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Published: 26-Mar-2012

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Remember: I don't practice, participate in or encourage sex with children, rape, drugs or murder. I don't encourage anyone to do any of the things my imaginative characters do either. These are just stories that have taboo themes in them and NOT wishful thinking. I just want to tell stories and hope no one takes my tales as anything but strokable fun.

Candy dropped her nightie on the floor next to her uncles bed and crept slowly under the sheets, not afraid of waking him as she knew he slept very deeply. He lay on his side facing the door as he always did and she turned around with her back to him, pushing slowly back until she felt his hips against her fat round bum.

Candy knew he always slept naked, the ten year old had been creeping into her uncles bed for a week now. Her uncle always woke in the morning to find the child in his bed, curled up with her back firmly pressed against him fast asleep.

He had told her that she shouldn't do it, shouldn't come into his bed. The man normally slept naked, but Candy loved the feel of his warm body wrapped around her as he hugged her unconsciously in his sleep.

But tonight was different, Candy want to feel his naked body against her skin. She snuggled up to the man's body and felt his thing pressing against her bum she hadn't bothered with it before, now she was naked she could feel the warmth of his limp willy snugly pressed against her meaty buttocks. Candy felt a wicked thrill course through her and she pulled slightly forward, reaching back to touch her uncle's cock. Candy knew about sex and fucking, she knew what cocks did and where they went, but she also knew that she was supposed to be too young to do those things. She wanted to feel a real cock and was pleased when the thing grew in her hand, getting longer and harder until she could hardly her her small hand around the thing. She played with it for a while, feeling it, learning it's shape with her hand. Then she pushed her arse back and pressed against it, feeling another thrill as it touched the skin of her bottom, the tip up against the gap near where her arse met her legs. As she push further back it probed into her crotch. She lifted her leg, letting it slip between her plump thighs and closed them together, trapping the thick, warm log of meat along her fat arse and plump pussy.

It felt so nice there, throbbing along her crotch. Candy reach down to her front and touched the head again, playing with it.

Her uncle groaned gently in his sleep and his hips moved forwards and back causing his cock to rub against her pussy-lips. She moaned with pleasure, thrilling at the feeling of the hard, warm cock rubbing against her flesh. He didn't move again so she moved her own hips forward and then back. He groaned again but didn't move. Candy started moving her own hips steadily rubbing the hard cock against her pussy, continuing to fondle the head of her uncle's cock as she did so. Her pussy was getting wet inside and leaking onto her uncle's cock, making it slippery, sliding easier against her flesh.

She moaned, her hips beginning to get carried away as her rhythm picked up. She felt a warm stirring in her loins building as she worked her uncle's cock, her uncle's hips began to move in time with hers, the man groaning in his sleep from the friction.

She choked back a cry as she orgasmed hard, jerking on her heavy-sleeping uncle's cock until it spewed creamy white cum into her hands. She lay there slowly coming down from her first ever orgasm, her hand sticky with the sperm her uncle shot when he had come too.

Eventually she got up and crept out of the room, into the bathroom. She washed her hands and wiped her crotch dry. She returned to her uncle's room and put on her nightie back on, not wanting to give any clue to what she had done, and crept back into her uncle's bed. She pulled his arm around her and hugged it close, his big hand pressed tightly against her budding breasts, her bum pressed firmly into his crotch again, his cock now gone soft.

She sighed deeply and went into a contented sleep.

As usual, her uncle told her off for sleeping in his bed. Her mother and father gently scolded her but they already knew she would be back there again that night like she always did. They all hoped that she would eventually grow out of the behaviour.

Candy went through the day in bliss. She had her first sexual experience with her uncle's big, thick hard cock between her plump thighs, rubbing her fat pussy and she had her very first orgasm. She had heard the older kids talking about having them, wondering what they were all talking about, but she and her friends had no idea what they were talking about until now.

"I peeped at my mum and her boyfriend doing it last night" her blonde friend Kimmie Simons was saying to her and their other friend, the equally blonde Sofie Reed. The two girls now had the girl's full attention as they sat in the little park's playground on their way home from school. No one else was about.

"She sucked it and he did a 'cum' in her mouth and she SWALLOWED it. YUK!" she made a face.

The girls all did the 'Yuk!' face.

"Then when it got hard again he put greasy stuff on it and put it up her bum!" Kimmie said conspiratorially.

The two girls both stared at their friend.

"You're lying! He didn't do that, you're making that up!" stated the red-faced Sofie, very angry at her friend.

She had told them both about what her brother had done that to her when she was drunk some months ago. Now she was angry that her friend was using it for a dirty story.

"I swear on my father's grave, that's what happened Sofie!" The other girl put her hand on her heart as she said it, a solemn look on her face as she said it.

They all knew she never swore an oath like that unless she was telling the truth. Her deceased father was more dear to her than anything in the whole world.

"Oh! OK, I believe you!" the Then what happened?"

"Well he made her lay down on her belly and did her in the bum for a really long time. I think she liked it. She kept saying 'fuck my bum baby!' all the time!" The girl was really excited, her hand rubbed at her small budding breast unconsciously as she spoke.

"I heard them say what it's really called too!" the excited girl told her friends.

"Go on then!" They said in unison.

"It's called 'Buggering'!" They all giggled non-stop.

"My brother buggered me!" Sofie stated and they all cracked up again.

On their way home the girls made lots of 'Bugger' jokes all the way until their jaws were tired from laughing. A woman gave them a funny look as they went past her, throwing the word 'Bugger' about and they nearly pissed themselves laughing.

Candy's little pussy was dripping wet when she arrived home. She had known about her friend's rape by her older brother for a while now but never really thought about it again until now....

