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Published: 5-1-2012

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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental, and unintentional. I welcome comments of all kinds and will answer your emails. Copyright 2012 by Charles Dodgson.

Alan was single and had time on his hands, having retired early as an executive in a Fortune 500 company. He had been walking around for nearly two weeks now with almost a perpetual hard on. Alan smiled to himself. Just like he was 16 again, not the 60 he actually was. He had found a Doctor Feel Good in Hollywood, a urologist who freely dispensed all those marvelous drugs that brought an old pecker to attention. He overdid with the highest doses of testosterone shots and AndroGel, testosterone gel, like a patch, both at the same time, generally a no-no, plus daily self injections of high doses of HGH, recombinant human growth hormone, the modern equivalent of the fountain of youth. Those coupled with Viagra turned Alan into the stud he never was. He even had a supply of full syringes for shots directly into his penis that would keep him hard as a rock for hours.

He bought a couple of books on massage, a great massage table, various oils, lots of Astro Glide, dildos of every kind, vibrating, and non-vibrating, butterfly vibrators for girls, condoms, strong mouthwash, douche, vaginal sprays, wash up towelettes, small and large towels and wash cloths, etc. Then he put an ad in Craigs List, the online classified ad list, and in some sex ad papers. He got another cell phone just for his ad.

Fun and games, he thought, fun and games! Hot Damn! Alan thought. Shouldn't be taking all this stuff. I'm horny as hell all the time, and no women.

At first he didn't answer the cell phone, just let it take messages. Alan automatically didn't return calls from gals he figured were too old. He liked em young. He got to answering his cell phone all the time as there were many hang ups, and "I'll call you back when your in," type messages with no phone number left. Then he started asking the caller outright how much she weighed and how old she was. Fuck, I'm giving em a massage free. I ought to be able to give a massage just to those I want.

Before he started asking the women their weight and age he went out on two calls that were disasters with older, very fat women, that sounded younger and skinny on the phone. He got them off by fucking them with a dildo and got out of there fast. That was it. Yuk!

It was a Wednesday, early afternoon in late August when school was still out when Alan's special cell phone for his free massage ad rang. He was looking at porn on his computer and masturbating at the time. He was really turned on and hoped it'd be a call from a cute young girl for a change.

"Hello." Alan said, trying to sound sexy.

"Hi." A very young voice said, a little nervously. "You the massage guy, Alan."

"Yep, Honey, I am. I'm the best." Alan replied as he heard two girls' voices giggling. So there were two girls on the line.

"You got massage stuff, oils and everything."

"I've got more stuff than you can imagine. And a nice soft portable massage table too."

"You ever do two girls at the same time?" He heard another very young girl's voice say.

"So there are two of you? Oh, yes, I adore doing two girls together!"

More giggling from the girls. "We're two girls all right! What do you look like." The two girls almost said together.

"Well, I'm 60. As I said in the ad, I'm older, but you've never had anyone as good as me. Guaranteed! I'm six one, 190 pounds, brown eyes, long auburn hair, what there is is in a pony tail. Body? A little soft, but what do you expect. Besides that won't make any difference at all to you young girls, not at all, believe me.'s like I'm 16 again. You know what a 16 year old boy is like? Don't you? That's me, but with all the experience to pleasure you beyond belief."

Now the girls shrieked and laughed.

"No, we don't know what a 16 year old boy is like. That's too old for.... Uh, we're...not very experienced. Our girlfriends are having a jilling party in a couple of days, really a slumber party here at our house Saturday night, but only our grandpa will be here, and he doesn't care what we do. The girls want to have a circle jill, and, you know, get each other off. We want to learn how to do it, and how to cum, have an orgasm, and how to do other girls, give them a cum. You can teach us?" One of the girls said.

Oh fuck! Underage for sure, way underage. Teach a couple of little girls about sex, anxious little girls who want to learn? Hell, only go around once in life. One of the girls said "our grandpa." They must be sisters.

"Jilling, that means girls masturbating. Right?"

"Yes!" They both laughed.

"Oh, I can teach you all right. In fact I teach little girls all the time about sex. I'm very, very good at it." Alan lied. He had never been with an underage girl in his life except when he was underage himself.

"Good!" One answered.

"Perfect!" The other girl said. "We're in the Hollywood Hills area. Can you come right over?"

Alan thought they were just playing with him. They'd give him a phony address. And underage? This can't be real. He really shouldn't do this even if they were legit. No. That's asking for trouble.

"How old are you girls?"

"Old enough."

"I can't be seeing underage girls."

"Why not. It's just a massage. Right?"

"Uhh...yeah, just a massage. But you want a hell of a lot more than that."

"You said you teach a lot of little girls about sex." One said.

"Yes...yes...that's true. You girls cute? You shave your pussies?"

