Part 1: Little Lisa Is Cummed On And Used

[ M/g(11), dad/dau, inc, oral, anal, beast, cum, nc ]


Published: 4-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Little Lisa lived outside of town on a big farm with her parents and younger 10-year-old sister Jenny. She was just 11 years old and finishing the 5th grade. She was fairly small for her age, weighing seventy pounds at the most, her hips just starting to develop at the top of her thin legs. Her school required her to wear a little white dress with knee socks and black shoes everyday, she hated the outfit but with her blonde hair in pigtails she was the essence of schoolgirl innocence. Lisa was an outsider at school, while all the other kids were talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and sex, she was writing little songs or watching the clouds, Lisa had never even held hands with a boy.

Since her mom got injured she started helping out her dad with chores, but today she was late coming home from school because the bus had to wait for the drawbridge. It was a hot summer day and Lisa enjoyed walking home from the bus stop in the warm weather. After reaching the door to the farmhouse she remembered that her dad wanted her help with the horses that afternoon, so without changing she went around the back of the house to the stable. Even though she lived her whole life on the farm, Lisa had never ridden horses or fed the chickens, she hated the smell of the animals and only recently started doing things around the farm. She yelled for her father and he replied for her to go in the barn and wait for him. Lisa would have followed her father's orders if it weren't for the loud noises coming from a pen in the stable. Using small steps and making as little noise as possible Lisa crept up to the large pen where her father was doing something odd with two horses, a stud and a mare. She peeked into the stall and saw the stud behind the mare, with his legs on her back, doing something young Lisa had never seen before. Her father was a very big man, six feet tall and weighing around 250 pounds; he seemed to be helping the two horses in their actions.

"God what's he going to do to that girl horse? And what's that big thing between his legs?" Little Lisa thought.

Suddenly the stud lunged forward and drove the huge thing between his legs into the mare and Lisa gasped at the raunchy animal action. Her gasp was loud enough for her father to hear and he immediately replied,

"Lisa, is that you? Go on, get out of here I'll come get you when I'm done."

"Ok dad." Lisa weakly replied. Embarrassed she started to walk away, she had never learned about sex, and when she got halfway out of the stable she decided she still wanted to see more so she crept back to the stall and stayed very quiet. She climbed onto a box and peeked over the top of the stall; what she saw shocked her, but she kept quiet.

"That must be his penis" Lisa thought to herself, "I heard people at school talking about that stuff."

Lisa's dad interrupted her thoughts and yelled to the stud, "Come on, get your cock in there, come on now, you gotta' put your cock into her big guy."

She said to herself, "God daddy, what are they doing? Why do you call his thingy a cock?"

Lisa saw the big stud driving his huge cock into the mare, then pulling out and driving in again. Lisa looked on in awe, she hadn't learned anything about sex, and was jealous of the girls at school who always talked about sex. To her this was the beginning of her sexual education. She noticed how the horse continued pumping the mare in a more erratic fashion, and wondered if something was going to happen. Then with a great yank the stud pulled out of the mare and his cock began squirting his thick horsey cum all over the place. The cum squirted onto the back of the mare, onto the floor, and onto the walls of the pen. Lisa's dad became angry because the horse had pulled out of the breeding and threw out obscenities left and right,

"God damn it horse, why didn't you cum in her!? You just had to pull out to cum didn't you?"

Lisa was confused, but excited, she said to herself,

"So that's cum! All the girl's at school talk about it. It looks kind of gross," she said at her first sight of the white goo that had shot out of the stud's cock. A part of her was really jealous because her girl classmates knew all about cum, but Lisa didn't. She wondered what the stuff felt like, then thought of a 12-year-old girl at school named Becky who said she had actually tasted cum. Even though what Lisa saw wasn't boys cum, she thought it must be the same stuff and a sick part of her wanted to taste it.

After the horse calmed down, Lisa's father put the horses into different stalls and then left the stable, but Lisa was curious and stayed in the stable. Even though she was completely embarrassed about getting caught, she wanted a closer look at the huge thing that hung between the horse's legs. The preteen unlatched the door and walked into the stud's stall. He was calmer now, but as Lisa ducked down, she still noticed the huge erection hanging between the horse's legs, it was still slowly oozing hot semen. Lisa really became excited at seeing the horsey semen, and wanted an even closer look. She pulled her school dress off her thin legs and got onto her knees below the horse's big belly, the young girl's face right in front of the horse's two-foot long cock. With the presence of something near it's penis, the horse again became aroused and his cock began growing to full length and girth. Seeing the growth, little Lisa got more brave and reached up with her right hand to touch the horsey penis. Lisa tentatively touched the shaft of the cock, which was hot in her hand.

She giggled. "God, it's so big. And look at those things" she said, eyeing the horse's big balls hanging in its nut sack.

