Gloria Gets Molested

[ M/g(10), ped, cons ]

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Published: 24-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It wasn't fair, she thought. Gloria was convinced that every little girl with a daddy was being molested, as she called it and, as her daddy was dead, she wasn't. She knew that Molly at school was, as she had spied on her one day. When Molly got into her daddy's car outside school, he had leaned over to her and whispered in her ear. Molly had giggled and parted her knees so he could slip his hand up her skirt. Then they had driven off, Gloria was convinced, to have sex.

Gloria had seen on her computer pictures of girls her age, ten years old, being stuffed with big fat pricks. Even girls younger than her were getting them. Life wasn't fair! She had tried a couple of local boys but their pricks were too small and she wasn't being satisfied. It would have to be a man. So, she decided to go the big shopping centre and try to find a man there to molest her.

From the pictures on her computer, she knew how to dress for the occasion. A small, tight top to show off her breast buds and flat stomach, a short skirt to show off her legs and tight white panties to emphasise her sex. So, suitably attired, she hit the shops.

Walking around she realised she was being noticed by a few men but none she liked the look of much. However, when Gloria was in one of the children's clothes shops, she did find someone who looked promising. He was taking a lot of interest in the racks of little girls' panties and had a hand in his pocket. He was also quite good looking and not really old. Then she had an idea of how to attract his attention.

When he was in a quiet part of the shop, Gloria went close to him and 'accidentally' fell over, making sure her skirt rode up and showed her knickers. The man glanced down in surprise and then smiled, after he had a good look at her sprawled on the floor. Smiling, he bent down and put his arm round her to help her up. As he did so, his hand was on one of her tiny breasts but he let go again when Gloria was on her feet.

Gloria leaned against him, pretending to be faint and the man said, "I think I'll take you outside for some fresh air." Reassuring the shop staff, he led Gloria out of the centre to his car.

Settling her in the passenger seat, he went round and got in the driver's side. He turned to Gloria and said, "Right young lady. What was that little charade about?"

Looking down, Gloria mumbled, "Don't know what you mean."

"You know exactly what I mean," he said pretending to be stern.

"You just wanted me to see your knickers and, dressing like that, you could get yourself molested."

"That's what I want!"

Gloria blurted out, "And you looked nice."

Gloria's bottom lip started to wobble but then the man said with a chuckle, "You're in luck. I like molesting little girls!"

Gloria looked up sharply and said, "Do you mean that?"

"Oh yes," he replied. Gloria cheered up immediately and lifting up her skirt, started to wriggle out of her knickers. "Not here!" the man said laughing, "Let's go somewhere quieter".


They parked in a very lonely part of the local woods. When the car stopped, the man said "Let's get in the back where there's more room".

It was an estate car with back seats laid flat and there was a blanket over the floor. Gloria almost ran round to the back and climbed in.

When the man got in he said, "Right, I think we need that top and your knickers off." Gloria complied happily and sat there with her little tits and smooth, pink slit exposed. The man then started to stroke her breasts with one hand and rub her sex with the other. Gloria was in heaven and quickly soaking wet.

"Lie down and open your legs" the man whispered. When she did so, the man dropped his trousers and pants and his cock sprang out. Gloria could see it was a good size and just what she was hoping for. Then he guided it between her legs and pushed it between her dripping lips.

Gloria gasped as it went in and he began to thrust it all the way up to its root. She felt herself heading to a climax and shuddered with pleasure. The man started to move his cock in and out, getting quicker all the time. Gloria went over the edge of orgasm and cried out when she felt him squirt his seed inside her little body. He seemed to have lots of spunk and it was dribbling out when he finished.

"That was awesome!" Gloria cried. "Can we do it again?"

"In a minute" the man chuckled. "You are a very sexy little slut but I need time to recover."

Gloria reached out and put her hand on his now limp cock. It felt nice to her, even though it was slippery with her juices and his spunk. As she stroked it, it began to stiffen again, encouraged she stroked it some more until it resumed its original size.

"Right," said the man with grin. "Time for you to be molested again."

Gloria laughed and lay down with her legs splayed to allow him to fill her again. Once more she had several orgasms and huge one when he filled her with spunk. Her sex was swollen and covered in the semen that couldn't find space inside her. Gloria dipped her fingers in it with fascination and began to rub it on her chest. Amongst the pictures she had seen on her computer was of little girls having their boobs covered in the stuff and she wondered what it felt like.

Seeing what she was doing, the man said, "Do you want some more of that?" with a chuckle.

"Yes please!" Gloria answered in hope. He took his cock in his hand and began to wank until he managed to shoot a reasonable load on her little tits.

Gloria looked down at her body. All she was wearing was her tiny skirt and most of that was round her waist. Her chest, crotch and thighs were covered in sticky spunk and it was also soaked into her skirt. She looked like a complete slut but Gloria had never been happier in her life. Suddenly she had an idea. Grabbing her phone she started taking pictures of herself and then she asked the man to take some while she posed. He was happy to do so and entered his phone number in it so he could send him copies.

"Right young lady. It's time for me to take you home before you get into trouble."

Gloria pouted a bit but put her top back on and smoothed down her skirt. She wasn't bothered about her knickers and didn't know where they were anyway. They drove along quietly. He asked her what school she went to and she told him.

"Would you like me to pick you up after school so we can do it again?"

"Oh yes" she answered happily. "Wednesday's are best as Mummy works late then."

After he dropped off her off, Gloria was glad her mum was out, given the state she was in. She went into her room and peeled off her clothes which were now stuck to her. Knowing she couldn't let her mum have them for washing as that would cause trouble, she hid them away, after sniffing the delicious smell of cum on them again. Before she went for a shower she took more pictures of herself. Gloria posed sat on the bed with her legs spread, cupping her breasts and with a finger inserted in her hole. Then she sent the lot to the man. Happily she walked off to the shower after the best day of her life.


I was thinking about the next Wednesday when I received Gloria's pictures on my phone. I showed them to Bethany and my sister was so turned on by them, she made me fuck her then and there on the sofa...

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[email protected]

Great story. I love how Gloria is irritated that she's the only one not getting molested!
wonderful. I hope theres more to come. And Bethany and your sister. who is bethany ? how old are these 2? Do they put out for strangers? anyway thanks for a good story

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