CreamWorks Pictures Presents: Softball Sluts

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by Lucy

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Published: 8-Aug-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Today was the big day. It had been a couple weeks since I watched my CreamWorks preview DVD, and I had ordered a whole bunch of them after watching that. They were due to arrive today. I couldn't even focus at work, and I hurried home like a madman.

I raced to my mailbox and saw it. It was a small brown box with no return address. I opened my front door, threw everything aside, and opened the package. There were four discs inside. Unlike my preview disc, these had cases with titles and little summaries. I looked at all of them, my mouth watering, before choosing the one I wanted to watch.

It was called "Softball Sluts." I turned it over and read the description: "Little nymphets need to work hard if they want to make the team!" I bet they do. I couldn't wait. I hurried over to my TV, popped it in, and started enjoying.

The screen came to life with the CreamWorks logo: a purple background with an animated cartoon of a cock shooting cum onto a little blond girl's face. The picture faded away and was replaced by a title card: "CreamWorks Pictures presents: Softball Sluts." The title faded to a list of credits that said "Starring: Nina, Naomi, Maria, Jessica, and Kim."

Getting Ready

The movie starts with an exterior shot of a beautiful house. Inside, a stunning blonde woman in her pajamas is in the kitchen, making breakfast. She walks to the bottom of a flight of stairs and looks up.

"Nina!" she shouts. "Let's go! You're going to be late for school!"

The camera cuts to man's face. He is lying in bed. "She's right," he says. "Hurry up and make me cum." The shot pans down to show a blonde little girl sucking on the man's cock. The caption "Nina: 8 years old" appears on the screen and then disappears. Nina is furiously sucking on her father's dick, running her tongue all over it and rubbing his balls with her hand.

Her father's body starts shaking, and he announces is about to cum. He grabs Nina's head and holds it in place as he shoots stream after stream into her mouth. Once he's finished, the girl looks up at him and smiles.

"That's my girl," the man sighs. "Now go get ready, you have a big day ahead."

The scene shifts to another house. An Asian woman is walking down the hall and reaches the bathroom. Opening the door, she sees her daughter in the shower. The woman disrobes, opens the shower door, and joins the little girl. The caption "Kim: 9 years old" appears and disappears.

"Are you ready for today?" the girl's mother asks, lathering herself up. "You've been looking forward to the tryouts for weeks."

"Yeah, I'm excited!" answers Kim. "I'm making sure my pussy and ass are nice and clean!"

"That's good," answers her mom. "Let's see how you're doing." She bends Kim over. The little girl puts her hands on the wall to brace herself. Her mother kneels behind her and spreads her buttcheeks. She spits on the girl's asshole and runs her finger up and down the girl's crack, down to her hairless slit.

"Looks like you did a good job," she tells Kim. "Now hurry, or you'll be late."

The scene shifts again, this time to an apartment building. In one of the apartments, a young black girl is brushing her teeth, naked. The caption reads, "Naomi: 10 years old." A large black man enters the bathroom, also naked, his cock rock hard. He presses himself against the girl's back.

"Daddy," she protests. "I have to finish getting ready, I don't have to time to fuck right now."

"I know, baby," her father says. "Just checking you out. I can't wait to see you in that hot softball outfit."

"I haven't made the team yet," says Naomi. "I'm probably going to have suck and fuck and lick a whole lot."

"Well that's how we raised you," says her father. "So you'll be just fine." Naomi turns around, jumps into her father's arms, and they start making out.

The setting changes on last time. Two Hispanic twin girls are sitting at a table eating breakfast. They are topless, wearing only red thongs. The caption reads "Jessica & Maria: 8 years old." The girls are curvy, with long dark hair and soft skin. They are making small talk when they hear a crashing sound from the next room. They get up and check. In the living room, a teenage boy is fucking a middle-aged woman doggy style, and hard. The twins smile.

"You're already fucking mama?" Jessica asks. "It's not even 9:00 AM!"

