down to reveal her pudgy little slit in all its glory. George broke from Lorna and came to kneel the other side of Kylie.

He bent down and kissed her mouth. Lorna went for the video. I got a close view of a 65 year old balding guy sticking his tongue in a two year old girl. My prick was rigid - my knob swollen and a reddy-purple colour. I leaned forward and nudged it between the two sets of lips - Kylie's and George's. George immediately took it in his mouth and moved his head back and fore. Then he stopped. He spoke to Kylie - 'You want some of Uncle Davies cum in your little mouth then? You want to taste Uncle Davies dicky?' She giggled as he dribbled spit into her mouth.

My left hand was stoking her cunt - that tiny smooth slit - and soon I felt the pea sized button of her clit inside the slit. I had to taste. I shuffled round and leant over her and started licking up and down her tiny slit. I heard movement as George shuffled as well and soon felt his thick dick against my arse. I wanted to do pee fun - anyone, I just needed a drink. I stopped licking Kylie's twat and laid down beside her, our heads together. I turned and kissed her.

'Give us a drink then you dirty bastard,' I said to George. He directed his dick at us and tried to piss.

'Always difficult when I am hard,' he said.

Lorna came over with the video. She put one leg either side of our heads and passed the video to George. 'Get this' was all she said. She half squatted - legs spread over our heads and her red pussy opened up. A few dribbles and the a stream came out. I tried to catch it in my mouth but it was spraying everywhere. It went into Kylie's eyes and she started crying. Somehow this made me harder. George was wanking like mad looking at us getting covered in piss. Kylie's hair was now soaked and she was crying louder. George was groaning 'oh yea - oh yes, yes yes, ahhhhh' as he shot a load over our pissy wet faces. I just came right there and then - Kylie's crying adding to the intensity. Lorna was empty - but continued to rub herself - her eyes glued on the two soaking heads beneath her. She suddenly straightened up, moved her foot so she was only over her daughter's head, and squatted right down. I was so close to this. Suddenly we could hear no more crying as the tot gasped for breath under her mother's pussy.

'AAAGGGGGGGGHHHH' Lorna shook and her head went right back I thought it would fall off. Her eyes were tightly closed as she screamed again and pushed her pussy in her daughter's face. She then went quiet and rolled to one side, off her toddler daughter.

Kylie's crying continued. I picked her up, rolled onto my back, and laid her on my chest. We were cheek to cheek. I comforted her and the crying turned to simpering, then stopped, she was dosing off. Her pissy hair was in my face, over my nose and I was enjoying every lungful. Having a naked toddler on my naked chest and belly was more than I could stand. My dick sprung up again. George grabbed the video. Lorna was lying on one side facing away from us. George was slowly wanking my dick and he whispered 'move her down a bit'. I was holding the toddler on my soft belly, but the piss and sperm made it easy to slide her down slightly. I felt her legs either side of my cock.

'Some more' whispered George. Her little head was now by my chin. I felt a lovely warm soft slippy sensation on the end of my cock. I thought George was sucking again, then I realised that my knob was right up against Kylies tine pussy hole. George was enjoying the view from between my legs - and filming every minute.

'Go on, push a little bit - she can take it. I've been sticking my finger up for ages.' I felt Georges fingers doing something - trying to open up her tiny pussy probably - and I pushed my hips slightly. There was an awesome sensation around my knob as it slid into her pussy hole.

'Ahhh - yea - you lucky fuck - my knob is too big' George was giving commentary. Kylie started to whimper again as I moved my dick back very slightly then in again.

'Go on, fuck the little slut' George had change a lot in the half hour since we first met. I could not see it, but felt George's cum on my cock and balls. I could not stop - I pushed and got another half inch into the toddler who promptly let out a yelp as my cum burst out into her pussy - filling it immediately and squirted out her hole past my dick. And another shot, and again. I pulled her up to face to face me, pulling my dick out of her little hole at the same time. Her tears dripped onto my face and I felt really bad. I held her tight and comforted her.

George put the video off.

'Better not let Lorna see this one' he whispered.

'Is she OK?' I asked.

'Oh yea - she often passes out like that when she has had a huge cum. I don't know - guilt complex or something...'

We took little Kylie into the shower and cleaned up. There was no blood - my dick was obviously not much bigger than George's middle finger. When we came out of the bathroom Lorna was sitting having a smoke.

'I didn't know you smoked' I said.

'Sometimes' she smiled across at me. 'Did I miss much?' she asked.

'We had a little fun' said George. Kylie was back in good form so Lorna did not know that her two year old girl had just had her first cock in her pussy.

Lorna cleaned up whilst we chatted and put the duvet and towels in the wash. George indeed was ex military, his wife of 36 years had passed away and Lorna picked him up in a posh bar. Like me he had never entertained thoughts of kiddie sex till he met Lorna - we came to the conclusion that she was a witch - a nice one, but a witch nonetheless.

I exchanged email addresses with George, we squared up with Lorna and went on our merry ways. I would not have to wait four weeks for my next kiddy sex session thanks to George......


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oh what a wonderful story, please more. soon I will write my story whick I hope u will like, thankyou so much
wow...one of the best todd/infant storys i have reading...thank you much...and i am so sorry NEPIMUM's email are not working...pls write me NEPIMUM..i like to have contact with you..


fantastic cant wait for more baby/toddler stories

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