Dr. Peter Treats Troubled Boys

[ MMMb, gay, oral, anal, drugs ]

by Jones

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Published: 24-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Doctor Andrew Peter loved helping troubled, confused boys. Mostly it was the clueless worried mothers who sent their young sons to Dr. Peter. The mothers were mostly divorced. Had they had a husband to ask, they would have been told that boys get really horny when their hormons kicked in. Boys reacted differently, maybe peeking in when their parents fucked, spying on mom when she was nude in the bathroom, fascinated about dad's big cock, and masturbating at every chance, alone or with other boys.

Dr. Peter was a nice looking well built man in his 40s. He was single, never married. He learned early on that he didn't understand women and they weren't often attracted to him.

He closed his eyes and remembered when he was little and played with a little girl named Patsy. Even though he didn't understand sex yet, when she climbed a tree he would try to look up her dress and his little prick got stiff and he had a funny feeling in his stomach. Once when they were in the tree house he got this funny feeling and showed her his stiff prick and asked if he could see what she had. Patsy wouldn't play with him anymore. He felt his cock start to swell and get wet as he remembered more of his childhood experiences..

Boys were different and he got along just fine with them. As he got older the funny feeling hit him at odd times and his prick got stiff and wouldn't go down. Once while shopping with his mother he had to carry a package in front of him to hide his bulge. When Andrew was 11 or 12 he was at a Boy's Club meeting. It was night and suddenly the lights were turned off in the large meeting room. The game master, who was about 20 or so told them the game was to take off their clothes and just wear their underware so as not to get their dress up clothes dirty on the floor. They were to line up on the far wall and the first one to get to him and touch him at the other end of the room was the winner after he said go. The game master said they would be in the dark for at least a half hour to loose their sense of direction and balance. This would give the game master time to suck off several of his favorite, willing boys.

As Andrew took off his clothes and heard the other boys giggling the funny feeling hit and his nipples and prick got really stiff. The boys who were a little older and had done this before took the advantage to seek out the little boys for their own sexual satisfaction. Andrew felt hands on his bare skin and a boy whispered in his ear that he had a treat for him. Andrew loved the feeling of the other boy's hands on his chest and belly and his prick got super stiff. The boy asked if he was stiff and Andrew said he was. As Andrew felt the boy's hand slip under his underware and touch his stiff prick the boy asked if that felt good. Andrew said it did and the boy pulled it out of his shorts.. The boy started to jack Andrew's rigid prick and Andrew moaned. The boy jacked faster and, suddenly Andrew had his first orgasm and his sperm shot all over the boy's hand and legs.

After Andrew calmed down he asked if he could do that to the boy. The boy put Andrew's hand on his more mature cock and Andrew had never been so turned on as he jacked the boy off and got a load shot on his hand and legs. He was addicted to the feel of another cock in his hand. He wasn't interested anymore in trying to look up Patsy's dress. Girls were just to difficult. He would rather jack cock and lick up the cum.

One evening when he was 13 he rode his bicycle to a little friend's house to get nude and jack off with him. His friend had a cock that could shoot cum several feet and was as horny as Andrew. He wore no underware and his loose shorts rode low over his hip bones. His swollen horny cock was in danger of falling out the bottom. The boy's mother answered the door and told Andrew that his friend was sick in bed. Andrew left, horny and frustrated. Shit, he thought, his parents were gone for the weekend, he was alone and no one to play with.

It was a dark, warm night and Andrew took his t-shirt off and drapped it over his handle bars as he peddled away. The breeze felt good over his bare chest and hard nipples. He reached down and felt his swollen wet cock head protruding from his shorts against his smooth leg. He really needed to jack off his pent up cum load. Being nearly nude in public with his cock sticking out made him even more frantic for relief.

He stopped and leaned his bike against a tree on the dark deserted street. His shorts were low over his hip bones and he reached in his shorts to play with his leaking prick. Just then he heard a whistle and a convertable pulled over to the curb and stopped. The top was down and a man asked if was having bike trouble. Andrew walked over, trying to hide his wet spot and boner. He said it was a nice night and he was just peddling around.

