9yo Elise Learns About Penetrative Sex

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Published: 3-Feb-2013

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This is entirely a work of fiction, with entirely fictional characters, and such acts as depicted within are not condoned by the author in reality.

What a very special night, reflected Sean, as he stripped down to his underwear in the small bedroom of his stepdaughter. Nothing beat having sex with a first-time child, assuming she was pretty. It was not the 10-year-old Hannah whom he was awaiting on this occasion, but the 9-year-old Elise, whom he'd only just had the pleasure of meeting this very evening. For her part, the indeed-pretty sandy-blonde child had had the'pleasure' of being molested and fingered on two men's laps, and handling penis for the first time in her life. But she had not taken a cock into her mouth yet, whether flaccid or erect, or been buggered by anything bigger than a finger. She had not yet been vaginally fucked, apart from by finger. This would definitely happen tonight, for Sean had decided that a nice conventional raping was the thing for Elise. Some girls were'arse girls' - Hannah had been such - and others'mouth girls', in Sean's opinion. Elise was a'cunt girl'. Maybe it was her pretty and gentile little face, with those heart-breakingly sweet brown eyes, but Sean found the thing he most wanted to do to Elise was simply to fuck her child-cunt.

She returned from the bathroom having peed, washed and cleaned her teeth. It had been her request, in all innocence, her normal bedtime routine. Sean would have found the moment very moving if he were more sentimentally inclined, but instead it made him mildly amused. She observed his naked, powerful hairy torso and couldn't fail to notice the bulge in his underwear. Elise had on pink teddy-bear pyjamas, which gave Sean his first decision of the night.

He took the'unwrapping the package' option. The personality of the child always influenced this choice. Elise perched there passively on the edge of the bed, with the man she barely knew kneeling in front of her and working his way down the buttons of her top. She let him slip the garment off each of her slender arms. Her chest was a breast-free delight, and Sean stroked it with his knuckles and planted a few slow kisses there. Next, she had to be divested of her pyjama bottoms, her little frown of consternation showing some awareness of the greater significance of this. He told her not to worry, that there was no need to be embarrassed in the presence of a'friend', and she put her feet out obediently for him. Straight away he gazed at the slightly puffy little slit which lurked so inauspiciously yet strikingly in the shadows at the base of her crotch. Nothing more than a coin slot, yet somehow it would take an adult erection tonight.

With a brief explanation that he wanted to be'very friendly' with her and show her how beautiful she was, the 35-year-old child-lover engaged in a gleeful and leisurely feeling up of her, all over. He groped along her both thighs simultaneously from hips to knees and back, then up her sides, before returning as if unable to decide what aspect of a girl-child's body he found most arousing. Soon his mouth supplemented his hands on all parts of her, and he told her to lay back. He loomed over her, taking his time to travel his mouth from her timid little face to her neck, down over her'tits', stomach, thighs, calves and feet. Only then did he work up the inside of her legs until arriving at a full, lengthy mouth-molestation of the child's cunt. It was pain-free but very strange and personal despite her earlier inductions. She tasted of little more than a mildly salty cut of ham, with a hint of piss if he pushed his tongue-tip insistently between her labia or sucked hard.


Elise alternated between giggling nervously or simply being silent during this first-stage'sexual assault', so-called. Such things never really harmed a child, mused Sean, but merely made her grow up a little faster than she would otherwise have done. Fucking her, on the other hand, would by necessity hurt her. It was essential, though, for a 9-year-old as pretty as Elise. The lure of putting your penis - or trying to - into such a delicate and exquisite child was enormous. It was a question of finding the balance between'mere distress and pain' for her and actual damage.'Expert pedo', Anthony, even insisted you could vaginally-ride a girl as young as five 2 or 3 inches on your shaft.

First things first, though, it was important to make the most of this controlled situation and simply enjoy being in bed with a 9-year-old. Obediently she climbed in with him, but looking scared and shy. She knew she was in strange territory, although her awareness of what was being done to her childhood was limited. Sean spent a lot of time simply laying with her, manipulating or instructing her into whatever position he wanted her lightweight little body. Laying on his side, kind of enveloping her with his adult bulk and drawing her backwards into him was good for fondling her chest or vagina, or pressing his erection against her little bum. Alternatively, having her facing him was good for groping her sweet little butt or getting her to handle his cock and balls. She still giggled a little, but also blushed a lot and looked very overawed.