With her free hand she reached back and placed it at the bottom of the horse's balls. Lisa's hand was so small she could barely hold one of the big balls in her hand; the hot, sweaty flesh overfilling her fist, then she softly kneaded the semen filled sack for a second before returning her attention to the horse's cock.

She wrapped her little fist around the cock, but it only went half way. Wanting to feel more of the organ she moved herself until she was on her knees with her panty covered butt resting on the ground, the horsey cock now pointing directly at her head, only inches away from her face, and wrapped her other hand around the huge shaft of the horse. Still she couldn't fit her tiny hands around the girth of the huge horse cock, but she was satisfied at just holding it for now. The stud was still slowly oozing horsey cum onto the floor, and Lisa was excited at seeing the thick goo. With a smile on her face, Lisa was pleased with her sexual adventure and examined the head of the horse's cock. Then suddenly, the horse stepped forward and the big cock head bumped right into the fifth grader's mouth planting a load of semen onto the lips and chin of the little girl before moving back. Lisa's lips burned with the feel of the gooey stuff on her face; she really wondered what it tasted like, "It's now or never," she thought. The little girl hesitantly licked her lower lip, taking a bit of cum into her mouth; she didn't seem to like the taste, but still wanted more,

"That tastes weird, kind of icky. But if the other girls can do it, then so can I. God I hope no one ever finds out about this, I would just die." She took a second to look around, feeling safe she stroked her hands up and down the huge organ, stimulating the horse further, with more cum starting to ooze out the knobby head. Seeing this, little innocent Lisa knew it was the right moment and leaned forward to catch the horsey semen. With her hands still cautiously holding the horse's cock, she leaned forward until the thick cum was spilling onto her closed lips, then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and started to catch the hot semen onto her tongue. After a second, her tongue was covered and she brought it in and closed her mouth to taste the warm cum. She immediately bent over and spit out the sour horse cum, and made a face to show her disgust.

"Ew, that's gross. God, how could anybody swallow that stuff. Ick, I'll never do this again." Lisa said aloud.

As she spit out the cum her hands incidentally yanked down on the horse's cock which was now on the verge of a huge ejaculation. She was ready to leave, but her jealousy toward the other girls who had eaten cum made her stay. The preteen once again looked up and her face was level with the horse's organ. As the horse continued oozing its semen, she questioned whether it tasted as bad as she thought. After a minute she was convinced that she had over reacted at her first try of semen and that the cum hadn't tasted all that bad, so again she leaned in and stuck out her tongue to collect some more of the thick, spewing cum. After the horsey semen covered her tongue, she closed her mouth to get another taste of the animal's juice. But this time it tasted just as bad, if not worse and she again leaned down and spit out a mouthful of the horse's sour cum. Again she kept her hands on the horse's cock, stroking it when she hunched over. After this time, the 11-year-old was convinced she didn't like the taste and was ready to leave. But this last stimulation drove the stud over the edge, and just as little Lisa bent upright with her face inches in front of the huge shaft, the horse's cock started bucking in her tiny hands. Frozen by the new actions and with her mouth opened wide in awe, the stud's cock jerked once and then sprayed a huge load of hot semen directly into little Lisa's open mouth. The sour load filled her mouth completely and she jerked back in reaction, but the horse moved forward and continued squirting its horsey cum onto the preteen's face. After realizing what had happened, Lisa quickly spit out the load of cum that filled her mouth and pulled her hands off the horse's cock, she tried to move out from under the horse, but its hurried movements scared her, so she stayed under its big belly. The horse wasn't yet done and proceeded to squirt its thick juice all over the face and chest of the little girl. Shots of hot cum bounced off her forehead and oozed down her face, down to her lips, which she kept tightly shut. The stud continued shooting its load for the next few seconds, completely covering the little girl's face, it flowed down her thin neck to soak through her little dress making it sticky to her touch. Little Lisa just sat there, helpless, as the horse spewed his warm load all over the fifth grader. The thick cum then began oozing out of the horse's huge cock and dripped down onto the preteen's thighs and legs, spilling down onto her knee socks and shoes. After another minute she felt it was safe, and with her eyes forced shut by the salty horse cum she tried to move out from under its belly. But just then the horse moved forward and its large cock bumped into little Lisa's face; the horse continued forward, its cock rubbing the length of her cheek and forehead, then Lisa felt its two big balls slap against her chin, she flinched in reaction. But the horse still moved forward and its huge nut sack drug up Lisa's face, over her nose, smearing cum from bottom to top. When the horse passed over her the 11 year old quickly got to her feet and wiped her semen covered face with the parts of her dress that weren't soaked in horsey cum, then ran out of the stable toward the house.

