[ M/gg, bd, cons, oral, ped, rom, toys, inc ]


Published: 27-May-2012

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This is a fantasy only. I do not now, nor have I ever condoned sexual or violent behavior toward a child, regardless of what I may fantasize.

Lori is my daughter Meg's best friend. I'm a single dad and we moved to this town a few months ago. Meg and I were invited to dinner at Lori's home where I met, and began a sexual relationship with her mother........ Don't worry. She's single, too! No wonderful romance. Just dinner and some fun once in a while. I'd like it to be more, but she seems to have sworn off commitment. But, I have my little Meg. She's warm and loving and, lately, I've noticed a change in her. She looks at me more like a young woman than a daughter. With no love interest in my life I'm starting to look at her differently, too. Have to admit, I'm a little worried. I think she's got a crush on me and has told Lori about it. Sometimes when I enter a room they're in, the get suddenly quiet and start to whisper and giggle to each other. I'll notice and look at them with a smile, like tonight............

"Hi girls. What'r you up to?"

"Hi, daddy."

"Hi Mr. Johns.", Lori said.

Then Meg blurts out, "Lori said you're cute and she's in love with you!"

Lori slaps Meg on the shoulder and says, "Shut up! You weren't supposed to tell him!", obviously embarrassed, but giggling with Meg the way girls do.

"Really.", I replied, smiling at Lori. Seeing her mom as I do, I've become close to Lori. I feel bad she hasn't got a dad in her life and she looks up to me. But the two of them, Lori and Meg, are starting to bud, especially Lori. And she knows it. Her clothes are a little tighter and maybe a size too small. Her mom doesn't seem to have much interest in her daughters life and I've seen that from the moment I met them. I've tried to show an interest in Lori's life, but I may have gone too far. Or, maybe this was just what the doctor ordered for my loneliness, too. I started having thoughts of her I shouldn't be having. Thoughts of her dressed like a woman, tied, gagged and at my mercy. Yes, her mother satisfied my sexual needs in one way, but there was another side of me I knew she couldn't. And innocent, little Lori was staring to peak my interest. Seeing her mom, Lori and I have sorta......... bonded. I have to admit, its nice having a non-related female showing an interest in me. Even if she is just a twelve year old girl. A very sexy, cute, long legged, slim, budding breasted, long haired, blue eyed, full lipped, tease of a twelve year old girl! The thought of having some fun with her, tying her up and teaching her about womanhood seemed like more of a turn-on than I ever would have thought of any girl before I met her. I started thinking of ways to get this idea to prototype stage right away.

"Hey you two. Its Thursday. How about the three of us go to the movies tomorrow night?"

"That sounds great, Daddy!", Meg excitedly replied.

Lori agreed. "I'd like that too, Mr. Johns. But I'll have to ask my mom."

"Don't worry about your mom, honey. I'll call her now and take care of everything. I know how to "handle" your mother." She smiled at me acknowledging the innuendo. "But there's one catch. Meg, you know how I like a girl to dress, and Lori...... you know how your mom dresses for me when I take her out, right?"

A collective "Yes....", from them both.

"Okay then. Lori, if you need something's to wear, Meg has plenty of clothes. And you're both the same size, so there shouldn't be a problem. Meg, I want you both dressed "nice". Understand?" Meg has always liked playing dress-up. As she got older I thought it would be nice if she had some pretty things to wear. I found most of it on the Internet. Pantyhose, heels and some serious lingerie that she likes to model for me. I was hoping to see Lori in those things, too.

"Okay, Daddy. I know just what to put on her."

"Good girl. I knew you understood."

The next evening when I got home, Meg was upstairs in the shower. I wasn't home for a minute when Lori rang the bell.

I opened the door and she stood there waiting for me to ask her in.

"Well, come in, beautiful.", I said seriously.

"Oh, Mr. Johns....."

"What is it honey?"

"Like I'm beautiful........"

"You are beautiful, honey. At least I think you are. Hey. I don't ask nasty girls out on a date. I have my standards.", I said half joking in an upper-crust sort of way. We both chuckled at that.

"No, really Lori. You're very beautiful, and, seriously, I'll have the two prettiest girls on my arms tonight. I'm looking forward to showing off with you and Meg."

"Showing off?", she asked.

"Of course! Look. The women who see you both tonight are gonna be so jealous they don't look as good as you do, and all the men are gonna wish they were me. Two young, beautiful and VERY sexy girls on their arms. Are you kidding? They'll be SOOOOO jealous!"

"You think I'm............ sexy?" She was a little embarrassed. I stepped close to her and lifted her chin with one finger, bent down and looked in her eyes........... "If I were thirteen years old I could touch you the way I know you'd like to be touched and wouldn't get into any trouble for it. Honestly, I'd like to kiss you so badly............" I moved my hand to her neck and gently began to pull her to me. I noticed she was standing taller on her toes and started moving toward me as well. Just as our lips were to touch we closed our eyes and........

"I'm almost ready, Daddy." Meg called from the top of the stairs. We pulled away from each other instantly.

"Is Lori here yet?"

"Yes, baby. She just came in."

"Hi Meg.", Lori called back.

"Lori! Come on up! I have a great idea for our outfits......Hurry!", Meg was pumped for this.

Lori started to turn slowly towards the stairs. I held her hand and pulled her around towards me........."Don't worry. We'll finish this later/", I said. She was flushed and breathing hard. "I still want that kiss.", I said. "Do you?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Johns!", she said breathlessly, barely audible.

"I can't wait to see you in Meg's clothes, dressed like a woman........" She started toward the stairs once again.

"Lori." She stopped and turned to me once more. I put my finger to my mouth and said. "ssshhhh. Not a word to anyone, not even Meg, or its all over for us, okay?"

She smiled and nodded, then turned and headed upstairs.

"Hurry up, Lori!", Meg called out. As she climbed the stairs I watched that pretty, little ass in those tight shorts and envisioned those long legs in heels and a skirt.

As she cleared the top of the stairs I remembered something and called to Meg.


