Little Brenda at the Rest Home, Part 1

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Published: 18-Jul-2013

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This work is copyrighted by the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

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None of the events described herein ever took place nor were they influenced by the descriptions or deeds by any human being. Everything in this fantasy was the creation of a single person's mind, where nobody was touched, fondled, coaxed, or coerced into any sexual situation.

Enjoy this wicked reverie at your own risk, and do not be surprised if you find yourself aroused.

People called this place the "Old Folks Home", but I wasn't what I considered "elderly." I was 66 years old and fully capable of living alone and caring for myself. Hell, I had enough money in the bank that I could have hired a maid, a cook, and a chauffeur to make sure I got everything I need. What I really wanted, though, was companionship. I had no family to speak of, so I checked myself in as a resident of the Lakeview Retirement Center so I would have people to talk to. I had been here for 11 months and I had developed some good relationships.

My name is Malcolm Ford, and this is the story of how my interest in little girls really began.

Ann was one of our resident nurses. Gorgeous girl of probably 28 or 29 years of age. Her husband was an Army Reservist and had been deployed -- and then kept longer than expected. Ann was forced to sell the house and she and her 9 year old daughter Brenda came to live and worked at the home in exchange for room and board and a small stipend each month. Brenda wasn't really required to work as much as she was just asked to fraternize with the residents and give them someone to talk to.

Brenda would often pop in to my room with her bubbly attitude and disrupt the boredom of my day. She was really one of my favorite things about being here at the "home". Sometimes she would come in when the guys were here playing poker, and ask lots of silly questions. We always waited for her to give away someones hand with questions like, "If you have three of those ladies is that good or bad?" The rest of us would drop our cards on the table and say, "Fold." But we never played for money, so it was more of an amusement than anything else.

What we really wanted was beer and cigars and pizza for our poker nights, but all of those things were forbidden. I did learn to be a bit sneaky, however, by buying bags of gummy worms and gummy bears and then soaking them overnight in large bowls of vodka. The next morning the vodka had been absorbed into the candies and we could freely eat them while we played. It really didn't take too many candies to give you a good buzz, although we still missed the freedom to eat and drink what we wanted.

One late night of poker -- probably one in the morning -- Brenda popped in and said, "Grandpa Malcolm, I can't sleep." The three of us looked at each other and Mike said, "I don't mind if she hangs out." Joe simply shrugged.

I turned to Brenda and said, "Alright, get in here Peanut." She came over and climbed up into my lap in her little pink nightgown that she had started to outgrow. I said, "Okay, Kid... no telling these old farts what my cards are." She smiled up at me and for the first time, I realized how beautiful she really was. Her long auburn hair was pulled back over her ears with a white hair band across the top of her head. Her perfect pink lips and dimples lit up her face when she smiled. Her gorgeous hazel eyes with those long eyelashes.

"Wait... what am I thinking?!" I thought to myself. "Focus on the game. Focus."

We sat there for a little while playing when Brenda said, "Grandpa Malcolm... these taste weird." I looked down to see that she had eaten nearly all of my gummy worms. I looked at her and said, "Baby, how many of these did you eat?" "A LOT!" she slurred.

"Oh, fuck." Mike said out loud. Joe stared and said, "What are we going to do?"

I moved the rest of the gummy candies away and leaned back letter her relax into my chest. "We need to keep an eye on her and not say anything unless there's a problem. We can get in a lot of trouble for this." Both men nodded at me in understanding.

As she began to drift off to sleep, her arm fell and her little hand gripped the crotch of my pajamas. I stiffened suddenly enough that Mike looked at me and said, "Are you okay?" I motioned downward and they cuold see her little hand now wrapped around the obvious outline of my cock through my pajamas.

"Oh my God!" said Joe with a look of lust and fear on his face. "We need to get her to her room" Mike threw in there, sensing our discomfort.

I began to feel a sensation I had not had in many months -- I was getting a hard-on. "Guys," I said, "I am getting hard for the first time in months. This shit is better than Viagra!" They both chuckled in understanding of the ridiculous predicament we were in.

"I'm getting there too." Joe said with a wry smile. "Seriously? You guys are fucked up!" said Mike.

"Mike... she's passed out. We're adults. Don't freak out.", I said. "You're welcome to go to bed if this makes you uncomfortable, but I'm hard for the first time in forever so I am going to make it last."

"Nah... it's okay. I'm getting there too." he chuckled with obvious embarrassment.

I stood and carried her to my couch so that I could lay her down and go back to the game. When I put her down on the couch, she pulled the leg closest to the front of the couch up and let it fall open. Before us lay this little 9 year old girl wearing a pair of white panties, stretched and worn thin against her pussy mound and exposed to all three of us.

I simply stared -- transfixed. Behind me I heard a groan and turned to see Joe standing there rubbing his wrinkled cock. Mike sat in his chair rubbing his hardening cock through his pants.

