Nine Year Old Tina Cries

[ MF+/g, ped, exhib, photo, spank, finger, oral, les, anal ]

by Corn53

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Published: 7-Apr-2011

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Dear Reader, Thank you for enjoying a vicarious adventure with me. If you enjoyed the story, please send me a note. Also, please share any fantasies, memories, suggestions, etc. It's how I get material for new stories. And of course, there is no way for me to verify if something actually happened or if it is pure fantasy. I'm not seeking any themes that involve violence, although mild coercion may be OK, as the naive, curious, protagonist progresses through her adventure. I'm not advocating doing any of these things with minors, although role play with consenting adults could be fun. The reason that many of my fantasy stories involve younger characters is that they are so curious about their own, budding sexuality, and they are easily seduced with compliments or 'stuff,' that is promised to them. The character is led through little steps and soon gets into very compromising situations.

Tina Begins Her Pre-teen Acting Career

Tina's Step-Mother said, "Now you be damn sure to do everything he tells you! When he drops you off in a few hours, I hope to hell that he gives me the rest of the money. If you don't do what he says, then you'll get blisters on your ass when you get home! You're in the fourth grade, Tina, and that's old enough to help out with our money. I'm still paying for things your no-good father bought before he took off and left us." Then she calmed down, "And if you do good, then you get to come back here two or three more times to do more modeling and acting. You're too shy, Tina, and maybe this will help get you so you ain't so shy anymore. You're a pretty girl. Learn to use it. And Jack promised me that you'll still be a virgin, even after four sessions." She looked at Jack. "Right?"

"Yes. She will still be a virgin. I promise. She will mostly be modeling by herself but might also do some acting or role-playing with other boys or girls, mostly about her age. She's very pretty, and I'm sure she'll do a good job and even have fun, if she follows my directions."

Tina's Step-Mother said, "Jack told me, 'maybe fingers,' but that is the most that would be going in you. And he says the pictures and video is just for some place clear over in Japan, so nobody around here will ever see them." She looked at Jack. "You tell her everything you want her to do and she'd better do a good job! By the time I was nine, I weren't no virgin anymore! So don't be so shy!" Tina's Step-Mother walked to the door with four hundred dollars in her pocket.

Jack said, "If she does a good job, I'll bring her home in a few hours with another four hundred for you."

Tina's Step-Mother nodded, turned, and left.

Jack smiled at Tina standing there in her red, plaid school jumper, dressy white blouse, black patent leather flats, and white, lacy, ankle socks. Tina looked at the door her mother had just gone through. Jack clicked the lock. Tina started to whimper, then cry. She looked scared and very nervous as she looked around at the strange furniture and the cameras on tripods. She wondered what was in the cardboard boxes that were sitting on a table next to one of the cameras.

Jack said, "You might learn to enjoy modeling for me, Tina. Come over here in front of the cameras now. You'll get to wear make-up and try on special outfits for the cameras. I have lots of fun, special outfits. You'll get to dance around and act silly sometimes. You'll get to play games with other boys or girls about your age. I bet you'll have a good time." He took her hand and led her to the center of the room, next to a foot stool. Three cameras on tripods were aimed at her. Jack turned them on. He especially enjoyed these first-time sessions with a shy, new girl, but Tina seemed really scared.

Jack knew he had to give her something easy to do at first. He said, "Tell us your name and age and turn around for the cameras. And if you can smile into the camera, I'll let you keep your clothes on, at least of a little bit longer."

Tina tried to stop crying, and smile into the camera on the tripod next to Jack. "I'm Tina and I'm nine and ..." sniff. "Nine and a half years old." She tried to smile at the camera again when she finished turning slowly around.

"Very good, Tina. See? It's not so hard. Turn around again. Won't it be fun trying on some special outfits today?"

"Yes. I guess." She sniffled and turned around again.

"You're doing great, Tina. And you're a very pretty, little girl."

Jack noticed a quick smile with another sniffle. "Thank you." She said, remembering her manners.

"Lots of men like to see pictures of pretty, little girls like you. They will pay to see the video clips of a cute nine year old like you dancing and talking and taking off your clothes."

"All my clothes? What men?"

Jack smiled at her. "Lots of men. Mostly in Japan, though. Just in Japan and maybe some of the countries that do business with Japan." Jack smiled at his private joke, knowing that included almost the whole world. "But I think that men anywhere in the world would think that you are a very pretty, little girl, Tina."

She smiled and wiped her cheek with the back of her hand. "Gee."

"Lift the front of your school jumper to show them your panties. You don't have to take your clothes off yet, but show them your panties."

"But..." sniff, she was ready to cry again.

"They will think you are such a pretty girl. Let them see your panties." Jack said this in a firmer tone of voice.

Tina lifted the front of her jumper, showing the low-cut, pink cotton panties, with a picture of a half-peeled banana on her plump, pubic mound. The panties he had given her mother the night before. Jack had cut out the white cotton liner inside the pink panties, because he hoped she would be wet before the photography started. He wasn't able to tell from this angle, but it wouldn't be long he thought. "See? You did fine. Lift your jumper up higher. Good girl. You can follow directions. This isn't so bad, is it?"

"No." sniff, sniff

"You're doing fine. Now turn around and lift the back of your jumper. The men will want to see the back of your panties, too. That's a good girl. Very good. Put your feet apart and bend forward a little bit. Very good, Tina. Touch your toes now. Bend way over. Hold it a minute. You are very limber. Good. Stand up and turn back around. You did good."

Tina smiled.

Jack said, "It doesn't hurt your hand if somebody takes a picture of your hand, does it?"

"No." Tina looked puzzled.

"Well it won't hurt anywhere, if I take pictures of parts of your body then, will it?"

"Umm." She didn't know what to say, and was trying to follow Jack's logic.

"I'm glad you wore those pretty panties I gave your step-mother. Did you wear them all night after taking your bath last night, and all day in school today?"


"And it didn't hurt when I took a picture of you showing those pretty panties to all the men who will get these pictures and videos, did it?"

"No." She smiled, beginning to see what he was driving at.

Jack said, "Good. Now pull down your panties."

Tina whimpered and hesitated. "But..."

Jack said, "Come on, Tina. You're almost ten years old, and you're very cute. You have to do what I say. Your Mommy told you to do everything I said. Didn't she?"

"Yes." She said softly, standing there in her school uniform - white ankle socks, red plaid jumper, white blouse, and black patent leather shoes. "She said I had to do everything you said, but I didn't know I would have to take off my panties." She sniffled again; scared; looking around at the cameras.

"I think you knew. Now pull down your panties! You're still wearing your dress for Christ's sake. Just pull them down now. I'm going to smell them in a little while. I've wanted to smell your panties since I met you yesterday, when I went to your house. I met your step-mother two weeks ago, and we talked about you being a model for me. That's why she took those pictures of you last week when you took your bath. Remember?"

Tina blushed. Yes, she remembered. She thought it was funny at first, when her Step-Mother showed her the camera and then told her she wanted to take a bunch of pictures so she could show them to her husband lots of years from now after she got married. Tina remembered that she didn't want to undress in front of the camera her Step-Mother was holding, but then she agreed that maybe her future husband would like the pictures someday, so she undressed and posed, and even took a bath with her Step-Mother taking pictures the whole time. Tina looked at Jack, "She said she wouldn't show the pictures to anybody."

"And she didn't, Tina. She just gave me back the camera and I had to promise not to show anybody else, but I had to see them to make sure you would be a good model. And you are a very pretty, young girl. Just right for my pictures and videos. You'll have fun, and then nobody else around here will see those pictures of you in your bathtub. Maybe some people in Japan or those other countries will see them, but nobody around here, and I didn't make any prints. Your pussy is absolutely beautiful, with that plump, full, hairless mound and your plump lips. Just perfect."

Tina was blushing, but still couldn't suppress her smile. Jack knew she liked his compliments.

He continued the flattery, hoping to excite her and awaken her natural female coquettishness. "Your small breasts are beautiful, too. Those puffy, pink nipples on the small, pale white mounds. I like the tan lines from your swimming suit, even though summer vacation was over six weeks ago. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of you, Tina, and I shared them with my sponsor in Japan and he also approved of giving you this screen test today."


"Yesterday your Step-Mother showed me your panties and bras in your dresser and on the floor in your room. I gave her this pair..." Jack nodded his head towards the front of Tina's jumper, "...for you to wear to school today. Are you sure you put them on right after you took your bath last night, Tina?"