"Yes, Daddy?"

"Don't forget the make up."

"I won't, Daddy. I know what to do."

"Good girl. I love you, honey."

"I love you, too, Daddy."

A little time went by and I was getting anxious. "Hey you two. What's the hold up?"

"We're coming right down......"

In a couple of seconds I heard the sensuous sound of high heels clicking on the wood flooring of the upstairs hall.

I watched as they approached the top of the stairs. And they took my breath away.....

They dressed like twins, hair and make-up as well. Denim skirts, very short, a pink top, too tight and too short, tan pantyhose and tan strappy heels. I could take them both right now. Yes, I said both.......

I watched as they came down the stairs together, the long legs, the hips swaying. As they came closer the make-up came into focus. Eye shadow, eye liner, pink lipstick to match their tops and dark lip liner. A liberal amount of gloss made their lips stand out. I was thinking of how good Lori's lips would be with my cock in her mouth, while she was tied in a chair with a couple of vibrators in her........ places! To make everything better they had done their hair in the classic twin pony tails, with pink ribbons tied around the elastic. They were gorgeous!

"Well? What do you think, Daddy?"

"God, honey. I'm speechless. You know, I told Lori when she came in that I was gonna be with the two prettiest girls tonight, but you two have gone far beyond pretty!"

"Thank you sir.?, Meg said with a slight bow as though meeting royalty.

"Do I look nice too, Mr. Johns?", Lori asked.

"Beyond anything I could have imagined, sweetie."

"C'mon. Lets blow this pop stand!"

"What does that mean, Daddy?"

"Honey, that means, lets get goin'!"

I took each by the hand and led them to the car. "Lets all sit in front, together."

Meg jumped in first to pull up the arm rests in the middle and Lori got in next to her. I held her hand as she got it. Although maturing into a beautiful young woman, she hasn't yet become a lady. Her skirt rode up her slender thighs and I wished my face was between them. I could just see a wisp of her satin panties as her legs parted for a second as she stepped in. She gently but firmly squeezed my hand just as a reminder that she was there. As if I needed to be reminded! We'd be lucky to make the theater alive if I didn't stop obsessing about Lori. Meg was actually entering my thoughts as well, but in a softer, more loving way. Lori, on the other hand would learn to suffer for her pleasure, if everything goes right!

I climbed into the drivers seat, Meg next to me and Lori to her right. I was kinda hoping Lori would be next to me, but I was enjoying the way Meg looked as well and putting my arm around her, I could stoke the back of Lori's neck, which I did. I was wondering how she'd take it, as I gently touched the nape of her neck with my fingertips, and I felt her hand take hold of my index finger, she turned her head to the right so Meg wouldn't see and I felt the unmistakable warmth of her soft lips as she kissed the tip. I had such a woody working. Funny thing is, I had no plans to hide it from either of them. As the ride went on I decided to get a little bolder with Lori. I took my finger from her hand and gently stroked her cheek. As I did she turned her face to the right and with her hand on the back of mine, pulled my hand into her mouth and once again the feel of her lips as she pressed them against my palm. I slowly wrapped my hand around her face, hand gagging her and gently squeezed to let her know how I liked things done. As I did this I felt her hand caressing mine from my fingers to my wrist. She began to breathe harder, but in pleasure, not fear. This encouraged me to go a little farther. Without releasing my grip on her mouth I moved my thumb and forefinger up a bit and started to close her nostrils. I did this slowly to avoid panicking her. I concentrated on her breathing for a reaction. As I slowly pinched her nose closed I felt her breathing increase dramatically, though her hand remained soft on mine. I held her like this for a few seconds, just long enough to wait to feel her struggle. When she did I slowly opened my grip on her little nose. But I didn't let go of her mouth. I started closing her nose again and once again I felt her pursed lips on my palm and then the tip of her tongue. I was ready to cum in my pants I was so turned on! I felt, for our safety, I'd better concentrate on driving more and suffocating this willing little girl less. I started to release my hold on her face and I felt her hand push my hand tighter to her face.... She didn't want me to stop! Oh.......Thank you god of preteens! I was already thinking of having some fun with her tonight. At the theater I parked the car after pulling my hand away from her soft lips and we all got out as though nothing happened. I told the girls to wait by the car for a minute while I made and important call I'd forgotten. I called Lori's mom and set up a sleepover. No problem! I walked into the theater with the disapproving glances of most of the women and the drooling glares of most of the men. I guided them up to the top row in a corner with Lori against the wall to my right and Meg to my left. I put both arms around them and said, "I'm the luckiest man in this place! I have the two prettiest, sexiest girls here!" The lights hadn't been dimmed yet so I reserved my emotions to just barely touching their shoulders. The lights finally dimmed somewhat for the previews. I wanted to shoot the fucking lights out! I could barely contain my hands!

Finally, the "Feature Presentation". The lights went out completely Don't even know what we were watching! I was concentrating on Lori and how far I could go without blowing my plans. I slowly put my arms around them so my hands hung limp in front of their budding breasts. I started to trace Lori's lips with my right index finger. First the bottom lip, then the top. Then between them from side to side. On the third pass she opened her mouth just enough and I felt the tip of her tongue on my finger. It was so soft, warm and moist....... Then, the strangest thing happened. Meg took my hand and gave it a kiss and pulled it down on her breast! I could feel her erect nipple, and SHE started breathing faster! I mean, I love my daughter and I never looked at her sexually before, but she seemed to be doing to me what I was doing to Lori! Could this really be happening! My twelve year old daughter was trying to seduce me (and it was working) while I was trying to seduce her twelve year old best friend! Fucking amazing! I admit, I was at odds with myself for thinking about my own little girl that way, but......She started it! She leaned over towards me and whispered, "Thank you for tonight, Daddy. This is really special."

I leaned towards her and whispered, "For me to, Angel." And gave her a soft kiss on the lips, not lingering and being obvious, but as I started to pull away she took her left hand and pulled me back for a much more passionate kiss, so I softly pinched her nipple as we kissed and she began breathing harder and faster.

