Yes, Papa

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Published: 11-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 1

I listened to the shower open and close; then the water start running. Darn. Now I'd have to wait until my son got out. My own fault for not getting up first like I usually did.

When the shower kept on running and running, I figured out what was happening . . . the horny kid was masturbating in the shower! God Damn! And when I needed to get to work on time too. Still, I never had objected to the kids playing with themselves before, and I wasn't about to now.

"Cindy," I said; grabbing my second oldest daughter by the arm.

"Yes Papa?"

"Go in the bathroom there, and help your brother out . . . we don't have all day."

"Yes Papa."

I watched the 12-year-old happily patter into the bathroom, naked as the day she was born, and wondered if I hadn't made a mistake; as it might take longer for the two of them to "finish up" together, than just taking baths separately. Oh well.

I heard the shower door slide open, a slight squawk of surprise from the teenager, then it slide shut. Good.

Deciding I didn't have to wait for the two kids to be finished with the shower before I started my toilet, I followed my pubescent daughter into the bathroom a minute or so later.

While brushing my teeth, I could look in the mirror, and see the outline of both bodies through the wrinkled glass. Mike had his little sister bent over in the shower, and I could make out a faint "slap, slap, slap" of wet flesh meeting wet flesh above the sibilance of the spray hitting the walls and two bodies inside.

"Don't take all day, you two," I warned them. "We have to be going pretty soon.

"Huh, huh, huh," panted Mike, "Yes Papa." Cindy didn't say anything; letting her big brother answer for both of them.

Shortly the action in the shower changed; and Mike no longer worked madly back and forth; just holding his little sister by the hips, while he pushed into the little girl from behind. I could tell my son was emptying his seed in the child's body; squirting his sperm in thick white jets at his own little sister's fertile young womb; but I wanted to be sure.

"Are you cumming in your little sister?" I asked.

A grunt, a groan, and a sigh were followed by a happy yet tired, "Yes Papa," from two voices inside the enclosure.

Shortly thereafter, the shower was shut off, while Mike got out; leaving his little sister in the tub/shower combination.

"You know," I said to the teenager, "if you keep on doing that, you're going to get your little sister pregnant." A judicious observation, as Cindy had just finished her period about a week earlier.

"Yes Papa." The boy didn't seemed to be concerned about the matter; calmly toweling himself dry while I shaved.

Chapter 2

"Good," I said. "I just wanted to be sure you knew. And Mike . . . from now on I don't want to catch you wasting your sperm by beating off in the shower. With three healthy sisters in the house to cum in, there's no excuse. If you feel the need to 'do it' in the shower, then get one of your sisters to help. OK?"

As you can tell, I wasn't bothered by the likelihood of my 15-year-old son fathering a child on his own little sister; as the prospect of having another baby around the house was quite a pleasant one . . . especially if it was yet another girl.

"Yes Papa." The boy seemed to think a minute before opening his mouth to object about something, but I cut him off.

"Yes, I mean Diane too. She's a woman, just like her sisters, and it's about time she learned the duties of being one. So, for the next two weeks I wan you to sleep with her, until your little sister is as familiar with the duties of a woman as her sisters are."

"Yes Papa." The boy's eyes widened at this; but he knew better than to say no.

"And I mean ALL the duties of a woman, understand?" I prompted.

"Yes Papa."

"Good. See to it. And Mike?"

"Yes Papa?"

"Just because you'll be fucking their little sister for the next two weeks or so, doesn't mean you can neglect your duties to the older girl . . . especially Cindy, now that she's fertile like her big sister, and needs it."

"Yes Papa."

"Now get on out of here. I want to talk to Cindy for a minute."

"Yes Papa."

I waited the minute it took Cindy to finish washing, and opened the door. The little girl was quite a sight for any normal male; standing there naked, drops of water glistening on parts of her skin, while others almost glistened with a sheen that made the little girl look oiled. Her firm titties, and incredibly sexy navel in a smooth little tummy, led down to a pouting cunny that would have been a wet-dream for any normal horny old man, even without it's present reddened state, and slippery gray drool oozing her own brother's thick seed. I smiled, and lifted my eyes from the sexy long legs to the oval face normally framed by a riot of fine brown hair (now in straggley strings down her neck). What a sight to cause a riot of dirty old men . . . if they ever saw her.