Lisa had succeeded in wiping the majority of the white semen from her face, but a lot still remained in her hair, and one look at her dress didn't leave much in question to what she had been up to. Still she ran into the house and luckily avoided her father on her way up to her bathroom. When she arrived in the bathroom she looked into the wall mirror and what she saw amazed her. She still had a large amount of horse semen in her hair, her face glistened with the remains of the white cream, and her dress was completely soaked in the animal's warm goo; so much so that her tiny breasts and little nipples could clearly be seen. Immediately she took off the sticky dress and stood in the bathroom wearing only her white panties, knee socks and shoes, and she began rinsing her face with water. The preteen still had the sour taste of horse semen in her mouth and tried gargling to get rid of the taste, but it didn't work. Then her father Jim called up to her,

"Lisa! Are you up there?"

"Yeah dad! What is it?" she shouted back down in between gargles.

"Well hon' I thought I told you to wait in the barn for me."

"You did, but I decided to just go for a walk. Why?"

"Why don't you come down here, I want to talk to you for a minute." He yelled up to her.

Lisa was a little scared about what he wanted to talk about, she then thought that he might have seen what she did in the stable. But quickly threw out that idea, and thought she was just going to get punished for not helping him with chores. She quickly threw her sticky dress into the clothes hamper and went to her room and put on a pair of cutoff denim shorts and a white T-shirt. She hopped downstairs still in her knee socks and shoes and found her overweight father in only a pair of shorts sitting on the couch in the living room. They were the only two people in the house; the rest of the family was still at school or work. Jim sat relaxed with the VCR remote in his right hand, the TV was on but the volume was turned down. He patted the space next to him and Lisa scampered over to the couch and sat down, her tiny body looking even smaller sitting next to her large father.

"How are you doing hon'?" Jim said.

"Good, what's up daddy?"

"Well, I was just wondering why you didn't want to help me out with the chores today?"

Lisa replied, "No, I did daddy, I just-I don't know."

Jim pressed, "You don't know what Lisa, you can talk to me."

"I was just tired that's all."

"I hear ya', school can be tough can't it?"

Lisa nodded yes.

"So are you getting along well with your friends?"

Again she nodded, even though she really didn't have any friends.

Jim inquired more, "What about boys? You find one you like? Ya' know."

At hearing the words little Lisa froze in her place. She was caught!

She spoke up, noticeably nervous," What do you mean daddy?"

"Well, sometimes I see you walking home with that boy from the Jefferson's farm, that's all."

Phew! She took a deep breath. She was definitely just being paranoid.

"I don't really like him daddy, he's just like every other boy." She said more calmly.

"Oh, I see. You haven't been teasing him have you? Boy's that age don't like to be teased, it makes them crazy and they do crazy things."

11-year-old Lisa thought for a second and then realized what he was saying, "Oh that. Don't worry daddy, I don't do anything like that."

"Not even once." Jim asked.


"Are you sure sweet pea?"

"I promise daddy." Lisa said with guilt in her cute little girl voice.

"Ok, I trust you. You know that if anything ever happens that you want to talk about, I'll be here for you." Jim replied.

"I know that daddy." She said then climbed onto his lap to give him a big hug.

In doing so she drug her shins across his legs, allowing him to feel her cum soaked socks. She didn't realize the socks had been hit by the horse semen, and in turn never took them off. Her dad immediately realized what was on her knee high socks, but kept the charade going; then he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, still able to smell the horse semen that had previously coated his preteen daughter's face. After the hug and kiss, Jim pushed little Lisa off his hairy belly to her feet and gave her a cassette tape and directed her to the VCR.

"What's this daddy?" she asked.

"It's a movie I want you to see."

"Ok, what's it about?"

"You'll see, just put it in." Jim answered.

Curious about what was on the tape she stood and moved toward the VCR while her father watched her little butt cheeks shaking in her cutoffs as she walked. Jim's cock started to swell, and he rubbed his growing erection while watching his little girl's butt cheeks sway from side to side till she got to the VCR and slipped the tape in.

Jim stopped rubbing himself and said, "Now come and sit next to me sweetie."

A little nervous about what was going on, Lisa slowly walked back to where her father sat on the couch and plopped down next to him.

"Now hon' you swear you've never done any funny stuff, you know sex stuff?"

She looked at him, "I swear daddy."

"Ok." Jim replied and with the remote turned the volume up and pushed play, starting the tape Lisa had just put in the VCR.

It was a home video and the scene started, the camera was in the stable, and it was in the stud's stall that had been used for breeding; the date showed it was shot today. It seemed to be placed on a tripod and you could see the two horses going at it, with Jim standing nearby.

Lisa was a little confused and really nervous "What's this daddy?" she asked.

He replied, "Just keep watching hon', more stuff happens."

'More stuff happens' Lisa thought, 'does he know what I did?'

Just as the stud pulled out and his first load of cum shot out, Jim paused the VCR.

"Now sweetie, at this time hadn't I already told you to go to the barn and wait for me there?"

Lisa paused, really nervous now, "Yes, daddy."

"But if you look at the top of the screen, you can just see the top of your head peaking over the wall of the pen. That is you isn't it Lisa?"

Then for a moment she thought she was in the clear, that he just wanted to punish her for not leaving the stable, "Yes, daddy. I stayed and watched."

