The Prince Of Darkness

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Published: 19-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Amy I feel it comes!"

"Ok, we might go".

We had found a place in the forest, where lied in a shelter with no door. There are chains in one of the wall. My girlfriend Amy tied my wrists. Then she kissed my lips "See ya tomorrow"

"See ya!". I began to whisper on my own. "c'mon little slut"

"C'mon as I can fuck ya!"

A small 11 year-old girl, probably attracted by the whispers, Entered the shelter. "Why are you tied?"

"Go outta here!"


"I tell you to go out!". She got light-torn clothes, she may just have escaped from a rapist."

If you stay here, I don't know what may happen?"

"She crouched in front of me. "What?"

"You're an idiot, don't ya? I gonna fucking rape ya"

"You don't guess why I am tied?" I watched her body with desire.

"You're making me randy, slut!"

"You could say whatever you want, I will stay here. I don't want to go back in the forest! And I have no reason to have fear, you are chained!"

She lied herself away, on a wooden bench in order to sleep. But my incessant.

Whispers prevent her from sleeping.

"What I have to do to be able to sleep? I got school tomorrow morning"

"I wanna see your pussy, take this bucket and come next to me" She took off her torn skirt and put the bucket in front of me "Part your legs a little" I seize my hard on dick and a cast of piss went high until her pussy and ends its race by knocking in the bottom of the metallic object. It's been a while I wanted to pee, you calm me down.

She dried her pussy with her skirt and went to lie again on the bench.

"You're trembling, do ya feel cold? c'mon, I will warm ya up".

She came close, taking the bucket away and hug herself into my arms. I took the cover Amy had left and put it on us. I put my hand on her pussy and caress it with madness

"I will warm ya up, little whore!" Then I slid two fingers into her pussy which began to get wet. She didn't tremble anymore. "So ya luv smutty stuff?"

"Come and sit on me!" She did it.

"I am not cold anymore"

"Ya don't wanna fuck a little? I so wanna fuck you little whore, ya don't guess how much!"

"Ya see how much it's hard, you're not about to let me in heat all night long, you are heartless!" I gave kisses to her neck and dribbled along her sweet skin. I slid my dick to her pussy. She started moving, I felt the pleasure climbing.

"Ya so good! Make me cum little whore! Wait! stop! I wanna cum into ya!"

"In me? But my vagina...?"

"Ok so take me into your mouth!" She held me tight and say "ok, in the vagina"

"Yeah I gonna cum into your narrow pussy". I penetrated her to the end of her pussy without forcing, she was all damp. "Ya so good, ya so good my whore! My little whore, the little whore of mine!!!!" Her pussy bolt me down to the far end of her pussy. A pussy as tight as damp. "Your pussy gulp me down little whore!" "I feel so fine in ya!" I took her her ass and take it by backwards and forwards to my balls.

"You're feelin it! Ya feelin it little whore!!!"

"Yes, I feel it in my pussy, it's all hard! Do I give you so much pleasure?"

"If I'm calling ya little whore that means your body is a delight, I luv it when your pussy eats me till the end, that it devours me to the head of my dick till the balls". I seize more and more firmly her ass "I will tear your pussy!!!" The erotic heat burnt me, I could hold no more, I spurt into her pussy, that pussy that gave me such pleasure. It did me good, I wanna take her mouth as well, but right now I'm dead tired, shall we sleep a little.

(The night went on.)

"Hey, little, get up!"

"Ya don't keep on calling me little whore and ya don't keep on calling me you?"

"On all fours!' I was putting on my knees in order to pee between her buttocks, I pointed the anus, it dripped to her pussy, the latest drops were capricious, they dangled and licked her clito before joining the bucket. "Untie me with the key over there"

"Now lie on the bench I will come into your mouth" "It's true?" She seems enthusiastic. She lay down on the bench, with the mouth wide open! I put my thighs between her head and plunge my dick swelled with desire into her mouth. "Mouth is what I prefer lil slut!"

"I gonna fuck your lil mouth, lil slut" I fucked this little sult in her little kiddy mouth. I went back and forth telling her 'suck, suck, lil slut!!!" And I took it off showing my balls to the little slut's damp mouth. "Now lick my balls little slut!" And I plunged it again in the little mouth of the little slut. "Yeah it's too good, little slut, I gonna fill your mouth with my hot sperm!" "It's what you're expecting from me, little slut!!!" And I spurt all the morning sauce in her mouth. She swallowed it in once throat movement. I was withdrawing myself from her mouth and sighed.

"Yesterday you called me little whore, today is little slut and what will it be tonight? "It may be little bi..." She put a finger on my lips "hush! It won't be a surprise if I knew right now"

I dress her up with the cover and take her back home! "Shit!!I forgot Amy!"

"What has he been doing this idiot? I will show him!" I come in hurry!

"Here we go!"She says. "I didn't get told off?"

(At the university in the amphy Y, I fell asleep in my table)

"He's sleeping as a baby, at his look( yes she cans see my eyes even when they're closed ?) I can see he made nothing wrong!"

"Who knows maybe he found an imaginary girlfriend (Not so imaginary in fact, if she only knew!) Hush it's my tiny secret!

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