Balancing her stress and compliance was a skill, especially with such a sensitive child as Elise. Basically it was a matter of overlaying the intimidating eroticism of things by communicating in a light and spirited way with her, but using strictness and adult authority in small telling doses. Sean indulged in a long new'game' with the sexy little thing. In this he simply lay with his head on one pillow, whilst Elise perched with her thighs spread around his face. She was reluctant and bashful about doing this, ashamed that she was somehow inflicting something very dirty on him. Sean patiently explained that he really wanted this, and was happy to have her vagina over his mouth. Indeed, he insisted she actively grind it on him. As she did so, he groped her hips, bum and chest. He had her turn around and do the same motions, reassuring her it was okay if her asshole now was squashed on his mouth. As a bonus, in this position she could lean forward and wank his shaft in her novice way at the same time. All these carnal motions she went through, in a kind of wooden and innocent way, bemused by his sighs and moans of pleasure.

A few times, he asked her patiently if she'd like to try sucking it. Still she timidly refused, and Sean graciously accepted this. Well, hell, no need to force everything on her so soon. Besides, Simon or the other guys would appreciate having something left to break her in with. It would be selfish to break in more than one hole tonight, with at least 7 other guys out there who would undoubtedly love this precious little piece of fuckmeat. When Sean had finally had his fill of oral sex on the 9-year-old's lower privates, he turned to the problem of preparing her prohibitively small vagina for penetrative sex. Saliva, as lube, was useful but not enough. He had her lay there in gynaecological submission on her back, her innocent compliance making these scene look all the more stark and shocking. He applied copious amounts of jelly to her cunt, and around his cock.


At about 10.30pm on this very unusual Saturday night for Elise, he raped her. He built up to the key moment by'making love' to her much as you would any willing, grown woman. He lay over her in missionary, pushing her smooth small legs apart with his own and cradling her head and shoulders for kissing. It was like having an under-sized sex doll, however, and he had to dip his head very low to apply his kisses and grind his crotch on hers at the same time. The 9-year-old had no concept of countering his thrusts, and grimaced timidly as he scraped his stiff 6-inch manhood over her vulva repeatedly and with increasing intensity. Often for Sean - and any pedo who knew his trade - this act would constitute a full'simulated fuck' session with a child, devoid of penetration but complete with forceful passion and a big dirty cum over her genitals and belly. Tonight, however, that would not do.

Sean grinded intensively for as long as he could sustain, enjoying Elise's anxious little gasps and the bewildered look in her meek brown eyes as much as the actual intimate nude contact with her beautiful little body. When he could no longer stand the throb in his shaft and that strange child-sex urge to seed the unseedable, he reached down to steer himself to penetration. The child did not know what was coming, so to speak, although he'd told her this was a'sex session'. Surprise and discomfort suddenly seized her fair and pretty face as Sean's cock-tip pushed hard on her slit. She instinctively tried to close her legs but had no chance against his muscular and hair thighs.

"Shhh, shhh," Sean uttered, stroking the crown of her little head.

He felt his cock twitch as it sensed her soft, puffy slot, and with an effort of will he paused to maintain accurate contact. He pushed hard but slow, at the same time applying more pressure to the crown of her head to keep her still.

"Aghh!" she squeaked, frowning in pain, and her hands both pushed uselessly on his bulky chest. He grabbed one of her wrists and pulled it aside, for effect more than anything.

"Shushh," he soothed, "good girl, you're doing well... ughhhh!"

He rolled his big butt between her splayed thighs, raping her slowly and steadily when he had gained a tight couple of inches of her immature body. She squeaked and sobbed, but he ignored it, confident from experience he was not causing any injury of note. The feeling of his engorged cock being in such a narrow little vice soon brought about climax. With a few quivers and hisses of pleasure, he ejaculated long and thickly in the child's vagina.

Finally, he rolled off her, satisfied he had put far more in her than could possibly be retained in her. "Good girl," he said again, as the pain on her face subsided but her shock and confusion remained.


Later inspection revealed distinct inflammation in her miniature vaginal sinews, with a hint of blood and of course plenty of dried semen. She'd get over it, physically at least. Mentally might take longer, but with regular practise and the varied styles of the other little girl lovers in the team she would grow accustomed. As for the rest of that night, Sean was happy to let her sleep, groping her occasionally which brought about the odd somnolent moan from her. Shortly after dawn, he gave her a simulated fuck from the rear, on their sides with her knees tucked up. It was almost as hot as the proper thing, clutching her smooth narrow chest and her forehead as he humped his erection through her thighs, enjoying the feeling of his groin pummelling her soft little bum.

During the day ahead, the subdued and bewildered little girl would have to be prepared for a night with Simon and, conceivably, another of the guys or two, depending on how she was faring. Sean, meanwhile, fancied a good bumming of 14-year-old Fiona.


The next episode may deal with Simon's (and whomever) treatment of Elise, or branch out to explore news of the other men and young girls in the ring.

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Dave Miyagi

Great chapter EP, thank you.

You balance well describing how Elise copes with being violated and also satisfying the girl lovers wanting the envious play by play details of sex with a beautiful nine year old.

Bravo, on to the next chapter!

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