Run-Away Amber, Part 2

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Published: 23-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Even though little Amber was only eight-years-old, she thought she should have more to say about how her life would be riding on the train. She really liked Skip Taylor the first Engineer she met, and she trusted him as well. All she asked was to have the freedom to meet new men on her own terms. She assured Skip that all of the Engineers would get to give her their cream anytime they wanted. She just felt like that might not be enough. She was really getting addicted to the strangeness of new men and their respective cocks, in addition to their cream. Skip decided not to be greedy and let her have run of the train.

For about two weeks, Amber contented herself to just letting the four Engineers provide for her sexually. They were all so nice and treated her like a queen. She had her own compartment and great food. The guys were always treating her to new clothes and gifts. Life was perfect she decided. But the boys agreed to let her meet others, and so it came about that on a particular ride from Atlanta to Chicago, she decided it was time for something different.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Amber checked herself out. Wearing a blue and green-checkered satin skirt that just barely covered her white cotton panty, but highlighted her perfect creamy legs. White knee-high socks drew attention to her fleshy thighs. The spandex tube top was her only concern. She didn't know if men would be satisfied with her almost flat chest. She liked the way the top made her little nipples stand out. She just hoped the small puffs of her titties would be enough to excite them? Her bare shoulders and midriff combined with a lot of leg would have to act as a distraction she figured. She had her long brunette hair in those pigtails that look more like a ponytail with one on each side was the final touch. There wasn't anything to do with her face. Everyone thought she was beautiful, so she accepted that. The green of her skirt balanced the electric green eyes that seemed to be lit from behind.

It was during breakfast that she sauntered through the dining car turning every head in there. She flashed smiles at the men, and ignored the haughty looks from the women as she cruised through. In the connecting lounge car she saw a nice looking older man reading the paper. He was wearing Bermuda shorts and a sport shirt. He didn't even notice her approach.

"Excuse me? Do you mind if I sit with you sir? She asked. The guy was so stunned by what he was looking at; he just sat there not saying a word!

"Sir? Did you hear me? Can I sit with you? I'm kinda bored." She repeated.

"I'm sorry dear. Of course! Sit here next to me. I'm John, what's your name gorgeous?" He said not taking his eyes off of her sexy body. He had seen his share of child porn, but she was the real deal! He wanted to find a way to touch her somehow. Maybe just a little bit without freaking her out?

"I'm Amber." She said crawling right up next to him where her bare thigh was touching his bare thigh. "You sure have a lot of hair on your legs mister." She said placing a hand on his leg close to his crotch.

"And I'm John, but you can call me Grampa, everyone does. And you don't have any hair on those pretty legs Amber?" He said with a chuckle, placing HIS hand on HER bare thigh.

Amber laughed and said, "I'm not supposed to have any hair on my legs silly. And you have pretty legs too mister Grampa man. Do you like feeling my leg as much as I like feeling yours?" She asked, knowing the answer. She knew he was trying to molest her a little. She liked this guy a lot already.

"I most certainly do young lady. You sure are beautiful, and your sexy clothes look wonderful on you."

"Do you like my skirt Grampa? Some of the ladies on this train think it's too short. What do you think?" She said spreading her legs just a little.

John gripped the skirt in the middle with the knuckles on the back of his hand touching her little mound and said, "I think it's perfect. I love the feel sweetie." He said and was in no hurry to remove it. He indeed did love the feel.

Her Engineer daddy only made one request of her, and that was to always let the men make the first naughty move. She wasn't sure that had happened yet, so she waited. "I really like the way it feels too Grampa!" She said looking down at his lump and wondering it's size?

"I'm thinking we should put a blanket over our legs if we are going to continue touching this way. People might get the wrong idea and think I'm molesting you or something?" Said John.

"Are you molesting me Grampa? If you are, you aren't very good at it! I'm good with the blanket though. My legs are a little chilly. Can you feel the goose bumps on them?" She said rubbing his thigh.

John grabbed a blanket from the overhead, and covered their legs and then started feeling all the exposed flesh of her thighs. "Nope! No goose bumps yet?" He said with another chuckle. "I better keep checking though in case I missed some?" And he did, a lot!

"You are so silly Grampa. I think I better check yours too?" And she returned the favor. He had wonderful legs. She especially liked his thick thighs. She "accidently' bumped his bump and felt it jump a little.

That was Johns cue to ask her, "Are YOU molesting ME now young lady?"

"That was an accident and you know it Grampa! At least I think it was?" She laughed.

"How old are you Amber? You seem like maybe twenty or more?"

"HEY! I thought you were attracted to me because I was young, not an old lady! I'm eight-years-old, and I guess I should go if you want someone older for a companion?" She said with a twinkle in those emerald eyes.

"That's funny. I was just sitting here a while ago and wishing I could meet someone your age on this trip. Yes. You will do nicely little girl. Now continue what you are doing with your hands, they feel wonderful on me."

