Tina Proves Her Love, Part 1

[ Mfm, teen, oral, anal, humil, ws, racial ]

by dale10

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Published: 12-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"I'm so nervous, Ryan..." Tina said as they approached the mansion in Beverly Hills. As he drove, the seventeen year old high school student fingered the cunt of his fifteen year old girlfriend. That was one of his rule. Tina wore no panties and only short cheerleader skirts, so her ween teen pussy was always available. Ryan knew how to treat bitches. He had learned from his father, a no nonsense, hard working, hard drinking dude, who was not above bitch slapping the shit out of his wife, Ryan's mom. So Ryan had learned by the time he was ten or so what cunts were good for. Ryan was also devilishly handsome and the most popular boy in school. Tina was his newest girlfriend. At sixteen, he had already fucked fifty-six different cunts.

He had fucked the mothers of some of his buddies, and the younger sisters. He had fucked the mothers of some of his girlfriends, and the younger sisters. Ryan would fuck anything that walked. And he loved young virgin pussy meat. His big fucking cock wold harden in his jeans at the mere thought of busting the cherry of a fourteen or fifteen year old virgin bitch. Ryan was not a particularly nasty boy, just pretty normal for his age, and like most teenage boys, his mind was on fucking eighty percent of the time, saving twenty percent to think about sports.

Ryan had two fingers up Tina's hot tight wet cunt, preparing her mentally and physically for what was to come. "Just think," he said twisting his fingers up into the shaved pussy hole "getting to meet Colby Jones." He was truly thrilled that he would soon be actually talking to the star NBA player. Colby Jones was his idol...well one of his idols. "Now remember Tina, you gotta do whatever he wants. That was the deal."

"I'm scared, Ryan. What if he is kinky or rough?" Ryan was Tina's first boyfriend. She hadn't even been allowed to date until her fifteenth birthday. So it was only a few weeks before that Ryan had stuffed his huge leaking fucker into her virginal teen cunt for the first time. All the girls in school had been envious when he had chosen her for his next girlfriend. His previous "steady" girlfriend had dropped out of school suddenly to have her baby. All the girls knew Ryan was dangerous and a sex fiend, but they all would have given anything to be his girl. And anything and everything was what he required. To say Ryan had kinky tastes was not exactly accurate. His tastes, I suppose, were not more kinky than those of thousands of other seventeen year old boys.

He loved, for example to have his asshole licked and sucked. And he expected his girlfriends to provide this service. Just as he loved to take a nice long piss in his girlfriends' mouths. Like lots of boys his age, he loved to degrade and humiliate girls. So, he forced Tina to dress provocatively, and he demanded that she show her naked tits to his buddies upon demand. She was not allowed to wear a bra, because he wanted her big dark puffy nipples to show through the tops he selected for her to wear. Her cheerleading skirts were so short that if she moved wrong, her shaved cunt lips showed. He liked to keep her on edge this way. Tina's parents who were quite conservative, knew nothing of this. She left home wearing very conservative clothing, but changed before she met Ryan.

It was not unusual for him at school to lift her skirt to show his buddies her bare cunt. Tina hated this of course, but she would do anything to keep Ryan as a boyfriend. She loved him so. There are no crushes in the world like the first crushes of young girls. So pure. So dedicated. Even more than being looked at, Tina hated it when he let his male friends finger her pussy. She loved it when Ryan played with her cunt, but she didn't like his friends sticking their thick fingers up her pussyole. She also hated it when she had to suck their dicks.

"These are my best friends, Bitch, and sucking them is the least you can do for me. You are lucky I don't let them fuck you in the ass." Oh, he was planning just that down the road, but not yet. You see, at seventeen, impressing your buddies is much more important that pleasing your girlfriend. Truth be told, Ryan already had his eye on Tina's twelve year old sister. He could just imagine how sweet and tight her hairless little bitch hole would feel on his massive dick. He fully intended to nail the little cunt too. He already flirted with the fucking twelve year old whore behind Tina's back. When he finished with Tina, he would pass her around to his buddies, and then maybe let some of the underclassmen, like some of the fourteen year old freshmen boys, fuck her. It would make him more popular than ever and it would teach Tina what a girl's real purpose in life was.

But first things first. Tonight Ryan was having a dream of his come true. They were going to Colby Jones' mansion. "Colby Jones is one of the most famous athletes in the entire fucking world...who gives a shit if he is a little kinky or rough? How many high school bitches have the opportunity to please him? Think what a fucking lucky cunt you are...and I arranged it. You should be so fucking grateful!"

"Oh, I am, Ryan, I am." She squeezed the huge lump in Ryan's jeans. "It's just that, you know, I'm scared too. You are the only boy I have ever done anything at all with, except for when you make me suck your friends."

Ryan snorted. "Make you? I fucking allow you to suck my buddies. And you are fucking lucky to be able to do it, How many chicks have six big fat beautiful dicks to suck on? And every fucking day, man...you get to sourp on that fuckmeat every fucking day! What a fucking lucky hole you are. Luckiest fucking fifteen year old bitch in the whole fucking school."

Tina didn't like it when Ryan talked that way. After all, she had lived a pretty sheltered life, her father being a minister and all. One time, she had protested that Jesus didn't like him to use such foul language all the time, and as a punishment, he had made her rub a large colored painting of Jesus all over her cunt. He had made her rub herself on the face until she had an orgasm. She never complained again.

Her pussy was leaking slightly as they walked up to the front door from the large circular driveway. Ryan put his arm around Tina.