Sofie's older brother took care of the girl because their parents had both died in a plane crash. He was nineteen now and had already started working before the incident, now the girl's only living relative.

One night he came home drunk and frustrated, having not been able to get any pussy from his girlfriend of the time. The two siblings usually slept together in the same bed as Sofie was scared of the dark and being alone for too long. She would sometimes have to sleep alone in her own room, the light on and listening to the sounds of her big brother fucking with his girlfriend at least once a week. She could barely manage that. He had come home very late one night, Sofie was lying in bed curled up naked in his bed because she had run into his room after her bath when she thought she heard something moving around in the house. The terrified little ten year old dried of in a hurry, running into the bedroom and climbing into her brother's bed, her crotch and buttocks still wet and slippery with soap.

Her brother had come home, reeking of alcohol, grumbling as he came upstairs into his bedroom. He stripped off, still grumbling and angry about "Not getting any pussy tonight!" and got into the bed naked and quite drunk.

When he saw his sister's naked back and arse her grabbed her roughly, rubbing his rock-hard prick against her butt, hugging her tight.

"You wouldn't keep pussy from me would you Honey?" He said and rubbed his cock against the crack of her slippery, wet buttocks.

Sofie was frightened, she had never seen her brother drunk or behaving like this before. She had been wet before his arrival and now her brother's cock slipped on her skin into the deep crack between her plump young buttocks. He gasped, pleased at the feeling of the girl's butt-cheeks wrapped around the head of his aching cock and started to hump the girl's buttocks. This continued for a while, but then he started to press harder as he got excited and soon was pushing against her bum hole.

Sofie was afraid to speak and just lay still as the hard warm knob pressed into her arse hole, stretching the wrinkled little hole until it slipped straight in, the head slipped in past her anal ring. It hurt her as it sank into her tightly gripping rectum, her brother gasped and began to fuck her vigorously. The child was in pain but kept quiet, knowing that her brother didn't know what he was doing. He pounded her small arse steadily, her internal lubrication taking effect and making his parseage easier and easier into her very tight bum.

"Aaaaahhhhh! Nice and tight!" he gasped, thrusting deeper into the poor child. "I think I should fuck you every night from now on!"

Sofie started to cry. She knew her brother was not like that, she hated what drink had turned him into. He fucked her well into the night, his sensitivity dulled by the effects of the alcohol. Her bottom fucking had actually started to feel good, the sliding of his cock pleasant by the time he came in her bowels and finally drifted off to sleep, still semi-hard up her bum.

She tried to pull off him a while later but he hugged her tighter in his sleep and his cock slipped back deep in her bum. She lay awake for the rest of the night with the cock throbbing up her butt. Then finally he turned in his sleep, slipping out of her arse with a little slurping noise. She got up and went into the toilet, dropping her brother's sperm and some gooey shit into the toilet bowl.

After cleaning herself she went back to the bed and climbed in.

She rolled over to face her brother and hugged him, finally falling asleep....

Candy remembered the story and the fact that Sofie's brother had come home drunk a few nights after that, each time he did he raped his sister on his bed. Pretty little Sofie had learned to rub Vaseline into her bum hole before bed to stop the burning when she was buggered by her brother.

But the buggering had continued even after the drinking finally stopped. Sofie's brother was now no longer seeing that girlfriend he had been dating, now he spent most of his time at home with his little sister, doting on her and then slowly sodomising her meaty young bottom long into night.

Candy felt a thrill course through her little pussy when she recalled that story at last. She wished that it was her and not her friend who it had happened to, who was being buggered every night. She and Kimmie had never even told another soul about what their friend had told them, the girl had sworn them to secrecy.

Candy and Kimmie had suspected that Sofie was actually enjoying the nightly buggering by her big brother, she never talked about it any more, remaining silent about what the older boy did to her in the night.

Kimmie had even gone to the house and pretended to be looking for Sofie to get a good look at the girl's bum raping brother. Sofie had come home and found the girl there, talking to her brother. She had been very 'put out'.

Candy had arrived home and was changing out of her school-clothes. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror in her room. She turned sideways. She had a plump little butt.

"I bet I can take a cock in my butt, it's bigger than Candy's!" the girl thought.

Candy had her dinner and did her homework. She actually a good girl and didn't have bad grades in school or even get into any kinds of trouble. But tonight she wanted to do something really naughty, she wanted to feel her uncle's long, thick cock sliding up her bum just like her friend felt her brothers hard teenage cock in hers. She slipped into her parents room and located the slender five-inch rubbery dildo that she knew her mother had hidden away in an obscure drawer that she thought her daughter would never look in. The hot little girl took it to her room, stopping in the bathroom to collect the tub of Vaseline in the small cupboard there, and then locked her bedroom door. Candy stripped her panties down off her fat little bottom and dropped them on the floor. She used the Vaseline to rub the rubber cock and her small arse hole thoroughly and getting her finger inside.

"Oooooh!" she gasped, liking how it felt to have something in there. "That's nice. Unngh!"

Candy bent over the bed, belly-down, and began to rub the rubber cock into her arse crack, pushing it deeper between her plump meaty cheeks until it was nestled against the pucker of her anus.

She shivered with anticipation and excitement, pretending it was her uncle's cock against her butt knowing that this cock was smaller than her uncle's long thick pole with it's large plum-shaped head. She pushed it slowly and firmly into her young arse, feeling the rubbery head slip past her gripping inner muscles. She gave a short pained gasp and then forced it all the way up inside her bottom. Through the pain she determinedly fucked the cock in and out of her tightly gripping rectal passage, knowing this was what her friend had been through but without any grease to ease her very first cock in her bowels.