"And what were you thinking when you were watching?"

"I don't know."

Jim asked, "Were you happy?"

"No, I was scared I guess, I didn't know what was happening."

"But it made you excited right?"

Lisa shied away, and just nodded yes. Her cheeks grew red with embarrassment.

"I guess you must have been excited, for you to go and do this." Jim replied then fast forwarded the tape until the video cut and the camera was in a new position, looking through a hole in the stud's stall, where the stud could be seen as little 11 year old Lisa walked up to its belly.

Lisa glanced at the screen and froze in shock.

"Why did you go back to the horse hon'?"

She was too petrified to talk.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

She finally spoke, "Please daddy, stop the tape and get rid of it. I'm so sorry."

"Sorry of what sweet pea?" the father said.

"Please daddy, please I'll never do it again, I hated the taste of it..."

"The taste of what hon'? What did you taste?"

She whined, "I don't know what's its really called. But all the girls at school have eaten it, I just wanted to try it."

Her father replied, "Well, it's called cum sweetheart. And I doubt that the cum the girls at school swallowed was from a horse."

"I don't like the taste of it, it was so gross and sticky and sour, I can still taste it,"

"You sound like you had a bad experience Lisa. Did you learn your lesson?"

"I did daddy. I'll never do it again"

"Then why did you try tasting the horse's cum three times?"

Lisa knew she was defeated and nothing she said could get her out of the trouble.

Lisa was almost in tears and pleaded, "I'll never try it again, please daddy, don't show this tape to anyone."

Jim had been waiting for those exact words, "Hmm. I never thought of showing the tape to anyone, what do you think your friends would think? Do you think they'd like to hang out with a girl who eats horse cum?"

She didn't respond, but whimpered next to her father.

By now the tape had advanced to the part just before the first shot of cum squirts onto little Lisa's face.

"Climb onto my lap sweetie" Jim said as he pulled his tiny daughter into his lap, her back sitting against his hairy belly and his shorts covered cock resting in between her little butt cheeks. He humped upwards a few times, mashing his cock into her soft butt, and she didn't move a bit.

"Now Lisa," Jim started, as he paused the VCR, the screen showing the two-foot long horse cock pointing right at Lisa's open mouth. "You remember what happened next right?"

She was now shaking a little, but nodded her head yes.

"Then tell me what happened."

She softly started, "It squirted in my mouth."

"What did?" Jim asked.

"The horse's cum."

"And what squirted it out?"

"The horse's cock."

"It's big isn't it?"

"I guess." Lisa said.

Jim asked, "You've never seen a cock before, not even a picture?"

She shook her head no.

Jim then put his large hands onto Lisa's hips and made two hard humps into her butt cheeks, squishing his cock in her softness. Lisa made a grunt sound at the dry hump, then Jim quickly got her to her feet and without his daughter knowing it began quietly taking his shorts off while still sitting on the couch. He wore no underwear and his hairy, fat body was soon naked with his clueless 11-year-old daughter standing with her back turned to him, her pale butt cheeks hanging out of her shorts.

Jim said, "I'm going to take your shorts off sweetie."

Lisa stood, paralyzed by what was happening, before today she had never been exposed to sex, now look at what was happening, and with her own father!

He reached up with his big, rough hands and grabbed her soft butt cheeks and squeezed them together, then rubbed them and pulled them apart, loving the feel of the tender flesh. Jim then reached around to her front and undid the button to her shorts, and slowly pulled the zipper down, then he grabbed at the bottoms of the cutoffs and began to tug them down.

Finally Lisa spoke, "Please daddy, don't do this, I'll do anything else, but please stop."

"I know you'll do anything else, but you'll do what I want now, or I'll make sure every one of your friends and classmates gets a copy of this tape."

With that she quieted down and he pulled the preteen's shorts down to her ankles, where he made her step out of the denim garment, her butt cheeks wiggling in her panties. Jim then reached up and roughly massaged little Lisa's ass, pulling and pinching until he was satisfied and she was whimpering a little more. Jim wanted to put his daughter back in line and gave her a quick slap across her exposed butt cheeks.

"Ow!" Lisa yelped.

"Then stop whining, I can stop now and send the tape if you'd like."

"No, go ahead," she softly conceded.

He slapped her tiny ass cheeks again, her soft flesh bouncing under his hand.

"Talk louder." He ordered his 11-year-old daughter.

She replied, "No, don't send the tape."

With that, Jim grabbed the elastic bands in the legs of his daughter's white panties and pulled them into her ass crack, her soft butt jiggling with the movement, until it looked like she was wearing a woman's thong. Then as the tiny fifth grader stood in her living room, wearing a white T-shirt, with her knee socks and blacks shoes still coated with horse cum and her panties pulled into the crack of her butt cheeks, her dad leaned over and nuzzled his nose into Lisa's most secret place, her anus. He sent a wave of shock through the little girl, "Oh! Daddy please stop," she whined, but Jim continued rubbing his nose between his daughter's butt cheeks for a minute, stopping now and then at her wrinkled brown hole.

