9-Year-Old Hannah Worries About Meeting Man

[ MMMg, pedo, slow, pett ]

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Published: 31-Aug-2012

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This story, along with its predecessors, aims to explore various aspects of pedo psychology amidst vividly describing acts that pedos customarily perpetrate. It therefore may be offensive to some people, but all characters are fictional and any morally responsible adult should see it as harmless literary fun.

The 'Bill' addition was discussed on Wednesday evening, after Sean and Dan's session with Hannah and after the child had gone to bed, and only 3 days later it was fixed up for Bill to visit. The older man, 65, had shown no hesitation whatever over the phone. The impression Sean got was of one of controlled enthusiasm. From his own experience, Sean knew that must have been masking HUGE enthusiasm under the surface, but maybe a certain calmness was one of the attributes of the older type of pedo. This was probably just as well, since there was a 'mini-crisis' with Hannah just 20 minutes before Bill was due to arrive.

"Why?" asked Hannah, with some stress and suspicion in her 9-year-old demeanour.

"We should have told her before now," said Dan, shaking his head regretfully.

"Well, we didn't," sighed Sean. "We reckoned it was best not to."

"Whyyy is he coming to meet me?" enquired the child.

"Because he wants to get to know you," said Sean, somewhat dismissively.

Hannah's clear blue eyes took on a disturbed look, and her little face bore a schoolgirl frown. "Who is he? What does he want? What will he do?" Her questions began to emerge in a sweet staccato.

Sean sighed. "His name is Bill. He wants to enjoy you, like we do. It's nothing to worry about, he's a good guy."

Sean allowed himself a wry smile, for it was fascinating, if a little tiresome. A 9-year-old is sure not stupid, even though she'd only had one precedent so far in Dan. Might as well give it to her straight, then!

"Will he want to put in my mouth, in my bottom, in my vagina..?" She was a strange blend of anxiety and measured curiosity, but Sean knew where it was leading.

"Probably," Sean said, curtly. "Dan, you explain."

Hannah was already moving to the living room door before Dan could begin. "Well, I don't want to! I'm staying in my room. I'm doing some schoolwork!" She looked to Dan for a hint of support. "Tell that Bill to go away!"

That last petulant outburst sprung Sean into action. He advanced on Hannah who had barely one second to tense up in anticipation. Sean landed a sharp, sweeping slap across Hannah's left cheek. It was hard enough to look like pretty nasty behaviour towards a child, but not so much as to bruise her. The effect was immediate: her chin quivered and the whimpers and sqeaks followed, with the waterworks taking a moment longer to build up.

"He'll be here in 15 minutes. You're gonna be friendly and polite to him," snapped Sean. "You're gonna fucking greet him when we introduce you, and you're gonna fucking do whatever he wants with you!"

Hannah sobbed, turned to the door and pulled on the handle, but only got it partly open before Sean tugged her back in by the arm. "Sit! And calm youself down. Don't be stupid. You've done all this before, it's no big deal."

"Hey, hey," said Dan, in a soothing voice. He came over and put his firm adult hand around Hannah's shoulder, leading her away from Sean and to his own armchair. She went, with only partial resistence which gradually melted. "Come on now, my good girl, calm down."

Sean washed his hands of it, and observed. It was fascinating. The child, under the accustomed authority and caring manner of her schoolteacher slowly but surely calmed down, as if understanding that whatever was to happen was perfectly reasonable and the natural scheme of things. Dan sat the child sideways across his lap, and stroked her hair, the side of her head and her soft cheek with his knuckles. He looked into her face and softly uttered his 'lesson'.

"Hey, you know it's one of the rules of life: you do things for us, and you get nice things from us. At your age you have a duty to adults, and everyone will treat you nicely if you show a sensible and friendly attitude, right?"

"Yes," she muttered.

"What was that?" coaxed Dan, with a smile.

"Yes," said Hannah, more clearly.

"Heck, you'll probably enjoy a lot of it. You know you often do, right?"

"Yes." She had just about stopped sniffing, but still bore the red mark across her cheek.

"We don't know what he'll want to do, anyway, yet. He might even only want to tickle you." Dan chuckled.

"Not likely," Sean muttered with a wry smile. Dan glanced at him and put a finger to his lips.

"Let's just wait and see, Hannah. I promise he's a nice man, anyway. He's an old friend of mine."

"Okay," said Hannah.

Sean had to admit to himself, this guy was good. He watched, captivated, but with an increasing feeling that Hannah was not exactly HIS girl anymore, even though he lived in her house and with her mother. Dan was now pecking and nibbling at Hannah's soft and pale round face, and kissing her forehead as if he was the loving parent. Soon the nature of the kisses were anything but parental, though, and more focused on her dainty chin, the corners of her mouth and her soft child-lips.

Simultaneously he was running both hands through her hair, fixing her face to his. Also, he was now steadily rolling his adult crotch under her young rump. Hannah rose and fell a little with it, squinting slightly at what was obviously a big hardness under her little arse and between their clothing. She was in a smart little black skirt with a white blouse, as Bill had requested.

"Good girl," said Dan, with a slight pant.

He puckered and mushed with his practised technique of kissing the 9-year-old mouth. He sealed his larger mouth on hers and tongue-probed, with his hands fixed firmly and openly around the sides of her head with her pretty face upward to him in complete submission. His gyrations from the waist rapidly increased in tempo and crudity, jiggling her lightweight body for half a minute before he grunted several times, accompanied by bigger and more spaced out shoves at her butt.

"Ahhhhh, yess," he hissed. "Good girl." As a kind of 'full-stop' to the quickie, he gave her a lingering kiss on the forehead one last time.

"Well, THAT was a waste," commented Sean.

He meant the fact of Dan cumming in his pants without even any skin-contact with Hannah, let alone nudity or penetration. Dan knew what he meant. "Not at all. Nothing is wasted with this lovely princess."

He stroked Hannah's hair, and she smiled meekly, even giving a little giggle at the buffeting she'd just had. Meanwhile, Sean checked his watch for the imminent arrival of 'the third man', while musing on the fact that Hannah would be naked and penetrated soon enough.


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Wow this just gets better and better, I can see this story developing into a situation where Dan and Sean can start targeting young girls from Hannahs school with Dans authority and help.Also some of the other teachers can get involved as well.


Maybe not the other teachers (getting complicated) but Dan and Sean might well start taking their pick of other pretty ones from the school, yeah. A nice, natural development! I'm sure all teachers have a 'mental league table' of the girls in their class.

Gabbius Maximus

Very good. I really like the Dan character. It seems to me his 'methods' are more effective. I can see a rivalry building here. :)

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