The Little Monkey

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Published: 20-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The little monkey put her hands on the back of my shoulders and wrapped her arms around my neck. She pulled herself up, climbing, wrapping her thin legs around my waist. She was a skinny little thing and it was almost like I didn't have any weight on my back at all.

Two boys about the same age as the little monkey were watching us. "Woo-woo-woo" they said, hopping around and scratching their armpits. "We're monkeys, too!"

The little monkey looked disdainfully at the boys. That's not how monkeys really act. Of all the monkeys we were watching in the primate house at the zoo right then, not a single one of them was acting like that.

The boys knew that the little monkey was looking disdainfully at them. "Look at the little girl," one of them said in a whiny, mocking voice, "getting a piggy-back ride from her daddy!"

"He's not my daddy," the little monkey said. I felt her legs tighten around me in something like a hug. She pushed her crotch against the small of my back, and I knew her little pink skirt was pulled up and her panties were pushing against me.

"Woo-woo-woo" the boys said again, hopping around and scratching their armpits.

I wanted to get away from the moron boys. "Maybe we should go."

The little monkey nodded, clinging tightly to me, and we walked out of the primate house.

I saw some food trucks in the park near the zoo. "Are you hungry, little monkey?"

The little monkey nodded.

I bought us a couple of plates of tacos and a bottle of water. I handed the bottle of water to the little monkey, who carried it in one hand while clinging to my neck with the other. I walked into the nearby woods to find a quiet place to sit and eat our lunch.

We ate our picnic under a big white pine. When the little monkey finished her taco, she got up and started climbing the tree. She swung herself quickly from branch to branch until she was six feet up.

I sat beneath the little monkey, watching; as she climbed, I could see up her little pink skirt. She was wearing sweet little white panties with adorable little flowers on them.

She looked down and saw me looking up her skirt. She giggled, then lifted the skirt so that I could see her panties even better. Then she grabbed the next branch and swung up again.

I finished my tacos, then clambered up the tree after her.

When I reached a large branch about ten feet in the air, the little monkey reached out to me and put her hands on my shoulders; then she cautiously climbed onto me, wrapping her legs around my waist, pulling herself up until our faces were in front of each other. I reached up to grab another branch to stabilize myself and she opened her mouth.

I leaned in and put my tongue in the little monkey's mouth. She clung to me tightly as I explored, touching everything inside her mouth with my tongue, then touching everything again. She started moving her hips, pushing her sex against me.

I broke our kiss. "We should go higher," I said breathlessly, "So no one can see us."

The little monkey nodded.

She let go of me and slid down onto the branch. I climbed higher, another ten feet into the huge tree until I knew we'd be completely concealed. I sat down on a thick branch, legs around the branch and my back against the trunk.

The little monkey swung up the branches to join me. When she got to my branch she sat down on me, straddling my lap. She immediately leaned into me and opened her mouth and we went right back to kissing.

A minute later she started pushing her sex against mine, "dry-humping" me. I started moving my hands down her back, to the bottom hem of her shirt, then under the shirt and up again, my hands gently feeling the soft skin of her back.

The little monkey slipped her hands under the bottom hem of my shirt as well, then up, running her fingers through the hair on my belly, then up to my chest. Her fingers found my nipples and she began gently rubbing them.

I moved my hands from her back, around her ribs to her chest. My fingers found her nipples and I began gently rubbing them.

We sat there, the little monkey and me, hidden in the tree, "dry-humping" each other, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues and gently rubbing each other's nipples.

Eventually, I took one hand from her chest and unzipped my pants and fished my penis out. As I started masturbating, she took her hands off of my chest, sat back, and lifted her skirt. Then she slipped one hand down her panties.

She smiled sweetly at me as her finger began twirling down between her legs. She lifted her other hand and cupped it over the head of my cock.

I took my other hand from her chest and moved it down to her sex. I slipped her panties aside and ran my finger over the smooth slit of the little monkey's tiny little nine-year-old vagina.

I did not push my finger into her, but I could feel that she was warm, and wet.

"Oh, Cindy," I said, my orgasm beginning. She smiled sweetly, her legs starting to shake. "Oh, Cindy! Oh sweetie!"

My body was quaking. My hot come was barreling down my cock. "Oh, Cindy, I love you!" I said loudly as I exploded.

"I love you too!" the little monkey said loudly back, almost a shout.

My come spewed all over the little monkey. The first shot soaked her hand, still cupped over my head; she removed her hand and the second shot fired high in the air, arching, landing in her hair. I aimed the next shot right at her, firing up and hitting her beautiful nine-year-old face.

When I was done, the little monkey smiled broadly as she wiped my come off her face. I leaned back against the tree trunk, spent and satisfied, my limp penis still out of my pants.

She leaned into me and slid up on my lap again and I could feel that her panties were still pulled aside. The smooth, soft skin of her nine-year-old vaginal lips pressed against my cock. We sat there, touching almost unintentionally in that most intimate way, and kissed.

It did not take long for me to become hard again. The little monkey began rubbing her little nine year old pussy against my cock, up and down the length of my shaft, her lips splayed open around my girth. She broke our kiss and looked at me, her eyes wide. Her legs began to shake and I felt wetness flowing out of her onto my cock. She slid forward so that my head slipped in between her lips. She pushed down on my head, but just a little. Only the very tip of my head was inside her.

The little monkey leaned into me, hugging me, holding herself tightly against me, and then reached one hand down and began twirling her finger over her clitoris. I reached down as well and began masturbating again. In no time at all her body began shaking and she let out a little high-pitched moan and held herself to me even more tightly.

"Oh, Cindy," I whispered in her ear, "Oh my little baby."

I orgasmed as she orgasmed, just the tip of my cock inside her pussy lips, my semen shooting into her. "Oh Cindy, oh my little baby!"

We lay there, holding each other tightly, our sex in contact as I slowly deflated, her wetness and my semen drying into a sticky mess.

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Simply brilliant!


Very nice love the slow progression with Cindy. What animal is next? Ferret? Raccoon? chipmunk? squirrel? All kinds of cute animals for her to be.


You're welcome. You did a really good and believable story. Eagerly awaiting the next in the series. Maybe a cuddly little bear.


Great stop. I love the lack of dialogue from the girl. Silent, mimed encouragement and acceptance. Mmmmm

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