Amber felt like it was time to take it up a notch, and said, "You mean this?" She said rubbing all over his hairy legs. "Or this?" She said placing her hand on his cock and squeezing. "Why are you so hard here Grampa? Are you thinking naughty things about me? Are you one of those pervert guys?"

Oh my god, does she really have her hand on my erection he pondered? Wow! He could get the electric chair for what he's thinking now? It had been one thing to flirt with a child, but this? What to do? What to do? "That Amber! Keep doing that!" And so he opted for the electric chair and slid his hand up her thigh, under the skirt, and started caressing her little pussy.

"Oh Amber are you sure you want to do this? Do you have any idea the effect you're having on me right now? I want to take you to my cabin and make love to you darling, but it would be so wrong. Oh we need to stop sweetie! Oh my god but you feel so wonderful. Is it really possible you want this Hun?" He gasped and continued to feel her up.

"I would love to see your compartment Grampa! I love what you are doing to me. Please say you will take me there. I promise you won't be sorry! Please? She begged, and squeezed at the same time. He didn't have a chance!

"I'm in 2887-A&B, it's a double suite. Let me go first, and then follow in five minutes. We really should be careful about this. I really COULD go to prison for a long time with what we've already been doing. Please tell me nobody will ever know I invited you to my room?"

"Don't be silly Grampa! It would be stupid to tell anyone. I could get grounded for life! This is between you and me. It's nobody's business but ours!" She said raising up and giving him a kiss on the cheek. He sort of staggered to his compartment. His mind reeling with what was about to happen. What WAS about to happen he wondered? He couldn't fuck her? She's much too young. Maybe he could teach her how to kiss? She DID put her hand on his cock though? Did she want to see it? Play with it? He dared not think of the other possibilities she could do with it? He was really lost as he fumbled his way into the room.

Amber was so excited. The game they had been playing was exactly what she had been missing. It was so much fun to flirt with men. They acted like children sometimes. This Grampa man was really nice, she could tell. She would go slow with him, because he would be on the train until Chicago. She saw that on the ticket sticking out of his shirt pocket. Amber wanted to be able to see him again and again if the sex was good?

The door was unlocked to his compartment so she came right in. He was sitting on the edge of the bed looking really nervous. She walked right up to him, and pressed in close between his legs. "You got my panties all wet, so I think it's only fair that you take them off. I've decided to give them to you anyway if you want them?"

John was grateful she made the first move. He had never been so uneasy in his life as he was right at that moment. All the same, he reached under her skirt, grabbed hold of her waistband, and slowly pulled the panty down to her feet, and she stepped out of them. "Thank you Amber. I WOULD like to keep them.

"Can I have yours now Grampa?" She said and started unbuttoning his shorts. Pulling his fly open she was surprised his fat six-inch cock sprung out! "Grampa! You naughty man! You really ARE a pervert! You're not wearing any underpants. What can I have for a souvenir now? I know?" And with that comment, she went down on him. Taking all six inches of his fat one was easy for her. When she had all of it in her throat, and her nose was nestled into his hairy bush, she just stayed there and worked her tongue on the underside of it.

"Oh my god Amber! Oh my god!! Wha... what's hap... oh my! You're just a... a little? ...How?" John just kept sort of babbling and not saying anything. It was obvious that he was feeling a great deal of pleasure because of all the moaning though. He shot every bit of his fluid down into her little belly within a minute! She continued sucking on it until the shrinking happened. Then she moved down and cupped his balls one at a time with her hungry mouth. John fell back on the bed feeling exhausted and confused. How could a second grader do that he wondered? Where on earth did she learn how to do that?

Amber really liked the taste of his cream, and his cock fit perfectly in her throat. She new from experience that it would fit nicely everywhere else too! She wanted to please him so much! She wanted to be his girlfriend. She suggested it would be fun to take a shower together, and John had no argument with that. They really did have a lot of fun in the shower. Lot's of laughter, and lots of slimy soaping, and licking and sucking. Amber's next project was to get him to fuck her pussy. She wasn't sure he would do that because he was so nice?

John wasn't an idiot. He knew that whatever trouble he might get in, the deed was done, so why not make the most of it. The old phrase, "In for a penny, in for a pound", came to mind. He surprised Amber by tossing a bar of soap on the shower floor and telling her to pick it up. When she bent over, he stuck his cock in her already soapy asshole. He went a little crazy at that point because of how erotic his actions were. He fucked her like he had never fucked anyone before! And not only in her pussy, but alternating between the two available holes! Amber was very appreciative, and also very loud!

Amber spent the night in her new Grampa's arms much to his delight. He introduced her to sixty-nine before they headed to breakfast in the morning. Amber had to excuse herself to go spend some time in between the legs of the new relief Engineer Tommy, but promised to cum another time, and she meant it! John spent the rest of the day, and probably the rest of his life, reviewing their time together.

End of chapter 2

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Another brilliant story.


Love the series! You been making me cum every week!

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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