Daddy's Little Slut-Muffin, Part 1

[ M/g, inc, fath/dau ]

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Published: 27-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.


Seven-year-old Jenny woke up about an hour after she fell asleep, she was really thirsty so she climbed out of bed and padded towards the bathroom to get a drink of water, sleepily rubbing her eyes as she walked along the darkened hallway.

Passing her Daddy Richard's bedroom she noticed a flickering light coming through the half-open doorway. She poked her head round the corner of the door to see her father sitting at his computer with his back towards her. Giving a little sleepy smile, Jenny slipped inside the door and silently tip-toed towards where he was sitting. She wanted to surprise him with a goodnight kiss.

As she neared her brow furrowed in puzzlement there was a movie playing on the computer screen, and the two girls in it, (who didn't seem to be much older than Jenny herself,) appeared to be totally naked.

Jenny stopped her forward movement and stood silently behind her father, trying to make out what was happening on the monitor, but her Daddy's head blocked half the screen and she couldn't see properly. She stealthily moved slightly to one side, then gasped aloud, her eyes widening and her hands flying to cover her mouth.

Her father's trousers were puddled around his ankles and he had his penis in his hand and was stroking it. It looked absolutely huge to her young eyes.

Richard's head jerked round at the sound behind him, he attempted to cover himself with his hands and pull his trousers up at the same time.

Jenny's eyes went from her Daddy's penis to what was happening on the computer screen, the two girls she had first seen were now kissing and rubbing each other between the legs. Jenny felt an unfamiliar tingly feeling between her own legs, almost like butterflies in her tummy. She looked back at her father, he was trying to do his trousers up in a panic but was in such a hurry that he kept on fumbling with the zipper. His stiff penis was still poking out of the opening and before she realised what she was saying, the words tumbled out of her mouth, "Daddy, why's your willy all stiff?"

His face turned bright red at being discovered wanking by his daughter and he froze, his hands attempting unsuccesfully to cover his erection, all he c ould do was stutter, "Ummm....ummm."

"Can I see it?"


Moving closer, Jenny stared fixedly at his lap, "Can I see it Daddy?"

Almost as if he was in a trance, Richard removed his hands from his lap and his cock sprung upright. Jenny gave a childish little giggle, "Wow! it's big."

As she stared at her father's erection, Jenny's tingles in her tummy grew even worse, if there was anything in the world she wanted, it was to touch her Daddy's penis. She looked at the video playing on the computer once again, then back to her father who was sitting there with his eyes closed, her voice was quiet, "Daddy, can I touch it?"

Richard's heart was in his mouth as he fully removed his hands from his lap, exposing that shaft of hot flesh sticking up from the base of his belly. Jenny reached out and tentatively touched it with her fingertips, making it jump and she quickly jerked her hand away with a little giggle. She reached out once again, her fingers not quite making contact. Richard tenderly took hold of his daughter's hand then wrapped her small fingers around his thick cock. He gave a strangled groan and started moving his daughter's hand slowly up and down the ridged shaft, his fingers covering hers, pressing her fingers into the hard flesh, "That's it baby, move your hand up and down like that."

Jenny gripped her Daddy's cock even tighter in her little fingers and started to move her hand up and down the shaft in earnest, watching the bulging head slip in and out of his foreskin with interest. He groaned and relaxed back in the chair, his legs spread out in front of him. Her wrist was starting to get sore and she had to grip his cock in both hands, "Fuckkkk yeah," Richard moaned, his eyes closed in exstacy as his daughters small hand worked its way up and down his throbbing shaft, "That's it baby, you're doing good."

Still with his eyes closed, Richard reached down to the back of Jennys legs, he slowly started to run his fingers lightly up the backs of her thighs. Her thighs parted by reflex as his hand reached the gusset of her knickers under the short nightdress she was wearing. Jenny leant forward slightly and pressed her bum back against her Daddy's hand as the fingers started to tickle her in her most secret place and the tingles in her tummy grew even stronger.

