Inna & Ovela

[ FM/gg, nud, spank, humil, bd, anal ]

by Oak


Published: 28-Apr-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Ovela really had mixed emotions; they should visit her best friend Inna. Normally they had big fun together, but the last time Inna changed behaviour towards her and was ordering her around all of the time. Deciding what clothes she wore and even gave her a box on the ear. Strangely enough neither of their parents seemed to mind, in the matter of it seemed like they encouraged her behaviour.

They're just ready to leave, when the phone rang. Her mother took it, listened, laughed and called for Ovela. Handed her the receiver and said "It's Inna! Remember to call her Miss!" Which was 1 of the ideas she'd gotten? She took the receiver and listened in horror on her little friend. With a "yes, miss" she put down the receiver and turned towards her mother, hoping for some support, but from what she's carrying, she realised that she shouldn't expect that. "Mum" she said miffed as her mother gave her the dress, Inna ordered her to wear. "Now get changed" her mother ordered and pushed her towards her room. Ovela looked pleading at her mother, but from the stern look, she didn't dare to protest and meekly went to her room to change. Shortly after she came out again, wearing her green crochets dress and a pair of panties... Her mother looked at her and asked "What did Inna say that you should wear?" The petite little 7 year old looked wondering at her mother, how could she be on Innas' side? "This dress" she replied evasive, knowing what her mother referred to... "And?" her mother pressed... Ovela's always been a quite meek little girl and she didn't put up much of a fight here... Another pleading look at her mothers' stern face and with a deep sigh, she reached up under the dress and pulled her panties of. Snug her mother looked at her almost nude little daughter... As the crochets dress was very light, it's clear for all that she's nude underneath. Showing her perky little nipples and cute little pussy to the world.

Ovela almost ran to the car, hoping that no one would notice her. She's a little lucky as she managed to get unseen to the car. As they drove she curled up on the backseat, hoping that none of the truck drivers the passed would notice her. Maggie her older sister was sitting next to her, enjoying her little sisters' humiliation and being grateful that it wasn't her. That was dressed or rather undressed like that and from the conversation, between their and Innas' parents, she'd overheard where was much worse things in store for her cute little sister. Maggie couldn't help it but reached down to touch her petite sisters little pussy. Whose first reaction was to squeeze her legs together, but Maggie's insistent and compelled the smaller girls' legs apart. She became quite surprised, as she felt that her little sister actually had bigger clit and inner labia than herself. Her inner labia actually peeping out between her plump outer labia and the clit much bigger than the little pea, she'd got herself... In the matter of fact she became jealous on her sister and pulled as hard as she could in her sister's labia, until the little girl cried out in pain. Her mother turned around, saw what's going on, smiled for herself, ordered her little daughter to be quiet and gave Maggie an encouraging smile. Poor little Ovela didn't understand what was going on, she'd been looking forwards to some days together with her best friend Inna and now she's sitting here, naked under her most transparent dress and her big sister's actually hurting her little pussy. All with her mothers consent.

After a long and quite painful ride, especially for Ovelas' little and in the meanwhile quite sore pussy, they arrived at Innas' place. Inna became very happy when she saw her best friend Ovela, and became even happier when she saw, that her friend actually was naked under the transparent dress. In the matter of fact it wasn't her own idea, but her mother who'd suggested it. The little girl didn't quite understand what's going on, since both her and Ovelas' parents, encouraged her to be mean and dominant towards her best friend. But she had to admit that she sort of liked it.

The 2 little girls played and had fun together as always, only with a little twist this time. As Ovela was stark naked, on Innas orders. Both set of parents was busy taking pics of the playing girls and especially of the naked Ovela. They'd also taken many pics of her in the dress and even made some where Maggie was pulling and pinching her labia, as she did on the ride into town. At one time they actually had both Inna and Maggie pulling in each of her labia's to see who could stretch it the longest.

But momentary they're just 2 little girls playing. Ovela's happy, even though she's naked and has to call Inna for miss, but Inna's as funny and sweet as always. Even though Inna is playing too and seems happy and relaxed, she's very attentive towards her mother. As she knows that she'll have to spank Ovela soon. When she was told that she should spank Ovela, she wasn't to keen on the idea. But after the pulling of the labia and listening to her screams and begging, she hardly couldn't wait. So when her mother gave the signal, she's more than ready and began to scold on Ovela, ending with I'll have to spank you. Even though Ovela didn't understand why Inna did scold her or she had to be spanked, she meekly followed the little girl to the chair. That very convenient suddenly stood in the middle of the room. Neither of the girls wondered over that though.