Tina sniffed again. "Yes."

"Good, and did you sleep in them?"

"Yes. Mommy told me to put them on and leave them on all night and to wear them to school today."

"And a few minutes ago, what did she tell you that would happen if you didn't do everything I told you to do?"

Sniff, sniff. "She said you could spank me." Sniff, and more tears.

"What kind of spanking?"

Sniff, sniff, sniff. "A bare-bottom spanking... a real hard, bare-bottom spanking." She put her hands up under the hem of her jumper. "I'll pull them down. I... I... I'm just nervous."

The three cameras were aimed at her, catching her fear and nervousness. Jack was enjoying this, and he knew the members of his various websites would enjoy this as well. Jack was pretty certain that within twenty minutes, Tina would be loving this. He said, "Just pull them down to your knees for now. See if you can turn around three times without letting them fall all the way down. If you can do that, then I'll let you keep them on a little longer. You still have your school jumper on. Nobody can see your bare pussy yet. Should I tell you to take off all your clothes right now and give you a hard, bare-bottom spanking, or will you pull them to your knees and turn around?"

Tina was glad she still had on her jumper, so she pulled her pink, cotton panties down to her knees and kept her feet apart so they wouldn't fall down. Then she started turning around in a wide, side to side shuffling motion to keep her panties stretched between her knees. After two revolutions, Jack told her to stop while she was facing him and the main video camera. She said, "I like these panties."

"Good. And you did good turning around. Now put your feet farther apart. Keep your panties stretched between your knees. Good girl." He could see that the crotch of the pink panties was wet. Very wet.

She moved her feet farther apart, stretching the wet material directly between her legs.

He said, "I see your pussy must be wet. Why is it so wet, Tina?"

She blushed, "It gets that way sometimes."

"Yes. I see that it does. A very wet, white goo. Very wet. And when it gets that way, do you have a tingling feeling in your pussy?"

Tina thought for a moment. "Yes. Maybe that's why. It's kind of embarrassing. And it doesn't show up so much on my white panties. That's why I wear the white panties to school."

"Getting all slippery wet is very natural for girls your age. That's why I wanted you to wear pink, Tina. The men who see the pictures and video will like it that you are wet. It means you get tingles when you get embarrassed from letting them look at it."

"Oh." Tina said, more aware of the tingles in her pussy, even though she was feeling embarrassed - more embarrassed than she had ever been in her life.

Jack noticed the slight squirm of her hips. He said, "Lift your dress now."

Tina gasped. "But people will see...." she choked and caught her breath.

"'People will see' what, Tina?"

"You know, my..."

"Tell me what they will see, Tina, when you lift your dress up and hold it high for the cameras."

She whimpered, "But they will see it. The cameras... I mean..."

"That's right, Tina. Lots of men want to see it. That's why your Mommy got the money. People will pay to look at it. But it won't hurt you when I take pictures of it. Just like your hand. It doesn't hurt when I take pictures of it. What do all the men want to see?"

"My... My...." sniff, sniff. "My pussy." She finally said softly.

"Would you rather have them see you get a hard, bare-bottom spanking first?"

"No." She was still talking softly, and sobbing quietly as she lifted the front of her plaid jumper.

"That's better. Hold it higher so they will all be able to see. I'm going to zoom in on your very pretty, nine year old pussy." Jack bent down and worked the camera on the short tripod that was three feet above the carpeting. "Very pretty pussy, Tina. Just getting a little fuzz. Just the beginnings of some peach fuzz around the top of your very pretty pussy. Plump, firm, bald, pussy lips. Big pubic mound with plump, bald lips. Excellent. It's very pretty, Tina. Hundreds of men will like watching you undress and do things in front of my camera. Move your hips around while I talk to you."

Tina began moving her hips, seemingly relieved to be doing something.

Jack continued, "And you were pretty sure you would have to undress in front of my cameras today, weren't you?"

"I was kind of sure, but not positive. I heard you and Mommy talking outside the bathroom while I was taking my bath. Mommy told you I didn't have any hair yet, and I thought she meant down here." She pointed one finger of her right hand towards her pussy. She was holding the hem of her jumper in both hands. "And I heard you tell her to make sure I washed real good between my legs so I would be clean for the pictures."

"That's right. Did it give you tingles there when you knew you would have to undress in front of my cameras?"

"Yes." sniff. "Sort of."

"And is it tingling now, while I'm looking at your bare pussy?"

"Yes." sniff. "It's so embarrassing. You can see it. And the cameras..."

"That's good, Tina. 'Embarrassing' makes your pussy tingle even more. Did you know that?"

She thought for a minute. "No. It does? I didn't know that."

"Well it does. Feel the tingles, and now open your feet farther apart and move your hips towards the camera and then back away. Rotate your hips around for the cameras so the men can see your slippery lips moving against each other. That's it. Are you still getting tingles?"

"Yes." Her voice sounded huskier.

"So whenever you come in here to undress for my cameras and when you do things with the other boys and girls so the men will see you doing those things, I want you to be embarrassed so you will get bigger tingles in your pussy. So your pussy will get real wet and gooey and slippery. You will start to feel tingles before you even get here. So your pussy will get nice and juicy wet because you'll know that lots of men will be seeing your videos. That's good for the pictures. You are a very sexy girl. Very pretty and very sexy."

"Oh." Tina said.

Jack smiled inwardly when he noticed her beginning to squirm even more. She would be a hot one, he thought. He said, "Your panties are very wet between your legs. Did you get some tingles last night and even today at school when you thought about it? When you knew that lots of men would watch the videos of you taking all your clothes off?"

"Gee. I didn't know... I mean, not for sure. I didn't know about the cameras. I thought maybe just for you. But... I heard you say I had to wash real good between my legs, so I thought..." sniff, sniff.

"Yes, lots of men and maybe some boys will watch you undress and they will watch you do other embarrassing things over the next few weeks when your Mommy brings you here. And it's our secret, isn't it?"

"Yes." sniff. She was shaking, but also squirming as Jack talked.

"This will help you get a little used to it. Turn around so your back is to the camera. Then lift your dress in back and bend way over. The men will all want to see your bare bottom, too. I bet your little, pink asshole is as pretty as your beautiful, plump, bald, pussy lips."

"But..." sniff.

"Or they could watch you get a bare bottomed spanking right now. A nice, hard bare-bottom spanking." Jack reached into a box and pulled out a black, leather paddle and slapped it on the palm of his hand, making a loud "Smack!" noise. He said, "Lots of spanking noises and they would get to see your tight, little, pink asshole anyway. Which would you rather do first?"

Tina shuffled around, keeping her feet apart so her panties wouldn't fall down. She lifted the jumper in back and bent over.

"Feet farther apart, Tina, and bend over farther. That's a good, little, nine-year old girl." He zoomed in again. "I can see that your pussy is wet from back here, Tina. Is this embarrassing? Do you feel tingles in your pussy? If your answer is 'yes,' then reach both hands on your bottom and pull it wide open for the camera. I want to see it closer. Pull it open if this is embarrassing and giving you tingles."

Tina reached both hands onto her butt cheeks and pulled them apart. She started to say something, but stopped. "I'm so ...."

Jack said, "Pull it really wide open if this is embarrassing. That's a girl. Nice and wide. Pull your cheeks apart. Good. I'm zooming in with the camera. Your ass is as beautiful as your pussy, Tina. Absolutely beautiful. Hold it wide open like that. Great. All the men will want to get a good look. That's it. Pull it wide open so they can see you. Your pussy is very wet, Tina. Does this make your pussy tingle to show so many men and boys your pretty, pink asshole?"

"Boys?" she started to stand up.

"Bend back down. Pull it open. Maybe boys in some countries, but mostly men. Probably nobody in this country. Good. Keep pulling it open, but try to squeeze your bottom closed, and then relax it and pull it wider open. Good. Do that again. Yes. Nice and slow. Squeeze tight, and then relax and pull it wide open. Is this embarrassing?"

"Yes." No sniffles now. Jack noticed her squirm each time she relaxed her bottom and pulled it open - kind of sticking it back towards his cameras. Her pussy was very wet, and then, as she relaxed and pulled it open, he could see a little bit of the white goo that he so prized in his pictures. More white goo was forming each time she pulled open her ass.

Jack said, "Very good, Tina. I can tell you're starting to relax. Wiggle your cute bottom towards the camera now. Keep pulling it open and then tightening it. Good. I bet this is giving you some big, embarrassing tingles, isn't it?"