The girls laughed. "We're cute, real cute, tight little butts, nice legs. We don't shave our pussies. We don't have any hair to shave. You'll like our pussies."

"I bet I will. How did you get my phone number?"

"The ad on Craigs List. Our brother found it. He has a lot of girlie sex magazines. He's 19 and's gone backpacking for a couple of weeks. We found it in one of his drawers when we searched his room. We looked in the ads under Specialities thinking we might find a guy who could teach us and we saw your ad. You also got the ad in a couple other places on Craigs."

"You girls just playing a game with me?"

"No! We're for real." Well..?"

"What's your phone number. I have to be able to call you back."

There was a slight pause, and then one of the girls gave him a phone number.

"Ok. I'm gonna hang up and call you right back."


Alan called right back, and the girls answered. "That a cell phone?"

"No, we don't have one yet. It's my phone number, a land line. I'm Dawn. We're at my parents house, but no one will be home until six tonight."

"And I'm Amanda, Dawn's sister."

"What do you girls look like?"

"We're pretty girls, with nice legs, slender, long hair, one brunette, Amanda, one blonde, Dawn, and tight butts, like we said. You'll like us."


More giggling. "Not yet."

"How old are you girls."

"Old enough."

"I could get in a lot of trouble you know."

"You're going to be our teacher, our jilling teacher. We're not going to tell anyone."

"What are you going to wear?"

"We won't have much on, little bikinis, sexy kind. You can do us by the pool, outside. No one can see in."

"Do you, huh?"

Laughter. "Yeah, do us."

"You girls won't get me in trouble will you?"

"Not if you're as good as you say you are."

Hmm, thought Alan, almost a veiled threat. He sure ought to be good enough for a couple of little girls.

"Damn! I like you girls already. I'll come right over. Give me your address. I'm in Westwood. I'll be there in 20 minutes or so."

The girls gave Alan their address and Alan got all his massage stuff together, all of it. He thought for a minute, and said what the hell to himself, and took a 100 milligram Viagra, a high dose, not that he needed it with all the other stuff he was taking. Yeah, underage girls all right, very underage. You only live once. Right? Alan hadn't lived a very wild life at all - yet. Probably a bum address anyway, he thought. He put on a loose pair of corduroy shorts with nothing on underneath, a pull over short sleeve golf shirt and white leather deck shoes with no socks. He was pretty tanned and looked OK for 60. But he looked around 60. No pretending he didn't. What would the very young girls think once they saw him? They want sex with a man easily old enough to be their grandfather?

It didn't take him long to find the house. He parked on the street and took nothing with him to the house. He wanted to be sure they didn't give him somebody else's address. He rang the door bell, and soon the door opened slowly and two girls in tiny string bikinis were standing there smiling and giggling at him.

"Where's your stuff?" Dawn asked.

Alan looked at the two girls and couldn't believe it. They looked about ten or eleven years old, maybe younger. He never expected they'd be this young, but should have guessed it as they still didn't have any hair on their pussies they had told him. Jeez! What an I doing here? The girls were beautiful all right, luscious looking.

Dawn, the long haired blond girl had a black string thong style bikini on, with just a little triangle patch covering her little girl cunt in front, and two tiny thin pieces of material running from a string around her chest below her nipples, and going up and tying around her neck. Dawn had grey green eyes and was looking directly into his eyes. She didn't have any boobs, well, maybe a small bulge, that's all. Dawn appeared to be the older one, around four five tall, maybe 65-70 pounds. She was tanned and athletic looking with a firm, lithe body, with slender, long shapely legs. Although he couldn't see her butt he was sure it'd be tight and firm.

Amanda, the younger one, wore the same style bikini on, but in red. She had long dark hair and dark, dancing eyes, and a similar firm athletic body and great legs. Amanda looked to be about four three or four, and 55-60 pounds. Amanda too didn't have any boobs, and her nipples showed through the thin material just barely covering them.

Alan could make out each girl's slit through the thin material covering their pussies. He felt his dick start to grow. Preteens! Geezus!

"'s in my car. You sure about this girls."

"Yeah!" The girls said in unison.

"I'm much too old for you. You know that."

"You're real experienced though. Right?"

"I'm that girls. Very experienced."

"That's what we want." Dawn said.

"Yes, experienced." Amanda confirmed.

"Ok. No one home but you two, and no one expected for hours. Right?"


Fuck! The girls are so cute. What would it be like to lick a little girl's virgin pussy, her little girlcleft, so soft....ummmmh! I bet it's sweet as candy, sweeter than candy. Has to be. Never get another chance like this. Never. Go for it!

"I'll get my stuff."

"You won't hurt us, or anything, will you?"

"Oh, no, no. I give pleasure to wom... girls, little girls. I would never, ever hurt you. Anytime you want to stop, want me to go, I'm out of here."

"OK. Get your stuff."