The man said his name was Jock and it was so nice out that he was just driving around and saw the bike. Andrew's prick got even stiffer when he took a closer look at Jock. Maybe in his 30s, blond crew cut, brief muscle shirt showing his flat belly and loose low riding shorts with a huge cock bulge which he didn't bother to try and hide. He had messed around with other boys his age but had never had an older man take an interest in him. This was very exciting and he was almost dizzy with desire.

Andrew asked Jock if he could take a ride in the convertable and the man patted the seat right next to him. He hid his bike in some bushes and got in. His low riding shots "accidently" slid down showing his hairless young belly and pubic area, barely covering his obviously hard cock as he got in. Jock put his arm around him and slid him over against him and put his hand on Andrew's bare thigh and gave a sqeeze.

As Jock drove off he told Andrew to shift. He held onto Jock's bare thigh with his left hand and shifted with his right. Jock asked when he needed to be home but Andrew said his folks were out of town so it didn't matter. Jock asked Andrew if he dated yet and he sighed and said no, he didn't understand girls and they didn't seem to like him. Jock said he didn't understand them either. Andrew felt Jock's hand rub up under his shorts right into the slippery pre cum on his leg and asked if he felt comfortable with him, being pretty much a stranger and all. Andrew said he was glad Jock had stopped and felt very comfortable with him. He was flattered that an older man would like being with him.

Andrew said he had planned to have a sleep over with a friend but he was sick and he was glad Jock had stopped for him. Jock said he was Andrew's age once and asked if boys still messed around with each other, nude in bed during sleep overs. Andrew giggled and said he and his friend did a lot more than that in bed. Jock's hand slid up farther and Andew spread his legs so Jock could feel his hard cock. Jock asked it his hand felt ok and Andrew said it did. Jock said Andrew could feel him if he wanted to. Andrew slid his hand up Jock's leg until he had his hand on Jock's large swollen wet cock.

A short time later Jock pulled into his garage and shut the door. Andrew looked up into his hansome face and they kissed, tongues fucking each other's mouths. Jock took Andrew's little hand and led him into the house. Jock let his shorts drop to the floor and his huge cock stood proud. Andrew had never seen a horny nude man before and dropped his own pre cum soaked shorts and Jock said he was a beautiful boy.

Andrew said he was nervous and wondered if he could have a real drink. He and his friend once got a little drunk on beer and he liked the feeling. Jock mixed big drinks of vodka and orange juice. Andrew drank his and felt his skin get hot, cock rigid and a happy feeling, ready to do anything with Jock. They sat on a couch and kissed and had another drink. Andrew said he had never been with a man before and Jock said he had never been with a boy before.

It was a fantastic weekend for both. Andrew looked up into Jock's eyes and said he wanted to give him a blow job. His little friend never let him try. Jock told him to go ahead. Andrew was so excited as he felt the big warm cock in his mouth. Jock had never had a boy suck him off before and exploded in Andrew's mouth as he sucked him dry. Andrew said it was fucking fantastic. Andrew was wild as he watched the man suck his small prick like his friend never had and then kissed him with his cum. Then Jock took him to bed.

Andrew was pretty drunk as Jock lay him on his back and lifted his slender smooth legs over his shoulders. He watched him lubricate his large cock and start to push it gently around his little brown ass hole. All Andrew said was, "Push." After a bit Andrew's slippery moist hole was full of Jock's entire cock. Andew started to cry with joy as he was being fucked for the first time. As Jock started to fuck faster Andrew blurted out, "I love you Jock, I want your cum in me." Andrew felt Jock's cock spazm and warm cum fill him.

Jock left his spent cock in his fucked ass until it finally popped out, coated in cum and juices. Andrew remembered Jock telling him he loved him like the son he always wanted. Andrew said he loved him like the father he wished had loved him enough to fuck him.

The rest of their time together was spent nude, drunk, kissing, sucking and fucking. Andrew and Jock stayed friends over the years With this last memory Dr. Peter awoke to the fact that his next patient was about due. He pulled his hand out of his trousers and licked the pre cum off of his hand.