"Yes." Tina was still talking quietly, but her sniffles had ended.

Then Tommy walked in. Tina stood up and closed her legs, catching the panties between her knees. She seemed frozen, staring at Tommy.

"It's OK, Tina. This is Tommy. He's thirteen and will be working with you this afternoon. He's just here a little bit early. Tommy could sit over here while I finish having you undress for the cameras."

Tina was blushing brightly with her arms crossed in front of her chest and her closed fists up by her neck. "But..."

Jack said, "It's OK, Tina. Tommy has seen lots of little girls, haven't you, Tommy?"

"Yes. Well, a few of them. Just a few other girls. Tina is really cute, just like you said. She is so sexy."

Jack noticed a smile cross Tina's face at the compliment, but she held her pose, the panties with the wet crotch still squeezed between her knees. Tina seemed frozen and kept blushing. Jack said, "Stand up straight and put your feet apart. See if you can open your legs fast enough so your panties don't fall to the floor."

Tina tried, but the panties fell to the floor when she started to step to the side. Tina bent down quickly to pick them up, but Jack said, "Stop!" She stood up straight and looked at Jack, with quick glances at Tommy. Jack said, "Tina step out of your panties. Tommy, go pick them up and stretch them open to show the camera how wet they are."

Tina continued to blush as a smiling Tommy picked up the panties and stretched them open to show the wet crotch to the camera. "She was wet all right. Like really excited." Tommy sniffed them. "She smells good, too. She's pretty and her pussy smells good. This will be fun today."

"OK, Tommy. That's enough. Bring me the panties and then go stand behind Tina."

Tommy walked over and handed the panties to Jack, who sniffed them while Tommy walked back to stand behind Tina. Tommy was five feet, three inches tall, and one hundred ten pounds, compared to Tina's four feet, ten inches tall and 85 pounds. He said, "I'm embarrassed, too, Tina. It's so embarrassing when I have to take my underwear off and my thing is so stiff and everybody can see it. It's embarrassing, but it feels good."

Jack said, "Tina, hold up your arms a little bit so Tommy can reach around to your tummy under your arms."

Tina obediently put her arms a few inches out from her sides. Tommy reached around her and put his hands on Tina's tummy.

Jack said, "Just hold still, Tina. Tommy is going to feel your tummy and your chest. I want him to get excited. I know he thinks you're cute." Tommy began rubbing his hands around on Tina's tummy and slowly worked his way up to her chest. Tina was blushing as Tommy kept massaging and squeezing her small titties through her clothes and training bra.

Tina was trying to hold still, but her hips moved slightly as Tommy kept squeezing and rubbing. Jack said, "That doesn't hurt you does it, Tina? He's not squeezing too hard, is he?"


Jack said, "I bet it's really embarrassing for you, Tina, knowing that hundreds of men will watch this video of you getting felt up while you hold still. Is it embarrassing?"


"Good." Said Jack. "Just remember that it feels better if you're embarrassed. I bet it's giving you lots of tingles in your pussy, isn't it?"


"Do the tingles feel good to you, Tina?"


"So when you are embarrassed, the tingles really do feel even better, don't they?"

"Yes." "Good girl. Now lift up the front of your dress while Tommy keeps rubbing you in front of the cameras. The men will want to watch you lift your dress to show them your bare pussy while Tommy squeezes your perfect, tight, little titties. It will be even more embarrassing - and then it will feel even better - if you lift up your dress to show the men your bare, plump, bald pussy lips while Tommy is feeling you. Go ahead. Lift up the front of your dress to show the men your bare, bald, beautiful pussy."

Tina was blushing brightly and Jack was worried she would start to cry again and try to run away. But she took a deep breath; reached down, and lifted the front of her red, plaid jumper.

"Good girl, Tina. Put your feet wider apart. Tommy, pinch her titties a little harder. I bet this is really embarrassing for you, so your pussy is probably really tingling now, isn't it, Tina?"

"Unn. Yes."

"The men will love this, Tina, knowing that now you want to show them your bare pussy. And now you know that it gives you more tingles in your pussy when you're embarrassed, so now you want to be even more embarrassed as we do things today. Don't you?"

Tina was having trouble paying attention, but she knew that what Tommy was doing felt good. And she knew it gave her tingles to lift up her dress to show herself to the cameras. So she said, "Yes."

"Good girl, Tina. But now it's Tommy's turn to pull down his pants. You get to stay dressed for a little while, Tina. Just sit on the footstool."

Tina seemed relieved. Tommy said, "I know it's scary at first, Tina, to undress in front of the cameras. It's even more embarrassing for a boy. But I have to do it." Jack had already told Tommy how to behave for the first session. "Can you please untie my shoes for me, Tina?" He put his right foot on Tina's knees as she sat with her knees together on the low stool.

She untied his right gym shoe, and then the other one. Tommy kicked them off and then pulled off his socks. "Oh, this is the embarrassing part for me." He slowly unbuckled his belt, then unzipped the zipper. Tina was watching closely. Jack adjusted the three video cameras, with one zoomed in on Tina's face, one camera from the side - showing Tina's face and a side view of Tommy. Jack took the other camera in his hands.

Tina was staring at the little pole in Tommy's white briefs. Jack said, "Hold still, Tommy and let Tina feel you through your underpants for a minute."

Tina blushed but didn't move.

Jack said, "We can do your spanking whenever you wish, Tina. Are you ready for the hard, bare-bottomed spanking now? In front of the cameras and Tommy? That would make a good video, too. Or, go ahead and feel Tommy's underwear."


"Do you want your spanking now? I can tell you wanted to see Tommy's dick. You've been staring at his underwear."

"But..." sniff

"Get your spanking, Tina - a hard spanking - or feel his underwear. You decide." Jack picked up the paddle again.

She reached her right hand up, one finger outstretched, and touched Tommy's underwear where the tip of Tommy's dick was making a little tent.

Jack said, "Go ahead. Feel around on him with both hands, under his balls, feel his dick, feel him all over his underwear. I could see how you looked at his underwear when he let his jeans fall down, now go ahead and feel his underwear. That's it. Keep feeling around."

Tina put both hands on Tommy's underwear and began feeling gently. Tommy put his feet apart and Jack suggested that she reach her left around behind Tommy to feel his ass, too, so she did. She was starting to get more relaxed feeling around on him, even grasping Tommy's stiff, 4 inch penis through the white, cotton material. Jack said, "Have you seen a real cock before, Tina?"

"No." She kept feeling.

"Reach inside the leg of his underwear and feel Tommy's balls and his dick. Don't squeeze his balls too hard, but you can tickle them and feel his dick. Tell me if it feels stiff to you. If it feels stiff, then it means he likes the way you're touching it, and he thinks you're cute and sexy. Reach in and hold his penis and tell me you think he's stiff."

She wasn't aware of the timid smile on her face as she slid her right hand into the leg hole of Tommy's briefs. She put her hand in up to her wrist and was obviously feeling Tommy's balls and penis. Jack repeated his questions, "Well, does Tommy's dick feel stiff?"

"Yes. It is. Like real hard."

"Good. That means he thinks you are cute and sexy, Tina. Keep feeling his balls and his cock. It feels good to him when you touch it. Tickle his balls lightly. Does that feel funny to your hand?"

"Yes." She smiled at Jack. Then she noticed the cameras again and blushed. "Oh. The cameras. I forgot."

"Well, Tommy is embarrassed, too. And it feels good, just like when you were embarrassed in front of the cameras before and it felt good to you. He is embarrassed, but he is also very excited. Boys' dicks get hard when they are excited, the same way that a girl's pussy gets all gooey wet like yours is. Keep feeling around on him. You can peek in the leg hole of his underwear if you want."

Tina was smiling, although she was trying not to. She was biting her bottom lip as she pulled the leg hole of the loose-fitting briefs way out so she could look in and see Tommy's stiff, four-inch cock. "Look at it and tell me if it's stiff and if it looks pretty to you."

Tina had Tommy's underpants pulled way out in front and her left hand was inside from the back so she could move his cock and balls with her left hand. She was smiling now and moving her tongue around in her mouth as she looked inside Tommy's underpants. "Yes, he's real stiff, and it's pretty, like kind of curved up a little bit, and the end of it looks bigger and kind of pointed and more of a reddish color. It's really neat."

"Tell me more, Tina. Tell me about his balls. Does Tommy have any pubic hair that you can see?"

