Fuck Camp, Part 2

[ m/gb, oral, anal, ws, scat, tor, best, humil ]

by dale10

[email protected]

Published: 21-Jan-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Josh Flannigan sat on the edge of his bed facing the two children. He was naked from the waist down. He knew the two little ones could not help but stare at his hug dangling dick which was still flaccid, but none the less awesome. It was so fucking thick. It lay there like a slab of pink meat. The nineteen year old boy had to laugh at the way their eyes bugged out looking at the slab of fuckmeat hanging over the heavy bag of balls. He spread his muscular nineteen year old thighs wider apart. The children's eyes grew wider and their pretty little mouths parted, probably a natural reaction to dick. How many cunts had protested they could not take a dick that thick in their mouths, much less in their cunts and assholes? He had been forced to be rather severe with any number of them, to prove that they could indeed get plowed balls deep in all their holes. After all, what was a jock stud like Josh expected to do, be satisfied with half a fuck? He had learned that some young twats didn't realize how important fucking is to studs like Josh. They still had stupid notions put into their heads by tv and movies and some schools, that sex was a loving expression shared between two devoted people. Fuck That! Sex was a way for a dude like Josh to unload his fat full balls into the most convenient hole possible. And the more discomfort and humiliation it caused the hole, the more fun it was. That was precisely why Josh so loved his job as head counselor at "Fuck Camp!"

He had selected the two children he now had before him because of their looks of innocence and youth. They were both beautifl with soft smooth skin and large eyes and a really trusting look. They had so far both been totally sheltered from sex by lecherous parents, who now wanted them totally corrupted and "fucked up" to put it in technical terms. The children were both naked. Cory the boy shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. His body was totally hairless and thin. In the rear. you could see his shoulder blades sticking out through flawlessly pale skin. His waist was tiny, and his little dick jutted out from his tummy. His balls had not yet dropped and thus, although his sensitive little dicklet could maintain an erection, he could not shoot a load. He had a flat chest with two dime sized brown titties. He had a really beautiful ass which was the main reason Josh had chosen him. Fucking a really pretty boy ass was one of Josh's favorite hobbies. The curve of this boy's ass globes really turned Josh on, not to mention the deep ass crack. Josh had not yet seen the tiny pink ass pucker that lay hidden in there, but he soon would. The boy was nine years old.

The little girl, Peggy was even more delicious. She was very small for her age, and her body too was totally hairless, not even a tiny curl over her puffy pussy slit. That was one hundred percent pure virgin untouched cunt! Of course at eight, one would not expect cuntal hair. Josh could already imagine what it would be like to ram his nine inch long wrist thick dick into it. He could imagine the unbearable pain the cunt would feel the first ten or fifteen times she was fucked. He could imagine the look on her sweet innocent face when she was told she also had to take the huge dick up her ltitle baby asshole as well! She would eventually learn what girls are for! She would learn her purpose in life...to service big fat dicks. What the fuck else was cunt good for? Josh sure as hell didn't know. He seldom thought about girls unless he was feeling horny, which was quite often. Girls to Josh were just fuck holes. He liked cute ones of all ages, but a hole is a hole! He enjoyed putting cunts in their places and teaching them what their purpose on this earth was. And he had the dick to do it. He really had a beautiful hunk of fuckmeat. Guys as well as girls couldn't help but admire it. When he went to the gym, faggots were always begging him to let them suck it. They offered him money, which he sometimes took. Shit, why the hell not. They also wanted to lick his muscular ass. He was what you might call, the perfect young man!

So there his fuckmeat hung over his low hanging nuts, with the two kids staring at it. Josh chuckled.

Peggy, Cory, I have chosen to begin our lessons here at Fuck Camp with the two of you. Do you know why? Because I think you two are the most beautiful of all the kids here this summer." Peggy smiled. Cory looked down embarassed. He shifted his posture and his dick danced. Peggy's eyes went to it.

"Stand with your legs a little further apart Peggy, so your beautiful pussy is on display. You have such a pretty cunt. Doesn't Peggy have a pretty cunt, Cory?"

"I guess," the nine year old boy mumbled, shyly looking over at the little girl's seven year old tight little slit.