"Honey! I never expected it to be like this for us."

"Are you disappointed in me Daddy?"

"Oh, Angel! I couldn't be happier!" And I kissed her again, and felt her tongue probing my mouth. I reciprocated in kind........

But I still wanted to play with Lori. I decided to get Meg's mind on another topic. I released my grip on her nipple and started probing her lips with my thumb and she got the message and took it in her mouth and began to suck it like a pro! I pulled my hand to her left which got her eyes off me and I began to concentrate on Lori.

I leaned towards her and whispered, my finger still at her lips, :Thanks for being here with us tonight, Lori. I hope you're having a good time."

"This is the best night of my life, Mr. Johns!"

"Even though I wouldn't let you breathe in the car? I'm really sorry I did that Lo............"

"No, Mr. johns! I liked it. Will you do it again.....Please?"

"You really liked it!" I said this as Meg was still sucking on my thumb!

As Meg did, Lori reached up, took my face and planted her lips on mine. I frenched her and she did the same.

"There's so many things I want to show you........ and do to you. Are you willing to try some different things?"

"Different? Like what?"

"You said you liked it when I stopped you from breathing, right?"


"How would you like to pretend I'm a kidnapper who likes to tie up and suffocate girls? Do you think you might like that?"

"I don't know."

"Okay. Maybe this will help." I took my arm from being around her and put it down between us and put my hand on her left thigh. the stockings felt so good. I couldn't wait to tie her legs....

I slowly moved my hand up her thigh, gently stroking the soft nylon on her leg. But I kept moving up, between both legs........ her breathing was so fast....... as I got closer to her pussy I slowed a bit to see how she'd react. Then I felt her legs spread a little. She was ready for me. I moved all the way up pushing the side of my hand against her young pussy. Her head fell back, her eyes closed, her mouth open. She was having her first non-masturbatory orgasm. I eased up just enough to hold her off. (Meg still sucking!) I leaned next to her ear and began to whisper........

"Do you like that? Would you like to be tied and gagged and suffocating as I do this? Would you like that baby? Would you like that?" She just kept nodding, and mumbling "yes" over and over.....

"The call I made in the parking lot was to get permission for you to sleep over tonight. Would you like to play kidnap tonight" Her head still back, her face pointed at the ceiling, her head turned to me, her eyes opened and she whispered, "Yes! Please, Yes!"

I decided Meg deserved something for her efforts and giving her pleasure now seemed the right thing to do. I moved my arm as I did with Lori and, starting at her thigh I slowly worked up to her pussy, she reacted as Lori did. She was obviously enjoying this. I just whispered in her ear as I worked her young pussy............."I love you so much, baby. I want you to be my girl from now on. I want to make love to you and kiss you all over your body... I want to lick you in special places and give you pleasures you never dreamed of.........And she came. My little girl had her first real orgasm!

"We'll talk about this tomorrow. Lori is spending the night, so we can't be together until she goes home tomorrow. How do you feel?"

"Oh, Daddy! I've never felt like this before! I love you so much, Daddy!"

"Did you like that feeling, baby?"

"Oh, Yes Daddy!"

"Wait till tomorrow night.......... I'll do that with my tongue.........."

"I can't wait, Daddy........"

"I know baby. I can't wait, either."

I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her to my chest. Lori! Time to get to work. I leaned over to her and whispered......... "When we get home tell Meg you're tired and want to go to sleep. Just take off your shoes and lie down on the bed in these clothes. I want you dressed like this, okay?"

"Okay, Mr. Johns.

"Then listen for when Meg is asleep. Just say something about having to use the bathroom. If she doesn't answer she'll be asleep. Get up and pick up your shoes and tip-toe to my room. I'll be waiting for you........"

"All right Mr. Johns. I'll be there.........."

When the movie was over Meg was asleep. I woke her and said it was time to go. The ride home was pretty uneventful/ I kept my hands to myself, but occasionally glanced down at Meg's stockinged legs, especially as we passed beneath a street light. The nylon stockings they both wore caught the light so well.......

Here I sat, driving down dark streets with two nubile preteens dressed like hookers and to both of whom I'd just given their first orgasms. And the night wasn't over yet! I parked in my driveway and we all got out and walked into the house. I heard Lori tell Meg she was very tired and would like to go to sleep. Meg was wiped out and agreed.

"You two head upstairs and get into bed. Call me and I'll come up and say goodnight. I'll be turning in myself, soon."

"Okay, Daddy."

"Okay Mr. Johns."

Megs room has twin beds, one for her and one for her stuffed animals or a friend.

The call came........"We're ready, Daddy."

"Coming honey." I went to their room and walked in between the beds and sat next to Meg. Lori was pretending to be asleep. I cupped Meg's cheek in my hand, leaned over and passionately kissed her. As we kissed I ran my hand down under her sheet and gently rubbed her still sopping wet pussy. She groaned into my mouth........... "Now, go to sleep and dream of how wonderful I'll make you feel tomorrow night. You can sleep with me.......... Goodnight Angel..........I love you............" "Goodnight, Daddy.....I love you, too........" She passed out almost immediately. I sat next to Lori............ "Don't tell me you're already asleep.........."

She opened her eyes and looked over to Meg. "Is she asleep already?"' she whispered.

"I think so but you'd better wait a few minutes to be sure."

"All right Mr. Johns. But just a few minutes. I want to be tied up......"

And gagged!", I added.

"And gagged." she repeated.

"Lori, you see Meg's pantyhose over there?"

"Yes. I see them. Why?"

"When you leave to come to my room, bring them."

"What for?"

"I'm going to gag you with them........."

She seemed a little odd at the prospect of having another girls worn pantyhose tied in her mouth.

"Don't worry, honey. You'll like it......I promise........"

"Okay Mr. Johns. I trust you......."

"I'm very glad to hear you say that. Trust is very important for us..... Do you understand?" She smiled. I put my hand around her slender neck, it felt so good. I began to gently squeeze and she closed her eyes and started, once again, to breathe hard. "Patience my little lover. I have so much to show you........"