Alan got his massage table and a large fabric bag with all his toys, etc. and the girls led him out to the back yard where there was a nice swimming pool and Jacuzzi. It was an older house, and the shrubbery and trees had grown in nicely all around the pool making it very secluded. He could see no one could look in.

Alan set up the massage table in a shaded area near the pool. He felt really funny about this. The little girls looked so sexy though. When would he ever have the chance to give a little preteen girl a sexy massage, and a lot more, ever again? The girls stood nearby and watched as Alan was setting up the table.

"What do you have in the bag?"

"A little bit of everything."

"Everything?" They giggled.

Alan smiled. Is this how young girls are, always laughing and giggling? Delightful!

"Yes, everything."

"You can only do one of us at a time?"

"Yes, one at a time to begin with, but the other girl can help me. Oh, you do want the full course, don't you?"

"Full course?"

"Yes. My full course for little preteen girls, just like you two. You want to learn about men too, don't you? About how to please a man."

The girls snickered and laughed.

"You mean you'll show us your dick, and we can play with it, Show us how to make you cum?" Dawn asked.


"I want him to do that, Dawn." Amanda said looking at her older sister.

"You can't fuck us though. We're not big enough for that." Dawn said a little concerned.

"Well, as part of my course I'll get into that. Let's just say for now, if you masturbate a lot, and use a dildo, that looks like a man's penis, like this, see. Use it on yourselves a lot, getting it deep in your little pussies, then your little cunts will learn how to dilate - expand - and you'll be able to fuck boys and men too, men like me, if you want to. I can teach you all about it so you'll know just how to do it the first time you're with a boy and he wants to fuck you. In fact you'll know a lot more than the boy will. But, no, no fucking today. There are other things close to fucking we can do, though. I'll show you." Alan said authoritatively, winging it all the way, as he showed the little girls one of his smaller dildos.

"OK then, the full course. Teach us about jilling first." Dawn said.

"OK. Who first on the massage table?"

"Me!" Dawn said. "I don't want to put my head in that hole in the table. I want to be able to look around."

"That's OK. Lie on your back first." Alan said, dying to see the little girl's hairless cunt.

Dawn lay down on the table as Alan suggested, spreading her legs to the edge of the table. She looked almost nude, as the thong bikini bottom of her bikini just had a small little triangle patch covering her little girl cleft. He could see the outline of her slit, and perhaps even a protruding clit. Amanda stood by Alan's side.

"You ought to take her bikini off. You gotta play with our pussies. Right?" Amanda asked. "You want it off, don't you, Dawn?"

"Yeah. Take yours off too, Amanda." Dawn answered.

"Here, I'll do it." Alan responded.

Dawn sat up and Alan untied her top in the back and took it off. She had soft pink nipples, and the tiniest of bulges under them hinting of development to come. They looked delectable, and definitely needed to be licked and sucked. Dawn lay back down and Alan untied the bikini bottoms on one side and as Dawn lifted her hips he pulled the bikini bottoms off from under her. She spread her legs and smiled up at Alan, completely unashamed or modest. Oh, my, my, my he thought, is she ready, or what?

"Do you like my pussy. Part of me sticks out all the time. Some of my inside pussy, and my clit too, at the top. I don't like to wear panties. It feels nice when my dress or pants rub against my clit as I walk."

"It's...just beautiful!" Alan exclaimed, and it was. The little nub of her clit protruded prominently, and some of her inner pussy lips as well, exposing just the tiniest bit of pinkness.

"It sticks out, your clit, because it wants to be rubbed, and licked and kissed. Your clit is talking to you, Dawn."

Dawn giggled.

"Mine doesn't stick out at all." Amanda said, sounding a little disappointed, as she looked down at hers. She had slipped out of her little bikini too and was completely nude standing next to Alan.

"Amanda, yours is pretty too, very pretty! See how smooth and clean you are, just a lovely slit on your slightly puffy vulva. Your vulva is the area near your little girl slit. Both kinds of little girl cunts are very pretty. Yours is every bit as beautiful as your sister Dawn's is."

Amanda smiled up at Alan. "Really?"

"Yes! Take it from me. Remember I'm the expert. I've seen hundreds and hundreds of little girl's twats, and believe me your two twats hold up with the best of them." Alan said smiling and looking back and forth to the girls. God! Is this fun. I'm a little girl pussy expert."

"Does twat mean pussy?" Amanda asked.

"Yes. There are lots of words for that most delightful of all places on little preteen girls. Girlcleft is another word I use sometime. Also cunt and pussy too. OK?"

"Yes," both girls answered.

"You gonna show me how to rub Dawn's pussy to make her hot, make her cum?" Amanda asked."

"Not just yet, we want to warm her up first, get her excited first before we ever touch or kiss or lick or stick a dildo in her beautiful girlcleft. Now how should we do that?"