"Oh my yes, a pretty cunt like that is going to get lot's of action. You are going to be a very popular girl at school Peggy. I'll bet that within a few weeks of going back to school at the end of the summer, you are going to be getting fucked eight to ten times a day in that pretty little cunt of yours. We are going to make sure all the boys at your school in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade know that your cunt is open and available and that you are a cock hungry little slut. Oh, I know you're not a cock hungry little slut yet, but by the end of the summer you will be. You're going to want, no, need dick in you all the time. I've dealt with fuckwhores like you since I was in high school. Look at you, you dick hungry whore, you can't take your big brown eyes off my fuckmeat, can you? I'll bet your virgin cunt is just itching like crazy to get plowed. And Cory, you are here to learn how to fuck a girl. You are going to learn from a fuckmaster. You are also here to learn to respect cock and what it can do. But first things first.

"Peggy, can you reach down for us and spread your pussy lips so Cory and I can get a good look of the inside of your gash? "

The little girl looked as if she might cry. Her cute lower lip trembled. "I'm too shy. It scares me."

Josh laughed. He had a sexy full thick nineteen year old laugh, filled with testosterone. "You must never be shy in front of boys, honey. You have to remember that you are nothing but a slag...a fucking slut...a cunt. And it is your job to make boys happy. When a boy gives you an order, you should want to please him. No matter what the order is. That's how a wife should behave for her husband, and that's how a girl should behave for her boyfriend. You need to learn that. When a boy at school, or anywhere for that matter, wants to check out your cunt, you show it to him immediately. It's our job in life to give your cunt to any boy who wants it. You are not a baby anymore. You are a living breathing twat and you must offer your hole to any dude who is nice enough to want to shove his dick into it. Your Mommy gives her holes to your daddy and all of his friends. I've even fucked your mommy. Does that surprise you?"

The little girl nodded. Were those tears in her eyes? Josh's big fat dick gave a lurch. a small spray of pre-fuck shot out. Christ, he loved his job.

"Now come on, be a good girl and spread your cuntlips for Cory and me. Within a few days, you are going to have to spread your cunt for the whole camp, so you might as well get used to it."

With trembling fingers the small girl reached down to her bald pussy and spread the lips apart.

"Oh my, isn't that beautiful, Cory? I know you aren't really into girls yet, but you soon will be. Look a that pink, fleshy little bitch cunt. Spread that cunt wider, Whore! Look at that little fleshy tail. That's her clit. A clit is like a tiny dick. Like your tiny dick, Cory, and it feels good to get your clit rubbed just like it feels good to get your dick rubbed. Go ahead, Cory, rub your little dick whlle you examine Peggy little clit!"

"May I let go now? It hurts to stretch them like this." More tears and more pre-fuck spurting at the sight. So young, so innocent.

God the little snatch was a darling! "No, Peggy, you have to learn to hold your cuntlips open as long as a boy wants. Look, you are making my dick all big and fat. Aren't you pleased that you are having this effect on me? Your pretty little cunt is making me all aroused. My cock wants to fuck that little cunt! Isn't that sweet? Look at that fuck hole, Cory.

"Okay you can let go now. There, that wasn't so bad, was it, little twatface. What a cute little face you have. It looks just like a fucking twat. Now it's Cory's turn. Cory, you have a special hole as well. Oh yes. We want you to turn around and spread your legs wide apart, then reach back and spread your ass cheeks for Peggy and me, so we can look at your asshole!"

Little Cory blanched. His eyes got even wider. "That's gross. That's dirty." he said as if to defend himself.

