Halloween Treats

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Published: 6-Jun-2011

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This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life in anyway shape or form.

Halloween was here. It was t treats. I always looked forward to Halloween. I could be a princess or I could be a witch. This year I made a bet with mum that she could make my costume if I lost. If I won, I would be able to buy what costume I wanted. I think that mum missed the days when we would wear home made costumes, and the time was close where all my ten year old classmates thought that trick and treating was boring. I was still like a child. I wanted one last time to do it. Needless to say, I lost. Mum was going to make my costume. That's OK; I think she is good at sewing. Every time I asked her what the costume was, she would smile and say that I had to wait. I was so excited.

Halloween came. I rushed down to ask Mum for the costume. I was happy that I was going out trick and treating. I now realized that I would be going alone as both Mum and dad drank two bottles of wine. They were giddly and falling around the place. In fact they were drunk. I shook Mums shoulder and asked where my costume is.

"Darling. I'm sorry. I don't think that Mum or Dad is able to go tonight. I think we are too drunk to go out with you tonight" Mum said

"I don't care. I'll go out my myself"

"You are too young for that."

"I don't care. I want to go."

"Well if you don't care, I am sure that your dad and I will find something to do. Just remember not to eat anything that looks like it has been opened."

"I promise. I won't. Where is my costume?"

Mum looked like she forgotten something. It was easy to see that she was starting to panic. She went around the sitting room and looked under pillows and in closets and things. Then she told me to wait while she went upstairs

When she came down, she said to take off my clothes and to lie down. I took off my clothes but she said to take them ALL off. Within no time, I stood naked before Mum and Dad; Dad was so drunk that he whistled at me, saying I was sexy. I blushed and told him not to look. Mum told me to lie on the floor. I did this and she raised my legs in the air. I could feel something thick being put under me. I looked down and was surprised when Mum said it was a diaper. I looked down as she was taping it and was totally horrified when I seen that it was a babies diaper. They were the ones I wore when I wet the bed last year. She told me to stand up and put this huge dummy around me. The dummy was long and the bit you sucked looked like a mans dick. Then she put some sandals on me and said that's my uniform. I cried out no! I was not going out just with a diaper on. They could all see my chest. I knew that I was flat, but still it would be embarrassing, and not talking to everyone seeing my bare legs with a babies diaper on.

"I am not going out just dressed in a diaper."

"The deal was that I decide the costume," Mum said

"You didn't make this costume, you just found the diapers I wore a few months ago when I wet the bed"

"It is the best uniform. I think you will be the only 10 year old that is wearing a diaper."

"They will see my boobs, and they will see the most of my legs"

"It is dark, they will not, if you keep complaining, then you could jut stay home tonight"

Deep down I wanted to go. I knew I would look like a baby, but it was a bit original. I shrugged me shoulders and said I would go. Mum put some extra diapers in a backpack and ushered me towards the door.

I was outside. I could feel the light breeze against my skin. I could feel people's eyes on me. I felt funny in my stomach, but it was a nice funny feeling, as if my stomach was floating. It wasn't every day that I went through town with just a diaper on. I was afraid that someone at school would see, and everyone would know that I had flat boobs. I wish I had a t-shirt on with this or even a tank top.

The first house was a nice house, the type that I always wanted to live in. It was a little house with a small lawn and a white fence. I walked up to the door and rang. This old man came and stood at the door looking at me

"You're not wearing much, are you little girl?"

"I'm wearing my costume. I'm supposed to be a baby"

"You're just wearing a diaper, socks and sandals."

"I Know"

He was about to put sweets in my bag, when he asked would I like some money. I said thanks. He said he wanted to take some pictures of me. I asked could I not come back tomorrow, but he insisted that I had the best costume that he had seen. I went into his house and sat on the sofa. He started taking pictures and kept and calling me baby and how sexy I was. It was strange that someone was calling me sexy. I smiled as he continued to take pictures, but I crossed my hands over my chest, so he didn't see my flat boobs. Of course he noticed this and asked me to spread my arms. He wanted as much skin as possible. I did this and he started once again taking pictures. I was now feeling like a model, especially when he asked me to spread my legs. Then he asked me to sit in all different positions. Kneeling like a baby. On my back like a baby. Sitting like a baby. Then he told me to stand up. I stood up but he stopped taking pictures. He asked me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes. Everything was so silent. The only noise came from a clock that was ticking.