"Shut the fuck up," the boy answers, gasping. "You're lucky you have to go fuck at school, or I would fuck the hell out of your little pussies too!"

Maria looks like she likes the idea. "Maybe tonight, then," she says, smiling. "Come on, sis, let's get ready."

The School Day

The scene starts with Nina sitting on the school bus. She is wearing a traditional schoolgirl uniform and is looking out the window. Two older boys, maybe around 12, lean over the top of the seat behind her.

"Hey, slut," one of them says. "What's up?"

"Nothing, Mike," the little girl answers. "Except that I'm trying out for the softball team today!"

Mike's friend answers her. "The softball team is the biggest bunch of sluts in the school! You can't handle that!"

"Of course I can, Jack!" protests Nina. "You know how slutty I can be. I already sucked off my daddy before even going out this morning."

"So what?" says Mike. "Everyone sucks their dad. Prove how slutty you are. Let me and Jack fuck you now." The two boys get up from their seat and move into the aisle. They both pull their pants down and brace themselves on the seat backs. Their hard preteen boners stare Nina in the face. She scoots to the edge of the seat, licks her lips, and takes a cock in each hand. She rubs Mike's shaft up and down, and leans into Jack's, taking it in her mouth. After a few moments, she switches to Mike.

Mike pushes the girl's head away. "Fuck the blowjobs," he says. "I said let us fuck you!" Nina stands up, and Jack replaces her on the seat. He lies on his back and the little girl straddles him, his boner sliding into her young pussy, which is naked under her skirt. She bends over to offer to asshole to Mike, which he promptly penetrates. The two preteen boys pound the 8 year old's holes, as the little girl moans and loves it.

A few minutes later, Mike grabs the Nina's shoulders and holds her ass tight against his cock. His body trembles, and he shoots a load into her anus. Jack soon follows, and Nina moans loudly with her own orgasm.

The next scene is in a classroom. A middle aged white man is writing on the chalkboard. The class consists of about 20 boys and girls, including Naomi. Suddenly she seems startled.

"I asked you a question, Naomi," he says to her. "You seem distracted today, young lady."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson," the girl answers. "I'm thinking about later today. I'm trying out for the softball team."

"The softball team?" Mr. Johnson smiles and winks at the class. "You mean the biggest group of sluts in the school?" The class hoots, and Naomi smiles.

"That's right, Mr. Johnson," she says, then turns around to her classmates. "You guys want to see me get slutty?" The other ten year olds respond with a cheer. Naomi rises from her desk and walks up to Mr. Johnson, who is leaning against his desk. Instead of kneeling, she bends at the waist until she is facing his crotch and her bare ass and pussy are exposed to the class and the camera.

The little girl unzips Mr. Johnson's pants, her eyes staring up at him. His hard cock springs out and she focuses her gaze on it. She sticks her tongue out and licks the tip of it, a string of precum forming. She licks her way down his shaft, then back up. She wraps her lips around the teacher's dick and starts sucking it, up and down.

Mr. Johnson moans and places her hands on Naomi's head as the students ooh and aah. One girl in the front row has lifted her skirt and is thumbing her clit. After Naomi sucks the older man for a few minutes, Johnson lies on his back on the desk. Naomi gets on top of him in a 69 position. She resumes sucking his cock as he licks her pussy and sticks his index finger in her ass. Naomi is now moaning loudly and clearly enjoying herself.

Naomi starts bouncing her ass up and down, getting close to an orgasm. Mr. Johnson also moans louder. Naomi climaxes, and a few moments later, her teacher shoots stream after stream of cum onto the girl's face and into her open mouth. She uses her finger to scoop it into her mouth and swallow it. The students cheer.

The camera is now following Kim walking down the hallway. She walks past classrooms and lockers, and at the end of the hall, she reaches a door with a sign that reads "Janitor." Holding books in one hand, she knocks on the door. A large black man in his 30s opens and smiles at her. He is wearing a wife beater and jeans.