"God damned right it's dirty. It's fucking dirty. It's filthy. And that's what's so fucking much fun about it. Sex is dirty. And Fun. Come on now, show us your asshole like a good little boy. Don't let Peggy be better behaved than you. Peggy, while we look at Cory's asshole, I would like you to take one hand and play with your cunt. Stick your fingers in your pussyhole and shove then around and then rub your clit. Make sure I can see. Now Cory reach back and grab an ass cheek in each hand and pull your ass open for us. Oh yes, I really want to fuck your ass Cory. Look how tight his little asshole is, Peggy. I can't wait to see who has the tightest asshole, Peggy or Cory. Cory is older of course. We are going to have a contest to see who has the tightest asshole. But not now. Now my dick needs some loving. Look how big it is getting. I want both you children to kneel down between my legs. Now Peggy, I want you to start to kiss my dickhead. I know this is the first dick you have ever kissed. You will be kissing alot of them from now on. You will be the very best dick kisser in third grade, I promise you. Notice the smell, kids? That is the smell of man sweat and man sex. Even if a guy washes his dick, when he starts to have sex, that smell comes out. It's that smell that turns a cunt on. It's like with animals. It's the reason we have hair around our pricks, to hold the smell. The stink of a dick and balls drives bitches wild. I hope you are learning something here. This is the purpose of Fuck Camp. It's not all just fun and games. Don't be afraid, Peggy. Lean in and kiss my dickhead. I know it is wet. That is called pre-fuck. The fact that it is leaking, means I like you kids alot. So you have to learn to lick up the dick leak. This is your fist dick, Peggy, but you are going to be kissing and licking dick every day of your life from now on. In between classes at school you will be licking the boys' dicks when you are not getting fucked. That will make you really popular. Go on, smell it first, then kiss it."

"I'll get that gooey stuff on my lips if I kiss it!" She wrinkled up her cute little nose.

"Of course you will, Fuckface! Your lips will become coated with cocksnot! It will make you so pretty. I am going to rub my dickhead all over your pretty little face and cover it with cockleak!" The nineteen year old jock did just that. He rubbed his fat dickhead all over the face of the squeamish little girl, leaving long trails of pre-fuck all over. Pre-fuck coated her lips and clogged her nose. It dripped from her cheeks. She was such a good little girl, she hardly gagged or cried or anything. Dick slop sealed her pretty eyes shut. He shot little spurts of pre-fuckup each nostril. She made a face, but she remained a really well behaved child.

"That's gross." Cory said. He seemed to be somewhat limited in his responses.

"Now, Cory, I want you to be a good boy and lick my cockleak off Peggy's face."

"Do I gotta?" It was his turn to wrinkle his cute little pug nose.

"Yes, Cory, you gotta. I promise you this will be fun. You are going to fuck your first cunt tonight. But you have to learn to like girls to do it. It doesn't taste so bad, you'll see.

Josh slowly pumped his huge nineteen year old dick as he watched the little boy licking fuckslime off the face of the tiny girl. At first Cory's little pink tongue moved hesitantly, but eventually he got with it. He scooped up the pre-fuck onto his tongue and started to swallow it. "There you go, Cory, that's my man. Give me a high five. Lick that cock snot off of her. Now I want you two to kiss each other. And while you kiss, I want you to play with your cunt, Peggy, and I want you to play with your little cock, Cory. This is what grown ups do. And you are growing up really quickly. So come on. A nice long kiss and finger your fuck equipment."

For Cory, kissing a girl was almost the hardest part. He wasn't really into girls yet. Oh, he'd seen it on tv and in movies and on the internet, but it was still not a part of his regular life. But he didn't want to appear a sissy, so he kissed the girl. Some of the fuckslime from Josh's leaking dick still coated Peggy's lips and their mouths kind of stuck together. It was really cute.

"Shove your tongue in her mouth, Cory. Do it just the older guys do it. And while you shove your tongue into her mouth, I want you to reach over and replace her fingers with yours in her cunt. I want you to stick a finger up her seven year old cunt! Now Peggy, I want you to reach over and play with Cory's cock."

It was so fucking obscene, watching these two children kiss and finger each other. Josh was in fuck Heaven. He leaned in and ran his hands down the backs of the two kissing children and fondled their asses.

"Oh yes, see if you can get two fingers in her cunt, Cory! You're the man. Fuck your fingers in and out of her cunt. I know she's tiny, but she'll stretch."

The room became heavy with silence, except for the heavy breathing of the two children. This told Josh that they were getting into it. Then he had them kneel between his legs again.