"I don't know. Maybe kiss her, touch her everywhere else?" Amanda asked.

"Yes, very good! Kissing can be so erotic, so sexy. You like to kiss, Dawn?"

"Yes! Sometimes Amanda and I kiss, and snuggle in the same bed together. We each have our own bed in our bedroom inside. We have a room together."

"Now watch Amanda, then you do it." Alan said as he braced himself on the massage table and leaned over Dawn.

He gently kissed her forehead, then each cheek, and her eyes and nose, then very softly with closed lips her mouth, feeling her kiss him in return.

"Your lips are so soft and sweet, Dawn, so soft." Alan murmured, as he kissed her neck, her upper arms, then her shoulders, and moving lower, her two soft pink nipples, kissing them over and over, flicking them with the tip of his tongue lightly, feeling them tighten under his tongue's caress. He kissed her stomach, her inner belly button, and hips and thighs, then returned to her head kissing her lips once again, this time brushing her lips with the tip of his tongue. Alan knew she was getting excited. Her hips started to move up and down slowly, and she responded eagerly to his kisses.

"Is that nice, Dawn? Feel good?" Amanda asked.

"So good, Amanda, so good. He's so gentle."

Dawn began licking Alan's lips too, and slowly their kisses became more passionate, tongues exploring each other's mouths, licking each other's tongues, but Alan kept it all slow and erotic, not rushing anything. He returned to kissing her little nipples, this time licking them, sucking them softly, pulling each in return into his mouth. Then more kisses on her stomach, and inner thighs too, and tonguing her inny belly button. Finally he kissed all around her little girlcleft, then on it, and on her clit too, then back to her stomach, and to her lips.

Dawn began to make soft moaning sounds. "Ummm...that's so good. Kiss me down there some more...with your tongue."

Alan smiled to himself. Doing all right so far. What an erotic little girl. Are they all like this? Little Amanda looked up at Alan with eyes sparkling with sexual excitement.

"You're warming her up all right. She wants you to lick her. You gonna do it now she's hot?" Amanda asked Alan eagerly in anticipation of the erotic sight of Alan licking her sister's pussy.

Alan smiled down at little Amanda. "Dawn's warmed up all right. See girls you want to take your time, get a girl excited first. Got it?"

"Yes!" Was the immediate reply from the girls.

"Now Amanda, I want you to kiss your sister, like I did, gently on the lips, then lick her lips, and you girls french kiss. I'll be...kissing other places, after we introduce her to a nice vibrating dildo. One of the most erotic things of all is to see two beautiful preteen girls like you two having sex together." Alan exclaimed excitedly.

He got a medium size vibrating dildo out of his bag, and put some Astroglide on it, oiling it up nicely, and a little on Dawn's glistening cunt. He turned it on and slowly eased it in Dawn's preteen Vagiba. Dawn experienced no discomfort, so apparently her hymen was so small he could use the dildo on her easily. He began slowly fucking her with it, twisting it, and moving it up and down at different angles, as he worked it in further and further. Dawn began to fuck the dildo back, moaning at the pleasure it was giving her.

"You need to work with a dildo every day fucking each other, so your little cunts will learn to dilate and expand, and your cunts get used to being fucked." Alan said.

"OK." The girls said in unison.

Amanda did as she was told, and began kissing her sister softly on the lips. He could see Dawn responding eagerly. Alan stopped masturbating Dawn with the dildo. He gently pulled her down towards the end of the massage table, until her mid thighs were at the end of the table, then knelt down at the end where her legs were and raised them up, putting her calves on his shoulders, one on each side, giving him full access to her sweet girlcleft. He began licking its entire small length breathing deeply of her sweet, innocent little girl smell. It wasn't like anything else about a female he had ever smelled before. It was clean, and sweet, just like she tasted. He licked deeper and deeper, and spread her little cunt lips wide so he could get the tip of his tongue in as deep as he could. He licked, and licked, and licked.

"Umm...oh...ahhh." He could hear Dawn moan as she was french kissing her little preteen sister, Amanda.

Then Alan extended his licking of the little preteen by licking her sweet rosebud, her anus, pushing her legs up to give him free reign to it. He licked it up and down, up and down, and in the small space between the end of her girlcunt and her tiny anus, over and over. Finally he paid attention to her clit, now engorged and sticking out of it's hood. He put his middle finger in her cunt gently, feeling for her hymen. She seemed to have just a small amount of tissue there that didn't in any way bar his finger from entering. She was wet, and tight, but his finger entered easily. He tried two fingers and they fit too. Alan licked her tiny nub of a clit all around and back and forth, now slow, now fast, then sucked it all in his mouth, together with all the surrounding tissue too.

He glanced up at her head, and saw Dawn with her head back, her sister kissing her neck, as she moaned in her pleasure. Then Amanda kissed Dawn's nipples, ahd then sucked them too, but like he had, gently and erotically. What a good student Amanda is, Alan thought.