I leaned over and kissed her open mouth, our tongues meeting.

"Come to my room in a few minutes........" I stood and walked to the door. I shut the light out as I looked back at the little girl I was about to educate and corrupt..... Such a powerful feeling came over me. I knew she was looking and I had such a hard-on. I knew it was obvious to her, so I turned to stand in the door silhouetted against the hall light and looked back towards her gently stroking the bulge in my pants. I thought of the message I was sending her, and loved it. The more I thought of it the more I wanted to do this. I was becoming an animal.

A few long, agonizing minutes went by. I dimmed the lights in my room so when she entered I'd see her figure against the light. Then she was there. "Mr. Johns?", she whispered.

"Come in, honey, and close the door."

She did." You look so fucking sexy, baby"

"Mr. Johns!"

"Its okay, baby. You're gonna learn to talk like a woman and say all the words tonight."

"I can say words like that?"

"If you want me to do something to you, you'll have to ask me with those words. Now, put your heels on and come over here. Your lessons are about to begin.' She sat in a chair near my bed and I watched as she slowly, teasingly put the sexy shoes on, knowing I was eating it up.

She'd occasionally look at my crotch, at the bulge which continued to grow. Her lessons began now. The next time I saw her looking I put my hand on it and rubbed.

"Yes, its still here, and yes..... You did this to me. Does that make you feel good? That you can turn me on so much you make my cock so big and hard?"

She looked up at me, a little embarrassed.

"Its okay, baby. If you weren't so fucking sexy it wouldn't get so big. Its supposed to do this!" She looked more confident now.

"And where did you learn to be such a tease? I love to be teased!" Finishing the strap on her second shoe she stood and slowly turned in front of me, taking the tease comment to heart. She kept turning slowly and puled her skirt up a little higher each turn.

"Do you really think I'm sexy, Mr. Johns?", she whispered as she turned.

I was staring at her thighs and watching for her perfect ass, and she knew it.

"Do you. Mr. Johns?" She finally pulled it high enough to see her ass in the tan hose. She was in Megs black thongs. Yum!!!

"Stop and face me, baby." She did. "Now, spread your feet as far apart as you can." Her ankles looked painfully bent.

"Good girl.", I told her "Now, put your hands together behind your head."

Again she did as ordered.

"What are you gonna do, Mr. Johns?"

"This position you're in is a 'humiliation' position. This leaves you open so I can touch you anywhere I like' Understand?"

"Oh yes!"

"Now, I've been watching you staring at the bulge in my pants. Would you like to see my cock?" Her eyes quickly looking up from my bulge to my face. "Well, would you?"

"Yes!", she whispered.

"You have to say it, remember?"

"Mr. Johns? Can I see your cock, please?"

"Yes baby, you can." I started to remove my clothes. "Since you asked correctly. See what you get when you ask the right way? I'll give you anything you ask for if you use the right words, baby."

"Thank you sir."

"Sir, AND a polite 'thank you.' You're saying all the right things."

I was down to my shorts and I could see by her breathing that she was really looking forward to seeing it I was about to pull my shorts down and stopped. She waited for the unveiling as I watched her face. When it didn't come she looked up at me.

"Oh please, Sir? Please?"

"I love to hear a pretty girl beg, baby. It turns me on more!" I slowly puled my shorts down to mid thigh, stood straight up and watched as her jaw dropped and she gasped.

"Would you like to touch it, baby?"

"Yes, Please, Sir! Please?"

"All right, baby, but......... You have to kiss the very tip of it with your lips, first. Can you do that?"

"I.. I think so, Sir....."

"That's not quite the enthusiasm I was expecting form a young woman, baby......"

"Yes, I can do that, Sir."

"Almost, but you haven't asked me yet."

"Can I please kiss the tip of your cock, Sir?"

"Is that what you call 'begging', baby?"

"Please, Sir! Please let me kiss your cock, Sir.....Pleeeeeease????????"

"Much better. Get on your knees and keep your hands behind your head. Understand?"

"Yes Sir."

She was starting to get the idea that she existed for my pleasure and I was her Master. I was liking this! I stepped a little closer to her, but my cock in its current state was staring at the ceiling. I took hold of it and pushed it down to meet her soft, young lips. She bent her head back, her eyes met mine as my cock touched those soft lips. "That's it, baby. Look right into my eyes. Keep your eyes on mine."

A little drop of pre-cum came out of the tip, so I rubbed it back and forth across her already glossed lips..... it felt so good..........

After a minute or so, I gently pulled away and watched as she leaned forward, her mouth opened, obviously wanting more.

"You want it in your mouth", I whispered, "......don't you?"

"Yes.....", she whispered back.

"What was that, baby?"

Again, "Yes..........."

"I don't think I can hear you...... One more time..........?"

Then she got the message.

"Please, Sir....... Please!!!!!!!!! Can you put your cock in my mouth, Please?"

"Much better. There's that begging I like so much." Again I pushed my cock down to meet her lips.

"Eyes on mine, baby." Her still pleading eyes looked up into mine as her lips, once again met the tip, and her mouth opened to accept just the head. I felt her lips tighten around the ring and her warm, young tongue gently stroke the bottom. She seemed to instinctively not use her teeth.

"That's perfect, baby. You're pleasing me so much. And the more you please me, the more I'll please you. That's pretty easy, isn't it?"

Her young, beautiful eyes staring up into mine, I hear her manage an, "Ummmmmph.", in agreement.

As I stare back into hers and say, "Good answer......... Is your pussy getting wet, baby?"


"Stop sucking my cock and say it."

"Yes Sir. My pussy is VERY wet, Sir!" She started sucking again.

"I'm going to use my mouth and tongue on your pretty little pussy when I tie you up and gag you. And I'll enjoy watching you struggle as you suffocate and cum in my mouth at the same time. Won't that be nice, baby?"

She stopped sucking me and said, "Oh Yes, Sir! That would be so wonderful! I can't wait!"