"It's going to be okay, Bitch. You know I love you. Now prove you love me." It seemed like she was always proving it to him. Like when they went to the movies last week and two of his school jock friends were there. Ryan had made her sit between them and masturbate them both during the movie. The two jocks yanked her tee shirt up and twisted and pulled on her fifteen year old nipples through the entire film. Then they shot their loads into her popcorn and made her eat it. This was nothing new for her. Every time they went to the movies, Rya jerked off into her popcorn and then had her eat it. A "special treat," he called it. This is the kind of stuff teenagers do nowadays. It is just good natured fun, but it can be pretty hard on the girl.

The door was opened by Colby's bodyguard, Alfo, who was a six foot six muscular giant. "Is this the cunt?" Alfo asked Ryan without any kind of greeting. Tina felt embarrassed. Ryan straightened up.

"Yes, sir. Colby...Mr. Jones said I could have some autographed photos and even a basketball, if I brought her over"

The black giant looked the girl over, even had her turn around. Then he suddenly reached out and lifted her skirt, exposing her wet cunt. "How old is this cunt?"

"She just turned fifteen. She's real good. She'll do whatever Mr. Jones wants. He picked her photo from all the cheerleaders at our school." Tina felt terrible. They were talking about her like a piece of meat. She could not yet quite accept that that is indeed what she was. Just CUNT MEAT, nothing more.

"Yeah, I guess she'll do. Nice cunt...fresh...nice puffy cunt lips."

"Oh God, please let this stop..." Tina prayed.

"Does she take it up the ass?" Alfo asked Ryan, feeling Tina's ass cheeks.

"Well, I've only done it once, and she cried pretty hard, so she'll be really tight." For one brief second, Tina thought Ryan might be trying to protect her.

"Well Colby likes a nice tight asshole on a bitch. Does she know how big he is?" Tina suddenly sucked in air and chewed her bottom lip. How big was he?

"I haven't said much about that. I thought it would be a nice surprise." Ryan laughed nervously.

"It'll be a surprise all right. Lot's of cunts just can't take it. It's just too much for them" Alfo patted her soft ass.

"She'll take it. She promised me she would take whatever he wants to give her."

"I sure as shit hope so. Colby hates it when a bitch tries to back out. He gets real angry. That would not be good for you or the bitch. She drinks piss, right?"

Ryan beamed. "She sure does. She drank mine just this morning on the way to school."

Alfo took Tina's face in one giant hand. "You love that, don't you, Bitch? You love to drink piss right out of a man's big fat dick! You're a little white toilet girl, right? Mr. Jones loves a young white dirty mouthed toilet girl. He loves to play other toilet games with his little white girls too. You're going to find out. Bitch has got to learn to willingly take whatever a man wants to give her.' He reached up under her cheerleading sweater and pinched one of her nipples hard. Then he twisted his head toward Ryan. 'Mr. Jones don't use no condoms, you got that?"

Ryan nodded knowingly, trying to look mature. "I never use them myself, Sir. I've gotten four girls pregnant." Tina was shocked, that was the first she heard of that, but Alfo nodded sagely.

"Colby impregnated over a hundred bitches! I got forty-two pregnant myself. " He smiled revealing one large gold tooth amid the ivory. "Well, okay, Mr. Jones waiting for you in the sports room. Go on in."

All the while Ryan shook Colby Jones' hand and told him how thrilled he was to meet him, the basketball player only looked at Tina. Finally, when the star spoke, he said in a thick low voice, "She is one fine piece of white cunrt!"

"She's all your, Sir. I am proud to share her." And he was too. That was no lie. To have Colby Jones fuck a girl he fucked, that was sweet. "Too bad she's fifteen already. I likes 'em young."

"I'm working on that for you, Sir. I really am. I've got some good leads." Ryan lied, but only half, as he was now considering how he could get Tina's twelve year old sister to submit to Colby Jones. Imagine his big b lack body on top of a naked pale twelve year old girl, that humongous fuck slab of his buried in her stretched little pussy.

Now Colby took a good, hard look at the teenage boy. "You know Brian, you're not so bad. You come across for me, and maybe you and me can be friends. There are lots of benefits to being one of my friends."

Ryan felt ten feet tall. So tall, he didn't even correct Colby Jones. He might be one of his friends. Think of the circles in which he would move! Just by getting teen pussy for the star. And Ryan had no trouble at all getting cunt. He was so damned cute.

"I can do stuff for you, Sir. Just you wait and see. I can come through. And I'm a loyal friend. No better friend in the world." Ryan almost jumped out of his sneakers.

Colby had terrified Tina's skirt off and was fingering her bare pussy. His fingers were as large as many men's dicks. No one had spoken a word to her yet, or even treated her as human. One hand gently pushed Tina down to her knees. Then Colby Jones threw off the gold robe he had been wearing and stood before Tina and Ryan totally bare assed naked. He was one hung nigger! Tina gasped. Ryan gasped. Colby laughed.

"Well, Brian, it looks like you and me gonna be real good friends. You are a hot looking little stud. One thing..."

"Yes, Sir?" Ryan asked, eager to please.

"After I fuck you little girlfriend here, you are going to clean my big black dick off with your mouth.....all right?"

Ryan was speechless. He didn't know what to say. He had never done anything gay in his life. He hated faggots. He was thunderstruck by Colby's remark.

"I said...all right? You gonna' clean my dick real good with your mouth! Is that all right.....friend?"

"I....I...eh....I guess so!"

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Hi Dale, Let's have another chapter soon for TINA PROVES HER LOVE. Hope that guy Colby Jones has some great degrading sex fun lined up for this teen cunt. How nice it would be if Ryan got to fuck her sister also later on and maybe forced to put a on dirty lesbian show for Colby and his black friends. Keep up the great writting Dale10.


Blew my three hour edge on that one. So fucking hot, Dale. I sure hope you will continue with this one.... thanks for getting me off big time!

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