"Oh...I never felt like this before. It feels sooooo good! Sooooooo good! You licked my bum. Oh...I like that."

Alan went back to licking her little slit all up and down, up and down while he found her G spot with his fingers inside the little wet virgin preteen cunt of hers. Now Dawn was nearing an orgasm. Alan concentrated on her clit, flicking it back and forth, back and forth, sucking it, loving it erotically.

Suddenly Dawn exploded with her first ever orgasm, convulsing, over and over, squeezing Alan's head between her thighs in a tight grip, crying out sharply.

"Oh..Ohh! Ahhh! Yes! No! Yes! No! It's too much. Ohhhh!"

"She's having a cum! Dawn's having a cum! Isn't she Alan! Isn't she?" Amanda squealed.

Alan slowed his licking of her to a bare minimum as Dawn's orgasm subsided.

"Yes, little one, Amanda, she did."

"It was so wonderful! I could hardly stand it as Amanda was kissing me, and you licking me, my clit, and sucking it, and with your fingers in me, touching me on some place that gave me such strong feelings. I never felt that way before, then it all exploded, and I felt so good I can't tell you how good. That was an orgasm, wasn't it?"

"Yes, Dawn, that was."

"You do know about these things and little girls, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, yes." Alan lied. "I'm the little girl expert."

"How do you feel now. Are you sensitive here?" Alan said as he gently touched her clit, softly massaged it with the tip of his finger. It as all wet with his saliva and her juices too.

"It feels good. No, not so sensitive."

"Dawn, how did you like this?" Alan asked as he inserted his middle finger in the preteen's slit, turning his hand upward, and massaging the front on the inside of her girlslit with his middle finger in a downward motion.

"Ummm...ahhh, uhhhh....That feels so good!" Dawn moaned.

"That's your G spot Sweety, a special sexual area that girls loved to have rubbed, loved to be masturbated there, jilled there." Alan explained.

"Amanda, you want to lick your sister?" Alan asked Amanda.

"I want you to lick me, Alan." Dawn replied to Alan.

"Lick your sister first," Alan replied to Amanda, "I'll watch. Want to make sure you do it right. OK?"

"OK." Both sisters replied to Alan.

Alan's dick was hard as a rock and was straining to get out of his shorts. The viagra had kicked in plus all the testosterone and human growth hormone he had been taking gave him a huge sexual appetite. He wanted to cum in the worst way.

He watched Amanda closely and gave her instructions on how to eat her sister, how to finger fuck her, and find her G spot. With Amanda's little hand it was four fingers, and she might have been able to fist her. During some of the time, Alan returned to french kissing Dawn. He was so turned on pre-cum was wetting his shorts showing a visible wet spot. Dawn was getting excited again, but she could cum later. It was his turn now.

"Ahh...Amanda, you've done just fine, just fine. Time now for your first lesson about men, about boys. Set for it?"

"Yes!" was the enthusiastic reply.

Alan slipped off his shorts and shirt and lay on his back nude on the massage table, first getting a small bottle of Astro Glide from his bag. The girls, one on each side of him gazed in awe at the first erect male penis they had ever seen.

"It's so big, Dawn, so big."

"It sure is. It wouldn't fit in us."

"Now girls, I told you about that. With proper training it'll fit in you very comfortably. Don't worry about that now. Just feel it, touch it now. See what it's like, get a little used to it. It's my tool to give girls pleasure." Alan said in his best instructional voice.

Alan had a pretty good size dick, about six and a half inches erect, but very thick around, almost massively thick. All women he had been with always remarked at it's thickness. He wasn't circumcised, but his foreskin was very neat, just covering the end of his dick when soft.

The girls both touched it at the same time, feeling it all around, running their tiny fingers all over it, feeling the ridge of his dick head, and fingering his pee hole with the pre-cum oozing out. This had to be the most erotic moment of his life, or rather erotic moments, as he looked at the sweet innocent looking little girls, so anxious to learn all about sex. They were so small and vulnerable looking, although he would never hurt them, couldn't hurt them, nor force them to do anything they didn't want to do. Their tiny fingers felt so erotic on his dick, almost the most erotic feeling he had ever had. As they touched his hard dick, Alan had one hand on each girl's tight little preteen but and was massaging it, feeling their little cheeks, running his hand between their legs, feeling their little cunts from behind with one finger, and caressing them all over. They each moved their butts to this new source of pleasure for them

"It sure is hard. How does it do that, get so hard? Dawn asked.

"Just nature's way of making sure I can get deep inside you...ah, a girl, and cum inside her so my cum will fertilize her and make a baby. But you girls don't have to worry about that yes. You're too young to get pregnant. How old are you?"

"I'm ten." Dawn said. "And Amanda was nine last month. How old did you think we were?"

