Ash Island Academy For Girls, Part 2

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Published: 4-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

When they'd finished with him Alex was dressed for a formal occasion. The girls decided that he looked really cute in his uniform, including a grey pair of boxers.

"Now before we go down to the hall we'll take you to your mother. She has to talk to you most seriously before the party begins." Said Maria

"Party?" inquired Alex

"Yeah!" said Alicia "If we weren't a girls only school it would probably be a dance or something, but it's basically a social gathering. New students meet and old students reunite. Now come on."

The girls took Alex back to his mother's office. "Thank you girls, you may go now." Said his mother, the girls left "Now Alex you look marvellous. How did you like that?"

"It was weird!"

"Yes well we had to do that to you. I'm afraid that, until you achieve superior status, you're going to get visits from a number of the girls on special subjects."

"Why though?"

"That's simple. Most of the teachers here are in relationships and very few of them are lesbian's. The girls on specialist subjects are allowed loose on the other students and the staff even use them to administer punishment to the younger students. But then you have something they do not."

"Cock!" said Alex

"Exactly! By the end of next week I expect you'll be fucking at least three times a day. However as I have just told you the staff call on the elder students to administer sexual punishments to the younger. You will also be expected to comply."

"What do you mean by punishments?" said Alex

"I mean you will have take part in there punishments whether it requires merely your presence or for you to spank them or even fuck them. But that will not happen until you've adjusted so don't worry about it now. In fact don't worry about it at all you won't be punished like that even if you are naughty."

"Can I ask a question?"

"Of course."

"I can't just shove my dick in to every girl on the school, I don't have the cum."

"Now I was just getting to that." She reached over to the intercom "Is he here yet?"

"He's here!"

"Show him in!"

The door opened and a smart dressed boy aged 13 entered. "This is my God son Jamal."

Jamal was light black, slightly taller than Alex and had a slightly stronger build.

"Hello." He said

"Jamal this is my son Alex, he recently lost his father and he hardly knows me so he understands your situation a little." She turned to her son "Jamal's parents died three weeks ago from malaria in South Africa. While he has just arrived he's been trained on girls of all ages at another school in South Africa so you will be his apprentice for the present and he'll be above you. However he is also beneath the elder students, once you're both active fuckers then you'll both have superior status."

The three of them talked for a while. Jamal was a lot more out going than Alex was. However they were still able to talk comfortably. Both got the impression that the pair of boy s would get on just fine.

Eventually Mrs Holms said "Okay we need to go down to the main hall now."

They left the tower and went to the main hall, which was conveniently next to the foot of the tower. The three of them entered the hall. The room was completely full of girls all sitting at tables. As they walked to the head table the whole hall turned its eye's on the three of them or to be precise they were looking at the boys. Alex felt a little uneasy but Jamal could hardly suppress a grin. There were simply hundreds of girls to choose from and many, if not all, of them would be lacking the touch of a big black dick. Alex sat next to his mother who sat at the head of the main table, Jamal was on his other side. A few hundred servants navigate through the tables, placing plates of food at people's places.

"Alex I know you didn't get a menu sent to you for this so I ordered your favourites."

"Thanks Mum!" he said

Mrs Holms stood up and all attention in the room turned to her. She began explaining all the school rules in general. It was details of punishments that really caught Alex's attention. Apparently each and every girl was obliged to submit to anyone with the authority. When his Mum finished talking everyone settled down to eat.

"So what do you think of those two!" said Jamal nodding towards a nearby table.

He was indicating to a couple of 12-year-old girls, once a brunette and one a blonde. "They're girls!" said Alex confused. He had very little experience with members of the opposite sex, especially coming from a boy's only school.

"Yeah but we have dominance over them and almost every girl in this room. Just trust me ok?"

"Alright but I don't want to be dominated like that again." Said Alex

"Relax that only happens the first time round. Back in South Africa I was dominated for my first sexual experience. The land lady arranged for a couple of older teenage girls to be left with me while I was tied up naked in a basement. They used each used a dildo on my arse, of course after they put on a cock cage."

"That sounds sore!" answered Alex in astonishment

"Only a little but I got them back. Each of them spent a night each with their mouths strapped around my cock. Besides being dominated is cool, sometimes."


"What happened to you?"

"A couple of seniors tied me up, blew me and then tickled me until I pissed my pants."

"...and the vengeance?"

"Not happened yet."

"We'll arrange something. But all people in our 'profession' need to be raped first otherwise they just become bullies."

"But you're talking about randomly raping a couple of 12-year-olds." Replied Alex

"But unlike bullies we'll no when to stop."

"Will we?"

"Yeah I doubt you have the heart to fuck a lass whose begging otherwise." said Jamal

Changing the subject "So do you want to go and ask them or shall I?" said Alex

"Weren't you listening to your Mum? Watch!" he called a servant over and whispered something in her ear. She then went over to the girls and said something that made them turn to giggle and look at the boys. Jamal nodded causing them to giggle some more.

"My room after dinner, you can spend the night with me and the ladies" he said to Alex who nodded in agreement.

Jamal and Alex rushed to Jamal's room immediately after dinner.

"Alex just follow my lead!" said Jamal


There was a knock at the door. Jamal went to answer it. The girls came giggling into the room.

"Be quiet!" said Jamal quite sternly. The girls immediately complied.

There faces were perfectly straight. They were dressed in a traditional school uniform: White blouse, black mini skirt and a tie. They each had a bag of spare clothes with them.

"Names!" demanded Jamal

"Kelly" said the Blonde

"Grace" said the brunette

"Now then! You 2 pretties are going to spend the night with us. Firstly Alex here has had a relatively rough start so a little therapy will do him good. Grace!"

Grace went over to Alex and escorted him to the spare bed. Alex then found her removing his trousers and massaging his crotch. Meanwhile Jamal was already stripping Kelly of all clothing with hands cuffed. Alex meanwhile was completely naked and while enjoying his handjob decided to make use of the lovely Grace. He decided to skip the rest of it for later though and then ordered Grace:

"Kneel against the post slut." She obeyed with out question. Alex then parted her legs and lifted up her skirt to expose her pale white panties. He began caressing her pussy through the pant. She tried to lessen her reactions to Alex but he was her first boy so she couldn't help breathing heavily. She eventually came into her panties.

Alex then had her lie on her front and used the opportunity to cuff her. He then flipped her on her front and ripped her shirt off to reveal a pale white bra covering her 12-year-old tits. With her hands cuffed he stripped of his clothing and climbed onto her and shoving his dick in her mouth. He came in her mouth.

Jamal in the mean time had stripped Kelly completely naked, tied her to his bed and began pumping his dick in and out of her fanny. When he pulled his dick out it was soaked in cum. "Come on bitch suck my big black dick."

The four of them got no sleep that night. Kelly was kept naked but was untied from the bed and cuffed like Grace, Kelly received a lot from Jamal's dick. Grace's bra was removed but panties stayed only so Alex could give her wedgies in the middle of the night.

The next morning both boy's their girls oral sex while receiving blowjobs in '69' positions. Kelly was glad to leave the rough attitudes of Jamal. However Alex's timid nature allowed Grace to have fun. She French kissed him and arranged to meet him in her room later.

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i love this, its great and i would love to see a LOT more of this. keep up the good work :D

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