Peeping In On My Daughter

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Published: 14-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The house was suspiciously quiet, when I arrived; so I tiptoed through the house to see if it was empty. If it was, I planned on having a little "private time" with just me, my pussy, and my fingers. I couldn't wait until the boys got home. Besides, getting off, even two or three times, just made me that much more receptive to even more sex (as my husband well knew . . . that's why he didn't object to me taking on the boys . . . it just meant that much more for him). I guess you could say I'm a slut; but that's nothing unusual in my family. Why the stories I could tell you about me and my little sister . . . not to mention my little brother, our father, mother, and my father-in-law. Maybe I'd better not though. The tale would probably boil your ears off .

Anyway, while I wasn't lucky enough to find myself alone in the house, I was lucky in another way. I found Pops (my father-in-law) teaching our daughter about sex. I had just about decided the house was empty, when I heard a low moaning coming from my oldest daughter's bedroom. At 14, I really wasn't surprised to know the girl was "beating off", or even entertaining a boyfriend, as she was well past old enough to have started years before. I know I did.

Hoping it was the second, but not really expecting it, I peeked around the corner into the child's bedroom. If Lori was having real sex, I wanted to know; just so we could have a mother/daughter talk afterwards. Whichever it was, with Lori just beating off, or having full unprotected vaginal-intercourse with one of the neighbor kids, I only planned on "sneaking a peek" to see what it was. I did NOT plan on interrupting, or even looking longer than enough time to be sure what she was doing. (After all, a mother is supposed to keep track of what her children do . . . especially when it comes to sex.)

While I am a horny slut, usually I'm not a voyeur. I believe in letting my kids have privacy . . . even privacy to have sex, if that's what they want.

Well, I may not be a "Peeping Tom", but the sight that greeted me when I looked in my daughter's bedroom held me like a magnet. I just couldn't move.

It wasn't Lori just playing with herself. She was sucking someone off; using her mouth on the man's swollen organ like a practiced whore. Heck, I hadn't been THAT good myself at oral sex until I had been having regular sex for over 3 years. And I was almost certain that Lori had still been a virgin the week before. Still, it wasn't my daughter's expertise that held me riveted to the doorway. Not even when she swallowed the man's prick to the root, using her tongue to lap the man's balls, at the same time she deep-throated him. If that had been all, I just would have admired my daughter's technique, and respected her using that method to give a man pleasure without risking a baby in the tummy. No, what shocked me was WHO the man was in her bedroom.

I would have been pleasantly surprised (but pleased) to find my little girl "making out" with almost any of the neighbor boys (or even neighbor girls, for that matter). I WOULD have been slightly annoyed, if she had chosen one of the married men in the neighborhood for her first lover though. I expected my daughter to have better sense than to chase somebody who was already claimed. Of course, one of the few bachelors in the neighborhood, would have been a pleasant surprise, and quite a "catch" for a 14-year-old girl.

Even if I had found her "making out" with one of her own brothers (or sister) it wouldn't have been that big a shock; as siblings quite often start out with each other. (Look at me, if you want an example.) Heck, even finding the little girl in bed with my husband, with him pumping thick white baby-juice in my daughter's unprotected young womb wouldn't have surprised me like this did! I mean, I thought girls her age thought older men were . . . well, OLD; not something that one thought of as sexy. Obviously I was wrong.

"Oooh, Lori, that feels good," said Pops; looking down at where his thick prick had vanished into my daughter's mouth.

Somehow Lori managed to smile around the thick cylinder sliding in and out of her jaw. How she managed to get the whole thing inside, I don't know; as my father-in-law's prick was well over eight inches long. (I know from experience myself . . . I TOLD you I was a slut.) Somehow the little girl must have been getting the head of his prick clear down her throat. I almost gagged myself in sympathy, as I watched. Still, it didn't seem to bother Lori. She just kept sliding her mouth on and off the older man's penis; using her mouth and throat like a cunt to fuck him with.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum," he moaned; involuntarily hunching his hips forward and forcing his cock to the base in my daughter's mouth. Lori didn't pull back, or gag, or anything; just forcing her head forward until only the hanging balls below her chin showed that this was a man she was sucking, as all the rest of the person's sex was buried in her mouth and throat.

You could tell Pops was fighting to keep from splattering his thick white baby-juice all over the back of the little girl's mouth and down her throat.

Sensing this, Lori pulled back with an obscene "slurp" that would have to be seen (or felt!) to be appreciated. Once she pulled back, Lori carefully kept her man excited by pumping on him, while she reassured him, "It's OK, Grandpa. You can cum in my mouth if you want to. I don't mind."

Once she finished speaking, Lori hurriedly went back to her job of sucking the old man off, as if afraid he might "lose it" if she stopped stimulating him. (Ha! Fat chance, after telling him THAT.)

"Uh, Lori?" My father-in-laws's voice was strained.

"Mmmm?" Lori didn't pause in her ministrations to reply.

"You'd better stop. If I cum in your mouth, it'll be all over; and I promised to show you some more, remember?"

(Show her some MORE? It looked to ME like he had been showing her a LOT already. Still, I wasn't about to interrupt.)

Almost reluctantly Lori pulled her mouth off the older man's penis.

"What's that, Grandpa?" she asked; once her mouth was empty again. She still kept jacking on him, and occasionally licking up a stray drop or two of pre-cum that tried to dribble from the old man's prick.