"No, he doesn't have any hair that I can see. His balls are cute with like a little white sack under his thing. I guess they are about the size of bird eggs, or maybe a little bigger. They feel funny, too, like softer. But I'm trying to be gentle with them, like you said."

She was excited and could have kept talking, but Jack interrupted. "Good Tina. Now I want you to pull Tommy's underpants down so he can step out of them. Then you just keep looking at his dick and balls. And you can feel him some more."

She pulled his underpants down and let him step out of them. Tommy stood with his feet about two feet apart. His cock was within a foot of Tina's mouth and on the same level as she sat on the stool. Jack said, "Tommy is so embarrassed, but he knows he has to follow directions so he doesn't get a hard, bare-bottomed spanking. He's very embarrassed, but it also feels good when you touch his cock and tickle his balls. Doesn't it, Tommy?"

"Yes. It feels real good, but I'm so embarrassed, too, especially because it is so hard and sticking up in the air. Everybody will be able to see it and it's so embarrassing. They will know I'm excited."

Then Jack interrupted Tommy so he wouldn't overdo it. "Would you like Tina to kiss it?"

"Yes, but it would be embarrassing."

Jack said, "Tina, just keep playing with his cock and tickling his balls for a little bit and then you can pretend it's an ice cream cone and lick it or kiss it for him. Pull his dick down and then let go so you can see it flip back up into position. If it flips back up, that means he really likes for you to touch it or lick it."

She pulled it down and let her fingers slip off the end of it. It snapped back up into position so fast, it made Tina giggle. She did it again, and then over to one side. Jack said, "That must feel really good to him, Tina, because it is staying so stiff. Go ahead and kiss it now and then lick it a little bit. Tommy, take your shirt off while she plays with you. Let her look at it. You're doing good, Tommy. I might not have to spank you."

"It feels good. I like how she...."

Tina licked the side of it, which made Tommy stop talking. "You mean like this? Like an ice cream cone?" She licked it again, keeping her left hand on the base of it.

"Yes, very good. Does that feel good, Tommy, and is it embarrassing you that it is so stiff?"

Tina was busy staring at Tommy's dick and didn't see Jack give a "don't talk too much" signal to Tommy. Jack motioned his hand in front of his throat to signal, "cut."

Tommy just said, "It feels so good, but everybody can see it."

"Tina, you just keep licking it and keep tickling his balls and playing with his cock for a full minute. I'll time it. Go ahead."

Tina didn't look up while Jack was talking to her. She was still smiling and seemed mesmerized by Tommy's small, stiff cock. She licked it, and pulled it down and let it go. She tickled his balls and watched closely as they tightened up.

"This isn't so bad now, is it Tina?"


"I think you might enjoy these photography sessions with some modeling and some acting with other boys and girls about your age. Do you like looking at Tommy's stiff cock?"

"Yes. It's pretty." Then she licked it from the base to the tip.

"Have you ever heard other girls talking about 'blow jobs' or 'cock-sucking,' Tina?"

"Yes, I heard some girls at school talking about it, but they were big girls. Just my friend Tanya in the sixth grade talked about it, like with her big brother, but otherwise it was older girls, like in junior high or even the high school."

"Do you think they liked doing it?"

"I guess so..." lick ... "because they were laughing. I think Tanya liked it, but then her brother always had to drive her somewhere. I mean, like if she did that to him, then he would drive her to the mall or someplace. But I think she liked doing it anyway. Her brother is cute."

"Do you know if those girls swallowed the boys' cum?"

Tina looked at Jack with a quizzical look on her face. She seemed to have forgotten about the cameras.

Jack said, "You know, when the boy's stuff shoots out of his penis when he cums? Did the girls swallow it?"

"Oh..." said Tina, as she turned back to play with Tommy's cock. "I heard one girl say that the boy shot his white stuff on her shirt, so she said she was going to swallow it next time because she had to sneak in and change shirts and then do a load of laundry so her Mom wouldn't see it." She pulled it down and watched it spring up again.

"Did the girls like it?"

"I don't know." She kept playing with Tommy.

"What about your friend Tanya, in the sixth grade? Does she swallow it?"

"I don't know, but I don't see her too much and I don't want to ask her."

"Right. Don't talk to anybody about this."

"I won't!" she said.

"Good girl. See? Are you starting to have fun? Do you like touching Tommy's cock and playing with it?" He said the words, "playing with it," as she pulled it down and let it spring back up again.

Tina giggled. "It's so funny."

"Do you like playing with it? Do you think it's pretty?"

"Yes, I like it. It looks funny and pretty, too. Like a funny looking ice cream cone." Tina licked the side of it again.

"See if you can fit part of it in your mouth, Tina."

Tommy stepped his left foot towards Tina so he was facing her with his dick just six inches from her mouth. Jack said, "Do you think you could fit the whole tip of it in your mouth, Tina?"

"Oh sure. It would fit in." She opened her mouth and slid down over Tommy's stiff, youthful cock. Tommy's balls were shrunk tight from Tina's tickling.

Jack started to offer a suggestion when Tina popped her mouth off with a sucking "pop" sound. "See? I knew it would fit in my mouth. It feels funny."

"She did good." Said Tommy. "But she only went part way down. I wish she could fit more of it in her mouth and slide up and down on it."

Jack said, "Go ahead, Tina. You're doing such a good job, see if you can slide down farther on it. That's a girl. Keep sliding all the way down and then back to the very tip. Good. Nice and slow like that." Tommy started moving his hips forward as she slid her mouth further down his cock.

Less than a minute later, Tommy said, "I feel almost ready to cum. She's doing good."

Jack said, "Cut! Stop for now, Tina, before he cums. We'll let you suck him again in a few minutes, but now I want you to undress for the cameras. And then I want you to let Tommy touch you. Do you want to suck on Tommy's dick again in front of the cameras?"

"Yes." She said, and seemed disappointed that she had to stop sucking. Tina stood up, and Jack asked, "You really do like sucking on it, don't you, Tina? Was it embarrassing for you, too, so you got lots of tingles in your pussy?"


"Very good, Tina. So now you know I was telling you the truth when I said that being embarrassed will give you tingles in your pussy?"

"Yes. Gee." She was standing and looking at Jack who was still holding one of the cameras.

"Now I want you to undress. Take your time. Leave your ankle socks and the black flats on for now. When you're naked except for you shoes and socks, will you be ready to do more embarrassing things in front of my cameras?"

"Yes." Tina was looking down and blushing, but not as much as she was when Jack first told her to pull down her panties. Then Tina said, "Will I get to play with... you know... like play with his thing again?"

"That was fun, wasn't it, Tina?"

"Yes. Like it's sort of funny and like I don't know..."

Jack asked, "Did it feel funny to suck on it?"

"Yes. It felt funny, like kind of stiff and kind of like rubber."

Jack said, "You can suck it again in a few minutes, Tina. I'll tell him to let you. You can tell he likes how you do it, can't you, Tina?"

She giggled, as she took off her blouse. "Yes, he liked it."

Jack asked, "How could you tell he liked it?"

Tina blushed, and looked at the floor again while she unbuttoned the back of her jumper. "He kind of pushed it in my mouth, like again and again. When I slid down on it, he pushed it forward at the same time, like he liked doing that in my mouth."

"I'm sure he did!" Jack said. "Any man or boy would like to have you suck on him like that. You are so cute and sexy. Leave your training bra on for a minute. You're doing so good now, that I'll let you suck Tommy again in just a minute. Turn around a few times in just your training bra. Tommy likes to look at you, too. See how stiff he is?"

"Yes, it's like it's straining up, like trying to get even bigger or something. I bet if I flipped it, it would spring right back up again."

It was obvious that she wanted to keep playing with it. She reached over with her right hand and pushed it all the way down, and then let go so it would spring back up. "See?" Tina said, "You can tell he likes it."

Jack laughed. "And does it feel good to you now to be embarrassed, turning around in only your training bra in front of me and Tommy and the cameras, especially since you know that nobody around here will see any of the video clips or pictures? Does it give you tingles, and do you want to do more embarrassing things so you get even more tingles?"

"Um..." She was getting confused again when he asked several questions in a row. She pushed Tommy's dick down and let it go. "Gee. That's pretty neat. Yes, it feels like my insides are getting tickles or something"

"Tommy, bring over the heavy coffee table so Tina can lay on it and spread her legs for the cameras. I know the men will want to see a close up of your wet pussy, Tina, with your beautiful, plump, bald pussy lips."