Then he reached to her panties where the material ran up between her butt cheeks and pulled the panties aside, exposing her hairless, puckered anus. Jim quickly assaulted the area by teasing her butt hole with his wet tongue, tasting the tangy flesh. Little Lisa cringed at the sensation, "Daddy! What are you doing?"

"Just keep quiet sweetie." Jim said and continued his fun.

He lightly flicked his tongue on her tiny anus, and watched it pucker more tightly, then backed away, then flicked it again. After a minute the 11-year-old's butt hole was covered in her father's saliva, and no longer tensed to his touch.

Lisa's smooth pussy was also exposed to Jim, but he decided to leave her virgin hole alone, mostly because he wanted to train his daughter to take cock up her ass instead of her snatch.

Next, Jim told his daughter to reach around with her hands and spread her butt cheeks wide open, she did as she was told and Jim pressed his lips around her anus, then pushed his tongue directly against her smooth asshole. He continued the tongue pressure forward, trying to snake his tongue into the little girl's butt hole. When the tip of his tongue finally slipped past her anal ring, she squirmed but kept her cheeks pulled wide apart. Jim loved the feeling of her tight anus, and continued, thrusting his tongue deeper into her rectum as little Lisa yelped in shock, "Oh! Oh, uh, God."

After a minute of forcing his tongue into the little preteen, her asshole was finally loose enough for him to tongue fuck her, and he assaulted her wrinkled hole viciously. Shoving his whole tongue up her tight anus, then pulling it all the way out, waiting for it to close, then shoving his tongue all the way up her puckered hole again, making her grunt each time his tongue penetrated her. Jim kept tongue fucking the little girl's wrinkled asshole for another minute then backed off.

Lisa breathed a sigh of relief, thinking he was done molesting her, the little girl released her butt cheeks, and her wet anus became hidden in the cleft of her ass. But her father gave her a quick slap on the ass and said,

"I'm not through with you yet sweet pea. Bend over a little, and pull your butt cheeks apart wider than before."

Not wanting to upset her father, little Lisa did as she was told and again bent forward, then reached back and grasped her pale butt cheeks and pulled them wide apart till her puckered anus was totally exposed. Jim now wet his thick middle finger with his mouth and placed it at the entrance to his fifth grade daughter's butt hole. The preteen quickly tensed her anus at the feeling of the large digit, but Jim was going to have his way and began pushing his big finger at her wrinkled hole. After a few seconds without success, Jim again placed his mouth over her butt hole, and quickly forced his entire tongue up her asshole as she grunted in pain. He fucked his tongue up her ass for a moment, then backed away and quickly moved his big middle finger to the puckered hole and shoved the digit in to the second knuckle. Lisa shrieked in shock, more because of the surprise than the pain. Her grunts soon became louder and he continued the pressure of his thick finger pushing up into her tight anus. Jim toyed with his little daughter's asshole, shoving his finger in slowly, pulling it out, and then forcing it to the second knuckle very quickly causing her to gasp in pain. After a minute he was shoving his whole middle finger up her tight butt hole, his palm resting on her pussy, and loving every minute. He stroked his cock with his right hand and finger fucked her puckered anus with his other until her gasps of pain started dying down. Then he tongue fucked her butt for a minute, getting it really wet with his saliva, until he reinserted his middle finger, and shoved it all the way in, feeling the hot depths of the little girl's rectum. Then he pulled his finger out with her asshole partially opened, he pressed both his middle and his index finger to the tight hole, and pushed the digits in as far as they could go, then pulled them back out. Little Lisa was getting tired of the abuse but kept her mouth shut, and butt cheeks held wide apart. Next Jim quickly forced his two digits all the way up the preteen's asshole, until she cried out in pain. Then he pulled his two fingers almost all the way out of her butt, and proceeded with finger fucking her tiny butt hole as fast as he could, wildly forcing his fingers into her ass until she was near tears. Then Jim pulled his fingers out and kissed his daughter right on her used anus.

He spoke to her, "Mmm, that was good sweetie. Daddy loves your little butt hole. From now on I get to lick it whenever I want ok?"

Little Lisa was reluctant to answer.

"I'll take that as a yes. Well, I hope you're enjoying yourself hon'. I'm going to give you a treat in a minute if you're good. And from this tape it looks like I know exactly what you like."

He sat at the edge of the couch and stroked his hard cock, then he reached in a drawer and pulled out a tube of anal lubricant, and coated the head of his cock with it. Then he put the lube back and continued, "Now Lisa I want you to sit back in my lap again. But this time I'm going to shove my cock up your tiny butt hole."

Still bent over the little girl replied, "No daddy! It hurts, please don't daddy. I don't want to, my butt is so soar."