"You're getting to be Very good at fellatio," he replied; bringing a squeal of delight from the younger girl.

"You MEAN that Grandpa?" she asked. "I'm really good?"

"Uhuh," he replied. (The understatement of the century.) "You're getting to be REALLY good. Only I promised to teach you ALL about sex, so it's time I taught you something else."

(I almost shivered at the thought of what that "something else" might be. I didn't DARE hope it would be what I thought it might be.)

"What's that, Grandpa?" (The sweet innocence of my daughter almost had ME having an orgasm.)

"Well, you remember how good it felt to YOU, when I showed about cunnilingus last week?"


Well, now I want to show you about intercourse." My father-in-law's voice was as level and smooth as if he was talking about showing the little girl how to change a tire.

"Intercourse, Grandpa? What's that?"

(This time I DID shudder through a silent climax, as I fought to keep from screaming in ecstasy. Thankfully, the two lovers in the other room were too involved in their own sexual preparations, to hear the heavy pants coming from the doorway.)

"Intercourse, is when I stimulate your vagina by putting my penis inside it, instead of using my tongue, like I did with cunnilingus."

"Oh. Does that feel good too?"

"Uhuh. Most people like it even better. It's the way most grownups have sex, in fact."

"Really Grandpa?" she squealed with delight. "We're going to 'do it' just like real grownups do?"

(I couldn't help myself . . . I came again! In fact, after that, I kept having climaxes almost continuously, every few minutes for the rest of the time I watched.)

"Uhuh," he replied, "I'm pretty sure you'll like it almost as much as I do. Now spread your legs, so I can get . . . . OOOoooohhh that feels GOOD!"

"Oh Grandpa. Oh Grandpa. Oh. Oooh, it feels good. OW! Oh. Ouch. Oh my gosh! It's going in! Oh Grandpa!" The yelp the little girl gave as she lost her virginity was barely noticeable in the constant exclamations she gave while watching her older lover's prick vanish into her body.

"Oooh, that feels good," repeated the older man; now sliding back and forth an inch or two inside the 14-year-old.

"Oh. It sure does Grandpa. How come we never did this before?"

"I guess," he replied with a grunt, while sheathing his prick in the child's belly, "it's because I never thought of it before. I guess I thought you were too young."

"I'm not too young now, am I Grandpa?" the sweet voice of the little girl asked.

"No . . . oooh!" The man replied. "I guess you're not."

For about two minutes, neither party said anything, while they both worked together to slide the man's thick prick in and out of the fur-covered slit between the little girl's thighs. Both parties seemed to be intensely interested in the sight of the man's swollen member as it vanished repeatedly into the little girl's body. Eventually however, the sensations started to take a toll of the man's ability to hold out. (Small wonder, after a blow-job like that, then actually fucking the little girl for the first time.)

"Uh, Lori?" asked Pops; barely able to get the words out.

"Yes Grandpa?" Lori's voice was almost as strained.

"Remember how this all started when you told me you wished you had another little sister or brother?"

(Oh my God! He COULDN'T mean what I thought he meant, could he?)


"Do you still want one?"

"Uhuh. Why Grandpa?"

"Well, you remember that white-stuff that comes out of Grandpa's prick, when he gets exited?"

"Uhuh. It tastes good. I thought you were going to squirt it in my mouth earlier. Why? Do you want me to swallow it now?" The little girl looked like she would be VERY disappointed, if the old man pulled out of her.

"No. Only if I . . . . Oh SheeeiiiiIIiiitt!"

"If you what, Grandpa? Oh. Oh my! Ohmigosh! WaaaAAaahhh! Oh Grandpa! Don't stop! PLEASE Don't stop! OOOooh! Oohoh. Oh. Oh Grandpa, that feels good."

While I couldn't see the join between their legs, the sound and action made it abundantly clear that my father-in-law had just ejaculated his sperm in our daughter's fertile young womb. Even as they slowly relaxed afterwards, I knew that millions of tiny tadpoles were fighting their way through the mucous plug in my daughter's cervix, on their way in the race to see which one would be the first to fertilize her waiting egg. I almost collapsed on the floor from the stimulation of the very thought.

It seems my father-in-law was as aware of what was happening as I was.

"If I cum in you (like I just did)," Pops explained, "there's a good chance you might 'catch' and get pregnant."

"Get pregnant, Grandpa?"

"Have a baby. If we're lucky (or unlucky as some people might think) there's a good chance you could be carrying your own brother or sister in your tummy right now."

"Oh. REALLY Grandpa?" Lori squealed with delight. "I could have my OWN baby . . . my own little sister?"

"Or brother," confirmed Pops.

So that's how my eldest daughter learned who her REAL father was. Boy was I pissed! Still it's hard to blame my father-in-law for seducing our daughter like that. After all, she shows signs of being almost as horny a slut as I am. I know my husband is going to be VERY disappointed when he finds out. I mean, if he knew our little girl would be interested in incest, and having her own brother or sister kicking and squirming in her sexy little tummy, then HE would have expected to be the one the child came to. Oh well . . . there's still Jennifer and Sandy.

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horny daddy

Wow! Very hot. I'd love to hear more. Especially hearing about someone fucking little jennifer or sandy


Jennifer and Sandy are waiting.It should be hot successful incest fucking.

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