"Can't wait for what, baby?"

"Sir, I can't wait for you to tie me up, stuff Megs pantyhose in my mouth and suffocate me while you lick my pussy."

"Does it make your pussy wetter when you think of being so helpless and not being able to breathe and having that turn me on so much?"

"Oh yes, Sir! It makes me so fucking wet thinking about it, Sir!"

"Fucking? I like that very much. It makes me even harder when you talk like that!"

She opened her mouth and started for my cock again, but I pulled away. Before she could say anything I said, "Its time to get started." I left her on her knees with her hands on her head and walked to my closet. I took a small box down which had a handful of plastic bundleties in it. I put the box on my bed, turned back to Lori and said, "Keep your hands where they are, okay?"

"Yes, Sir."

I leaned down, put both hands around the slender neck and said, "I want you to stand up. I'll help you."

"Yes, Sir."

I started to grip tighter as I pulled her up. She quickly put one foot, then the other under her as she stood.

"Like it when I squeeze your neck, baby?"

"Yes, Sir. Except......."

"Except? Except what?"

"You didn't squeeze hard enough, Sir...... Are you mad at me, Sir?"

"Mad at you!? Oh, baby! I couldn't love you more. You're saying all the right things!"

"Mr. Johns? I love you too, Sir!" She made a slight breach of etiquette calling me 'Mr. Johns', but the feeling was genuine and I didn't want to discourage her from genuine thoughts of love or desire. So I leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss, and patted her little pantyhose covered ass. That tight, perfectly developing ass felt so good tightly covered in nylon........ I let her go and sat on the side of the bed, next to the box.

"Come here between my knees and turn your back to me.

"Yes Sir." As she stepped between my legs, her hands still behind her head, she stared down at my cock, then at me and turned around. I opened the box and took out a plastic tie, big enough to tie her elbows together. I took her wrists, one in each of my hands, and said as I gently pulled them down behind her, "I'm going to tie your arms behind you now. Are you ready for this?"

"Yes, Sir. Please tie me up and suffocate me......."

As I guided her elbows into position I held them together with one hand as I took the tie with the other and put it around her slender arms. I pulled it tighter until I saw her wince. I didn't want this to be too uncomfortable for her until I had more opportunity to properly train this young thing. Keeping her interest and sexual rewards were very important at this stage, and making her too physically uncomfortable would only hinder this process.

"Is that too tight, baby?"

"Sort of, but I like it... Is that wrong?"

"No baby. Its not wrong to get pleasure from certain physical discomforts. Its perfectly natural, and it will bring you so much more pleasure as the night goes on...... I promise."

I picked up a shorter tie, and pulled her wrists together. "While I tie your wrists, I want you to describe to me how I'm going to gag you. Tell me what I'm going to use in detail, how much I'll stuff in your pretty mouth and how tight I'll tie the stockings around your mouth and neck....."

"Sir....... Will you please use Meg's wet pantyhose to gag me? And I want you to stuff them deep into my mouth so I can't make a fucking sound while you suffocate me and lick my pussy.......... And will you please tie them in my mouth as tight as you can.... I don't care if it hurts..... Just, please tie them tightly, Sir....... Pleeeeeeease111111111"

"Well done, baby. And as a reward, well, you'll see when the time comes." I pulled the tie around her wrists and made sure her hands were back to back, with her palms facing out. I just think it makes her look more helpless overall. That turns me on a little bit more.

Okay. if you haven't gotten it yet, I could give a damn about her at this point. this was all for my pleasure, not hers. But if I wanted to do this with her more often, she'd have to like it too. If she were a stranger and this was a one time thing where she'd be in a shallow grave in the hills nearby by dawn, I'd have probably given her a good workover, fucked her and stretched that pretty neck at the end of a rope by now. As a matter of fact, I'd have stretched it a few times before finishing her But I'm gonna enjoy watching her get fucked over while I tell her I love her..... Its so fucking easy when you use sex to get them to do what you want. And, anyway, I'm no serial killer. Although if anything ever happened to Meg, I could make that step.... Maybe another time.....

"Okay, baby. Turn around to me. I picked up the pantyhose. she licked her lips in anticipation...... Smart girl. "Now for that little reward, I promised."

I sat on the very edge of the bed and spread my legs wide, and took her hips in my hand and pulled her toward me. When she got right up to me my cock was against her legs.

"Spread you legs, baby, just a little. She did and I pushed my cock down and between her thighs. "Now close your legs together tight, baby."

She did, trapping it between her young stockinged thighs. It was such a turn on with my cock between the legs of a bound and about to be tortured twelve year old girl. Especially when I was the 'hands-on' party in this scene. And she was waiting for me, eagerly, to stuff her twelve year old, best friends, wet with pussy juice pantyhose in he pretty mouth.

I picked up the hose and wrapped one leg around her neck, her mouth opened expecting something else......

"Don't close your mouth, baby. I want to kiss you. I moved forward toward her and did the same. We kissed, passionately, deeply. I started to pull the stocking tighter, little by little. As it got tighter she pushed herself harder to me, her tongue probing as deeply as it could,,,,,, her mouth wide open...... A little tighter...... she groans into my mouth. She's having another orgasm! I feel her gently pumping my cock with her thighs.... Yes. She'll do. She'll do just fine..........

I let her spend herself until she's done. She goes a little limp, wobbly at the knees. I put my hands at her sides to help her stand up......... my thumbs exploring her nipples.......

"I guess you like to be strangled, too. You're just full of pleasant surprises." As she regained her composure I said, "Did you like that baby?"

She just looked at me as if to say, "You have to ask?"

I smiled and hugged her. "It only gets better from here baby."

She pulled away from me with an astonished look on her face.......

"Sir! It gets better!? It can be better than that? Really, Sir? Better? How can it get better? That was so incredible!"

I took the pantyhose from her neck and started balling up the panty part.

"Baby.......... I have tricks up my sleeve you've never dreamed of in your wildest fantasy. Now open up.. Its time to get down to some more serious play."