Jack had Tommy lay a big towel over the sturdy coffee table and put a pillow at one end for her head. He had Tina lay on in with her feet on either side at one end, so her open pussy was facing the camera. "Now open and close your legs while I zoom in, Tina. I hope this embarrassing for you, knowing the men will watch you do this, and so you'll get bigger tingles in your pussy. Are you starting to enjoy exposing yourself to the cameras so all the men can see you?"

Tina was following directions as Jack zoomed in. Tina said, "Yes. It feels good."

Her pussy was gooey wet. Tommy commented on it as he knelt down between her legs, keeping to one side so he wouldn't block the camera. After a minute of Tina opening and closing her knees for the camera, Jack could see white goo beginning to ooze out of Tina's pussy. That's what he had been waiting for. He had Tommy begin licking her, and then had Tina pull her lips apart and up so he could zoom in on Tina's swollen clitty button. Then Tommy licked some more. Tina wasn't talking, but did nod her head to admit to Jack that it felt good to be so embarrassed in front of the cameras. Jack asked her if she was even more embarrassed because she was so gooey wet and because she knew that lots of men would watch her open her legs to let Tommy lick her.

Tina just said, "Ohhhh."

"You like being embarrassed now, don't you, Tina?"

"Ohhhh. Yes. Unnnn."

"And I think you like how it feels when Tommy licks you there. He likes how you suck on him, too. The men will like watching this. Keep your pussy lips pulled apart for him so he can lick it easier. Good girl. The men will love this video of you, Tina."

He had Tina stand up. Her skin was mottled red with excitement. Jack said, "Take off your bra, Tina, if you want Tommy to lick you some more."

She reached back and unsnapped it and let it drop to the floor. "This will be really embarrassing, Tina. You'll love this. Lay back on the table on your back and lift your feet up. Tommy will put slippery stuff on your bottom and push his slippery finger in your bottom. When his finger is all the way in, he will tap your clitty with the white buzzer. It will feel good to you. I'll get the cameras set up so you will be even more embarrassed. One aimed at your face. Look into this camera. Talk to it. Tell the camera your name and age again, and then tell the camera what Tommy is going to do. We want it to be really embarrassing for you, so it will feel good. Go ahead now. Talk to the camera."

"My name is Tina and I'm ten, almost ten and a half years old. Tommy is going to, well, he's going to lick around on me. I had to lick around on him and now he has to lick around on me."

"Good." Jack said, "Both you and your Mom will get a nice cash bonus if you keep talking into the camera."

Tina closed her knees and asked, "You won't show her the video, will you?"

"No. She is not allowed to see any of the pictures or video. She knows that. She could say she thought you were modeling for panties or swimming suits, so we can't show her these videos, and you can't tell her what we do here."

"I won't!" She said, as she opened her knees again.

Jack knew she would keep all this a secret. Little Tina was enjoying this. He said, "Good. If you do a good job talking into the camera and then do a good job licking and sucking on Tommy and he cums in your mouth, you'll get a little cash bonus that we won't tell your Mommy about. It will be your secret money. Now tell the camera where he is going to lick you, and then keep looking into this camera and tell the camera what he is doing and how it feels to you."

"Gee, this is embarrassing." She was blushing. "I'm Tina and Tommy is going to lick my ... my...." She blushed even brighter. "He's going to lick pussy. He has to lick it because..... oh, he's licking it. It tickles. It feels so funny, like tingly. It's more embarrassing because I feel all wet, but I couldn't help it. It gets that.... Oh, he's licking all around on it and it... oh... tickles... oh.... He's pulling my lips apart with his fingers and like licking... oh... right on my bump. Gee. He's licking it. It tickles. It tickles so ... gee... he's still licking it. He has to do it because... oh... because I sucked on him, and ... oh... licked him, and I ... oh... have to do it again... oh... it tickles!"

Jack said, "That's it. Good. Keep talking and keep looking into this camera. I have another camera getting a side view, and the other one is getting close ups of your pussy and bottom. Tommy is going to push his finger in your vagina now. He'll do your bottom with the lubricant in a minute. He might not even need to tap on your clitty with the vibrator. Tell me what it feels like."

"Unn." She said. Her skin was more flushed than before. "His finger feels ... unnn... so big... unnn."

Jack didn't want her to cum just yet, so he stopped the action to let her calm down. Then he had her sit on the stool. He had Tommy stand in front of her so she could fondle his dick and balls. Tina was staring at his penis. It didn't take much encouragement for her to begin playing with him again. Within a minute she was sucking on him.

Jack coached them on how Tommy should stand, and how Tina should hold Tommy's cock by the base and hold it on the tip of her tongue so his cum would squirt directly into her mouth. She wasn't sure what to expect, and it took a few tries of practicing - with both Tommy and Jack encouraging her and telling her that she wouldn't have to swallow it this time, but she should at least get to taste it. Jack explained that lots of girls really like it once they get used to it. Then he told her she would get a nice, little cash bonus that he wouldn't tell her Mommy about, if she would swallow it. He promised to give her a glass of pop right after she swallowed it.

Tommy would say, "I'm ready." And then Tina would open her mouth wide for the cameras and hold the tip of Tommy's cock on the end of her tongue so it was aimed right into her mouth.

They practiced several times in front of the cameras. After holding Tommy's cock against her tongue, aimed into her wide-open mouth, Tina would start sucking, licking, and tickling Tommy all over his cock, balls, and ass. Jack was getting great video. He would be able to get lots of great still pictures, too.

Tommy said, "Ready!" but before Tina could get into the right position he started squirting. The first squirt caught Tina on the side of her face. She pulled it onto her tongue. The next strong shot went to the back of her mouth. She gagged and let go of Tommy's cock, but the next shot also went into her mouth and along the side of her cheek. Tommy's next two went onto her face, neck, and chest with some on her left shoulder. Tina tried to put it back in her mouth, but Tommy was just dribbling out a few more small squirts.

Tina looked at Jack. He motioned for her to try to suck out the rest of it, which she did. But she couldn't swallow it, and the cum spilled out with some of her saliva through her fingers and onto her lap. After resting a moment, she licked the end of Tommy's cock and got a little bit of his cum on her tongue. This time she was able to swallow it.

Jack motioned for Tommy to step back so he could get more video of Tina, sitting there with cum on the side of her face, down her neck and chest with a glob of it on her shoulder.

Tommy quietly left the room while Jack was still telling Tina how to pose. "Good, now smear more of it on your titties and rub it in. That's it. I'll clean you up in a minute." He could see that her chest was still a mottled red from her sexual excitement.

Tina said, "I'm sorry. It just made me choke. And it tastes so yukky. Where's Tommy? I hope he's not mad at me. I'll try to do better next time." She kept rubbing Tommy's cum on her breasts.

Jack said, "And I'm sorry you didn't get to cum yet, Tina. But I'm sure you'll have an orgasm before I take you home this afternoon. Now I'm going to get you cleaned up. Take off your shoes and socks now and I'll give you a quick bath."

Tina's Second Video on That First Day

Jack tied the back of her very-short, blue, plaid jumper and said, "There. You're a school girl again. Are you ready to shoot another fun scene?"

"Gee, I guess so. What are we going to do?"

The doorbell rang and Jack said, "You'll see. Just go with the flow." He opened the door to his big apartment, which was also his studio when he got out the cameras. "Come in, Ginny."

Forty year old Ginny came in. She was holding hands with sixteen year old Don, and twelve year old Jessica. The three of them could hardly take their eyes off Tina, which made her blush. Tina wondered why Jessica was wearing a long coat when it wasn't cold out, but then Ginny helped Jessica off with her coat. Jessica was wearing an school uniform, just like the one Tina was wearing - a very short, blue plaid school jumper, complete with white blouse, lacy ankle socks, and black, patent leather flats. Ginny said, "You must be Tina. And you are as cute as the pictures we saw. We've been looking forward to playing games with you today."

Tina politely held out her hand, but Ginny gave her a big hug followed by a kiss on the mouth - an uncomfortably long kiss, which made Tina blush all the brighter. She was aware of Jack and the two other kids watching her. Then Ginny put her tongue into Tina's mouth. It surprised her and she didn't know what to do, so she just stood there and let Ginny keep kissing her. Ginny started feeling Tina's chest and again, since she wasn't sure what to do, she just stood there letting Ginny kiss her and feel her chest.