I looked from the guys to her pussy... then back to the guys... then back to her pussy.

I couldn't resist this. I closed and locked my bedroom door, then went back to the couch and rubbed her little pussy through the cotton panties. She was out. She didn't react to my touch at all.

I moved slightly out of the way so the guys could watch as I continued rubbing her panties. Then I slipped my hand down the front of her little panties and began playing with her little clit. When I still didn't get a reaction from her, I straightened her legs out and pulled her panties down over her legs and dropped them on the floor next to us.

Once again I spread her legs and began rubbing her clit and pulling her little labia apart to look at her pussy. It was exquisite. I leaned in and smelled the fresh aroma of pussy -- the freshest pussy I had smelled in 50 years. I leaned in and began licking and sucking on her little clit. Joe moved over and was frantically jacking off as he positioned the head of his cock against her slightly open mouth. Seeing this, I liked her clit harder and began pushing my tongue into her tight pussy hole. I could feel the tight ring gripping it as I pushed in and out.

About that time Joe started moaning and I could see spurt after spurt of cum shoot into her mouth. She was breathing through her nose so didn't seem to notice at first, and just as Joe was moving away to sit down, Brenda reflexively gagged, sat up slightly, and swallowed. Never once opening her eyes. She swallowed again and again, then smacked her lips and laid back down.

I touched her clit again to see if she had been awakened by what had just transpired and she didn't budge.

At this point I was harder than I had been in 20 years. I unbuttoned my pajamas and pulled my cock out through the fly. Then I positioned little Brenda so her ass was slightly over the edge of the couch.

"Malcoln, no." I heard from Mikes chair. I turned around to see his cock out as he was pumping it. "She's just a little girl."

"Mike," I said, "this is probably the last pussy I will every have. I will be gentle and I'm not that big." He nodded in understanding.

I pressed the head of my cock to the tight, glistening pussy before me. As I pushed, my cock bent. This was going to be tough. I lifted and spread her legs further and used my thumbs to spread her labia as far apart as I could. I now had precum dripping from the head of my cock that I rubbed around the opening.

I pushed again and felt her little pussy open a little bit to me. I continued to push when I felt a little "pop" and the head of my cock was inside her. I now leaned in, pushed firmly my pelvis, and my cock eased in slowly... slowly... until I bottomed out. I pulled out part way and slid back in. It was easier this time and she seemed to be getting wetter. I began picking up my pace but I knew that I wasn't going to last long inside this little girl.

Soon I was sliding in and out like a piston, but being careful not to go too fast because she was so tight I thought I could hurt myself. I felt a long forgotten feeling in my balls and knew I was about to cum.

I lifted her legs against my chest, pushed in as far as I could go, and began filling her with my years of stored up cum.

As I pulled out, I watched a little dribble of cum run across her perfect, pinkish brown asshole.

I felt like my life was now complete.

Suddenly I heard, "Move!" from behind me and saw Mike moving in with his large cock.

"Be careful, Mike. You're pretty big."

He lifted her legs, pinned them back a bit, and then started pushing his finger into her little anus, using my cum as lubricant. Once he got it slick, he pressed his cock against her asshole and began to push. Slowly I could see her ass opening for him as he was pushing -- looking like his life depended on it.

"Get in there dammit. I'm gonna cum!", Mike said. He continued to push and his cock kept inching further into her body. When his balls finally rested against her ass crack and he could feel he was all the way in, he began cumming. I have never seen anyone so expressive during an orgasm - he was twitching, making faces, and I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it or having a massive coronary. But he finally finished and slid out of her abused asshole.

The obscene view before us would have made us all hard again if it wasn't for our age. But if we played our cards right [pun intended] we might get another shot at this. Next time we might think about strip poker.

I grabbed some warm washcloths and began cleaning Brenda up. I checked to make sure there wasn't any continued bleeding, then wiped down every fold and crease. I took one of the little enema kits we have and rinsed out her little pussy and then rinsed out her rectum just in case she leaked into her panties later and asked her mom what it was. Then I placed a kiss on her little pussy, slid her panties back on, covered her legs with her nightgown, and put a blanket over her. Jim and Mike sat at the table, panting and spent.

"You guys need to get to bed." I said. "We need this to look like she came in and fell asleep on the couch."

The guys nodded silently and walked out of my room.

I cleaned myself off and laid down in my bed. Thankful and amazed at the events that had just occurred.

I lay there thinking, "This was a good decision. I'm glad I came here."

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Gret story. Loved the idea of having a little girl so helpless, but not being hurt. Got me wet. Thanks


Really good. I'm sure the old boys will enjoy many more nights fucking little Brenda, and hopefully her mum will join in the abuse. Roll on part two.




Thank you. I really prefer stories where the little girl isn't hurt. To be realistic, it's a difficult thing to pull off but I always find it more arousing that way.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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