I heard the tapes and felt them being pulled. The old man was taking off my diaper. I was now standing naked except for my socks and sandals. Before I knew it, the man was taking pictures of me. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there asking for my diaper. When did I ever imagine that I would be standing in an old man taking nude pictures of me and at the same time me asking for a diaper? I couldn't help smiling thinking of this. It didn't stop the man from taking pictures. I looked in the backpack and took out a diaper and put it on the best I could. Its not easy putting on a diaper and taping it so it didn't stand out in the front. I put it on and it stood out, so everyone could just look down the diaper and see my pussy.

The man gave me some money, which was as much as a month's pocket money. I put the money in my bag and left the door. I was once again out in the streets. I stood there pulling up my diaper. It was like it was not tied enough and felt like it was slipping down. I decided to take a short club through the park. People over usually gave more sweets

Half ways through the park, I saw Alex. He was this older boy that live next too me. He was always getting in trouble and no one like him because he coloured his hair yellow and blue. He was standing on a park bench, where he jumped just ahead of me. I tried to go around him, but he just moved.

"Let me by" I said

"It costs. What are you wearing? That is the strangest Costume I ever seen,"

"Its just a Halloween costume, I'm supposed to be a baby"

"Look at the diaper, its sticking out. I can see your pussy from here. Don't you have any hair on it? I bet I can stick my hand down it.

I froze as he started caressing my stomach and his hands went lower. They were now inside the diaper. His hand was cold, but something made me spread my legs. This gave his hand access to rub my pussy. First his hands went up and down, and then circled around my pussy. This sent lightening bolts through my body. I wanted him to stop and run as far away as I could. At the same time, I wanted him to continue.

A tear was going down my eye as we stood in the middle of the park. His finger was now probing my pussy. I whispered, " Please don't stop". He didn't. His finger was once again in the hole. I could hardly stand up. My legs were starting to get weak. I didn't move when the loose diaper fell off me. I was now standing in the park totally naked with one of the older boys from school finger fucking me. He was smiling and horny at the same time, promising to tell everyone at school that I was a slut that allowed older boys to look at my pussy and even finger it. I begged him not to. But he just laughed and continued to plunge his wet finger around in me.

I backed off from him and ran as far as I could. I kept thinking what he said that the whole school would know that I am a slut. Would they make me raise my school dress and look at my pussy and then do the same? Why would they be interested in my pussy? It had no hair.

I walked out of the park and was in an area with beautiful and rich houses. I decided that this was a good place to get sweets. I knocked at the biggest house of them all. A businessman opened the door. He still had his shirt and tie on. He commented on how unique my costume was and asked was the diaper too loose. I admitted that it was. He offered to help if I wanted it. I said OK and he led me inside his house. Then he said to lie on the sofa. He took my diaper off. Once again I was letting a man look at my pussy. Once again I was letting a man touch it. Once again I was telling the man not to stop. I looked at his face as he pretended that he was washing my pussy. There was some sweat on his forehead. Why did he like my pussy? There was no hair on it. Still he was rubbing up and down the slit, telling me how sexy I was.

I expected him to continue for as long as the boy in the park did. But he didn't. After a few minutes of rubbing me, He put a new diaper on me. I could feel that it was tighter than the other diaper. That was good. Then no one could look down and see my pussy.

He stood up and told me to sit on the sofa. As I rose myself to a sitting position, something touched my cheek.

" Are you a cocksucker?" he asked

"A what?"

"Come on whore. Don't be shy and stupid. Do you suck cocks for extra sweets?"

"Yes" I said. To be honest I just heard him ask if I wanted extra sweets. I didn't hear the rest of it. Honest, I didn't

Then I realized that it was his cock that was circling my cheek. It felt so soft and yet warm. He rubbed it back and forth on my lips. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed. Then he softly shoved his cock in my mouth. I was under a spell. I started licking the top of his cock like it was a lollipop. He groaned as my tongue circled the top of it. It wasn't that bad to be honest. It felt very warm and soft and hard. I let him put more and more of it in my mouth. Then he asked if I was a cocksucker and I said yes. It was hard not to admit it. His cock was in my mouth. He started shoving it back and forth. At the same time, I tried not to have it to far in my mouth. I was afraid that I would choke. I looked up at him with pleading eyes. Why was he doing this to me? This is what they talked about at school. When a perv molested some child. It was not supposed to be me. I whispered Dad while he shoved back and forth. I raised my hands and put them around his cock. I started pumping it back and forth as it was in my mouth.