He reviewed the next case and the boy's mother said he was upset all the time, stayed out late and she knew he smoked and drank alcohol. She had heard that Dr. Peter was successful in many pre teen disturbed boys and hoped he could help Liam.

Twelve year old Liam was short and skinny and didn't make eye contact. The doctor explained that the tests wouldn't take long. He said he was young once and didn't like doctors either. He winked at Liam and said, just between them, he had some medical marijuana cigarettes that would make him feel good and relax him. Liam smiled for the first time and said he had smoked them before and would like one. Dr. Peter's cock started to swell as he watched Liam inhale deeply and then drink the orange juice that he had given him for dry mouth. Liam couldn't taste the vodka that had been added.

Dr. Peter checked his eyes and was satisfied that he was wasted. He had Liam go into the next room and undress for his physical then have a seat. He told him not to be nervous or self concious because he dealt with many boys. He said it was very warm in the room so as to be comfortable in the nude. He said there was another orange juice drink if he got thirsty.

Dr. Peter smiled when he saw Liam. The glass was empty and he was nude, sitting on the couch, glassy eyed and apparently unaware that his small cock was hard.

Dr. Peter then sat next to him and felt his rigid prick. He asked if his penis got hard very often and he said it did. He said he had a funny feeling in his stomach and it made him hard. He asked Liam if he minded him inspecting his penis and Liam said it felt sort of good. When asked, Liam said he had heard the word masturbation but didn't know what that meant. The doctor told him his funny feeling and difficult mood swings was because he needed to masturbate regularly, like other older boys and men did. Dr. Peter told him that he had to masturbate several times a day to feel good. Liam asked if he would show him how.

Dr. Peter opened his white lab coat and Liam's mouth fell open and his eyes locked on the huge hard cock that stood out. He asked Liam if he had that funny feeling again and Liam said he did. Liam asked if he could touch it. Dr. Peter took his hand and put it on his hot cock meat. Liam was not only high on marijuana and vodka but all of his inhibitions were released and he was wildly horny and loved feeling a strange cock, just as Dr. Peter had planned.

Dr. Peter put some lub on his hand and squeezed Liam's cock and rubbed the swollen head with his thumb. Liam opened his legs and leaned back and moaned, giving complete access to his boner. Dr. peter told him to watch how he jacked his cock to make it feel good and orgasm. Liam said it felt really good and to do anything he wanted and his breathing increased.

Liam started humping the doctor's lubricated hand and was told that, when he was older, fucking a girl's cunt felt almost as good. The doctor picked up his speed jacking and had Liam puffing and gasping with sexual pleasure. Liam was over come with unfulfilled sexual energy and slurred that he would like to fuck a cunt. Dr. Peter got between his open legs, took his skinny ass in his hands and pulled his prick into his mouth and started licking and sucking his virgin cock.

Liam cried out to keep sucking, it felt wonderful and something was happening. Suddenly Liam got rigid, shook and started pumping cum down the cock sucking doctor's throat. After he recovered, Liam looked over at the cum on the doctor's lips, smiled and asked if he could try sucking cock too.

Dr. Peter said that was part of the therapy and had Liam kneel between his spread legs and take his large cock in both hands. He instructed him to squeeze his shaft and suck up the flowing pre cum. He then put his hands behind Liam's head and gently pushed his big cock head in his open mouth. Liam looked him in the eye and started to suck. Dr. Peter said he was ready to cum and Liam sucked faster.

Liam sucked down as much cum as he could and then had to pull off and cum shot up in the air and on Liam's head. Liam gulped cum and said he didn't need cunt if he could fuck a mouth and get his horny prick sucked.. He loved the taste of cum.

The doctor called Liam's mother and got permission to continue treating Liam over night. Doctor Peter's house was secluded so no one knew about the counseling with young boys, which included nudity, alcokol and drugs and all night sex parties.

