Granddad's Games, Part 1

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Published: 15-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The first time Granddad started playing his games with me I was 11.

I'd been sitting on his knee trying to get him to take my friends and me to the funfair and he'd said ok but it'll cost you a kiss. As I bent forward to kiss his cheek his hand covered my breast and squeezed it gently.

Not knowing what to do I'd just sat there as his hand had moved to my right breast and squeezed that one too! It hadn't hurt but I knew that it was wrong for him to do that to me. He had always touched and stroked me and when I first came to live with him I must admit that it had been nice to have someone cuddle me and pay me attention.

It was always easy for me to get what I wanted from Granddad. I just had to sit on his lap and give him a cuddle and he would give in and get me whatever it was that I was after but this was something new.

When he had finished I had just got up and left him sitting there. I'd phoned Mum, as I didn't have anyone else to call, even though I'd had to move out once Mum had got her new boyfriend as we didn't get on.

Mum wasn't at all understanding. She sounded like she'd been drinking and was cross that I had interrupted what she was doing. She said I must have made a mistake but she said she would speak to Granddad and phone me back.

It was about ten minutes later that my mobile phone rang. It was Mum and she was shouting and swearing at me down the phone. "Just because Granddad's hand had brushed against my breasts as I had bent to kiss him was no reason to accuse him of touching me up, she shouted. "If you don't want him to kick you out and for you to have to come back and live here you had better get downstairs and apologise to your Grandfather, she told me before slamming the phone down.

The tears hadn't stopped until I had fallen asleep but when I woke up the next morning it was with a feeling of dread.

Would Granddad kick me out? Was he going to be cross that I'd told Mum? I wanted to go back to sleep and not have to face him but I knew that being Saturday he would be around the house and would expect me to go shopping like we did every Saturday morning.

Dressing in a white tee shirt and shorts, as it was a hot day, I headed down to the kitchen to face him. I was really scared as I walked in and found him sitting at the table eating his toast and drinking coffee as he read the paper.

He didn't look up as I walked in, which was a bad sign as usually he would hold out his arms so I would go and kiss him. Standing there nervously I waited till he looked up at me.

"I'm really sorry Granddad, I said as he looked up at me. "Please don't make me go back and live with Mum?

He held up his arms to me and gave me a hug. "Hey don't worry Pet, he told me. "You live here with me now and as long as you remember that what goes on here stays here, you will always be able to live here.

Not really understanding what he meant, I did understand that he wasn't going to send me back to Mum and that was enough for now. I hugged him harder and kept telling him how sorry I was and that I'd never do it again, until he told me to get my breakfast as we were going shopping soon.

The rest of the day went as it usually did. We did the shopping together and I did us some lunch. Then in the afternoon I watched telly while Granddad read a book.

"Do you still want to go to the fair, Granddad asked?

"Can I invite some friends, I pleaded?

"Yes Pet, of course you can, he agreed and I rushed off to the phone to ask some friends.

The fair was fun and Granddad gave us all money to spend there, before dropping my friends' home. I notice how he always had the child locks on the doors so that he would have to open them from the outside and I saw how he always tried to look up my friends skirts as they climbed out of the car.

I'd never noticed before but I realised now that Granddad had always been like this but I tried to tell myself that it was my imagination.

Once we were home Granddad got me to fetch him a drink and sat in the lounge in his favourite chair. He sent me upstairs to change for bed, which was unusual as I normally didn't change till bedtime but not wanting to make him cross I did as I was told. "Put on your lilac nightdress, he told me. "I like that one.

It wasn't usual for Granddad to tell me what to wear to bed and I guess that I realised something was up but I knew that I had better go along with him. I had my shower and dried myself off and put the nightdress he wanted me to wear on before brushing my hair.

Looking in the mirror as I did my hair I wasn't happy with what I saw. My brown hair was too short and only just reached my shoulders where Mum had made me have it cut off. My face still had freckles and my shoulders were pale and white under the spaghetti straps of the nightdress. My breasts were still smaller than most of my friends but at least my body was nice and slim. The nightdress was a bit short and I could see my bum at the back so I pulled on a white thong and a pair of shorts so that I was well covered down there.

