Leo As A Christmas Package

[ gb, bond, tort, pedo ]

by Lana


Published: 20-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Wow! Mom got me just about everything I wanted for Christmas! Except for the pony. No place to keep him, no way to feed him, all the usual reasons parents give kids. But there was one thing underneath the tree I never expected!

Naked and tied up in a neat ball like package was Leo. His knees were drawn up to his chest as far as they would go and his arms were pulled on the outside of his legs, his wrists tied on top of and to his ankles. His balls were tied tightly and also tied to his ankles/wrists, pulling them up severely. His balls and cock were tied again, a shoestring wrapped so tightly around his cock and tied off underneath the head that I thought it would burst. Alligator clamps bit into his nipples, and a vibrating butt plug was rammed up his butt hole. A ball gag and blindfold completed my Christmas package. I asked mom when this happened. She said last night, after I went to bed. His dad had tied him up like this and brought him over just for me. He had been tied up like this all night. I knew the strain on him must have been tortuous.

I pulled him from underneath the tree, out into the middle of the living room. I wondered what I could do with him (Ha!). I flicked on his nipple clamps and he jerked at the severe pain they must be causing him. I unclipped one, and rubbed his nipple. He jerked at the pain as blood flowed back into his nipple, then I pulled on his nipple and let the alligator clamp bite back onto his nipple. He screamed into his gag that time.

I reached through his legs and began rubbing the head of his erect cock. His stomach and cock head were already wet with his own pre-cum. He began to writhe in his ropes when I did this. I knew it must have driven him nuts. I rubbed his cock for at least ten minutes, and almost made him cum. But I stopped just in time.

Next, I began to literally slap his tied balls back and forth, causing him great pain, which was a lot of fun. He wriggled in his ropes, but because of the way he was tied he could barely move. I slapped them as hard as I could. Leo mewled through his gag.

I stopped doing that, then began rotate the vibrating butt plug, screwing it all around his asshole. He bounced around, and I did this for fifteen minutes. Now, I left him alone. I was going to leave him just like that until late afternoon.

I asked mom why he was like this. Mom said that his dad said since Leo had seen me naked and played with me, then it was only fair that he reciprocate. Leo didn't really want to do it, for no girl had ever seen him naked and tied up, but his dad told him he had no choice. I could have him for 24 hours, from the time I found him. Well, it was about 10:00 am when I actually found him, so I had until 10:00 am on the 26th. to do what I wanted to do to him.

I next rolled him so his ass was up, and I could actually see the little vibrator held in by his sphincter muscles. I pulled it completely out, and Leo groaned at the removal. I noticed the vibrator had a bulb close to the end, to keep it from sliding out. I put it back in. Leo screamed at the intrusion again. I began to spank him, really hard, watching his butt cheeks turn a bright red. Leo could do nothing.

When I finished, I picked him up (which wasn't a big deal) and carried him downstairs. Here I partially untied him, but left his cock and balls tied. I left his blindfold and gag on. I also left his wrists and ankles tied. I tied another rope around his wrists and threw the rope around the beam above him (like my mom had done to me) and pulled on the rope until he was on true tiptoes. I knew that by now his nipples must be in excruciating pain. I didn't open them to remove them, I just yanked them off. He really screamed at the pain. I rubbed them as hard as I could, and he writhed in his ropes as the blood re-circulated through those two little nobs on his chest. Next, I clamped then onto his balls, one clip for one testicle. He jerked some more and cried through his gag. It was lunch time, and I told him I would be back, and I left him there totally naked and tied up, gagged and blindfolded, his cock and balls still tied tightly, and alligator clips on each testicle, the vibrator still up his ass; it was even still running.

After lunch I watched a little TV, letting him suffer some more. About 4:00 pm I went back down. I removed the alligator clamps from his balls, and I yanked out the vibrator from his ass, both of which caused him to yelp. I grabbed his cock and began to pump, rubbing the head of his cock as quickly and as hard as I could. But I could tell when he was ready to orgasm, so I immediately stopped. The ropes bit into his cock and balls. I played with his nipples, pinching and pulling and twisting them. I spanked his ass some more. I then hugged him to me, lightly caressing his body, his butt, his asshole, his cock and balls. I moved down his legs, even caressing his bare feet, getting onto my stomach and lifting the toes of each foot and sucking on them.

At about 6:00pm I untied his hands from the beam and led him upstairs to my room, where I tied him stretched across my bed, feet to the foot rails, wrists to the head rails, in the space next to where I sleep. I then untied his cock and balls completely. His cock immediately grew in size now that it was unhindered by the rope. His balls lays soft and squishy, which I took full advantage of. As I played with his balls I took my other hand and played with his cock, pumping away, making certain he wouldn't cum. I stopped playing with his cock and balls, allowing to calm down a bit. His cock never got soft the entire time he was with me. Not even at night, because I would wake up every so often and check.

Finally, I straddled his cock, and opened my labia, my cunt already wet from expectation. I slid his cock into me, and began to move up and down very slowly, leaning over a bit and playing with his nipples again. Soon I orgasmed, but he still hadn't, which was fine with me. I continued to pump, and I finally felt his cum spurt into me. I continued to move up and down until he was done, and I continued some more until I came a second time. I slid off, and just allowed his semen to drip onto his cock until there was nothing left in me, then I got into a 69 and leaned over and took his semen soaked cock into my mouth while I rubbed my clit against his nose, and sucked him until he got hard again, and continued to suck until he spurted again, this time into my mouth. I made myself cum on his nose.

I stretched out against him and went to sleep. In the morning I repeated the previous evening in my bed, and came even harder. So did he. I untied him, then retied him the way he was tied in the first place, with his cock and balls tied and wrapped, vibrator, etc. in his tight little ball. I carried him downstairs just in time for his dad to pick him up. I thanked his dad, and said I don't want to see Leo again.

But damn! What a fuck!!!

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St Vincent

Nice story Lana - I'm always a sucker for dominant girls... :-)

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