Then Ginny stepped back. "I'm Miss Ginny, as you probably know since Jack let me in, but these are your two co-stars today. The three of you will pretend to be cousins this afternoon. This is Don, who is sixteen and he will pretend to be Jessica's big brother. You'll be spending the night at their house and you and Jessica will keep playing games and pestering Don. Then Don will start fooling around with both of you. He's going to pretend he's mad at first, and will give each of you a spanking after he wrestles you across his lap and flips up the back of your school jumpers. Then he will start spanking you, softly at first, and you'll just play it by ear from there... like if he spanks you harder, then say, 'ouch' and squirm around. I'll be directing, and Jack will be handling the photography."

"Gee." Said Tina.

"Don and Jessica have worked together before, so just play along and take your cues from them. This is like your audition. If you do a good job today, and trust me, you'll have fun. Anyway, if you do a good job, then you'll get to star in other videos with some of our young stars. I hear you did a good job with Tommy already and that you even tried to swallow. Is that right? Did you have fun with Tommy?"

"Yes." The other two kids still had not talked, but were staring and smiling at Tina. Tina blushed brighter.

Ginny continued, "And Jack tells me that you already know that when you do embarrassing things, that if feels better. I bet your pussy is starting to get wet again already, just knowing you'll be acting and playing games with Don and Jessica. They are anxious to play with you. Don is going to spank your bare bottom, but he won't spank it very hard. It will be like he's pretending to be mad and first he will spank his little sister and have you pull her panties down for him, and you'll sit on the couch with Jessica's ankle behind your back so she can't get away. Then Don will give her some soft spankings while Jessica is laying across his lap. One of her feet will be behind your back and her other foot will be over the front edge of the couch. And Jessica knows that she has to hold her bottom up for the spankings. Jack will be working the cameras and we want to see you staring at Jessica's bald pussy."

Ginny saw the questioning look on Tina's face. "Yes, we shave Jessica so she will look younger, even though her titties are bigger than yours we want both of you to be bald. Later you'll get to suck on Jessica's titties. She likes it. Don't you, Jessica?"

"Yes, and later I'll get to suck on Tina's, too, won't I, Miss Ginny?"

Ginny laughed at Tina's blushing face. "Yes, both of you kids will get to suck and lick on Tina's little titties and you can both lick her wet pussy, too. But I think the most embarrassing thing for our young Tina will be when she licks your pussy while Don pretends to take pictures of his little sister and his cousin while they take turns licking each other's pussy. That will be really embarrassing, won't it, Tina?"

Tina's face was a bright red, but her legs were squirming around. Everyone knew Tina was sexually excited and probably getting wet and tingly just talking about it. Then Tina said, "I have to do what you say."

Ginny was enjoying herself. "Did you ever lick another girl's pussy before, Tina?"


"Well, I hear you sucked on Tommy's little cock and swallowed at least a little bit of his cum. And you'll get to lick and suck on Don's too. But still, the most exciting things for you today will probably be licking Jessica's pussy. Is your pussy getting wet already, Jessica?"

Jessica said, "Yes. I think Tina is cute. It will be fun playing games with her."

Don said, "I want to spank her, and I'll kiss her, too. Lots of times." Then he smiled at looked at Tina's legs, and added, "I want to kiss her thighs and all over her." He looked at Ginny. "I'll get to kiss her between her legs, won't I? And I want to kiss her tiny breasts, and suck on them."

Ginny smiled, "Of course, Don. I'll direct you to do that sometime or other while you're playing and acting together. But before the kissing and undressing I want you to give both Jessica and Tina good spankings!"

"I will." Said Don. His big smile worried Tina.

Then Jack finished locking the door and joined them. "Tina, I'm sure they will get you to do lots of very embarrassing things in a few minutes, so your pussy will feel really good, and it will be all slippery wet for the pictures."

"And slippery wet for Don's fingers, too!" Laughed Ginny. "This will be so much fun. And you'll be all gooey-slippery for Jessica's fingers when it's her turn to put her fingers in you for the videos. I know you'll have fun, Tina, because this will be so embarrassing - the things you'll have to do. It will feel so good to you and all the men who watch your videos will just love how wet you get, and ...."

Jack interrupted, "OK, Ginny. Let's get started. I need to drive her home in a couple hours. While I drive the other two kids home, you can help Tina cum and then give her another quick bath to make sure all of Don's cum is cleaned off. Get her dressed again in the school uniform she wore here today." Jack clapped his hands twice and smiled, "Now, let's start in the living room. The girls will pretend they just got home from school and Don is trying to watch TV but they keep bothering him."

They walked into the big living room. Jack had moved two of the cameras in there while Tina was finishing her bath twenty minutes earlier. Jack said, "Sit on the couch, Don. And kids, it's OK to talk normally, because most of the members of my video sites don't speak English. Don and Jessica, look to Ginny for acting clues. Tina, just play along with them and have fun. Don won't spank you too hard when we get to that scene."

Tina didn't know what to do, but Don and Jessica starting acting as soon as Ginny circled her hand in the air to get started. Don was sitting in the middle of the couch with the TV remote controller in his hand. Jessica took Tina by the hand and led her across the room between Don and the TV. Don said, "Cut it out, Jessica, or I'll have to give you both a hard spanking. Mom won't be home for two hours, so you two have to do what I say."

"No we don't, Don. Mommy said you can't boss me. I'm eleven years old and my friend, Tina, is almost nine, so you're not our babysitter." She was standing right in front of Don. Tina wondered why Jessica had told Don younger ages than they really were, but she didn't say anything.

Don Grabbed Jessica by the wrist and pulled her onto his lap. She was laughing and kicking as she rolled around, trying to get away. As Don pulled her across his lap, she said, "Tina, try to tickle him so he will let go!"

Don said, "Don't try it, Tina, or I'll have to spank you even harder. If you want to get a light spanking, then sit on the couch next to me and help me hold her down."

Tina wasn't sure what to do, so she just watched a moment. Then she could see that Jessica wasn't fighting very hard, and soon she was laying across Don's lap with her dress flipped up in back. Tina looked at the silky, lime green panties. Don said, "Help me get her panties off, Tina, so I can spank her."

Tina noticed Miss Ginny nodding to her, so she sat on the couch next to Don with Jessica's feet across her lap, and started to pull the panties down Jessica's legs. Jessica continued to wiggle around, but was letting Tina pull her panties down her legs. As soon as she had them pulled down Jessica's legs, Don said, "Put one of her feet behind you on the couch so I'll be able to spank her. That's it. Put it right behind you and keep it pressed against the couch with your back. Hold her other ankle with both hands so she won't get away."

Jessica stopped struggling and lifted her hips. Tina looked between Jessica's legs and stared at her pussy. Don said, "That's it. Keep holding her, Tina. And Jessica, after each spank, lift your butt like that. Keep your legs apart and your ass in the air, so I won't have to spank you so hard. Besides, I think your friend Tina likes looking at your pussy." Don laughed and winked at Tina.

Tina blushed brightly and looked away, but just for a second, because the sharp sound of Don's slap on Jessica's ass brought her attention right back there. Tina thought, "If that's an 'easy' spank, I would hate to see a hard one!"

Don spanked Jessica's ass every few seconds, sometimes pausing longer, and sometimes just rubbing his fingernails around on her cheeks. Soon Tina noticed that Jessica was getting wet and even moaning a little bit after each spank. Tina looked up at Ginny, who was moving her arm. Then Tina figured out what she was saying to her. Ginny wanted Tina to start talking.

Tina said, "I think she likes it, Don."


"Nnnnnn," said Jessica. "How many do you have to give me?"

"Five more." Said Don. "And then it's Tina's turn, since she walked in front of me, too. And you'll have to help me pull down Tina's panties."

After five more hard spanks, Don said, "Feel her pussy, Tina, and tell me if she feels wet and slippery to you."

Tina blushed and looked at Miss Ginny, who nodded. Tina put her finger tentatively on Jessica's bald pussy. She could see that it was wet, with a little bit of white cream forming in the very center. Tina said, "Yes, she feels wet, Don."

Don laughed. "I thought she would be. It's a game we play, Tina. She pretends that she doesn't want a spanking, but I know she does because she gets so wet. I have to put my finger in her a few times, which means I'm don't spanking her..... for now. But she might need more spankings later if she isn't an obedient, little sister!"

"Should I help you put her panties back on now?" Tina asked, not sure of what to do next.