Candy lay there with her plump legs in a wide stance, her stomach on the bed. Her fingers were working the rubber cock in and out of her arse, the child feeling a perverse pleasure in what she was doing. She felt so grown up, laying across the bed, fucking her own arse with her mother's rubber cock. She was doing sex now.

Candy did her bum until she actually began to feel good, moaning softly as her anus stretched around the slippery tube sliding in her rear. Then she got up, leaving the rubber cock in her bum, and put her panties back on.

Candy spent the next few hours sitting between her mother and father watching TV, knowing that she had something rude up her bum. Her short dress covered the bulge sticking out of her bum-cheeks. She would occasionally get up and walk around the room, loving the feeling of the rubberised cock as her plump, meaty buttocks rubbed together around the tube in her anus.

Her uncle came home from work about eleven as he always did, tired and very sleepy. He was a heavy construction worker who worked long hours for a lot of money. He had improved the standard of living for her parents a whole lot since he had moved into the spare room. The heavily built man didn't really need more than a bed as most of his day was spent at his work site.

His little sister, Candy's mother, had persuaded her husband to let him stay and the arrangement worked nicely for all. Candy's mother was a secretary in a law firm and her father was a local council manager. They had a nice large home with four bedrooms, one spare room used as her father's office at home.

Candy knew her uncle would be asleep by twelve and had stayed awake as she normally had done in waiting for the big man to fall into his customary deep sleep. She kept the rubber cock locked in her butt until the last minute, then she dropped her panties to the ground and pulled it out, making a load "Sluurrrp!" as it exited her bottom. Her anus felt so empty that she wanted to push it back in again, but she knew what she was going to be doing very soon.

It was after midnight when Candy slipped into her uncle's room.

Both of her parents were fast asleep now and the girl would be disturbed. She trembled expectantly as she dropped her nightie on the floor next to her uncle's bed and climbed gently onto it. Her uncle slept on his side facing the door as usual. Candy wasted little time as she sat on the bed with the covers pulled well down, she reached down and played with her uncle's flaccid cock.

It stirred and began to harden as her little finger manipulated into to a large throbbing erection that pulsed warmly in her excited hands. It was much bigger that the rubber cock she previously had buried up her bum and now hidden in her room, but she knew she needed to have the thing inside her.

Candy lay down with her back to the large man and pushed herself back until she felt her uncle's chest and stomach against her back, she felt behind her arse and found the thick warm cock and pressed the large rounded tip into the deep greasy crack between her meaty round buttocks, her finger barely able to grasp around the thing. She rubbed it into her arse and heard her uncle groan in his sleep as he had last night, pressing the large knob against her bum hole and pushing her hips back. She could feel the large thing squeezing slowly into her tight bottom. It spread her open, hurting a little as it eased greasily past her tight ring of anal muscles and sank into her bum.

"Unngh! Ugh!" she grunted as the head squeezed in past entrance into her rectum.

Candy pulled forward a bit then pressed back hard again slipping another inch or so up her widely stretched arse-hole. She was determined to make the thing fit and worked her hips, loving the feeling of the head working in and out of her bum.

Her uncle groaned again in his sleep, louder this time. The tightness of his niece's arse making it's way into his subconscious. His hips jerked forward, sending four solid inches of hard, warm, thick cock tunnelling into her bowels, spreading her anus as it sank in. Candy cried out and quickly jammed her hand against her mouth. She listened to the house, waiting to hear if anyone else had heard her. There was still silence. She waited for a while, still getting used to the pain of the thick cock lodged halfway up her bum. Her body began to relax and the pain eased. Candy slid forward a bit and pushed back onto the cock again, this was beginning to feel really good to her.

"Oooooh!" she moaned.

She worked the meat slowly in and out of her, at times she felt her uncle's hips jerk forward, sending more of the mans' thick cock into her rectum, causing her more pain, but she kept moving her tight little hole on his cock. She began to rub her pussy just as his cock had done the night before. She wanted that nice feeling again, the orgasm she had felt that night. The bed rocked gently to the rhythm of their hips as her arse was fucked by her uncle's cock and her pussy was rubbed by her fingers. The ten year old's belly started to tremble, she was going to cum really hard tonight. Her hips bucked harder sending more of the throbbing meat further up inside of her. She was oblivious of the pain now as her time was approaching. Her uncle's hips pumped steadily into her, his hips now smacking gently against her buttocks as he sent the last few inches into her bum. Candy stuffed the sheets into her mouth knowing she was going to scream. Her uncle's hand grabbed at her small hip and he began pounding her buttocks, stretching her bowels. Her cum hit her like a truck, slamming her with the force of her cum. Her arse hole gripped hard and her buttocks clenched. Her uncle sent spurt after spurt of his sticky cum into her bowels.

Candy took a long time to come down from her high. The sheet in her mouth was soaked having muffled her screams and her drooling. Her uncle's hand slipped from her hip onto the bed in front of her belly. He was still fast asleep. She hugged his hand against her chest and drifted of to sleep, his cock still hard and deep in her arse-hole.

Candy woke up first, as usual, and slipped the sticky wet cock out of her bum. It was limp now but still quite thick in her. It left her arse with a gooey "Slurrrp!" which caused her to giggle delightfully.

When she looked back at the thing it was covered in her shit. She quickly ran from the room, and retrieved her panties. She wet them and came back to her uncle's room, climbing onto the bed and cleaning the cock thoroughly, causing it to slowly harden again in her hands. She was tempted to slip the thing back up her arse, but know her uncle would wake very soon she decided not to.

Candy threw the panties in the hamper and climbed back into the bed with her uncle, hugging his arm around her body, cupping his hand against her plump budding breast.