Jenny's eyes flicked between her Daddy's cock and the video still showing on the screen, her eyes were drawn to the blonde girl who was now licking the other one between the legs, "Who's that girl Daddy?"

Richard momentarily opened his eyes, his voice was rough with impending ejaculation, "Which one sweetheart?"

"The blonde girl," Jenny giggled, "She's really pretty."

"Her name's Daphne, do you like watching her?"

"Mmmmm yeah," Jenny answered, her hands still stroking her Daddy's cock. She redoubled her efforts, gripping the hot flesh hard in her little fists and his eyes fluttered closed as his breathing grew harsher and the finger between her slightly spread thighs slipped under the leg of her white cotton panties then started to slide along her tight little slit. Jenny pushed her bum back harder against her father's hand, the feelings inside her tummy intensified as the invading fingertip found the hard little button of her immature clitoris and started gently rubbing it in little circles. It was almost as if her insides had turned to liquid.

Suddenly Richard stiffened and a deep groan escaped from his mouth, his cock seemed to jerk wildly in his daughter's hand as a thick stream of sperm erupted from the tip. Jenny jerked back in shock, but Richard gripped her hand wrapped around his cock tightly so she couldn't release it. Jenny's eyes went wide as the spunk splattered all over her wrist and fingers and her Daddy's stomach. She looked up at his face, his eyes were screwed tight shut and his chest heaved with the force of his panting, he looked like he was in pain and Jenny was suddenly concerned, "Did I hurt you Daddy?"

"Fuck no!" he murmured breathlessly.

Jenny squeezed his cock gently in her small hand so that even more spunk dribbled from the end. She was fascinated by the white stuff that had magically appeared and wanted to see more. "Can I see you do that again Daddy?"

He gave a breathless chuckle, "Sorry sweetheart, but you're going to have to wait for me to recover for a bit."

"How long Daddy?" Jenny asked, holding her hand before her face and closely inspecting the little droplets of sperm sticking to her fingers.

Richard laughed and hugged his daughter tight, then tenderly kissed the top of her head, "Just wait until it's bedtime sweetheart, you can sleep with Daddy tonight." His hand went down to her butt and gave it an affectionate squeeze, "From now on I'm going to call you my little slut-muffin."

Jenny giggled and returned his cuddle. She couldn't wait for bedtime.

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I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading this story! Child erotica written by ladies often exhibits certain qualities that lack those written by the 'boys'. I find your story, all your stories, to be quite sensual. And as a male, I'm especially pleased that you've started to explore the sweet, budding carnal love between father and daughter :-) Looking forward to reading the next chapters of slut-muffin Jenny's education (or should I rather say training)!

Uncle Jerry

[email protected]

Dear Jacqueline, 'WOW', I must admit to being greatly 'excited' as I read this father and daughter story of yours. ., a little 7 year old in 'white cotton panties', a computer showing two other little ones 'kissing and rubbing', 'spunk' on her and on him too, truly you touched on a fantasy of mine. ., thank you!!! As a often time reader as well as an author of asstr. stories myself, I just had to 'comment' on your story. ., I shall now go to your story page to see if I can find more of your stories, with a bit of luck I shall once more feel 'excitement', that is as soon as I'm able to recuperate from this 'Part One' of 'Slut-Muffin'!!! Keep writting, and I shall keep reading. ., from Uncle Jerry
Dam that was a hot letter


[email protected]

Great story. Very hot and great detail. I couldn't help wanking my cock while reading it. Jenny sounds like such a sweet sexy little girl.

Oh Mister!

[email protected]

Very good! Nice, sexy, nothing mean & very flowing. There is a slight miscommunication on what you mean by 'bedtime'; it would appear its past the little girl's bedtime & dad should be on his way now. Not sure why its Daddy Richard; sounds like a stepdad but needs more explanation if thats the case; if not, the name gets in the way. Back to the last paragraphs, I think an opportunity was missed for the eager little girl to taste her daddy's sperm!

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