"Sir? Thank you so much Sir. I love you Sir....."

She opened her mouth wide. I put one finger in the corner of her mouth and started to pack the pantyhose in this helpless little girls mouth. I put as much as I could in one side, then switched to the other. After I packed it all deeply in, I took the two legs and wrapped them around her head and mouth a few times pulling it as tight as I thought she could stand and knotted it tightly behind her neck, leaving just enough to tie once around her neck, just below her jaw. Which I tied as tight as I thought she could stay conscious with, As I pulled this tight her eyes rolled back and she groaned into her gag. Neckplay was going to enter into her trip of pleasure as well, tonight.

"Okay, baby. Step back a little. She released my cock from her thighs, and stepped back. I took two more ties from the box, one long, the other a little shorter. I took the shorter one and put it around her little ankles, pulling it a little tighter than I did with her hands and elbows.. I could see it was a little uncomfortable for her. "Would you like to take it off, baby?" She was looking down at her legs watching me, she immediately looked at me and shook her head, "No!" An emphatic "Ummmmmph" came from behind her gag.

"Good girl!" I gave her pussy a little rub before putting the last tie around her knees. I rubbed her pussy for a couple of minutes. From her reactions and sounds I knew I could make her come again easily. And that's why she's doing this. Its all about the pleasure.......

She came quickly, and somewhat noisier. "I guess I gagged you just in time, baby. She moaned and slowly nodded...... "Do you want to go on?"

She scowled at me and quickly nodded, "Yes!" Like she was saying, "Are you kidding? You better not stop now!" At least that's what I read into it.....

I stood up and circled her, checking out my handiwork. She was so hot. Beautiful to begin with, but even more so, tied and gagged. Especially as I anticipated tying a plastic bag over her head until she passes out. Couldn't wait to watch that....... And the best part is.... I'm not forcing her! She wants it....... I stood behind her and looked down at her, my cock in her back. "If you were a little older I'd marry you and we could do this all the time. Would you like that, baby?"

"Ummmmmph!", she said nodding. I moved in front of her and got down on one knee. Even in the dim light I noticed a definite redness in her face from the stockings tied around her neck.

"Are you all right? Should I take the stocking off your neck."

She shook her head, "No."

"That's my good girl." I slid my hand up her skirt to her pussy and once again rubbed her nylon covered hairless mound until she came, while I pinched her nipples. "Another reward for the right answer, baby. Aren't rewards wonderful?" She nodded and managed a moan. I was impressed with the wetness of her panties and pantyhose....... They were dripping wet!

"I have to go down stairs to the basement and get some rope and some toys for you. I can't leave you here alone. What kind of kidnapper leaves his victim alone to get away? So, you come with me........"

With that I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her toward me. A very audible "Ummmmmmph" as she fell to her belly on my shoulder. I stood as she groaned, loving the sounds she made through the gag. I couldn't help but look at us in the full length mirror. I turned sideways to see her and my erect cock throbbing up and down, I made my way to the door. The night lite in the hall the only light on in the house. I made my way down the staircase and to the basement door, opened it, reached in and switched on the light. I went down the stairs, listening to her moan at each step down. I was stepping a little harder just to hear her moan. It was very uncomfortable for her. At the foot of the stairs I took her to the center support post and put her down. I looked at her very red face and kissed her gag. "Don't move." She shook her head, "No."

"I need to get some things from my hiding place and I have to make sure you can't get away while I'm busy. I took an old wooden box about a foot high from under my workbench. I placed it under the center beam in the rafted ceiling in front of her. She looked at it, and I knew she'd like an explanation, but the gag prevented her from asking. I returned to the bench and from a hook in the wall I took down a coil of old, worn, heavy cotton rope. I stood in front of her and stared into the helpless eyes as she looked at me, my cock throbbing, as I uncoiled the rope and began to fashion something....... "Don't worry, baby. This is just to keep you in place while I get the toys. Then she knew what I was making. It became obvious........ It was a noose. She stared at it without making a sound, but her breathing picked up.......

"Think this will keep you from trying to runaway?"

She nodded, "Yes."

I gave her a trick question to test her.

"You'd definitely try to run if I didn't use this on you, wouldn't you?"

She thought for a second for the right answer. I saw the look in her face when she realized it was a trick.......

"Yes, she nodded...... "Ummmmmph!"

"Good answer, baby. I thought I had you for a minute there."

I finished the noose and opened it. I took the other end and threaded it through the beam, pulling it through until the noose came up and I adjusted it so it swung directly above the box.

"Okay, baby. Are you ready?"

Again she nodded, "Yes."

"Good girl." I picked her up and stood her on the box. I had to hold her for a moment. She was a little wobbly. When she could stand on her own I took hold of the noose and stood directly in front of her. I held the not (Thirteen winds) and held it tight as I pulled a little slack in it, all more for the emotional effect than anything else. She stared directly at the knot as I played with it. Then I took the knot and held it just above her face, watching her reaction and breathing as I was about to noose this little girl. I pulled the knot slowly back over her young head and with the other hand held the noose under her chin. I pulled the knot to the side of her face. She turned her head and watched as I pulled the slack from it, leaving just enough not to strangle her...... Yet.......

I pulled the slack from the rope in the rafter until it was about to pull on her neck. I adjusted the knot to just in front of her ear, next to her face. I pulled the last slack from the rope until I could let go of the knot. Then an extra tug, bending her head toward the opposite shoulder.

"How's that feel, baby?" She didn't answer. She just "Ummmmph'd."

"I'm gonna need your help now.", I said looking into her red face and eyes. "Okay, baby?"


"I need to pull this just a little bit tighter, so you'll need to stand on your tip toes as high as you can. Understand?"


"Otherwise you'll be hanged, and I don't want you to get hurt."


"Good girl."

Now the heels she was wearing were quite high. My plan was to get them about an inch off the box to make sure her neck is supporting her, and not those pretty legs.

