Chocolate Surprise, Part 1

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Published: 26-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was so easy thought Stuart.

He had stopped his car in a run down part of the city, rolled down the passenger window and asked if any the three girls standing there wanted to go to a sweetie factory where they could eat as much as they wanted.

He had driven round for ages looking for kids, for today he decided he was going to fuck one.

He had seen the three girls playing with a skipping rope, they all wore faded dresses and none of them were wearing shoes. perfect.

The girls shouted that they all wanted to go so he told them to get into the back of the car quickly. The last thing he wanted was the girls making too much noise.

"Ok girls, we need to get you cleaned up first because the factory is very clean" they all pouted and started talking, but Stuart always thought ahead. He picked up the box that was on the passenger side and handed it back to the girls.

Stuart had bought 20 of sweeties before hand and was glad he did. The girls took out handfulls and started gorging themselves, Stuart watch them in the rear view mirror and turned up the heating.

"My name is Stuart, whats yours?"

Through the noise of wrappers and chewing he found out their names were Sally, Alice and Mary.

Mary was the eldest and he found out she was 5.

Stuarts cock went hard, the other two must only be 3 or 4. Perfect.

It was about an hour and a half drive to his parents house in the countryside, a large two story mansion surrounded by a 10' wall. Stuarts parents were away for yet another holiday and would be gone for a month.

The girls were asleep so he carried them in and put them in seperate bedrooms, he stripped them and used duct tape on their legs and arms so they couldnt move exept for Mary, she was to be first.

He looked at her young body and removed his clothes, his 20 yo cock was so hard it touched his stomach.

She was still sleeping so he kissed her nipples gently and licked around them, they hardened slightly. He kissed her all the way down to her dirty feet and licked the toes and between the toes.

He stood up and put one foot either side of his 8" cock and smiled as he closed his eyes and enjoyed her feet.

Mary stretched her arms and smiled as her belly was full then she tried to move her legs.

She looked around and started to panic, she looked down at her legs and saw Stuart fucking her feet. She tried to move her legs but he was too strong. With all her strength she tried to roll her body and succeeded in pulling her feet away from him. She ran to the door, turned the handle but it was locked.

A fist hit her at the side of her head and she fell to the floor.

Stuart was in heaven, tiny feet on his cock. If he came now he would let them go.

Suddenly Mary was awake, damn he was close to cumming and she rolled away. Bitch!

He took three steps and punched her.


He picked her up and threw her onto the bed.

He jumped onto the bed and clamped a hand over her mouth.

"If you scream I will kill you" he hissed "if you do what I say I will not hurt you, OK?"

Mary nodded.

"Stay still,do not move, or else"

Mary nodded.

He lay Mary on her back and raised her knees right up to her head and looked at her tiny virgin cunt.

He licked her from her anus to her belly button, he tasted piss, he smiled.

He told her to hold her legs where they were and with his trembling fingers he opened her cunt.

He licked her tiny cunt hole, it was so tight he couldnt get his tongue inside. He lent over and took one of the tubes of ky and after squeezing about half out, he smeared it on her cunt and his fingers.

He slowly pushed his index finger into her cunt, right up to the knuckle and smiled as she screamed. He never waited he took out his finger smeared in blood and shoved in 2 fingers.

He finger fucked her while she screamed and his cock grew. Then he pushed his thumb roughly into her arse, the screaming grew louder.

He laughed as he suddenly thought of her as a bowling ball and removed all his fingers.

He walked round the bed stroking his cock with one hand and smelling the other that had been in her.

Marys legs flopped down and she immediatly curled into a ball crying, her whole body shaking.

Stuart climbed onto the bed and put Mary on her back, lifted her legs up to her head again as she screamed but shr had no strenght to fight back.

His cock was at her bloodied cunt entrance for a second then he plunged in.

He knew her hymen was already broken and he was sure he felt ripping but he didnt care.

Mary tried to scream but the pain and his weight stopped her.

After a few minutes Stuart came and fucked her harder with each cum.

Even when he stopped cumming he continued to fuck her, the feeling of her tiny cunt around his cock was amazing.

There was one more thing to do.

Stuart removed his still erect cock from her cunt, there was a lot of blood but that didnt matter.

He took hold of her tiny head and told her to open wide.

As she did he pushed his cock right to the back of her throat. She paniced but could do nothing.

He felt her gag and pulled back before pushing hard in again. He felt her vomit and he came as her stomach contents, mostly chocolate, filled her mouth and gushed out spraying him.

He pushed again and held his cock so she couldn't breath and held it there till she went limp.

He discarded her body and smiled.

He was going to fuck Marys body again during the night so he had a shower and washed he down.

Tomorrow he mused.

Tomorrow, I wont use ky jelly and smiled.

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Love it! Moooorreee.


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