Liam was so excited about getting away from home and staying with this wonderful sexy man that he got roaring drunk with the doctor. The doctor was nude, rock hard and raunchy. Liam was drunkenly giggling that he was too fucking drunk to get undressed. The doctor was trying to get Liam's shorts off when Liam started pissing himself. The doctor started sucking his cock and drinking piss right through his shorts. Liam ended up nude with the doctor still sucking warm piss from his bare prick. They kissed and Liam said his piss tasted as good as cum.

Dr. Peter said it tasted better right from the cock and took Liams head in his hands and put his big cock in his mouth and started to piss. Liam sucked cock and gulped piss until he was full and belched piss down his front. Liam said he loved the doctor but wondered what it would feel like to fuck his uptight mother. The doctor said fucking his mouth was sort of like that but fucking a tight ass hole would even feel more like her cunt.

Dr. Peter got on his knees and reached around and put a finger full of lubricant in his brown hole. Liam was so excited as he took the doctor's hips in his hands and probed the hole with his stiff cum filled prick. Dr. Pete said to pretend his ass hole was his mother's cunt and fuck him.

Liam started to fuck the doctor's moist tight ass hole and never felt so hard and turned on. He frantically fucked in the willing love canal, faster and faster, his full ball sack slapping the doctor's bare ass. Liam had a huge orgasm and shot loads of cum deep in him.

After they recovered and were kissing, Liam asked if the doctor had fucked a lot cunt. The doctor said he had but found that fucking and sucking men and boys was much more satisfying. Liam told Dr. Peter that he loved him like the father he wished he had but and hesitated. The doctor said it was ok to tell him anything, he wanted him to.

Liam looked embarrased and asked if it was ok to wonder what it would be like to suck different cocks. Dr. Peter laughed and said Liam was perfectly well adjusted and he should be interested in sucking all the cock he could. He had sucked baby boys to old men and loved every cock. A dear friend even had his 3 year old son suck him off.

Time for Liam to go home. He cried as Dr. Peter dropped him off at home at 2am. He was drunk and high but said he would slip in and his mother wouldn't know. Before he got out of the car he gave Dr. Peter a fantastic blow job and said he would see him next week for his appointment.

As he stumbled in his front door he heard a noise from his mother's bedroom. A man muttered, to himself, "Fucking bitch passed our while I was fucking her. Fucking drunk cunt."

Liam was so fucked up that he didn't realize that the man hadn't left the house. He striped nude and went to the bathroom. Suddently a very drunk nude man with a hard cock in his hand was standing in the door looking at him, a nude skinny little boy with a hard on.

Liam slurred, "Nice cock, man, mother would fucking kill me if she caught me sneaking in all fucked up at 2 am." The man asked him if he wasn't too young to be so fucked up. Liam said at least he didn't have a cunt pass out on him while he was fucking her and belched up cum. The man asked Liam if he had been sucking cock. He said he had and hoped the man wouldn't tell his mother.

The man said, "Suck my cock and your secret is ours." Liam knelt in front of the hard cock and kissed the head, tasting his mother's cunt juices and the man's slippery pre cum. Then he took the slimey cock in his mouth and sucked him off. The man said, "Shit, you suck cock better than your mother" and left after telling Liam he would see him again.

Liam stood over his nude and passed out mother. He was jacking his cock frantically as he said, "I love you mother, even if your are a fucking drunken slut. Just keep bringing boyfriends home. I need a lot of cock." With that he shot streams of warm cum over his mother's belly and pubic hair.

The drunk little cock sucker staggered off to bed and passed out. He dreamed of seeing Dr. Peter again and sucking a lot of new cock. He wondered what the doctor would think of him taking hormons, or something like that, to make his tits bigger. He dreamed of seeing himself dressed in stockings, panties, garter belt, bra, wig and make up.

Liam woke from his dream frantically jacking his prick. A pretty little girl with a cock, any man's dream he thought as his prick shot cum into the air. He couldn't wait for his next appointment with the doctor.

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I like how you ended this story. Continue with the story. I would like to read more about Liam becoming a little girl. A little girl wit a cock and small titties sounds delicious!!!!!!

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