"Cindy," I said; ignoring the erection I suddenly found myself sporting.

"Yes Papa?"

"After breakfast, I want you to make sure you douche before you leave. You can let your brother's sperm soak in for right now, if you want to; but I don't want you going to class today, smelling like a whore."

"Yes Papa."

Chapter 3

"Remember," I said, "it's OK to look like a whore, and act like a whore . . . men like that. You just shouldn't smell like one," I continued my education. In our house there's none of this modern day nonsense of kid being some different kind of being than older humans. Children are adults in training; and in our house that means they learn to do adult things as early as possible, including fucking, sucking, and yes, even brown-nosing.

Men can usually (but not always) get along fine with just being smart or strong, or even lucky. Women have to use their bodies to augment whatever talents they had, to be fully appreciated.

"Yes Papa."

"So I want you nice and sweet-smelling, when you suck your teacher off this afternoon, OK?"

"Yes Papa." My daughter had the attitude down pat. God I love my little girl.

"Now remember," I said, "I expect at least a "B" out of this from Mr. Jorgenson. We all know you deserve at least that, without even the blow-job."

"Yes Papa."

"Good. Remember, if he wants a fuck, or wants to use your ass, I'll expect at least an 'A', and preferably an 'A+'. Your work deserves at least that."

I paused a second, then added, "And don't forget . . . if he wants real sex besides the blow-job, he's got to use a condom, and HE has to supply it. You're a Good Girl; and I don't want it looking like you went down there expecting to fuck your teacher for a higher grade. It wouldn't be fair to the other kids in class. You know, and I know, and your teacher knows that you deserve that 'A' anyway; but like any woman you've got to get used to 'putting out' to get what you would deserve anyway, if you were a man. OK?" That would keep the horny teacher from getting carried too away, I figured.

"Yes Papa."

"Good. Make sure about that condom . . . he supplies it, or you don't fuck . . . period. When you get pregnant, I don't want to be wondering 9 months from now who the father is . . . Now brush your teeth, and get out of here, OK?"

"Yes Papa."

I gave my daughter a kiss, that was SUPPOSED to be just a usual fatherly peck on the cheek; but she turned her face into mine, and gave me a full tongue-swapping adult kiss like the woman she was. After dueling tongues for about a minute; while enjoying the feel of developing woman-flesh in my horny palms, I decided I'd better get myself, before I gave into temptation and took the little girl right there on the bathroom floor.

Thinking about this, reminded me of when my parents had me fuck my sister for the first time when I was five; and then had me get her pregnant for the first time with Mike when I turned 13. By learning early, both of us have done quite well in the world; and I want to make sure our kids have the same advantages we did.

Chapter 4

Too few parents these days train their kids properly to be adults and to do the things they'll be expected to do in the adult world. I love my kids; and would no more think of denying them a proper education about what men and women do (and are expected to do), than I would beat them if they didn't want to learn. Both are barbaric. Thankfully, all four kids have taken to their adult responsibilities like ducks to water. Even Mike has learned to "brown nose" quite well . . . though (of course) not quite as good as his sisters have.

Still, my son HAD been Mr. Denke's "play toy" all through the first grade, while none of his sisters had been picked like that until they were at least two years older . . . even though almost all of the male teachers at school prefer little girls to fuck, rather than boys.

"You DO know I love you?" I said; half a question, as I left Cindy humming and toweling her hair; while her little sister brushed by me; slipping into the bathroom to start taking HER shower, now that her older siblings were out of the tub. The little 6-year-old knew better than to be shy about her body and being naked around men . . . even big horny naked men, sporting erections like mine.

The way things had gone this morning, it looks like I wasn't going to get MY shower; and I'd have to go to work stinky. a small price to pay, I guess.

"Yes Papa," replied both girls in a sweet chorus.

God, I love my kids.

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