"Well, I really don't care, this is for your own good, trust me I know what's good for my little girl. Now lean back here and put your asshole right against my cock head."

"Daddy, I can't! I just can't do it, it hurts!"

Jim gave the little girl a quick smack on her ass, and spoke to her, "This is your last chance, do what I said or I will send that tape!"

Realizing she could do nothing else, the little girl obeyed him. Still wearing her white T-shirt, her cum covered knee socks and shoes and with her panties pulled aside the preteen girl forced her butt cheeks wide apart and leaned herself down until her butt hole rested against the tip of her father's eight-inch cock.

Lisa looked very small with her pale, thin legs bent and tiny butt crouched above her father's fat body, his cock looked far too large to fit into her little body, but he was going to make it fit no matter what the cost.

He held his dick at the entrance to her wrinkled hole and guided her, "Now sweetie, you have to force it into your butt hole yourself, if you can't do it I'll send the tape to your friends, understand?"

She nodded her head and took in a deep breath. Now ready for the oncoming pain, the little 11-year-old put more pressure against her dad's cock head, squishing it up against her tightly puckered anus. The little girl was unrelenting and no matter how much it hurt wanted to bury the large cock up her butt. While she struggled, Jim stroked his cock to keep his erection, pre cum now oozing from the tip. Getting a little frustrated, little Lisa raised herself a little bit, until the tip of his cock was just touching her anus, and then with a quick movement mashed her asshole onto her dad's cock, but he aimed wrong and his head simply smashed into her butt cheeks. Not giving up on the technique, the little preteen repositioned herself like before and again with all her weight mashed her asshole down onto her father's cock, this time her anus finally gave way and before she knew it his large cock head was buried up her anal tube. The little girl's first reaction was shock and she rested with her father's cock head in her butt, then the pain came and she cried out at the invasion,


Jim comforted her, "Oh, that's good sweetie, its so tight, go ahead and put more of it in you sweet pea, you have to put the whole thing up your butt, you can do it."

Still gasping from the penetration and not ready for more, the preteen obeyed her father. The girl placed her hands on Jim's fat, hairy thighs and let more of her weight fall onto her asshole as more of his thick cock was shoved up her butt. Very slowly, and all by herself, little 11-year-old Lisa buried three inches of her father's eight inch cock into her butt hole, the shaft looking obscenely large in her small, slender body. At that point she paused, still crying at the discomfort.

Her father said, "Mmm, that's great hon', you're so tight and hot, but you're going too slow. Tell me to fuck your butt sweetie. Shout it sweetie."

"Daddy it hurts so much, I can't do anymore." Little Lisa said and tried to raise up.

"Oh no you don't." Jim said and stopped her from moving off his cock by grabbing her hips.

He continued, "I'm going to take over. Tell me to fuck your butt. And say it loudly."

With his huge cock burning her bowels, his fifth grade daughter pleaded with him, "Please daddy I can't do anymore, it hurts too much, please take it out."

"I'm not going to tell you again, now say it."

Finally she obeyed him and weakly said, "Fuck my butt."

He replied, "Louder! And say please."

Again 11-year-old Lisa obeyed, "Please fuck my butt. Please fuck my butt. Please fuck my butt!"

With that, Jim grabbed his young daughter's two hands in one of his and raised them up above her head, then he positioned his feet just behind her heels, which now supported all of her weight. Next, Jim picked up the VCR remote and un-paused the tape as onscreen a huge load of horse cum shot into little Lisa's mouth. Watching the tape and her disgusting actions, the little girl turned red, but continued to watch as the horse covered her face with its thick semen. With the tape playing Jim told little Lisa to repeat her line again.

She cried out, "Fuck my butt. Please fuck my butt. Please fuck my butt. Please fuck my butt!"

Then with his cock already resting three inches inside his little daughter's anus, Jim kicked his feet forward, launching the preteen's heels and feet off the ground, and with nowhere to go her tiny butt hole was forced down onto Jim's huge cock until her ass cheeks slapped against his fat thighs, his full eight inch cock buried up his preteen daughter's butt. Lisa immediately screamed in pain, as her smooth anus mashed into his hairy pubic bone, then the schoolgirl tried to pull her butt off the very large intruding member. But Jim groaned in pleasure and with his free hand held her hips down onto his thighs, his cock resting deep in his daughter's bowels.

Lisa cried out, her insides burning with pain, "DADDY! Oh daddy please pull it out! Daddy! Pull it out of my butt!"

"Oh sweetie, it feels so nice. Soon, you'll learn to love the feel of a cock up your butt hole. Mmm, yeah, now I'm going fuck you good."

The sight was almost disgusting; the tiny 11-year-old child sitting on her obese father's lap, impaled on his huge cock. Her thin arms and bony legs flailed with no success as he held her down, squishing her pale butt cheeks against his fat thighs, his coarse hair itching on her smooth butt. Jim's big belly rubbed against the preteen's back as he breathed heavily and moaned at the tightness of her rectum. Jim shifted her skinny legs to the outside of his and moved back on the couch a bit till little Lisa's feet couldn't reach the ground, and Jim could control the movements.

