Renea the Toy, Part 2

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Published: 7-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sex with Diana

The story of Renea, a lovely petite nudist girl continues. It is an account her preteen and teen years as both a nudist and 'Toy' to her friends and family.

As darkness was approaching, I heard a knock at my cottage door.

It was Diana. I marveled again at her naked body. I am usually not a breast man, but hers were truly magnificent.

She put her arms around me and gave me a hug, pressing those large breasts against my chest.

As she did, my penis expanded to its full eight inches and pressed against her crotch.

"My, this is as nice as I thought it would be!" she exclaimed, holding my cock.

I knew she was just being overly flattering since I had seen Marty's cock and the black groundskeeper I had seen her sneaking off with.

Nevertheless, I reached over and started rubbing her hairy cunt.

It was hot and already wet.

We went over to the bed and lay down. I wanted to get a good look at her pussy so I got down between her legs. As she spread them, I finally got to see what was hidden inside that red bush.

Her outer lips were very full and puffy, so plush that I took each between the thumb and index fingers of my hands and spread them apart.

As I did, I also pulled open her inner lips. I peered inside and delighted at the looks of her pink, moist insides. My gaze went downward to her fuck hole and so did my mouth.

I greedily lapped up her juices. They tasted pungently natural, like the wildflowers in the woods.

After a while, Diana reached down and moved my head up to her clitoris. Most girls' clits are hard to find but hers stood out like a blossoming rosebud.

I did more sucking than licking, and it didn't take long before her whole body shook in an orgasm. The orgasm came easy to her. Her body was well conditioned. Her body knew what it wanted.

Evidently so did her mouth. It wanted my eight-inch cock. Diana swallowed it all the way down it one gulp. All of her experience really paid off. She didn't just suck and lick; she literally milked my cock with her mouth. Soon I was shooting a copious load of hot cum, all the way down her throat.

Then my cock went flaccid and returned to its normal four-inch state. At this point it would have normal for us to rest for a while before proceeding to anything else.

As you can probably tell, Diana was anything but normal.

She leaned back down, and popped my cock back into her mouth. It was just a mere soft version of its former self yet she suckled it like a young babe.

It was sticky with my cum, as was her mouth and tongue. Nevertheless, it felt as erotic as before. She suckled it for a good fifteen minutes, all the while trying to coax it back to life. My cock was receiving the pure pleasure of the stimulation of every nerve ending along with the anticipation of an eventual, prolonged release.

Finally I got hard again. Letting go of my cock, Diana climbed on top and straddled me. Without using her hands, she centered her fuck hole over my fuck rod and bore down.

I slid into her balls deep. She had an immediate orgasm. Like I said, she was hypersexual. Luckily I was nowhere near cuming.

As she started to lift herself up and down, I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling. The walls of her cunt were tight yet elastic. They seemed to expand and contract around my cock with her every movement.

There was an equal amount of pressure on both my shaft and cockhead, even thought my cockhead was slightly larger.

I enjoyed watching her large breasts bounce up and down and reached out several times to tweak her nipples.

She fucked me for a half hour more, during which time she had three more orgasms. On the third of these, I finally unloaded my hot cum, deep up into her pussy.

She collapsed on top of me. After regaining her composure, she climbed off. As my deflated dick slipped out of her, I watched my cum drip out of Diana's cunt. It is site I have loved my whole life.

It landed on my crotch, and as if she hadn't had enough, Diana propped herself on her elbow, and using her finger, scooped the cum up and dripped it into her mouth.

As she lay back by my side, she continued to hug me and even gave me several passionate kisses. I was quite surprised. With her experiences, I would have thought I was just another dick and one smaller than she was used to at that.

The scene was instead very sensual and intimate. In fact she started to open up to me about her past, all the time running her hands over my body, caressing my cock as she did.

Diana told me about how and when she lost her virginity. That always turned me on.

Then she told me about how she met Marty and his family, how he introduced her to the nudist lifestyle. She went even further telling me about how Marty convinced her to try black cock and now she can't get enough of it!

But what really got me interested was when she told me about her and Renea. Diana explained that she was the one who introduced Renea to girl-girl sex.

"It started one day when Renea slipped into bed next to me and Marty," she explained. "All of us were of course naked."

"I put my hands on Renea's flat chest and was surprised when Renea reached over and massaged mine. Our hands eventually went down to each other's cunts and we rubbed each other to a pleasant orgasm, while we though Marty was asleep."

"The next day Marty revealed that he knew what we did and encouraged us to keep it up and go even further," she continued.

"I showed her how to eat my pussy and in turn got my first taste of hers. There's nothing quite as sweet as a little girl's pussy. Nothing quite as sweet as Renea's as I think you'll soon find out," Diana snickered.

"It looks like these stories have made you hard again. What are we going to do about that?" Diana said.

I turned Diana on her stomach, placed my hard cock in her cum filled pussy, and fucked her doggy style. (I considered fucking her in the ass, but I just wasn't ready for that yet.)

It wasn't long before I came again, deep inside her as I felt her pussy walls spasm around my bareback shaft.

We fell asleep with me still inside her.

A ray of sunlight coming through the cottage window awakened us.

Diana noticed I was hard again, and climbed on top for a morning quickie. I shot another nice load of cum, deep up into her cunt.

We then both got up and went into the shower to clean up. I watched as my cum dripped out of her pussy, down the drain.

Diana spoke as I soaped up her breasts. "Seeing that you are such a good lover and have such a nice cock, I think you would be good for Renea," she said. "You have our permission to take her for a walk in the woods later today, okay"

I hugged her as she left, not believing my good fortune.

To be continued...

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