Granddad looked up and I saw a look of disappointment cross his face. "Did I tell you to wear shorts, he asked angrily? I shook my head, too scared to reply. "Well get them off now! He ordered me.

Unbuttoning my shorts I slid them down, regretting my decision to wear a thong underneath. Granddad's eyes grew large and his smile returned, as he looked me up and down. "That's better now go and get me a drink Pet, he ordered and I felt his eyes follow me as I did as I was told.

Feeling very nervous I handed him the glass and as he patted his lap for me to sit there the nerves got worse.

As I sat down, he put his free arm around me and hugged me to him as he took a sip of his drink. "Do you like living here Pet, he asked?

"Yes granddad, I answered, worried about where this was heading.

"I wasn't very happy about what you did last night, he told me. "At least it made you see that apart from me, no one loves you and wants you to live with them, do they?

"No Granddad, I replied. "I'm sorry Granddad. I won't do it again. Please don't get cross with me? Please let me stay with you?

"We'll see, he said. "I really think that you need to be punished for phoning your Mum like that. What about if I was to spank you? It would help me to believe that you really were sorry if you were to let me do that to you?

I was very confused as I sat on Granddad's lap. He wanted me to let him spank me, something that no one had ever done to me but if I didn't let him do that, he wouldn't believe that I was sorry and I didn't want to think about what might happen then.

"I am sorry Granddad, I told him. "Please believe me?

"If you want me to believe that, then just lay yourself across my lap so that I can spank you, he told me and sat waiting.

My body froze as I sat there. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be spanked but life had been so much better for me since I moved in with Granddad and I didn't want to leave there either.

It was a shock as I suddenly found myself dumped on the floor as Granddad stood up and strode out of the room. I panicked and getting to my feet rushed after him, catching up with him as he was pulling some string from a draw in his office.

"I'm sorry Granddad. I'll do it, I cried. "I'll let you spank me. Please don't be cross.

"You're in for a lot more than a spanking now, he shouted. "You had your chance and blew it. Now if you want to stay you'll have to persuade me it's worth letting you.

Granddad grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the lounge. Turning me away from him he grabbed my arms and pulling them behind me he tied my wrists tightly together. I felt the string go around my elbows and the next thing I knew he had pulled them painfully close, forcing my shoulders back and making my breasts stick out.

He walked around me and smiled but I didn't like his smile, as it looked funny. Sitting back in his chair he motioned for me to walk over to him and once I was standing in front of him he patted his knees.

As I went to sit down on them he said "No, in a stern voice. "Lay across them for your spanking.

With difficulty, I lowering myself forwards across his knees but he helped me and finally had me in a position that he was happy with. All I could see from my upside down position was his trousers, his shoes and the floor but I was blushing as I realised the view that I must be presenting him with.

Feeling him lift my nightdress I jumped, as he rested his hot hand on my bum, which thanks to the thong was almost naked. His other hand was across my back holding my bound arms against me and making sure that I couldn't get up. My bum was squeezed, then, I heard a slap and my bum felt as though it was on fire.

I struggled but Granddad just laughed as he started hitting me again and again, first on one cheek and then on the other. As he spanked me I slid a little up his legs and could feel something hard digging into my side.

Granddad had slowed but now each spank was harder. My tears and yells had weakened and now, with each smack I just sobbed harder as I tensed waiting for the next.

Through the pain I felt his hand as he grabbed the waist of my thong and then I felt the material dig into me before it ripped as he tore it off me.

Now his hand pushed one knee and pulled the other so that my legs were spread further apart before he slid it up my leg to run his fingers over the lips of my sex.

I was so relieved that he had stopped beating me that I didn't object when his fingers slid between the lips of my pussy and one pushed a little way inside me. No one else had ever touched me there and I could feel him as he moved the finger around as if testing inside me.

"Stand up, he ordered pulling his finger out and I struggled to get up with my hands tied as they were behind me but I finally got there. "Now lean forward towards me, he told me and as I leant forward he held his hands palm upwards towards me.

"Further forward he ordered and I sobbed as I realised that if I bent forward any more my breasts would rest on his upturned hands.

"It looks as if I am going to have to spank you a lot more before you learn to obey, Granddad said looking me in the eye.