Candy ran all the way to school the next day. She was not going to tell her friends about what had happened and what she had done, that was her secret. She felt fantastic after buggering herself on her uncle's huge thick cock, taking the thing up her little bottom all the way down to his balls. She had felt wonderful when she had cum, gripping her uncle's thick pole and making him cum inside her guts.

She had been told off again, as usual, by her uncle and her parents for sleeping in his bed. He had pulled them aside and she heard him telling them that he had a 'wet dream' during the night and was worried he might cum on her or worse. Her mother calmed his fears by saying she knew he loved his niece and would never do anything to hurt her, which was true. Her father said he trusted his brother-in-law implicitly. They promised to talk the Candy about it again. Candy sneaked away off to school with her bum full of her uncle's warm sperm.

Timid little Sofie had news at break time finally. Her brother had buggered her again but this time during the day. The ten year old cried as she related the last days events to her friends....

Sofie had come home from school, showered and changed into her short pink dress, but could not find any of her panties anywhere so had to remain without. She was not bothered because she was at home. her brother sat drinking a beer in front of the TV, watching her as she moved back and forth around the room. He had a strange look on his face. He grabbed her as she walked past and hugged her tightly against him.

"You love me, right?"

She could smell the stink of beer on his breath and felt a little afraid.

"Yeah! 'Course I do!"

He held her between his legs stroking her back.

"I love you very much Sofie, I'll do anything for you!"

"I'd do anything for you too!" She told him, hugging him against her small body.

His hands slipped down onto her arse and cupped her round little cheeks through the dress.

"Give me a kiss baby!"

She leant down and pressed her lips against his as she had always done. He squeezed her buttocks in his hands and quickly sucked on her full lower lip before she pulled away. She was not worried or anything, he had always 'done' her in the night. Then his hands slipped under her dress and fondled her naked arse boldly. Sofie tried to wrench free of him but he held her tightly.

"You love me right!"

"Yes! ....Please David...!"

"You love me and will do anything for me?"

"David, please don't...!"

"Please don't what?" He grew menacing.

"Please... don't... bugger me!" whimpered the timid little girl. He laughed sadistically.

"Bugger you! Now where did you learn that nasty word, hmm?" He said, his hands continuing to caress her smooth little buttocks, his fingers delved in her arse crack rubbing against her bum hole "Kimmie heard her mum say it to her boyfriend when he was doing her bum!" Candy said, trying to explain herself and defuse the situation, but her brother had other ideas.

"Well yes Sofie, I want to bugger you like I've done every night!"

The girl began to cry. He leaned back in the chair, pulling her onto his lap, kissing her lips and sliding his tongue into her mouth like he had done every night. Now he was doing it in the day and it seemed so wrong. His hands caressed the naked flesh of her arse and her small plump pussy as he tongued her sweet little mouth. Her resistance was gone as soon as she realised that he was going to have his way with her no matter what she said or did.

He suddenly let her go and stood her on her feet.

"Go upstairs and bring the tube of KY jelly from the bedside table drawer!"

Sofie cried as she went to obey the command, knowing he would use the slippery stuff on his cock to fuck her arse with. She soon returned and gave him the tube, standing there as he pulled off his jogging-bottoms and freed his stiff cock to her view. It was the first time she had seen it. He made her kneel in front of him on the floor.

"You're going to do something else to show how much you love me, or I'm gonna have to send you to child services!"

She shuddered at those words, Child Services. The black hole that no child was ever seen again. She had heard about them in school, had even known some kids who disappeared after going there. She was very scared, would he send her there if she didn't do as he told her? She couldn't take the chance, especially the way he had been acting with her lately.

He leaned forward and kissed her again, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth. The he guided her face down to his lap and pressed his cock against her closed lips.

"Child Services!" he said and she opened her mouth, letting his cock slip inside. "Suck me! Do it good or else...!"

She suck his cock with gusto as he bobbed her head on it.

"Aaahhhh! That's so fucking good!"

He pulled her mouth off and pushed back into her mouth again fucking her face.

"Suck harder bitch!" He shouted at her and she started crying again, increasing the suction of her mouth, making it tighter around him.

"AAarrggghh Yeah! That's it baby!"

He pumped faster and faster until her let loose a torrent of sperm into her mouth. She tried to pull up but he held her in place as he shot his load. He pulled her face up and looked into her eyes.

"Swallow it!" he commanded, "Swallow it all!"

Sofie didn't know what else to do, so she gulped down the horrid, fishy-tasting goo in two tries, nearly choking as she did it.

"Goooood girl!" He said pulling her into his lap and hugging her, stroking her plump little pussy with his hand.

Sofie felt his cock against her naked butt, still hard. He hugged her and kissed her neck for a bit, then commanded her to stand a take off her dress. As she obeyed she watched him covering his cock with the stuff in the tube. He then made her turn around and bend over, he rubbed the slimy stuff into her bum-hole, sticking his fingers in to get it deep inside her.

"Ugh!" she grunted.

He removed his finger from her anal opening and grabbed her hips, pulling her back onto his lap.

He placed each of her small plump legs in a kneeling position at the side of his thighs and made her raise up onto her knees. She felt his cock rubbing up against her anus and then he pulled her down making her take the tip into her hole.

"It's time for some cock little darling! I want you to say 'Bugger me please David!', go on!"

The girl mumbled then said the words he wanted to hear.

"Please b..b bugger me D.. David!" the timid child whimpered. "That's a good girl! now sit down on me and let it slide up into you!"

She whimpered and then did as he commanded, pressing her small plump cheeks down and taking him deep into her tight little bottom.