"Hey, little girl," he says. "What can I do for you?"

"I'm trying out for the softball team," says Kim. "So I need to be one of the biggest sluts in school. Wanna help me out?"

"Sure, baby," answers the janitor. "Come in here." He leads her into his supply room and closes the door. The shelves are stocked with cleaning products and tools, and a bunch of brooms and mops are standing in the corner. The janitor looks over Kim and turns her around once, inspecting her and smiling.

"Let's see what you got," he says, leaning against a shelf. Kim puts her books and backpack on the floor and unbuttons her shirt. She isn't wearing anything underneath. She flips the shirt onto the floor as well as the janitor starts rubbing the bulge in his pants. The little girl then lowers her skirt. Like the other girls, she isn't wearing any underwear. She is now naked except for her knee-high socks and black shoes.

Kim walks over to the janitor. Her head is barely above his waist, a perfect height. She licks his bulge through his jeans and runs her hands over it. The janitor runs his fingers through Kim's soft black hair as she unzips him. She carefully pulls the waistband of his boxers down past his cock, which is huge. Kim sticks her tongue out and runs it up and down his black shaft as he moans loudly. She wraps her lips around it and starts sucking.

"A little slut like you deserves a cock in every hole," he tells her. She stops sucking, smiles, and looks around the room. She walks to the corner and gets a broom. Squatting on all fours in front of the janitor, she inserts the end of the handle into her pussy, getting about 5 inches inside herself. Then she starts sucking the janitor again, both of them moaning.

Soon he pushes her head off his dick. With the broom still in the girl's pussy, the janitor mounts her from behind, forcing half his cock into her pussy. He grabs her by the face, with two fingers in her mouth.

"Oh yeah!" the little girl screams. "Fuck me! Fuck my asshole really hard!" The janitor increases the speed and force of his thrusts. Kim squeals with every movement. After a few minutes the janitor announces he is about to cum, pulls Kim's ass as close to him as can, and shoots load after load into her. He slowly pulls out, and the camera zooms in on her reddened asshole, semen oozing out of it.

The scene cuts to another classroom. Jessica and Maria are sitting next to each other. The class is watching a porno of a girl getting gangbanged. The intercom beeps and a voice asks, "Can you please send Jessica and Maria to the office, please?" The female teacher nods at the girls, who get up and walk down the hall to a door that says "Principal" on it. Maria opens the door and the twins walk in.

The principal is sitting behind his desk. He is a middle aged man, bald, with a goatee, and in great shape.

"Hello, girls," he says. "Have a seat." There is only one chair in front of his desk. Jessica sits down, and her sister sits on her lap. "What's this I hear about you joining the softball team? Don't you know only the biggest sluts in the school can do that? I'm afraid the two of you simply aren't qualified."

"We're really qualified!" protests Maria. "We can be slutty! We already are slutty! Just last week we sucked off the entire baseball team!"

The principal smiles. "Oh, that's right," he says. "Well, maybe. I don't know."

"Let us show you!" exclaims Jessica. The twin 8-year-olds get up and start clearing their principal's desk. When they finish making room, they slowly undress each other. Jessica lies on top of the desk on her back, and her sister straddles her in a 69 position. The girls start eating out each other's pussies. The principal has now unzipped his pants and is jerking off his cock.

The girls are moaning loudly and talking dirty to each other. The principal can't take it anymore, and walks to one end of the desk. He pulls his pants down and pulls both girls towards him, spearing Maria's pussy with his cock. His balls are rubbing Jessica's face as she continues licking her sister's twat.

"You two are really slutty," the principal says, breathing heavily. "I always knew it. But I needed some extra proof." He takes his cock out of Maria's pussy and offers it to her sister, who eagerly starts sucking the cunt juices off of it. Soon he sticks it back in Maria's pussy, and Jessica resumes her licking.