"No." Don said. "We'll leave them off for our other games. She has to put them back on before Mom comes home, but that won't be for two more hours. OK, Jessica, now roll over and lay on your back so Tina and me can look at your pussy."

Jessica rolled onto her back with her hips across Don's lap. Tina scooted closer to Don so Jessica's knees were now across her lap. She looked at Jessica's pussy. Don said, "Go ahead, Tina. You can feel it. Rub around on it. Then I'll have her open her legs and we can take turns putting a finger all the way up it."

"Gee." Tina was staring at Jessica's pussy, and then reached up with her left hand and began feeling it.

Don said, "Her pussy is nice and firm, isn't it. Wiggle her lips with your fingers and then watch them snap back. She has thin lips so you can see her clitty even with her legs closed."

Tina noticed that Jessica's lips were much thinner than her own. She remembered Jack telling her earlier that day the he loved her nice, fat meaty lips on her big mound. Tina moved Jessica's lips around with her fingers. Then Don put both hands on the outsides of Jessica's lips and pulled them apart. "Look how wet she is inside. Open your legs now, Jessica, so Tina and me can finger you."

Jessica opened her legs. Tina was staring into Jessica's pussy while Don pulled her lips apart, making her clitty stand out. Tina touched it with the tip of her finger, making Jessica go, "uuuuuu."

Tina was staring at Jessica's pussy, but also noticed that Miss Ginny was trying to get her attention. When she looked over, Miss Ginny was signaling for Tina to talk more. She said, "Gee, I think her pussy is pretty."

"Stick your finger in it." Don said.

Tina slowly slid her finger all the way in Jessica's warm, wet vagina. "Gee. It's slippery, Don."

Then Don said, "Your turn, Tina. I've been wanting to spank you and look at your pussy. Then I'll have you two model for me so I can show my friend. He shows me pictures of his little sister and her friends, so I have to show him pictures of my little sister and her friends. So let me spank you, and then you two can start having fun while I take a few pictures."

Tina noticed Jack a few times, going from camera to camera to change the shots, but for some reason, it seemed more embarrassing when Don said he was going to show his friend. She said, "Really?"

Don said, "Yes, really. I've seen pictures of his little sister and her friend getting undressed and kissing and fingering each other, even in their bottoms. So I want to get pictures of you and Jessica doing that."

"Oh." Tina wasn't sure what to do. She sure didn't want any of the boys in her neighborhood to see pictures like that.

Then Ginny said, "Cut."

The three actors took a quick break for some soda. Don told Tina she was doing great. Then all of them told Tina that she was doing a perfect job. Don said, "You're so cute, Tina. Just have fun."

Ginny said, "Don isn't really going to show any of his friends the pictures of you. It's just for the story. So act like you're nervous."

"I am nervous." Said Tina. Then a big grin came across her face as she remembered that Don had just told her she was cute.

Jack said, "In the next scene, we'll start with you laying across Don's lap, and then Jessica will pull down your panties while you wiggle around, pretending you don't want her to pull your panties off, but let her take off your panties while you're wiggling. Then relax for your spanking."

Miss Ginny added, "And he will give you some spankings that might feel hard until you get used to it, but try to concentrate on the tingles in your pussy after each spanking. That's what you should be aware of. Your legs will be apart and Jack will have one of the cameras zoomed in on your pussy and ass from the end of the couch and the other camera will be a front view. I know the men will want to watch your reaction to the spankings, so you can say ouch and wiggle around, and act like you think they are too hard, but after you notice the tingles, then lift up your bottom the way Jessica did. That will let the men see your pussy better...."

"And it feels good, too, Tina." Added Jessica. "Once I got used to the stings on your bottom, then you'll think about the tingles in your pussy. I like getting spankings now. And it will make it feel better when we put our fingers in your bottom. Something about the spankings makes you want to have a finger in your bottom. I like how it feels after the spankings when Don pushes his finger up me, even though the spankings sting a little bit."

"Gee." Said Tina, as she got into position across Don's lap.

Then the action started, with Don flipping up the back of Tina's school jumper. Tina wiggled while Jessica pulled off her panties. The first smack caught Tina by surprise. She said, "Ouch! That's too hard!" and tried to wiggle off Don's lap, but he and Jessica held her in place. After the next one, which was just as hard, Tina tried to focus on how her pussy felt, and she noticed a pleasant sensation building in her pussy immediately after each spank on her bottom. She began lifting her hips, getting into 'ready' position, with her bottom up in the air above Don's lap. Don teased her with little tickles on her bottom or with a spank that stopped before it hit her ass - and all the teasing was making Tina tingle even more. She could tell her pussy was getting wet.

Don and Jessica fingered Tina's pussy after a dozen good swats. Don said, "That was the twelve I promised you. You can have five more if you want, or I could have you roll over right now so Jessica and me can look in your pussy. You're starting to get wet, but I think five more good ones will get you creamy wet. Do you want five more?"

Tina was surprised to hear herself say, "Yes."

The next five smacks were even harder, making a loud 'slap' noise. Don interspersed each smack with a full minute of teasing and tickling. Both Don and Jessica ran their fingers all over Tina's ass, legs, and pussy. Tina was making moaning sounds and opened her knees wider while she held her bottom up to be ready for the next smack. Jack zoomed in on her creamy wet pussy.

Don and Jessica took turns fingering Tina's pussy and tickling her ass and legs, even reaching under to caress her tummy. Tina was moaning louder. Miss Ginny didn't want Tina to cum yet, so she signaled for Don to roll her onto her back. Jessica continued fingering Tina, while Don scooted Tina's dress up to her shoulders and began caressing Tina's pink buds - massaging the small breasts and pinching her nipples.

Don stood up, dumping Tina to the floor. "OK." He said, "Now I want to take some pictures of the two of you kissing."

Jessica sat next to Tina on the couch while Don picked up a small, digital camera. "Now fool around and kiss each other and then act silly. Don't lift up your dresses yet."

Jessica leaned over and kissed Tina on the mouth. Tina just sat there, not knowing what to do while Don took pictures. Then Jessica said, "If you do a good job kissing me back and touching me, then Don has to let us look at him, too, and we can kiss him." Jessica looked up at Don and back at Tina. "If we do a good job kissing, then we get to undress him and play with his thing."

Tina started getting into it after that. While Don took pictures, she and Jessica kissed and felt each other's chests. Jessica reached under Tina's dress as she laid her on her back on the couch. She flipped up Tina's dress and began kissing her tummy. Tina opened her legs as Jessica kissed her way down to Tina's pussy. When she kissed Tina's pussy, Tina said, "Unnnn."

A few minutes later both girls were undressed, wearing only their lacy, ankle socks and patent, leather flats. They were touching and kissing each other all over, when Jessica sat up and took Don's camera. She said, "Don, now you should let Tina undress you. We let you take lots of pictures of us, so now I'll take some pictures while you and Tina kiss and she undresses you."

After two minutes of kissing and feeling while sitting on his lap on the couch, Don stood up and told Tina to unbuckle his belt. He unbuttoned his own shirt while Tina pulled down Don's pants. He was only wearing underwear and stood in front of Tina while she felt inside his underwear. She pulled Don's cock out the leg hole of the underwear and kissed it. It was much bigger than Tommy's. She could see that Don had brown, curly pubic hair around the base of his cock, but his balls were still pretty much bald. She pulled his underwear down, staring at his cock the whole time.

Tina said, "Gee. It's a big one. It's so pretty." She started feeling around on it and tickling his balls. Then she started licking the sides of it while Jessica took pictures. Jack was getting the whole scene on his professional camera. Jessica told Tina to smile at her camera while holding Don's cock against her cheek. While Tina posed, Jessica said, "I know his friends will want to see a picture of this."

She had his cock in her mouth, when Jessica said, "Don't make him cum yet. Let's play another game with him first. He likes to oil up my thighs and slide his cock between them. I'll show you. Then you can try it. He's about ready to cum, I bet."

Jessica got the baby oil and laid a towel on the floor. She laid down on her tummy with her legs together. Then Don poured baby oil from her knees to her bottom and began rubbing it all around between her thigh and up to her pussy. Jessica said, "See, first he gets my thighs all slippery with the oil and then he lays down on top of me, like he's doing a push-up." Don was getting into position as Jessica explained the game to Tina. "Now he's sliding his cock between my legs. He says it feels real good. Then if he presses it against my pussy, I bend my knees to 'catch him.' That's why we call it 'catch.' And I used to wear panties when we played this game, but he would always get cum all over my panties and make a mess, so I don't wear panties so it's easier to clean up." Then Jessica 'caught' Don as he pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy. She said, "Sometimes it goes in a little bit, but it doesn't matter. It's just part of the game, so I'm still a virgin. It won't count if he goes in just a little... unnn... that feels good.... Unnn." She let her legs lay back down as Don backed off.

