Clarissa Explains it All, Part 1

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Published: 5-Aug-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Surprises from Under the Bed

There cums a time in each young boy's life that he's just gotta spy--on his sister. Young Fergeson Darling was one such boy. He was 13 and his sister was 15. He was freckled face, short, scrawny, and a Republican. His sister was tall, super fine long lovely blond hair, popular, a hipster enjoying the styles of the 60s. She had a great attitude and a great body.

Fergeson had taken note of her body as she had grown up; in his young mind he held images of her while she was in various stages of undress, in her undies, swimsuit, and a few times he had actually seen her nude.

Finally, he could stand it no more and the time had come.

He found himself under her bed. A daring and very bold thing to do, but he was desperate. Just a closer view was all he wanted... and maybe to snag a pair of her panties freshly cast off from her body...

At length promptly at 3:30 Clarissa did come in. finally. She sung some dopey song from the '60s and cast off her bookbag, frolicked about her room and wasted far too much time for Fergeson. 'Get on with the stripping!' he bitched to himself.

There was not a hell of a lot of room under the bed, the bed had frilly bed skirts so his concealment was good. Then there came a sound of a ladder clinking against the outside wall. Sam.

Sam was Clarissa "friend" not boyfriend. He had been coming through Clarissa's bedroom window for years. He was regarded as a "friend" and not classified as a horndog.

The two chatted about school, teachers, their parents, dinner, and then... Fergeson could see the two seemingly kinda awfully close together. He pulled up to get a better peeking, peering up through the bed skirt, seeing Clarissa and "friend" Sam embroiled in a heated passionate French Kiss!

It went on from there with Clarissa and Sam undressing one another. Fergeson was beside himself, hazel eyes wide, mouth agape, totally stunned beyond belief. When taking down Sam's brown corduroys and underwear... she fondled his teenage prick and then began to suck it.

Fergeson thought he'd pass out with shock. It was virtually more than he could stand. Sam rubbed his schlong against the angelic face of Clarissa, then she stood and it was his turn... to strip her down.

The hiding brother could hardly-hardly stand it. Piece by piece, article by article of clothing came off of the fifteen-year-old's body until she was nude. It was a side profile but Fergeson was pleased just the same. He feasted on her lovely did Sam. Sam fondled them, kissed them, and sucked on them. Fergeson had no choice but to haul out his meager cock and please it.

The two teen lovers came onto Clarissa's bed. The weight of their bodies bouncing onto the bed smacked the hiding brother... he recovered and thought of making his way out. He pulled himself up to find flailing legs. He managed to keep out of the way, and peeked up over the foot of the bed... he saw a wondrous sight... his sister was on top of Sam. Sam's hands were clamped to Clarissa's ass, pulling the fluffy lily white cheeks open to reveal her brown-eye. Sam was pounding "up" into Clarissa's pussy. Fergeson's cock was drooling. It was a site to behold.

While the two teens continued screwing on the bed, Fergeson slinked across the floor, snagging a pair of white panties and off to his room... he locked the door behind him, peeled out of his clothes and laid the undies on the bed... then laid his cock on the undies and began to hump like mad. ohhhhh yeahhhhhh!


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