"Okay....... here we go." I started to slowly pull the rope and half hang her. I looked at her little stockinged toes in the strappy heels and saw she was really trying, but her heels were just barely off the box. "Just a little bit more, baby." I pulled some more and heard her grunt. Half an inch. Nope. Not there yet. "One more time, baby." I pulled again and her heels finally got high enough I was happy. I quickly tied off the rope in a slip knot to the beam. I stepped back to take this incredible site in. She was obviously in distress. I leaned toward her and kissed her cheek. I could hear her trying to swallow. The noose was probably a little too tight, but I'd fix things. I whispered in her ear, "You've been such a good girl. When I finish getting the toys I'll give you another reward while you're standing here before I take you down. How does that sound?"

She looked at me through puffy eyes and managed a grunt. I rubbed her soaking pussy a little and kissed her gag again. I found the hidden key and opened the locker, I took out a spreader bar, some coils of rope and a vibrating butt plug, I closed the door and went right back to her. I stood behind her and watched her as she teetered on her toes. She was really hanging. The rope was too tight! Oh well. Might as well make the best of it. My desire to see her hang was too strong and good sense went out the window. I stood next to her and put one hand in the crack of her nylon covered ass cheeks and pushed in against her anus. I heard her moan. I put my other hand against her pussy and began to rub it, once more, A long, low, guttural moan. As tight as the noose was, she still wanted to cum.

"Poor baby." I began to whisper in her ear......"How do Meg's stockings taste in your mouth, huh? Its such a shame you have to stand here with a noose around your pretty, little neck tasting Meg's pussy in your mouth while you strangle yourself, and she's upstairs asleep and can't help you.

That's not fair, is it baby. If only there were something I could do to make you feel better. Something to take your mind off this and make you cum....... I know! I'll tell you about what's gonna happen to you upstairs when I tie you to my bed." (I started to rub a little harder and faster....She was moaning more now...) "Fist I'll tie you to the bed with your pretty legs spread so I can lick that pretty pussy of yours.... Its so fucking wet......I can't wait to lick all your pussy juice off it and swallow every sweet drop....... Doesn't that sound good, baby? Would you like to feel my tongue inside your pussy, baby? Would that feel good? Would you like that........?" That was enough and she exploded in orgasm. She grunted as she couldn't support her weight any more and the noose began to do all the work. Her body shook and she passed out. I had to be fast. I kicked the box out and watched her swing free. I'd actually hanged this little girl. I tied her, gagged her and hanged her. The feeling of power I had was better than drugs........

I caught myself and quickly wrapped an arm around her, pulled the slip knot and took her down She was breathing, barely but she had a good pulse. I was starting to understand the mind of a killer. If I wasn't obviously responsible for her, I think I could do this all weekend and turn her into worm food with no problem. My big worry was getting caught, not what it did to her! I ENJOYED watching her hang!

I heard a moan. She was coming to. I took the noose right off her and put it back over the beam. Her neck was very red. I hoped she wouldn't be bruised, and I hoped no blood cells ruptured in her eyes. Too much explaining to do....... As she opened her eyes I tried to smooth things over........

"Have a nice sleep baby? You must had a great fucking orgasm if you passed out from it! She nodded.

"Come baby." I bent down and picked her up to her pretty feet. She was very wobbly. I had to hold her steady. She was completely spent.

"Had enough yet, baby? Do you want to quit?" She was still getting her breath back. After a few seconds she finally looked up at me and shook her head, "No."

"I know this has been hard on you. That's why I keep making you cum. I want the pleasure to be more important than a little discomfort. Are you sure you want to go on?"

Again, she nodded, "Yes." What a girl. I basically get to be a serial killer without the mess, and I have a young preteen who actually wants to be a victim. Yes....... Life is good.

"All right, baby. I'll carry you and the toys back upstairs and give you a little rest before we go on. I really want you to enjoy this as much as I am."

I bent down and once again scooped her up over my shoulder. I used my free hand to pick up all the toys. and climbed both sets of stairs to my room. All the way the sweet smell of her pussy filled my senses. My cock was as hard as ever. With my hand around her ass, I'd roam all around it as I walked with her, all the way back to the room. The tight nylon felt so good on her young cheeks.....

Once back in the room I closed the door and turned on the one, dim light again. I tossed the few toys onto the foot of the bed, and gently put her down and sat her on the side of the bed. She was starting to look better, and her eyes were clear. I stood in front of her and asked, "What do you think we should do with this? Should I jerk it off on your face, or should I let you suck it off, and shoot my cum down that pretty, little, young throat of yours? I like the second one better, don't you? She agreed.

"Now, I'm going to take off your clothes and tie you to my bed. I have a spreader bar (I held it up) and your ankles will be tied to it so I can lick your pussy, okay?" She nodded.

"Now, stand up for me, baby." I helped her to her feet. She was more stable now. I turned her around and sat in front of her again. I picked up the buttplug vibrator and showed it to her.

"I know what you're thinking. 'He's gonna put that in my pussy.' but you'd be wrong.... This goes up your pretty ass. A worried look and a panicky sounding moan. But she didn't shake her head, "No." So I started to undo her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I took some lubricant from a drawer next to the bed (Never can tell when you'll get lucky....) and put it next to the plug. I started next, by putting my fingers inside the waistband of her hose and thong and began pulling the down to her knees. She liked it when the thong, which was inside her pussy lips, pulled free.

"You have such a sensitive pussy baby. Everything seems to affect it. In a few minutes we'll see how my tongue will do......." She closed her eyes and moaned again.

I stood up and stood behind her. Her head craned around both sides to see what I was up too. I picked her up and moved her the few inches to the bed.

"Its time to see how well you'll look with the plug in your ass." Again, a nervous moan....... I bent her over at the waist so her head was on the bed and her butt was sticking up. I finally saw her hairless, soaking wet pussy peek out from between her still bound thighs.

I picked up the plug and the lube, took the top off the lube, put some on the tip of the plug and some on her ass. I put the lube down, and used the tip of the plug to fill her crack with the shiny, clear substance. She moaned a little more, her head turning from one side to the other trying to see what I was doing.