With that Jim pulled an inch of his huge cock out of his daughter's anus, then after waiting for a second rammed his cock back into her butt, causing his fat thighs to loudly slap into her butt cheeks and making her yelp in agony. Then Jim began the onslaught, he slowly pulled half of his cock out of his daughter's butt then quickly rammed it home, his pubic bone slamming into her soft butt cheeks. He humped into her very hard three more times, causing her to grunt each time, then quickened the pace, fucking her with fast, shallow humps, wanting to bring on his orgasm. He was almost out of control as he slammed his cock into her butt, little Lisa gasped at each thrust,

"Oh, oh, oh, ow, ow, ow, ow, owie!"

"Oh yeah, take it sweetie!" Jim groaned.

Knowing now that she couldn't stop him if she tried, Jim released his daughter's hands and put both of his rough fists onto her frail shoulders, allowing him to more forcefully ram his cock into her tiny butt. With the new hold, the living room was soon filled with the rhythmic sound of preteen Lisa's butt cheeks slapping against her father's thighs as he repeatedly rammed his eight inch cock into her anus.

Growing wearisome, Lisa panted, "Oh, God, da-ddy, I, can't, take, much, more!" Her voice interrupted by the shock of her dad slamming his cock deep into her guts. Not heading her complaints, Jim continued to pound into her butt as she jerked her arms and legs in the air in an attempt to stop him. But he kept up the anal fucking, shoving his cock to the hilt with each inward thrust, and now the 11-year-old's anus was used enough for him to pull most of his cock out before again thrusting home, her smooth butt cheeks repeatedly smacking on his hairy thighs.

Nearing climax Jim spoke to his young daughter about his plan, "Ok sweetie, I'm almost ready."

She gasped a reply as he humped into her, "Ready, for, what?"

Still thrusting in and out, he told her, "Oh, honey, I got a treat for you. Since you tried the horsey, you can now try mine; you can be a big girl like your friends at school." Humping hard into her, he continued, "Oh, baby, I'm going to cum in your mouth sweet pea. And you're going to swallow it all down, no matter how bitter it is."

Scared, little Lisa was silent, except for the repeated grunts she made as her anus was pounded by her father's cock.

Jim spoke, "Yeah sweetie, you get to eat my cum, aren't you excited? Mmm, your butt is so soft, I can't wait to see your mouth filled with my sperm."

After saying that, Jim tightened his grip on her frail shoulders and slammed his huge cock into little Lisa's butt very hard, causing her butt cheeks to slap hard against his thighs and her filled anus to hug tightly against his pubic hair. The little girl was helpless and writhed in pain from the anal pounding. Jim held her down onto him for a second then spoke, "Ok hon' when I pull my cock out I want you to sit down on the couch and open your mouth really wide, do you hear me?"

She simply nodded her head yes, trying to fight off the pain his cock head was causing deep inside her guts.

"Ok babe, here goes." Jim said as he raised his 11-year-old daughter's butt off of his cock, when she was clear he kept his eyes on her anus and watched as it remained gaping wide for a few seconds, before wrinkling closed.

"Now sit down on the couch and open real wide" he moved and instructed her into place.

The little fifth grader sat down, still wearing her white T-shirt, which could now serve as a semen bib if she spilled, she also wore her panties, scrunched into her crack, and her knee socks and black shoes. Her very sore anus mashed into the rough material of the old couch as she sat.

"Now open your mouth wide Lisa" Jim said, his fat belly towering over her tiny head. Her blonde pigtails swayed as he used his hands to tilt the little girl's head back and force her mouth wide open, then he positioned his cock head right in front of her mouth and stroked his huge penis.

After a few strokes he was ready to blow, "Ok hon' here it comes, you have to swallow all of it you hear me? If you don't swallow all of my cum I'm going to send that tape ok?"

Lisa nodded her head yes, ready to obey him as the first load of cum shot out of his cock right into the 11-year-old's open mouth. She flinched back but Jim had his hand behind his little daughter's head, not allowing her to move as the warm cum landed on little Lisa's tongue and she tasted the sour semen. The next shots of cum erupted from Jim's large cock head and again landed right into Lisa's open mouth. Jim continued squirting his warm load into his daughter's mouth, but it was quickly filling up with his semen.

"Ok baby, swallow what's in your mouth." Jim said, still shooting his thick load into her mouth.

She quickly closed her tiny mouth, which was completely filled with her dad's thick semen. The preteen tried once to swallow the warm load, but couldn't, as she tried this her father's cock wasn't finished spewing its juice and continued squirting, now shooting onto the little girl's cheeks and nose. Again little Lisa tried to swallow the mouthful of sour cum, but she gagged and couldn't get the thick load down her throat. Then, with Jim's cock still spraying her face, the 11-year-old spit the mouthful of gooey cum out onto her chin, where it began oozing down her neck until it started soaking her T-shirt.