"Unngh! Ooooooh!" She gasped as it strained into her, sliding all the way up into her bowels.

"AAaaahhhhhhhhhh!" he echoed as her tightly clasping rectal passage slowly wrapped around his throbbing cock.

He held her there enjoying the tightness of her clinging passage. She sat on him, stuck to his cock, it was a part of her arse now. Her brother hugged her and kissed her neck.

"Oh baby, you are so tight, tight and nice!" He played with her fat little pussy-lips.

"Ride me!" he commanded gently. She obeyed sliding up the meaty pole and squirming back down into his lap. She set a steady pace on him, learning from the constant nights of sex he had with her, knowing her arse could make him cum.

He sat there enjoying the sight of his little sister riding him, her small arse spread open to accept him, her tightness on his cock sucking his cum from his balls.

She rode him in a desperate bid to keep him happy, to make him want her to stay with him so she wouldn't disappear into the Child Services system, never to be seen again.

Her brother cried out and flooded her bowels with his second load of cum for the afternoon. Sofie's brother buggered the little ten year old for most of the night.

The girl found out afterwards that her brother had deliberately hid all her panties to get the girl ready for the arse fucking she would soon get...

The girls were crying and hugging their friend when she had completed her story. They had also heard about the dreaded Child Services and didn't want to lose their pal to that scary place.

Candy got home and showered. She pushed the rubber cock into her butt and pulled on her panties over it, holding it in her arse.

Now she was ready for her uncle's cock again. She wished her uncle would fuck her butt all day, she would do anything he told her, even suck his cock and drink the nasty cream.

Candy's homework was done and she spent the rest of the next few hours walking around the house, feeling the rubber cock moving around in her arse-hole She loved how it felt. She remembered Kimmie told how her mother had called herself an 'arse Whore', well she knew she was becoming one herself.

That night, with her uncle fast asleep on the bed, she crawled naked into his bed and lay down on her belly looking at his limp cock. She fondled it gently until it was hard, she put her lips to the tip and sucked it into her eager wet little mouth. Using the actions described by her friend Sofie, she sucked on the thick bulbous head, gliding her mouth on and off the thick cock-head, making it wetter and slicker as she sucked. She found she liked having her uncle's cock in her mouth, she liked the feel of it on her tongue, the taste of it.

She leaned forward sliding more of it into her mouth, stretching her jaw wide around it. He uncle whined in his sleep and pumped his hips as she sucked him hard in her small mouth. He bucked and squirted shot after shot of thick slimy cum, filling her mouth up with his balls-fluid. Candy got up off the bed and went into the bathroom intending on spitting the stuff out. She looked into the mirror near the sink and opened her mouth. Her mouth was full of the gooey mess. Then she remembered that Sofie had swallowed it and she took three long gulps and let the lot disappear down her throat. It had a fishy, pungent after-taste. The odour reminded her of bleach, but she liked the feel of it in her mouth and how it slid down her throat like thick porridge.

She licked her lips and went back into her uncle's room. His cock was still hard.

She climbed up onto the bed and lay down into him, squirming her arse around on his cock until it slipped easily into her bum and squeezed up inside belly.

"Oooooh!" she moaned, feeling the thick cock throbbing in her arse.

She was used to his size now and took most of it into her bowels quickly, fucking her arse slowly on him for a few hours until he came into her bottom as her finger brought her off to another wonderful climax. In the morning she rode him to another orgasm and then quickly cleaned him up.

When she left he had a big smile on his face in his sleep. She leaned over and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth and feeling him respond to her.

Kimmie was not at school for the next couple of days, her mother had called her in sick. The girls decided to visit her on the weekend.

Candy found the timid Sofie easy to bully while alone with the girl, getting her to give her more details about her brother and what he did to her. She had been arse-fuck constantly by her older brother now, he used her on a whim sometimes sodomising her three or four times a day and then again at night.

He like to have her laying on the three-seated sofa with her head in his lap sucking his cock as he watched TV. She drank his cum regularly too, once even gulping it down after he pulled it out of her arse covered in her own shit. She knelt between his leg on the floor as he sat on the chair, sucking on his dirty cock, cleaning him under threat of being sent to Child Services if she didn't do it.

Candy was totally turned on by that. She could imagine her friend on her knees cleaning her brother's cock with her mouth. It brought a thrill to her little belly.

They sat alone in the park as they spoke. Candy hugged the girl to her, kissing her face. Consoling her but thinking about the dirty things her brother made her do.

They stood up to leave and Candy pulled her friend to her and kissed her full on the lips. Sofie stared at her friend strangely. Candy kissed her again, longer, her lips soft against the girl's. She pulled away and looked into the timid girl's eyes.

She leaned into the pliant girl again and this time pushed her tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply. When she pulled away again the girl was wide-eyed, her mouth open and panting softly.

Candy leaned into her again and saw the other girl close her eyes, her mouth remained open as their lips met in a deep soulful kiss. They hugged tightly as they exchanged spit. Candy pulled away from the sticky lips of the other girl and took her hand. They left the park and headed home, their new relationship sealed.

From what Candy gathered from Sofie, both girls had become quite good at sucking cock and buggering. Sofie told her things that her brother made her do and Candy practised most of the on her sleeping uncle. She knew she was much more accomplished than her friend as her uncle's cock was way bigger than the snotty nineteen year old's boy's was.

She pleasured herself on her uncles meat again that night after sucking a hot thick load out of him, he lasted much longer in her arse after that. In the morning she sucked him off again, tasting her shit on his cock even after she had cleaned him off.

It was perverted but she really liked doing it.

The girls arrived at their friends house at about ten o'clock on Saturday. Kimmie's mother had a black eye. She was nervous and touchy about the girl's illness and was worried about the girl's staying too long.