"Relax, baby. I promise this won't hurt, but you'll have to help me, okay?"

She nodded and "Ummph'd" again.

"You know when you shit you have to push to get it out, sometimes?"

She nodded again.

"Well, that relaxes you hole so it can pass through. If you push when I tell you the will slip right in. Understand?" Another nod and Ummph."

"Good girl. Now get ready to push......." I got the plug in position and said, "Okay baby..... now....push!" And I gently but firmly began to push, too. Amazingly, it went right in. I wasn't too overly surprised, though. This girl was full of surprises. "Very good girl!"

I took a pair of wire cutters from the box the plastic ties were in and began cutting the ties off her knees and ankles. A slight sigh of relief as her legs were free for a few moments. I stood her up and sat her on the side of the bed, once again. Standing in front of her, she stared at my still throbbing cock.

"Don't worry, baby. It won't be long till you suck that big cock dry. I want you swallow every bit, too. Understand?" She gazed up at me and nodded. I picked up the spreader bar and knelt at her feet. I put the bar down and started to take off her shoes and hose with the thongs inside them. I put the shoes aside and then pealed the hose down, pulling her feet out of them, first one then the other. I put the pantyhose to my face and sniffed in an exaggerated way, obviously licking them at the same time. "Oh baby! That smells and so good!" I wasn't lying. It was the sweetest pussy I'd ever tasted.

I put them down and concentrated on the spreader bar. I strapped it to her right ankle, then pushed the bar and her ankle to her right, and did the same to her left. After smelling how sweet she was, I was now on a mission. I stood and got on the bed on my knees, crawling behind her. I took her by the arms at her shoulder and pulled her up onto the bed. It was a king-size so I decided to tie her side to side instead of top to bottom. I pulled her up until her ankles were right on the edge of the mattress. I took on of the ropes I'd brought up from the basement and tied it too the center of the bar, pulled it down and tied it to the center leg of the box spring. I went around the other side with another piece of rope and tied it to her neck. I put it down, around the center leg on this side and took her shoulders, pulled her tight then tied her off. She was now stretched between the sides of the bed. I went back to the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a plastic bag.

"What should I do with this while I'm licking your pussy, baby?"

She looked at me with those innocent young eyes, knowing full well what I was going to do. I thought, to make it more interesting for us both, I'd put her dripping thong and hose in the bag with her. Ya. I like that idea. I picked up the last piece of rope and the 'scented' bag and climbed up on the bed. I spread my legs and knelt over her chest. I pulled her top up and pinched her nipple. Even lying on her back, she had very nice breasts. I took the bag and placed it over her head. It wasn't tied, yet. I turned on the vibrator in her ass and watched as she started to squirm. 'Okay, baby. This is how it works. I'm going to tie the bag around your neck and lick your pussy till you cum or pass out."


"Here goes." I tied the rope around her neck closing the bag off. I quickly got down between her legs and started licking the sweetest pussy I'd ever tasted. She was moaning loudly as I continued to lick her young clit. She started to push in rhythm as if I had my cock in her.

I could hear her climax building, and her struggling told me she was about out of air. I kept licking and reading her body language. Its a great way to tell how a girl is reacting. She was reacting very well! But she was struggling, and then she tensed, shuddered and went limp as she came again. I just kept licking her......

After a minute or so I stopped and pulled the bag off and tapped her cheek to wake her. She opened her eyes........

"I guess you've had enough of this by now."

She shook her head, "NOOOOOOO!"

Yup! The perfect little girl.

"The only thing left to do is suck my cock, baby. Would you like that?"

"Ummph!", nodding violently. Okay honey. I untied the stockings from her mouth and pulled them out. She stretched her jaw and mouth a couple of times and looked at me........

"So..... Still love me baby?"

"Oh. Sir! That was so incredible... Please don't stop! I want to do more, Mr. johns. Please?"

"Like what?"

"After I suck your cock, would you take me back to the basement and use the noose again?"

"You liked the noose tight like that?"

"I've never felt anything like that before....... I loved it! Especially when I came and passed out. It was incredible!"

I knelt across her chest again and dangled my cock in front of her face. She lifted her head and ran the tip of her tongue up the bottom of it.

"Open up, baby. Its time to earn all those wonderful orgasms....."

I pushed my cock down into her mouth and pulled her head up to it. As her soft, young lips and tongue performed magic on it, I kept drifting to the scene, earlier in the basement.... a beautiful, bound child hanged by her neck. Could I do it again, or more importantly, should I do it again? As My orgasm built I said to her, "Do a good job and we'll go back to the basement and I'll hang your pretty, little ass........ With that I exploded in her mouth. The thought of hanging her again was too much and it put me over the edge.........

Now..... What shall I do with Meg tomorrow night?

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It was a great beginning and it's cool when the story is about girls who wants to be tied up and even like nooseplay. I'm looking forward for the next part and hope the story will be as long as your earlier story about the stepdaughters. I hope Lori get hogtied/hogcuffed with reaL metal cuffs and hooded before she get a noose tied to to her hands/legs so she will strangle herself while she is wearing knee high heel boots. It would be cool if the girls is taken to an pornshop so they can suggest what tie-up stuff they will be tied up with.


As escape-artist said, this is a good beginning to the story. Before moving on to Lori's further education, it would be better to see what happens to Meg. Will the two girls be brought together? Will Lori be kept around to a marriageable age? Only time will tell. That's the good thing about fiction. Anything can happen.


will it be any more parts of this story or ?


Oh how i love this story,I was putting myself in it.
Please hang more young girls, just for longer please.


I appreciate the kind words. Had all intentions of finishing this with part 2, 'Megs Turn'. All my stories were written over 7 years ago, but the urge to write again is coming through, so I may use some of the suggestions above and do some typing. I particularly liked Lindas suggestion. We'll see what happens in the near future.
Thanks again,


I hope you will continue this story and also write more stories about girls who like hanging and asphyxiation games. It would be cool if they sometimes get black a hood over their head so they can't see anything during their games.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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