The principal is soon ready to cum. He pulls out and starts jerking off. Within a few moments, streams of jizz shoot out of his cock and land on Maria's pussy, dripping down onto Jessica's tongue, who happily takes it. Once he's finished, the girls sit up and face each other. They embrace in a kiss, their principal's cum running over both their tongues and chins.

The Tryouts

The scene takes place in a gymnasium. The five girls are sitting in a row on the floor, their legs crossed. The camera pans across from girl to girl, zooming inside their skirts and showing their bare pussies. The girls are looking around, seemingly bored and waiting for someone.

A door opens and two figures walk in. The first is a woman in her 40s. She is tall and thick, with impressive breasts. She is wearing a tight red tank top, tight red shorts, and a red baseball cap. Her long black hair is tied up in a ponytail. Her companion is a black girl in her mid to late teens. She is in the same outfit, except colored blue. Her gorgeous breasts are matched only by a fantastic ass.

"Ok, girls," says the older woman. "I'm Coach Phillips. This here is my assistant Alicia. So you little cunts want to be part of the softball team? Well, it's hard work being the biggest sluts in school, so let's get started and see what you can do! Strip those uniforms off!"

The girls jump up and do as they're told. Soon enough they are all standing there naked. Coach Phillips and Alicia exchange looks. Alicia is biting her lip.

"Turn around and bend over!" orders the coach. The girls do so. The camera pans across their smooth asses. Kim's is still red from fucking the janitor. Coach Phillips slowly walks down the line of preteen girls, staring at each one's ass and pussy. "You all have to look your absolute sexiest, both in and out of uniform. Look at Alicia!" The girls stand up straight and turn back around. "She's a perfect specimen, both in her uniform and naked. Alicia, take your clothes off."

Alicia lifts her tank top over her head and tosses it to the floor, then slips out of her shorts. She stands in front of the girls, completely naked. Meanwhile, Coach Phillips opens a duffel bag and produces five vibrators.

"Take a seat, girls," she says. "Let's see what you can do with these." The girls sit back on the floor as Alicia hands each of them one of the toys. The girls turn them on and start playing with their pussies. Soft moans start to fill the gym.

"You're going to have to do better than that," says Alicia. The girls start fucking themselves harder, and their moaning and sighing becomes more intense and loud. While the girls continue, Coach Phillips removes her own uniform.

"Ok, let me see those," she says. The girls hand the vibrators to her, and one by one, she licks them clean. She turns to Alicia. "Yeah, they're ready for the next step."

Alicia walks over to the first girl, Nina, and crouches down in between the young girl's legs. Soon, the coach's assistant is slurping away at Nina's twat while everyone else watches. Coach Phillips approaches the girl at the other end, Jessica, and stands over the girl's face. Without question, Jessica leans her head back and starts licking the older woman's cunt.

Coach Phillips and Alicia move down the line, passing each other in the middle and giving every girl the same treatment. When they are finished, the coach stands back to address the girls. "Alright!" she says. "That was good. One more step. Let's see what you can all do with each other. Daisy chain!"

The girls quickly obey and form a circle of pussy licking. Maria licks her sister, who licks Kim, who licks Nina, who licks Naomi, who licks Maria. The gym is loud with prepubescent moaning. Coach Phillips walks around the circle, observing, and Alicia sits off to the side, fingering her own pussy. After a long while, Coach Phillips speaks.

"Ok, girls, great job! Let's hit the showers! You've all made the team!" The girls jump up and cheer, exchanging kisses and hugs, and they all run into the locker room together.

The End

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Yes, Loliwood is back and the first story I read is another Creamworks. Please continue with these, they remind me of Erotikids, which I miss, and love it.


Love it!


Love the opening scene, it truly set the tone for the movie.... I feel inspired to right a similar piece. thanks and keep it cumming.

Dave Miyagi

I was excited as he was when he got his package in the mail.

Totally outrageous fun..

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