"I have to go to the shops. I'll be back in an hour or so, OK?" The girls answered in unison and the woman left.

Kimmie limped about the room, obviously in pain. She looked very frightened and Candy felt her pussy getting wet, without knowing why.

"What happened, why weren't you at school?" Candy asked.

"I'm not supposed to talk about it!" She was clearly frightened. "You must tell us, we're you best friends!" coaxed the stronger brunette.

The girl slowly folded and she related the tale of two days ago....

Kimmie had left the other girls and gone home. She had done her homework when her mother's boyfriend came home. She went into the bathroom to take a shower and was coming out of the room when he bumped into her coming out of the bathroom. Her towel fell to the floor and he quickly picked it up. She was covering herself with her hands and failing miserably to hide her plump little boobs growing out of her small chest. She tried to turn around but only gave him an excellent view of the fat cheeks of her lovely little bottom. He laughed as she ran off into her room.

He came into the room behind her pinning her down on the bed and feeling her little budding breasts. She quietly fought him, not wanting to make any noise that would bring her mother, she was afraid she would think it was her fault.

The man grabbed her hands together over her head and used his body to pin her legs, leaving her exposed to him. He licked and sucked the frightened child's tits pushing his free hand under her to fondle her pretty bum cheeks.

"Ooooh you do have a pretty bum sweetheart. I know a good medicine for sweet little bums!" He rolled her roughly onto her stomach and spread her legs. Kimmie started to cry, she had heard her friend speak many times about getting buggered and now she was about to taste it herself. The man smacked her on the leg a few times to stop her from fighting then reached over to her nearby dresser and picked up the jar of pomade laying opened there. He scooped some of the green stuff onto his fingers then shoved them into the crevice between her arse cheeks Kimmie clenched her buttocks together and earned a hard slap for it. She cried out and he slapped her again telling her to be quiet. She lay the feeling his finger slide into her arse hole, squirming around and then slipping out again. The finger slipped back into her again, this time with lots more of the pomade causing the digit to slide easily into her butt this time. He continued to grease her arse hole sliding a second finger into her arse, working the two in deeply, twisting them in her. It hadn't really hurt, she knew enough from the stories of Sofie to know she had to relax so that it didn't hurt too much.

He leaned down and whispered into her ear.

"I'm gonna have such a good time fucking your little arse, my cock's gonna find a permanent home in your sweet little bum tonight!" His fingers fucked her arse as he spoke.

Just then she heard a sudden scream. Her mother had heard the first screams and had come to investigate. She stood there staring at her boyfriend pumping his fingers in her naked daughter's small, plump arse while holding her down on the bed. The prints of his hand red on her pink skin. She rushed at him but he swatted her away easily.

"YOU STAY THERE!" he shouted at the quivering little girl. She obeyed, terrified of the man, knowing how he had beat her mother in the past. Behind her she heard slapping sounds, her mother was crying and pleading, but the slapping continued unabated. The slapping continued out of the room along with the whimperings of her pleading mother. She heard his voice saying something to her mother in the distance, but it was too faint to make out. There was silence. Then she heard the sound of a zipper and clothes falling to the floor. The bed moved and she felt the fingers return to her loosening arse-hole, more greasy stuff was added, this time it was much more slippery than her hair pomade.

"Now that I've taken care of your sweet cunt mother, it's time for you to learn about cock little lady!" He lay down on top of her and crushed her under his weight. She felt him lift up, propping his weight on his elbow then she felt the warm rubbery knob of his cock as it pushed up against her anus. It twitched and jumped in the entrance to her bottom then she felt more pressure and the feeling of something large and thick slowly forcing it's way into her, until it squeezed into her, filling her little bottom steadily and sliding into her rectum.

"Unngh! Ahh! Oooooh!" the child gasped, squirming as the thick cock sank into her bowels.

"GAAAHHHH! Your tight!" He pulled up lifting her arse off the bed the had to place his hand on her hip and push to be able to slide some of the way out of her.

"Very tight. Your gonna be a great little fuck!" The thickness filled her again, she struggled to stay relaxed but it was difficult. The cock was spreading her open like a tree being shoved up her arse. Ever so gently he stirred his hips, slowly picking up a steady pace, using longer and longer strokes, feeling her bum opening up, letting him slide freer and looser into her anus. She could feel it sliding, moving thickly inside her bottom, stretching her wide around him.

His movements were much longer now, stroking his cock into her bowels, sinking deeper but taking his time to work himself into her. The man was an expert at buggering and knew how to work her bottom around his big cock. He worked her now bringing her onto him, sliding his hand under her to grip her smooth young pussy and pulling her up to meet each stroke. His pace slowly picked up, he pumped faster into the child forcing her to gasp with every stoke.

"TIGHT, OH SHIT!" he cried out and pump a load of hot cum into the girl's fluttering bottom.

He collapsed onto of her for a moment and then pulled out of her getting off the bed.

"Valerie!" He called to her mother.

Kimmie raised her head and turn to took at the man standing behind her by the bed. His lean body was covered in sweat, he stood with his face pointed at the ceiling, his eyes closed.

The door moved and Kimmie's mother came slowly into the room. She had a black eye and her dress was torn at the neck. She glanced once at her naked daughter lying on the bed looking up at her and then crossed over to the man who had just had his cock in her daughter's arse. She knelt down and began to suck his still-hard cock into her mouth. Kimmie could hear the slurping noises as she cleaned his cock of their combined juices.

Kimmie dropped her head back onto the bed and cried. The room was quiet except for the sobs of a child and the slurping wet sounds of the girl's mother sucking her boyfriend's cock.