Suddenly, he let out a big moan and told me he was cumming. Coming where? Then I tasted his stuff as he squirted it in my mouth. It was slimy and tasted like salt. I started coughing and letting the white sperm flow down my chin.

He told me to get up. He poured half of the sweets he had in a bowl in my bag. He said only a whore would suck a mans dick for sweets.

I ran out of his house.

My bag was nearly full, and I only went to 2 houses. The next house was smaller. This man opened the door. He was younger than the businessman. He just had a towel around him. He told me that I looked cute in a diaper. I really looked like a sexy baby.

I said thanks.

The he asked me for a favour.

"You see, I am on web cam for some of my friends. They will never believe how sexy you are when I tell them. Will you just show your costume on web cam?"

Thinking of everything that I experienced, I thought this was nothing and something I could do easily. As he sat down in his chair, his towel fell off. Once again I was staring at a mans cock. I thought it was funny that I was now sitting on a mans exposed cock. Mum did this sometimes with Dad, except they have no clothes on. I had at least a diaper on.

He told me where the cam was and asked me to wave to the camera. I smiled and waved.

Then he wrote and told everyone that was a good kisser. They were all surprised. I was surprised. I never kissed a boy before. Then he said to me that we should prove it. He turned my head towards his and kissed me right there. He started nibbling on my lower lip and then he put his tongue in my mouth. Men sure do like things in my mouth. His tongue started exploring my mouth. And I was starting to feel strange again.

Then he wrote, "I could taste cum in her mouth. This slut likes cock. Now time for real fun"

With that, he took off my diaper. I was nude again. I was not sure how I felt that half the world could now see me naked on the web cam. I could also feel his warm cock that I was sitting on. Without a warning he lowered my pussy on the cock. I screamed and cried. My virginity was broken. I begged him to stop as I felt his cock tearing my insides apart. He didn't care about fucking me. I could see that he was getting messages to fuck me good. I can tell you this much, he did. After a while, it didn't hurt as his cock was plunging in and out of me. I was now his slut. I squeezed his cock with my pussy. When I looked down, I could see the skin around my pussy bulge out. That was his cock. I thought back to the boys at school. Would they finger fuck me or would they fuck me.

It didn't take long for him to groan. It felt a bit warmer inside me as his sperm came out. I was suddenly worried that I would get pregnant. Then when he removed his cock, I was worried because there was some blood. He told me that it was normal and one day I would like to be fucked as he put a new diaper on me.

He filled my bags with sweets, as I felt very wet between my legs.

I ran home.

Dad told me to come in his office.

"Did you have fun tonight sweetie?"

"It was OK"

"What did you do?"

"Nothing Much"

"I seen you on web cam. That diaper really made you do things that you never expected to do. In fact I talked to your mother and said that you need a diaper every night now, and I will be changing you"

"What did you see me do on web cam?"

He lifted me up and took me into my room. Then he threw me on my bed and stripped me. Yes, you guessed it. I was naked again.

Dad pulled my legs over his shoulders as he knelt down beside the bed. I didn't have time to ask what he was doing before he thrust his face between my legs and against my pussy. He started licking my pussy lips and then thrusting his tongue in my pussy. I feel so ticklish in my stomach. I think I went red as I speculated if he could taste the mans sperm that was still in my pussy. Dad asked me if I liked him eating my pussy. I said no and told him to stop. I widened my legs, as I felt wet and waited for his wet tongue to explore every bit of my pussy.

He stood up while holding my legs up. He opened his zip and I could see him take his cock out. I knew what would happen next. Tonight I learned that a man wants their cocks in mouths or pussy's. Dad wanted it in my pussy. He started pumping back and forth, and I could feel my head bank the wall every time he pumped in me. Once again I squeezed his cock with my cunt, when his cock went out, I shoved my pussy towards it to keep it in me. Dad kept on calling me names, like slut and pussy whore. Tears were flowing down my eyes. I didn't want dad to fuck me. But my legs were wide open and he was pumping me as I groaned and moaned.

When dad's sperm was finally in me, he asked me what I wanted to be next year at Halloween

"A stripper"

"You will look strange with a baby in your stomach as a stripper."

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