"Right around that age when I saw you. It's a perfect age. I'd keep you just as you are forever if I could."

"You would?" They laughed. "Why?"

"Little girls like you are the sexiest age for females, the sexiest. I wouldn't want you any other age."

The girls laughed and giggled.

Are you cumming? This slippery stuff coming out. It's not pee." Amanda asked.

"No, Sweetheart, that's pre-cum. It comes out when a man is real excited. It's clear, see, and slippery, feel it between your fingers. That's it. It's meant to provide lubrication if I fucked someone, just as Dawn's wetness was meant to help too in case she got fucked. Amanda, feel your pussy inside. It's wet too, isn't it?"

Amanda slipped a couple fingers in her preteen girlcleft and moved them in and out.

"Yes! I'm wet. That means I'm excited, and I sure am. I'm warmed up too!"

"You sure are, Baby, you sure are!" Alan encouraged and praised her.

"Now, I'm going to show you a couple of things, and you're going to make me cum, have an orgasm where my cum shoots out. Would you like that?"

"Oh, Yes!" They cried.

"Is it a lot and does it shoot far?" Dawn asked.

"Since I'm so excited, yes, it'll be a lot, and it'll shoot far if you let it."

"We want to see it shoot out" Amanda said. "We can give you a cum? Amanda asked.

"Yes, of course, you're such a sexy girl, I want to cum for you, and your sister, Dawn too."

"I'll teach you how to touch me, masturbate me, and how to lick me there, on my dick, how to kiss it and suck it."

"Yes! We want to learn how to do it." Dawn exclaimed.

"Yes!" Amanda added.

"Let's see. You start, Amanda." Alan said. "Put your fingers in like a cup position, your thumb on one side and your four fingers on the other side of my dick, on the foreskin, that's the loose outer skin, near the top. Good! Now move your hand up and down slowly making sure your thumb goes over the ridge at the bottom of my dick head. The ridge is sensitive. Oh got it. Up and down slowly. Remember at first everything is slow, teasing, erotic. Then using your thumb rub the pre-cum all around my dick head, specially around my pee hole. great." Alan moaned at the end.

"Like this?" Amanda asked as she tried to follow Alan's instructions perfectly.

"Like that! Now let Dawn do it."

Dawn was good too after watching her sister.

"Now can you both do it at the same time, and kiss me too. Slow wet kisses girls. Maybe take turns. You first this time, Dawn."

Dawn positioned herself and began to french kiss Alan as she masturbated him slowly. Her kisses were so erotic with her soft little lips and tiny exploring tongue. Alan was so close to cumming.

"Perfect, Dawn, perfect. Now you Amanda."

Amanda's kisses were every bit as good as Dawn's. He could french kiss the little preteen sisters forever, forever!

"Perfect, Amanda, perfect! Now like I kissed dawn's pussy, and licked it and sucked her little clit, and as you did, Amanda, now you'll kiss my dick. It's all just another way of kissing. Kissing is so erotic. If you're a great kisser, all kinds of kisses, the boys and girls, and men and women will love you, just love you. Amanda hold my dick in one hand with your fingers all around it. Right. Now just lick the ridge of my dick up and down, up and down over it with your tiny tongue. That feels so good!"

The little preteen girl did just as she was instructed, and it felt marvelous to Alan.

"Ok, Sweety, now open your mouth wide and slip it over the end of my dick. Exquisite! Form a suction with your lips and go back and forth letting my dick go in your mouth as far as comfortable and back almost all the way out. Like before let your lips go over the ridge of my dick, back and forth, back and forth, slowly, erotically. Ahhhh...marvelous, little one. Now you, Dawn, do the same, and Amanda kiss me now. I need your mouth on mine."

Amanda came up and started to french kiss Alan as Dawn was licking him, and blowing him. He had to cum. Now!

"I'm just about to cum, girls. When you feel it take your mouth off, Dawn, so you can see it spurt, then you and Amanda lick it all up, my cum, lick and eat it and swallow it. Men...ah, boys love that."

"I wanna see it spurt." Amanda said. "I'll lick it all up."

"Ahhh... now! There she goes!" Alan cried out as his first great orgasm spasm hit him pumping a huge spurt of cum. Dawn just got her mouth off Alan's dick in the nick of time. The first spurt must have been five feet, followed by many other spurts of his thick white cum, fed by all the testosterone and human growth hormone he had been taking.

The girls were amazed at the giant spurts of cum, and by how much there was. As Alan's orgasm subsided the girls licked his cum all up and then took turns french kissing Alan, giving him some of his own cum back to him.

"That was beautiful girls, beautiful!"

"It'll get soft now, won't it? Now that you shot your cum out."