"Now clean your little slut!" he said, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her over to the bed.

Kimmie felt weight, warm breath and then a wet tongue slip into her anus, licking her, cleaning out the sperm from her rudely stretched hole.

By morning he not only had his entire cock buried up the girl's arse, but he had her mother naked in the same bed taking the same cock up her arse and suckling on her daughters pert breasts while he sodomised them both. Kimmie had her first orgasm on her mother's tongue, and she had learned to lick her mother's cunt until she bucked against her face too. He kept them both home for the next couple of days making them do things to him and to each other. Kimmie had learned to coax cum from his balls twice and was rewarded with a an hour in his lap, his cock up her bum and her mother's tongue bringing her to climax....

The girls cried and hugged each other. They knew that their lives had changed for ever.

Candy led the other girl home to her house. She was really turned on and wanted to have Sofie alone, the lurid tales of mother-daughter sex had her pussy sopping wet and her uncle wouldn't be home for hours yet.

"We're going to my room. Girls stuff!" she told her mother.

"Hey, I did girls stuff too when I was your age you know!" Her mother shook her head and smiled as the girls disappeared upstairs. "Kids, think everything they do is original!"

Then she went back to her chores.

Candy closed the door behind her, locking it after leading Sofie into her bedroom. She stood with her back against the door, her pussy was sopping wet and soaking her panties. She stared lustfully at the other girl who looked a little afraid of the stronger girl. Candy leaned forward and grabbed the timid girl by the shoulders and pulled her close, looking into her eyes as she moved her hands to clasp the sides of the girl's head. Sofie was very frightened by her friend, realising that something was not right about her these past few days. The brunette had already overpowered her at the park, making her kiss like lovers did, now she had stupidly come to Candy's home where she was sure she was in big trouble.

Candy felt an excited rush through her sexy young body as she saw fear in her little friend's eyes. She pulled the pliant girl against her and pressed her mouth to the girl's soft lips, opening her lips and pushing her tongue into Sofie's small wet mouth. Candy tongued the girl passionately as she had seen guys do to girls in the late movies she sneaked a peek at when her parents were sleeping. Sofie's hands clasped Candy's arms as her will to resist faded quickly to nothing, the tongue in her mouth lapping away all of her feeble resistance. Candy moaned with pleasure as she felt the girl's surrender and kept kissing her until they were both breathless. She grabbed the girl's arm and led her over to the bed. The girl resisted and Candy grabbed her head and tongued her savagely again before pulling the girl along with her, her resistance gone again.

Sofie stood there as Candy removed all of her clothes. Every time the other girl showed any resistance Candy found that a deep, wet kiss would settle her quickly. Now the frightened little girl stood naked before her and Candy removed her own clothes too.

Both girls had budding curves and breasts. Candy had a plumper, rounder arse than her friend, a fat round peach pussy and much fuller thighs but Sofie had nicer shaped hips and her mouth was wide with full plump lips, just right for kissing. So Candy kissed her again, rubbing her little body against the other girl's. Her hands fondled and stroked everywhere until the other girl was trembling.

"Get on your knees!" came viciously from Candy's lips unexpectedly.

The shocked little girl obeyed and found Candy's plump dripping gash against her lips before she could react.

"Lick me!" was all Candy said and Sofie obeyed without thinking, sliding her fat little tongue up Candy's sopping gash, tasting her girl-juice as it leaked out into her waiting mouth.

Candy's hands gripped the girl's head, tangling in her hair and locking the hungrily lapping girl against her crotch. She had never imagined that a mouth felt wonderful on her little pussy.

Candy knew she would be doing this regularly with the sweet little Sofie for many years to come as the tongue found her tiny swelling bud and brought the horny girl to a thundering orgasm that she only just managed to stifle.

She kept the other little girl naked in her room for hours as she made her eat her pussy several more times. Candy fucked the girl's arse with her mother's dildo after each time, making her suck the thing clean.

By the time Sofie left the house she too had had her little pussy licked and suck several times to orgasm. Sofie was now Candy's property and knew it.

That night when she sucked her uncle's cock and drank it's lovely pungent spunk, she knew she was going to get the other little girl over to spend a few nights with her. Candy would introduce her to her uncle's thick, meaty, arse-fucking cock which the girl would taste before it was pushed up her hot little bum.

Candy spent the whole day 'accidentally' touching her uncles cock. She kept sitting in his lap and moving around to show him things, rubbing her plump butt against his hardening cock. She knew her uncle was hard for her and spent a lot of time touching him. He had a strange look in his eyes when he looked at her.

Candy knew he had been without a woman for a very long time and since he worked so hard he didn't have time to date. Candy wanted him to fuck her while he was awake. She continued to tease and rub him all day until it was bedtime. She knew he was a habitual heavy sleeper, but she planned to get to him before he fell asleep. She went up to her room as usual but left her bedroom door opened. She pulled the bedclothes down and made sure that her panty-less bum was exposed to view when she lay down. He had to walk past her room to get to his own, her parents' room was at the top of the stairs and the bathroom was before her room, so there was no chance that they would catch her.

She heard her uncle stop at her door as he walked past. She could hear his heavy breathing.

"Candy!" he said quietly, "Candy!"

He moved into the room and approached her bed. She felt his hand fondle the smooth flesh of her buttocks briefly, squeezing her meaty buttock and making her sigh with delight. But then he pulled away.

"No! I can't do that!" he muttered and left her room.

She was elated. He had touched her. She got up and rubbed the grease into her needy bottom then quietly left her room in the direction of her uncle's bedroom. She listened at his door for a second to make sure he was in bed and pushed it open. He was laying on his side as usual but she knew he was still awake.