Realising what he meant I quickly bent further forward so that my breasts were in the palm of his hands.

"That's better but you do want me to play with them don't you, he asked? "It's really up to you, you know. If you don't want me to I'll stop now?

By now I was ready to agree to anything he wanted. "Please Granddad, I don't mind you doing it if it's what you want. Just don't send me away, please, I begged.

Granddad pulled me down on his lap and I winced as pain shot through my body from my sore bum. He hugged me to him as tears dripped from my cheeks onto his shirt and he pulled out a handkerchief to wipe my eyes and nose before kissing me right on my lips.

As he kissed me his tongue pushed into my mouth and up against mine. I could feel his saliva in my mouth as his hands held my head to stop me from pulling away.

"We'll have to work on your kissing, he told me as he broke off the kiss. He kissed my lips gently and then licked along them before sitting me more upright. "Did that hurt, he asked as I yelped at the pain caused by my weight resting on my bum again.

"It's, it's ok, I sobbed

"Well you brought it on yourself, he told me as he lifted my chin, making me look him in the eyes. "Just remember never discuss what we do with anyone else. Is that understood?

"Yes Granddad, I answered feeling very helpless, as he seemed to look inside me.

"Now, would you like me to play with those lovely titties of yours, he asked, still holding my gaze.

I swallowed hard as I realised that I would have to ask him to do the very thing that I had objected to yesterday but I knew that I had no choice. "Yes please Granddad, I answered and saw him smile at my surrender.

He had one hand around my back, holding me upright and now his other hand came up to cup my left breast. Gently he squeezed it and rubbed it with his fingers before switching to my right breast.

"You are lovely, he told me with a smile that made me feel better. "Would you like to show your Granddad just how much you love him?

"Yes Granddad, I answered knowing that I couldn't say anything else.

Granddad turned me around and untied my hands, which stung as the blood rushed back into them.

"On your knees, he ordered and pushed me to the floor between his legs. I watched in horror as he undid his trousers and pulled out his hard cock.

"I want you to rub me till I tell you that you can stop, he ordered and taking my hands he wrapped them around his hard pole.

I'd heard about girls giving boys a wank and what happened at the end and realised that Granddad could have asked me to do a lot worse so I started rubbing him up and down. I had both hands wrapped around him and had to lean forward to do it properly.

At first he just leaned back in his seat watching what I was doing but after a little while his face got red and he started to breathe harder. "That's good, he told me. "Just keep doing it. Whatever happens don't stop until I say that you can.

Leaning towards me he cupped my breasts in his hands again and squeezed them a little harder. Reaching up he slid the strap of my nightdress off my shoulder and then did the same to the other strap so it slid down to my elbows leaving my small breasts naked to his gaze.

I concentrated on wanking him as his hands slid from my shoulders, down my arms and finally onto my naked breasts. "Oh my god, he shouted. "I'm gonna cum! Don't stop. Whatever you do don't stop! With that warning he squeezed my breasts and his sticky cum started shooting from his cock into the air, landing on my shoulder, my breasts and all over my hands. Remembering what he had said I continued to rub his cock until he caught my hands in his and told me I could stop.

"Good girl, he said. "That didn't hurt, did it?

"No Granddad, I replied feeling the cum running down my body.

"Stand up and give me your nightdress, he ordered holding out his hand.

I climbed to my feet and holding the nightdress with one hand, I let it drop and stepped out of it, before handing it over. Standing naked before my granddad I watched as he used it to wipe the cum from his cock.

"Now put it back on and get to bed, he ordered. "I want you to stay like that until the morning as a reminder to be good for me from now on.

I slid the gooey garment over my head and down my body, having to free it where it stuck to me on its way down. It felt very uncomfortable as I turned to walk from the room.

Granddad let me get to the door before calling. "Don't I get a goodnight kiss now, he asked?

"Sorry Granddad, I called as I rushed back to kiss him. As I did he caught my face and kissed me right on the lips, a long hard kiss.

"From now on, he said "that's the way you'll kiss me in private.

"Yes Granddad, I replied as I headed uncomfortably to the door. "Goodnight Granddad.

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Mmmmmmm.... had me playing with my titties as i read.

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