"You two little darlings are doing so well. I am so proud of you. Cory suck Peggy's cunt slime off your fingers. See how the taste compares to my pre-fuck. Look at my fat dick, kids. Look how beautiful it is. Now I want you both to lean in and lick all up and down my big wet dick! I want you to feel how wonderfully soft the dick skin is, and how hard and strong the veins and muscles under the cockskin is. Go on, don't be shy, you two little sluts want to do it, I can tell. This is the most beautiful cock you will ever kiss. You will think back about my prick all of your lives. Worship that fucker. Lick that dick up and down. Get those tongues out and start lapping up my dick leak. That's it, get the dick all full of your sweet child spit. Take turns licking the cocknob! More leak is coming out, catch it on your tongues. Oh you fucking little animals, you! That's good. I've got a treat for you. A nut for each of you. Each of you gets to lick one of my balls. I want you to feel the texture of the fucksack on your tongues and in your mouths. Jesus, you are making my dick hard. Yeah. That's the way, you fucking babywhores. See who can lick my balls the best. Go on. One hairy testicle for each of you. Who is the best ball licker? Reach over and and play with each other's sex while you lick my balls. Oh Peggy, I knew you were a fucking slut the first time I laid eyes on you. I told myself, "That little cunt is a natural cocksucker! Shit, if you were old enough, I'd date you and make you one of my regular cockholes! Do you know that during the school year, I've got four or five regular fuckfriends. I prefer the world fuckfriend to girlfriend. They are freshmen at different high schools in town. I have a hell of a time making each one think she is special, when all she is is a teenage twathole for me to fuck. At fourteen, a cunt will really fall in love with a dude's dick! She'll do anything for him, which is how it should be. Lick down under my nuts. Cory, you better lick with more enthusiasm, or Peggy will win. Have either of you two little shits every licked asshole? No, I am sure you have not. Well, we are going to let Cory lick my asshole while Peggy crawls back and licks Cory's asshole. That way, both of you get to eat some ass. Sucking and eating ass is a really important part of sex. Usually a guy will not eat a girl's ass. That is gross, Cory as you say, but a chick is expected to eat her boyfriends ass almost every night. Guys love to get their asses eaten almost as much as they love to fuck.

"What if the ass is diry?" cute little Peggy asked. She was an intelligent little cunt.

"Well,you will just have to learn to like it that way. You have to learn to get used to the taste. Some dudes especially like chicks to lick their dirty assholes. It makes it more fun for them. It puts the bitch in her place. Now tonight, I am very clean, and I know Cory just took a shower, although little boys don't really know how to get their asses totally clean. We are never taught that. Still, you can get it squeaky clean for him with your tongue and lips. Now I expect you Cory, to get your tongue way up inside my asshole. I like it when a tongue fucks in and out of my asshole while the lips suck at my asslips. Do you think you can do that? Don't be a baby now and cry. You know the purpose of Fuck Camp is to teach you all about sex, and that is what your parents want for you. They want to turn you into fuck sluts. So you have to be good little girls and boys and obey. You don't want to let your parents down. See, we are filming all of this to show your parents. Now Cory, show your mom and dad what a good boy you are and suck my ass. Get it really spitty and stick your tongue way up my shit chute. Think about how you are going to fuck Peggy tonight. How tonight will be your very first fucking experience. Get that nine year old boy tongue deep into my asshole. And Peggy, think about how you are not only going to feel Cory's tiny dick in your baby cunt, but you are going to get split open by my huge fucker as well. Lick Cory's ass Peggy, like the piece of shit female slut you are. And Cory...suck my ass! SUCK MY FUCKING ASS!

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I had hoped for a little more discipline after the announcements in part one, especially about titties and belts. Nevertheless a great story even though it appears that poor little Peggy grows backwards, starting at eight and before the paragraph has ended dropping to seven ;-)
keep up the good work!


The discipline is coming is future parts. One must start these things slowly. As to poor Peggy's age...or Piggy's age...She is on the cusp one might say. Lets forget author error and pretend it's her birthday. That way she can enjoy a lovely birthday fuck. Okay? thanks dale10


I love how you focus on having these kids suck adult male ass. It's so deliciously dirty, It makes me cream every time I read about it!


I have found that young adult males really love to get their asses sucked but have little opportunity to enjoy such activity. Their girlfriends usually are repulsed by such things, especially if the due wants a tongue deep in his ass for several hours at a time.
I don't know if older men enjoy getting their asses sucked as much, but I know college dudes really get off on it and talk about it alot.


Really lovely story, Glad I found you, I love your mind!

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