Inna sat down and Ovela submissively placed herself across her little friends' knees. Inna never spanked some one before and was very insecure and hesitating. So the first couple of smacks weren't much more than pats, which made Ovela giggle. Which she of course shouldn't have done. As Inna got pissed and hit so hard as she possible could, resulting in a clear hand mark on Ovelas', butt and a very surprised "Ouch that hurt"... Which made Inna giggle and reply "It's meant to, isn't it???" Ovela couldn't reply as Inna spanked her as hard as she could, and it didn't last long before the bigger girl was crying and begging for mercy, in vain of course. After several minutes of hard concentrated spanking, Inna realised that she didn't only make Ovelas' butt red, hot and sore, her hand surely got sore too. As Ovelas' mother realised what was happening, she quickly found a hairbrush and handed it to her daughters' tormentor. Who just took it and continued spanking her friend with it, enjoying her, screaming, babbling and crying. But she and the spectators wasn't the only ones enjoying Ovelas hard spanking. Because as her butt got redder, hotter and sorer. Ovela got hot somewhere else too, as her little pussy, surely got very hot and wet indeed. So even though she still cried, babbled and screamed, she began to moan too, and in the matter of fact tried to push her butt upwards to receive the next blow. Neither she nor Inna noticed her change of attitude, but their parents surely did and nodded contented to each other. They let the spanking go on for quite some time. Taking a lot of pictures and made sure that they got shots of her glistening wet little pussy.

When they ordered Inna to stop, she got quite disappointed, as she felt that she could go on for ever. But Ovelas butt surely was a mess, almost black and blue from the severe spanking it received. The adults made sure that Inna hugged and comforted her sobbing friend, until she's calmed down again.

Next Innas' father brought some rope and began to tie Ovelas hands together behind her back. Once in a while he stepped aside and let his little daughter hold the ropes, so it would look like she's the one tying Ovela up on the photos. Hi didn't only tie her wrists together, but her elbows as well and she actually was so lithe, that her elbows did touch, to finish the bondage up, he tied a rope around her upper- body and arms. Holding her arms tight into her body

Then it was Innas' turn to get naked... They both thought that she should be tied too. But she shouldn't. Instead she got, what the 2 little girls, thought was a pair of panties. But as she got them on they could see that it wasn't. There were several straps that her mother helped to adjust; first they didn't know how to react when they saw her. Because she'd gotten a cock. A quite big cock, almost all to big for her tiny frame, had emerged between her legs.

First the 2 girls just looked at eachother and Inna down herself, and then she began to giggle, followed by Ovela until they were killing themselves with laughter. It took the most of ½ an hour before the girls calmed down so much that they could make more photos.

Ovela was ordered down on her knees, supported by Maggie, so she didn't stumble. Then she's ordered to suck on Innas' cock. Which she very hesitating did, but as she didn't like it's rubber taste at all. She turned her head away, showing all signs of loathing, and she simply denied sucking on that dreadful thing again. First the adults tried to tempt and talk her to do it. But in vain. Then her mother simply threatened to give her another spanking. Then she began to suck it... She even managed to look like she liked it!

When they got enough pictures, the ordered Ovela to bend over, so her head was resting on the floor and her butt up the air. Then they gave Inna some cream and ordered her to grease Ovelas anus with it. Then it's Innas turn to say no. It wasn't all going their parents' way. But a threatened spanking made her obey too. To her big surprise Ovela actually liked the feeling of her little friends' fingers up her butt and moaned while she's finger fucked. Next Inna should smear the cream on her "cock" too. Which she did, but when she's told to fuck Ovela in the butt, she denied again and when she was threatened to get spanked, she defiant turned her butt towards her mother. The adults sure hadn't expected that reaction from the little girl and was puzzled, not quite sure of what to do. Innas mother prepared to spank her defiant, but quite brave, little daughter. But then Ovela said, mostly to protect her little friend from getting spanked "It's ok Inna, don't get spanked, just do it" With a sight, mostly from relief for avoiding the spanking, the little girl went down on her knees, behind her friends upturned butt and very careful and quite reluctant began to press her cock into her butt. As the adults thought it was going to slow, Ovelas' mother simply pushed Inna, so she penetrated her friend in one push. As Ovela screamed out in pain, Inna tried to pull out again, but was held in place by Ovelas mother. After a while she let go of the little girl, who began to move back and forth, trying to imitate the fucking movements she'd seen. When the pain from the first choking penetrating was gone, Ovela began to enjoy, being fucked by her little friend and meekly began to follow her movements. Somehow Inna noticed it and began to move faster, until she moved as fast as she possible could. Ovela moaned until she with a lascivious scream came... Somehow Inna came too, at the same time.

Later that evening, the 2 quite exhausted girls were laying in Innas bed, as they always did. Inna apologized for the things she'd done to her. But she was forced to do it, and Ovela would always be her best friend. Ovela hugged and kissed her little friend and said "It's ok... I love what you do to me.

Then the 2 girls snuggled and fell asleep in eachothers arms.

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Mmmm yummmm. Great story. The real Inna and Ovela are just so gorgeous. Have lots of their pics and a vid or two and they make me soooo hard n horny. Give us more please :)


Outstanding! How about having the little worms turn? Have the older sister tied down & turn the 2 little ones loose on her.

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