"Well, girls, for most men, yes, especially men my age. But not me. See, it's just about as hard as it was before I shot my wad, and in a fem minutes will be just as hard. Like I say, I'm like a 16 year old. Boys that age can stay hard after they cum, not all of them, but a lot of them. You see in my business I need to be able to go and go and go. You girls help me in that. You little girls are so erotic, so erotic. I just loving teaching little preteen girls like yourselves. Love it! You like eating my cum, licking me, french kissing me?"

"Yes!" Dawn answered first. You made me feel so good, I wanted to make you feel good. It tastes OK. A little slimy and salty, but I don't mind. I want to do it so the boys will like me. You're teaching us."

"Me too, I like to. I love kissing you, Alan, and Dawn too. I want to be licked so bad now. Will you lick me, please?"

"Amanda, you lie down now, but on your stomach. I want to show you some things. I'll lick you good. Don't worry."

Amanda did as she was told and Alan got some moist towelettes and towels and finished cleaning up himself and the girls.

"I'm going to start by putting some nice massage oil on you and work it in gently, but firmly with my fingers, loosening up all your tight muscles." Alan said, as he got some rose scented massage oil out of his bag.

"When you jill a little girl it's best to start out by relaxing her, making her body feel good, as we now know with Dawn. Now you won't be able to do this all the time, but I want to first show you the best way. Also on yourself, when you jill yourself, use some nice massage oil, or at least lubricating oil. I'll show you."

Amanda nodded in agreement, and Dawn did the same.

He poured some lubricating oil into his hands and then starting with her feet slowly massaged every inch of her legs, with a relatively firm touch. Her felt her initial tenseness relax. As he got to her thighs he lifted her leg up and massaged the front of her thighs, then the inside of her thighs, all the way to her little cunt, "accidentally" brushing it with the back of his fingers, then the back of her thighs and butt, specially her butt, and inside her butt cheeks, nearly touching her rosebud, her anus, then down and all around near her cunt as he lifted each leg in turn.

"Ummm...that feels so good." Amanda murmured. "I'm more than warmed up now."

"I know little flower, I know." Alan cooed into her ear, as he leaned close to her.

"There's a special place here that feels especially good when I rub it. Relax, enjoy, Amanda." Alan said quietly as he spread her legs a little further apart and slipped a hand under her crotch, finding the place between her anus and her little cunt and massaging it gently. He occasionally let his fingers touch her anus, and her cunt too.

Amanda couldn't remember when she had felt so excited before. His hands were so gentle, but so sure. He knew just how to touch her.

"Feel good, Amanda," Dawn asked.

"Yes, so good." Amanda moaned. "I love what he's doing now."

"Is he..."

"No, not exactly. It's the little space in between my butt and pussy. He's rubbing there. That feels so nice! "

"Are you going to rub her pussy, lick it, kiss it like you did me?" Dawn asked as she looked up into Alan's eyes with her own sparking eyes.

"Think I should?"

"Yes! She'd like that. I sure did. You gave me a cum, a huge cum, my first ever."

"Come around my other side, Dawn, where my free hand is. That's it." Alan said quietly.

Dawn did as she was asked standing by Alan's left side. As Alan continued massaging Amanda in the place between her anus and preteen cunt with his right hand, he started rubbing Dawn's tight little butt softly all around.

"That feels good...Alan." Dawn said smiling up into Alan's eyes.

"Dawn, I want to teach you how to rub Amanda like I am. Here, put some nice massage oil on your hands. That's it. Now, don't rub her butt hole, or her cunt. Just in between the two. Reach down there. That's it. Now Amanda tell Dawn when she's rubbing you right."

Alan walked to Amanda's head, and stood right next to her, as he oiled his hands before starting to rub her neck, shoulder, and back.

"Umm...yeah, Dawn, that's it, your rubbing in the right place. Alan can do it better, maybe because his fingers are bigger, but it feels nice, Dawn."

Suddenly Alan wanted to eat the little one from the rear.

"Want me lick that sweet little twat of yours now, Amanda?"

"Yes, Now!" Amanda squealed in anticipation.

Dawn moved to the side to watch.

"Leave your head down, Amanda, and get up on your knees and give me your sweet, tight little preteen butt to kiss and lick."

Amanda stuck her butt up in the air, and spread her legs for Alan, He couldn't remember seeing such a beautiful sight as the little preteen on her knees with her butt in the air, butt facing him, her head down on the table, her little slit so beckoning and her small anus too. He held her tight little butt cheeks and kicked and licked her anus. Then the length of her small slit over and over and over, then her clit, sucking and licking the small nub.

"Ahh....Oooooeeeee....that's so good. Lick and suck it all over, everywhere!" Amanda cried out.

Wow! Alan thought, is she a hot little preteen number. Where do they make em like this? He dis as he was told licking and sucking her everywhere his mouth could reach, then worked his middle finger in her cunt, feeling and seeing no hymen at all and marveling at how wet she was. He found her G spot and massaged it as he licked her anus, then her clit, somehow contorting himself to do it upside down from his angle from her rear. He was more passionate with the little one, Amanda, as he felt her passion greater than that of her older sister, and her complete abandonment to her own pleasure.

