Church and the Picnic

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Published: 18-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 1: Church

I am a Sunday school teacher in my local church and have a class of nine to twelve year olds. Some of my pupils, especially the girls, become extra close to me due to my talent of making them feel very special.

There was one girl, Lara, who had just turned eleven and had moved into the area about two months before the big picnic last year. At first, she was quite shy. According to her mother, Lara had been attacked by a group of youths in their previous area and this made her a bit nervous around men. I was told this as I was going to be her Sunday school teacher and her mother thought I should know.

After a week or two she started to come round to me and became more outgoing. Her mother was pleased with this and so was quite happy when Lara spent time with me. Lara's father had disappeared from their lives when she was two.

It is strange that parents don't see things a child does. Lara saw right away that I was into little girls, but her mother didn't seem to catch on to this. Neither did anyone else in the church for that matter.

After a month, I was playing with the children as I usually did when church was over. On this day, Lara was the only one left. Her mother was seeing the preacher about something. I was chasing Lara and she ran into the big hall. This was a room where events were held, so it had a stage at one end. Lara ran up onto the stage. The curtains were closed, but some lights were on, and this is where I caught her. She stood there, looking up at me, and said, "Now you caught me. You can do what you want with me."

I sat on a chair that was there and pulled her down to sit on my lap.

She looked into my eyes and boldly asked, "You like little girls, don't you?" I answered that I did. She smiled and said, "I don't mind."

Getting the hint, I pressed my lips to hers. Her lips parted and we began passionately French kissing. I rubbed my hand up under her skirt and caressed the smooth skin of her thigh as we kissed.

We kissed hotly for several minutes, then she stood and said, "I guess we better get back before my mother comes looking for us." We left the stage hand in hand and I returned her to her mother.

Over the next month I saw Lara and her mother quite a bit as her mom and I were both involved in the arrangements for the annual area picnic. Whenever possible, I slipped my hand up under Lara's skirt to stroke her bare thigh, but I was unable to find time to be alone with her again.

Chapter 2: The Picnic

I awoke on the day of the picnic and looked out on a beautiful summer morning. It was going to be a great day for the picnic. Because of the prevailing weather and the forecast for the day I chose to wear a loose tee shirt and loose lightweight shorts.

When everyone arrived at the park the frivolity began. While the children played games, the adults socialized and prepared the picnic. As class teachers, some others and I were assigned to look after the children and their games.

Soon came the call from some of the children to go to the playground, but in this park the play area wasn't at the same place as the area we had congregated in. So, after clearing things with parents, a group of children escorted by three other teachers and myself set off for the playground for a while.

After ten minutes or so, Lara seemed to slip and hurt herself. She wished to return to the main area and asked me to take her, so after telling the others where we were going, we left.

Once out of sight of the play area, she took my hand in hers and held it as we walked. Halfway back to the picnic area, Lara said, "C'mon," and pulled me off the track into the trees.

We pushed our way through a few bushes, and after a hundred yards or so, we entered a clearing. She guided me to a stump near the edge of the clearing and had me sit down on it. She moved to stand between my legs and put her arms around my neck. I took her in my arms and hugged her.

I began to stroke up and down her back and slowly moved my hands to the top of her shorts. I grasped the elastic waistband and looked into her eyes, asking if this was ok. She nodded.

I pushed her shorts and panties down her legs until they were at her knees, then slowly caressed her thighs and buttocks.

She grabbed my right wrist and moved my hand between her legs. I paused momentarily to look into her eyes again. She smiled and laid her head on my shoulder.

I started to rub my hand over her hairless pussy, each stroke getting my middle finger deeper between the lips, and then I was there. I could feel her entrance and her clit at either end of my strokes. I put my thumb on her clit, rubbing it as my finger continued to move up and down her slit. I then pushed my finger tip against her entrance and it slipped in. I moved it back and forth working it all the way in. I was happy enough with this and moved in and out, continuing to rub her clit with my thumb. Each time I pushed it in she gently moaned against my shoulder. Then the moans turned to gasps and her legs started to buckle as she shook in orgasm. I supported her with my left hand under her hips as I continued to pump my finger into her even after she had stopped.

She raised her head from my shoulder and kissed me as her right hand reached for my shorts. I was so turned on that I didn't even think to stop her and she soon had them undone. She took my hands in hers and urged me to stand up so she could pull my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and Lara spread them on the stump along with her shorts and panties. Then, I sat back down on the stump and she straddled my lap facing me.

With one hand, I positioned my rod at her entrance as she lowered herself onto it. She smiled as the head slipped into her. She eased it all the way in then she sighed and hugged against me.

With her hands on my shoulders, Lara started to move up and down. Soon her movements got faster until she was bouncing like she was on a trampoline. I knew I wouldn't last long at this pace. Sure enough, I felt my balls begin to boil and pulled her tightly down on my cock as it exploded inside her.

She started to move again, milking my cock of every drop she could before stopping for a rest. We sat there with her sitting astride me, my cock still stuffed inside her, and hugged each other.

I began kissing her deeply and she responded by wriggling on my lap. With this and the contracting and loosening of her cunt walls on my cock, it began to harden again. "Oh goody," she said, "we can do it again."

With her tight little canal enveloping my now rigid rod, I had no option, so I lowered her gently to the ground and lay on top of her, taking my weight on my arms. I began to slowly pump in and out and she was soon joining in with my rhythm. "Squirt in me again," she cried, so I sped up and thrust as deep as I could.

Faster and faster I pumped until I felt the sperm rising again in my cock. "Here it comes," I panted, "I'm going to squirt you full again." With that I pushed deep and for the second time in an hour filled Lara's sweet cunny with my cream.

We dressed and went back towards the picnic area again, her "injury" forgotten. We got back to the main group just before the others from the play area began arriving, thus avoiding any suspicions.

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Nicely written, thanks for sharing your passion. Please share more.


I loved this story a lot even though it was short it was written very well. I hope to see more!! And hope you include a little bit younger girls.


nice story,love when the girls want you to squirt into them!


Liked the idea of the story but unfortunately,it was a bit to short.I personally like nice,slow steady build up,with the tension gradually increasing.I look forward to reading more of your stories

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