"Lisa what are you doing!? I told you to swallow it."

Not listening, Lisa continued to spit out the remains of her father's thick sperm, gagging on the sour taste, while his cock began oozing out the rest of its load, now spilling onto her pale thighs and crotch.

Not wanting her to get away with disobeying him, Jim quickly thought of a way to punish his daughter,

"I'm sorry sweetie, I really thought you would like the taste of my cum."

She cried out, still spitting out his sperm, "I didn't, and I told you I wouldn't, you jerk."

"You're right I'm sorry, open your mouth wide and I'll see if you still have any in your mouth."

Naively, she obeyed, opening her mouth wide once again, her chin and neck now covered with his warm load, and her T-shirt soaked through to her pale skin. With the little preteen now ready to be taught a lesson, Jim put both his hands at the back of her head, and holding onto her blonde pigtails he quickly shoved his large cock head between his daughter's lips and into her small mouth. Lisa tried to pull back from the cock, but her father's hands held her head firmly in place. He continued his forward movement and soon his cock head was at the back of his little girl's mouth, ready to be shoved down her throat. Little Lisa struggled at the invasion, trying to push his hips away with her tiny arms, but failed miserably. Then, inflicting the full punishment, Jim slowly pushed his cock head into his daughter's throat, forcing it down her gullet until his hairy nut sack rested against her chin, his full eight inches buried in her throat.

"What is he doing to me!" she thought, struggling for air.

Jim kept his cock head buried deep in his daughter's throat, and humped forward several times, mashing her lips against his coarse pubic hair, with his fat, hairy belly bumping into her forehead. Then, little Lisa began gagging on his huge organ. Jim, feeling a little sorry, withdrew half of his cock, until it rested at the entrance to her throat, while see sucked in a few big breaths of air. Then he quickly slammed the rest of his cock down the preteen's throat, his balls loudly slapping against the little girl's chin. Then he pulled half his cock out, the 11-year-old sucked in a breath of air, and Jim again pounded his cock down her tiny throat, his hairy balls again slapping against her chin.

The fifth grade girl tried to voice her distress to her father, but everything she said came out as a moan, which furthered intensified Jim's thrusts into Lisa's face.

Next, despite Lisa's almost constant gagging on his large cock head, Jim became more erratic with his pumping, repeatedly pulling his cock out, then slamming it down his daughter's throat, in turn bouncing his big balls off her chin with each thrust. He humped into her face so hard that his balls became sore from slapping into the little girl's chin, but it didn't matter because his daughter's punishment was almost over. Now pulling on her blonde pigtails, Jim made one last thrust into the little girl's face, again forcing his full eight inches down her throat, and burying her nose in his pubic hair. Then Jim let loose with his second orgasm and his thick load began shooting directly into his little girl's belly.

Lisa felt his cock twitch in her throat, then felt the warm semen spew right into her stomach. She was helpless to stop her father's actions and just sat on the couch, her chin pressed tightly against his hairy balls, and his cock unloading his thick cum down her throat. After what seemed like forever to little Lisa, Jim's hot load stopped squirting, and her father humped hard into her face one last time, nearly bruising her lips with his pubic bone, then withdrew his huge penis from her mouth.

Lisa immediately made huge gasps for air, and then passed out on the couch from the exhaustion of being sexually abused. Jim, sexually sated for the time being, laid his daughter length wise on the couch and stood to admire her. She was the image of innocence, her hair in little girl pigtails, her cute button nose and mouth. But his daughter also looked like a kiddy slut with her face covered in his thick cum, which still oozed down her neck, and her tiny nipples poked through her T-shirt, which served well as a sperm bib. She still had her knee socks and shoes on, and her panties were still pulled into her butt crack like a thong. Jim stood over his 11-year-old daughter, happy with his new sexual slave. He knew with the tape of Lisa and the horse he could make her do anything he wanted, and he knew he wanted to see her have more fun with animals, even if it required her to be tied down, but first she had to be trained a little more. Jim left little Lisa on the couch and hid the tape that held Lisa in bondage to him. Then he began planning the next adventures with his kiddy slut daughter.

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yes more with a dog and the horse


[email protected]

I disagree with Mikdez. I thought they distracted the reader. I really enjoyed your story. Please rite a squel.


AMAZING story. SO talented I would love to hear more!


Good story. I'd like to see the 10 yr. old involved. More horse/pussy/asshole action. I'd also like to see the 11 year old change her attitude on the taste of man cum.


this fucking digests me, i can't believe ur putting out a story about rape, and making it seem ok for people to like. i hated hit, i absolutely hated this shit.


I loved your story. Very descriptive. I cam several times


You are by far the best pedo-bestiality author on the internet. Your way of describing the sexual act between a 7-9 year old and a horse is unmatched.

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