"Yes! Lick me, suck me, ram your fingers in my hot little cunt. Do it! Do it! Do me!" Amanda demanded with a passion Dawn had never seen before. Dawn was shocked by it.

Alan wanted to fuck her bad, her cunt was so inviting.

"Do you, little one, do you, fuck you with my big dick?" He screamed at her.

"Yeah, old one, fuck me, fuck my cunt, stick it in, way in!" Amanda screamed back in her huge passion, frightening herself with her passion that seemed to know no bounds.

Alan picked her light, small body off the massage table, from the back, holding her hips tightly, and walked a few feet to the grassy area, placing her on the ground in the same ass up position, then knelt behind her.

"Yes, little one, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" He yelled, his passion fed by hers, wanting, needing to satisfy her.

Alan put his dick to her cunt entrance, and holding her hips firmly, pushed forward, and pulled her back into him, again, and again, each time his dick going a little further in, still not breaching her tight, small cunt entrance.

"Harder, old one, harder, fuck me, get it in, all the way in. Fuck me, fuck me!" Amanda yelled.

Dawn was frightened. She had never seen her little sister like this, never. Alan was so intent on fucking her little sister and so crazed with lust she knew neither would stop until it was done. He'd split her. He was too big.

Alan felt he had to fuck her, just had to fuck this little fireball of sex, this little preteen cunt. She had to fucked, hard, fucked and fucked, she needed it bad, the little sex pot. Needed it! He pushed harder and harder against her little cunt entrance, thrusted harder and harder, as she pushed back against him as hard as her tiny little body could. She needed him inside.

"You can do it old one. Harder, harder!"

"I'm going to fuck your little cunt silly, little one, silly!" Alan screamed as with one final lunge his dick head breached her cunt entrance, and made it's way to her uterus where it was blocked from going further. He was almost three quarters in now, and he began deep rhythmic humping of her, not so gently hitting Amanda's preteen uterus, then almost all the way out, and deep in again, banging her uterus again in a steady pounding of her little body which jerked six inches or more with each of Alan's thrusts. She was tight, and her cunt enveloped his dick in a warm firm embrace, clinging to it's every curve, feeling safe and secure, and loved and needed just where it was, buried in the little preteens's cunt.

"You need to be fucked, and fucked, and fucked some more you preteen fuck machine. You know that don't you, little one."

"Yeah, old one, fuck me, fuck your granddaughter, fuck her, fuck her. You can't fuck me hard enough. I can take it all. Fuck me!" Amanda screamed at the top of her lungs.

They were both lost in a lust they never had ever felt before, fully understandable for the preteen, nine year old, Amanda, but hard to believe for Alan. He didn't believe his passion. This was raw, elemental, almost barbaric, animalistic in its intensity. He had to have her, had to, couldn't stop now if his life depended on it. He fucker her hard, much harder than he should, he knew that. He had to fuck her hard, had to! She'd be a bloody mess he was sure, ripped, her insides torn to pieces. He was going to prison for the rest of his life. He didn't care, he couldn't stop, and neither could she. They fucked even harder if you can believe it, sweat pouring from their bodies, fucking and fucking and fucking.

Dawn just stood with her mouth open, not believing what she was seeing.

Finally, and suddenly they both had a giant orgasm, Amanda's first and the most gigantic Alan had ever had by far. He sobbed and cried, and screamed and gasped, trying to get air, and convulsed over and over as his cum came out in great spurts over and over and over, filling the little girl's cunt and dripping out in big gobs of thick white puddles on the green grass. Amanda yelled and screamed and cried, and finally they collapsed in a pile together on the grass.

Dawn didn't say a thing and looked for blood dripping out of Amanda. There wasn't any. She wasn't hurt. As they got their breath back, Amanda snuggled in Alan's arms as he lay on the grass, on his back, breathing deeply. She kissed him softly on the lips.

"What's our next lesson, Alan?" Amanda asked. "You're a great teacher. My best ever."

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I wish to be the *teacher*. It must be fine to teach a 9 and a 10 years old nymphet in sex-lessons like you wrote. But I wondering little Amanda has learned a lot of sex-stuff with her own grandfather. Isn't it? Why you didn't tell us the story about it? How old she was and what did they doing?


Sexy story. Good writing style. I really enjoyed the plot. I'll be looking out for more of your stories.

Charles Dodgson

[email protected]

hairless-lover, Photo Pro,

Thanks so much for your very informative reviews! We authors live on the reviews of our readers. Maybe little Amanda did learn some naughty things from her loving grandpa. Hmmm...


Philip Spencer

This is a very good story, although the girls seem to know a bit more than is typical of nine and ten year olds.

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