Don knelt up, with his stiff cock as hard as it could get. Tina was staring at it. It was glistening with the baby oil all over it. Don said, "Let's get you ready to play, Tina, and I want to finger your bottom first. Get up on your knees with your shoulders on the towel. Now reach back and pull your bottom open for me. I'll oil up your thighs and bottom."

Don oiled the obedient model in less than a minute, using thicker lubricant on her asshole, and then he pushed a finger all the way in her anus.

Jessica said, "I want to try it, too. Keep it pulled open, Tina. That's it. It feels better after you got that spanking, like a finger slides in easier." Then she pushed her finger in Tina's anus, while Don kept fingering and adding more lubricant to Tina's already-slippery vagina.

Each time they pushed in, Tina said, "Unnnnnnn."

Jessica said, "I like it when a finger goes up both holes at the same time. Does it feel good to you, too?"

"Unnnnnnn. Yes."

Jessica said, "I thought you would like it more after getting a spanking. I like the feeling when somebody pushes a finger in me. Will you want to get another spanking next time we get to play together?"

"Yes. Unnnnnn. Ohhh."

Don said, "Your ass and your pussy are both so tight, Tina. You are a hot, sexy, little girl. I'd better play the catch game with you now, before I cum all over your ankles."

They got Tina in position on the towel and Don straddled her knees, then laid forward with his hands on the floor next to her shoulders. He started sliding his stiff, slender cock between Tina's slippery thighs. She caught him on his second slide, by bending her knees to bring her ankles up against his bottom. On Don's third slide he pressed against her vagina. Tina brought her ankles up to catch him, and Don slid part way in. Tina said, "Unnnnnn. Ohhh. It's too big. Oh..." She wiggled around, but couldn't get away.

Jessica was sitting on the floor next to them. She said, "Hold still a minute. Both of you. You'll get used to it, in a second, Tina. Just hold still. Then it will feel really great. And since this is just a game it doesn't count as having sex so you're still a virgin." That's why I like playing this game. Arch your back a little bit, in case it's right in your opening. Then it can slide in easier and it won't hurt and you're still a virgin."

As Tina arched her back, tilting her ass up, Don moved forward another inch and pushed his cock two inches into Tina's tight opening. Tina said, "No, ohhh, ohhh, unnnn, OK. Unnnn."

Don started cumming and couldn't help but push a little farther in. Tina was moaning louder. Don finished cumming a minute later and everyone laid still for a full minute.

Don backed off and knelt up. There was a big string of cum hanging from the end of his penis. Jessica said, "Tina, he still has some cum on his cock if you want to lick it off, or I can lick it off. Do you want to do it?"

"OK." Said Tina, rolling over and backing up. She was rested on one elbow and stared at Don's softening cock. "Gee." Tina said. "Like there is still some coming out."

Jessica said, "I'll lick it off, or you can if you want to taste him."

"I'll do it." Tina said, then she leaned forward and licked off the end of Don's penis.

Miss Ginny and Jack told the three stars that they did great. Miss Ginny said, "So, Tina, would you like to make more videos with Don and Jessica?"

"Yes." Tina seemed dazed.

"Good." She said. "I'll clean you up while Jack drives them home." She took Tina's hand and helped her stand up. "Stand still a minute. Put your feet apart, so I can wipe Don's cum and the baby oil off your thighs. You did good playing the game, Tina. That's a game you could play with other actors or with some of the photographers, and you'll still be a virgin like Jack promised your step-mother."

Tina's First Orgasm

While Jack drives the other two kids home, Miss Ginny gives Tina another quick bath and then gets out the vibrator for a private lesson. She licks and kisses Tina all over to get her "ready." Tina gets wet again, kind of relieved that no cameras are turned on, but she feels so strange getting so much attention from a well-dressed, attractive, adult woman. Miss Ginny licks Tina's pussy for a little while and then has Tina demonstrate how she pulled her bottom open so Jack, Tom, and Jessica and Don could finger her earlier. Miss Ginny teased Tina with leading questions, to help get her even hotter.

She said, "Maybe next week, Jack will have three boys here and you can pretend that you want to go in their clubhouse, but before they let you in, you have to promise to do everything they tell you to do."

"Three boys? Gee."

Miss Ginny was squeezing and sucking on Tina's small breasts, taking one puffy nipple at a time into her mouth and sucking and gently nibbling on it. Then Ginny asked, "and maybe after they tell you to undress and then they each give you a spanking, they might start fingering you like this." Miss Ginny demonstrated by inserting the forefinger of her right hand all the way into Tina's vagina. She pulled it out and inserted her left forefinger, then alternated fingers, plunging in quickly with her left and slowly with her right, pretending to be two different boys.

"And then if you were good about getting your spankings and lifting your bottom, then they would let you pull down their pants."

"You mean like... unnn... Tommy and Don or like... unnn... different boys?"

"Oh, these would be different boys, Tina. You like looking at different boys, don't you, Tina?"

"Yes.... Unnnn." She opened her legs farther.

Miss Ginny said, "Hold your bottom open for me now with both hands. I'll show you why I washed off your bottom so good with soap and water a little while ago - getting it all fresh and clean." Then Miss Ginny started licking her bottom while she played with Tina's clitty. A minute later, she started using the vibrator on Tina's swollen clitty while she continued to lick Tina's anus.

Tina was moaning louder and arching her back and opening her knees as Ginny licked. Ginny tapped the vibrator on Tina's clitty getting her ready. She said, "Maybe the boys or girls you'll play with next week will want to finger you and tap your clitty with a vibrator like this. It feels good, doesn't it, Tina?"

"Unnnnnnn. Yes. Unnnnn."

Ginny pushed her tongue in Tina's anus as far as she could while Tina pulled her butt cheeks apart. Ginny pressed the vibrator against Tina's clitty at the same time and held it there.

"Ohhhh! Unnnnnnnnn!" Tina moaned as she had her very first orgasm.

Ginny led the dazed, nine year old model over to the couch and put a blanket on her. Ginny cleaned up the room and got Tina's clothes ready, so they could dress her when Jack got back. Then Ginny sat next to the girl and held her head on her lap, saying sweet things to her. "You're so cute, Tina. I know all the boys and girls will like role playing with you. And you'll get to see other boys and girls, too. I want you to have fun, and Jack and I will keep you busy with the other stars, so you'll get to do lots of fun things. Then when Jack takes the other actors home, I will clean you up and we can play our private love games. Nobody knows how to please a young girl better than a woman. Did you like the feelings when we were all by ourselves?"

"Yes." Tina sounded like she was talking in her sleep. "Gee. Yes."

"I'll help you have another orgasm next week. Will you like that?"

"Yes. It feels so good. That was a gasm?"

"If it felt absolutely wonderful, like your pussy was in heaven, then yes, that was an orgasm. Did you ever have that feeling before?"

"Not like that. Sometimes it feels good when I rub it, but it doesn't feel that good! Gee."

"This can be our secret. When you come over next week to do acting, pull your bottom wide open for the boys or girls who want to put their finger in there. Then I'll know you're getting your bottom relaxed and tingly for me, so I can lick you later while you're all tingly. OK?"

Tina smiled. "OK. I will. Just watch."

Jack arrived twenty minutes later to find Tina almost alsoop with her head on Ginny's lap. He drove Tina home and gave her Step-mother the rest of the money. "She was scared at first, but then started doing a good job. I think she'll work out just fine. Can I pick her up next week at the same time?"

"That would be fine." Said Tina's Step-mother, while she was looking in the envelope to count the money. "Yes, that would be fine." Then she turned to Tina. "And will you do everything they tell you to do next week?"

"Yes. I'll do it."

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Too bad every nine-year-old girl can't have such knowledgable experts as Jack and Ginny to introduce them to naked fun with other girls and boys! Sweet but shy Tina learns that acting lessons are a great way to meet and get to know other nice people, plus she earns secret money to spend afterwards on anything she wants. Even her step-mom is pleased with how well she does at it. Everyone has a wonderful time, including the reader. Great story!

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