She crept quietly up to his bed, wanting to let him think she thought he was asleep, and climbed under the covers making sure that her nightie rode up around her waist. Candy nestled her plump buttocks back against him, feeling his raging erection pressing against her fat little bum. She heard him stifle a gasp as she wriggled her butt against his throbbing member then reach around to grab the rigid meat in her small hand. She guided it between her plump arse-cheeks and pushed her sweet little hips back, sucking him up into her tight rectum and deep in her clinging bowels.

"Oooooh! Niiiice!" she cooed, pressing back at him.

He groaned before he could contain himself and the little girl moaned again with delight when the thick meaty cock was forced by her movements deep into her gripping anus. She had been fucking her uncle's cock every night for two weeks and was quite used to it's length and girth now. She began working her slender hips back and forth, fucking herself with the big cock slowly. She loved how it felt in her bottom, she loved to have it slowly reaming her arse.

"Ooooh! Uncle David your cock is so nice up my bum!" she gasped as she worked on him slowly, "I love having you in me every night. Oh, that's it! Bugger me Uncle David!"

She felt her uncle's hand on her hip as the cock in her bottom started surging deeper into her.

"Yes! Yes! Deeper Uncle David, deeper!"

Her uncle's other hand slipped under her to grab her other hip. Now with both hips firmly held he began to fuck the girl's arse, shoving his meat deep into the horny child's clinging bottom until his hips were smacking loudly against her meaty bum-cheeks.

"Oooooh! Yes! Fuck my bum!"

The desperately horny man pounded the girl's tightly gripping hole until he gasped loudly and filled her with his thick gooey sperm. They lay there, tightly wedged together, until he fell asleep. Candy had him twice more that night as he slept. When he woke in the morning he was still embedded deep in the child's hot arse. He became rigid again and fucked her gently until he boiled into her bowels and then he eased out of bed, thinking that she was still asleep. Candy lay there for a few minutes and then pretended to wake as he put on his robe to shower.

"MMmmmmm! Morning Uncle David, that was such a nice dream I had!"

Her uncle smile at her.

"Did you sleep well too?"

"Yes baby! I had a fantastic sleep. But you know your not supposed to sleep in my bed!" He gave her a mock 'serious' face and she giggled.

He came over and sat on the bed next to her and Candy climbed out from the sheet and into his waiting lap. His cock was again hard under her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a big wet kiss on his lips causing the hard cock to twitch under her butt. Before he could stop her she pushed her hand into the opening of the towel and grabbed his cock in her dainty little hand.

"Candy!" But she ignored him, raising up and feeding the throbbing meat into her waiting bottom, quickly sliding down into his lap so he couldn't get away.

"Don't pretend you don't like it Uncle David," she gasped, "You had me last night and this morning!"

The man sat quietly as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "I've been doing you every night for two whole weeks Uncle David.

I've sucked your cock and drunk your cum too. This cock belongs to me and it always will!" she told him.

The little girl was intoxicated with the power she held over this big handsome man and her little pussy-sucking girlfriend. She pulled his head down to hers and kissed him deeply.

It was an hour before they managed to leave his room. He had deposited another watery load down her throat and was off to get ready for work. She had him now, he was hers and she could have him whenever she liked.

At school she caught little Sofie in a bush behind the school building and forced the girl to her knees. When they returned to the playground and were found by Kimmie, Candy had three lovely orgasms and Sofie had her juices covering her chin.

Candy never felt so much power in her life. So was so high that she began to plot the taking of her other weak friend Kimmie. The little blonde girl had already broken by her mother's boyfriend, all she had to do was find a way to control her for herself.

Candy continued to enjoy her uncle in his sleep and wide awake on weekends when her parents were away shopping and the like. She lay in his bed with her legs up on his shoulders, feeling his thick cock sliding in and out of her bum like a huge log of warm shit she could release.

"Oooooh! Uncle David!" she gasped.

"God Candy, you're so tight!" he gasped as he stuffed his cock back deep in her aching bowels, much deeper than he had before. She loved that feeling, loved the thickly sliding warmth of her uncle's penis as he relieved himself in her and then lay between her plump thighs, licking her pussy until she screamed out in orgasm again.

Now she was stepping up her plan for her toy, Sofie. She asked Sofie's brother if Sofie could stay at her house for the whole week. Candy had gone to their house while Sofie was doing some shopping for her brother. Candy had turned up, knowing Sofie's weekly routine and got the girl's brother alone. In her pocket she had a running voice recorder she had her uncle buy for her. She was alone in the living room with the older boy and she could see he had an erection. He wanted her, he was now addicted to the young flesh of his little sister and wanted more.

Candy stood in front of him almost between his leg, constantly edging closer. The young man was sweating.

"Can Sofie come over to spend the week at my house please Gordon, I'll be ever so grateful!" The girl was now standing between his legs now, her hand was on his thigh near his rigid cock.

"Wha.. What, er.. why should I let her go? I'll be all on my own then!" he said nervously.

"I could come over after school and visit you!" the girl said trailing her hand closer to the young man's cock.

He was sweating. She knew that he wanted to bugger her, but she was making all the moves and it unsettled him.

"Yeah, well.. OK, so what you.. er...!" He stammered as she stroked her little hand along his painfully erect meat.

"I'll let you put this lovely cock in my butt just like you do to poor little Sofie!" she teased.

He was startled that she knew about that.

"How did.. Sofie told you..?"

"I made her tell me. She does whatever I tell her to do!" She was squeezing and fondling the cock through his trousers now.

He was putty in her hands.

"Sofie comes and stays with me and I come and let you bugger me, hmmm?!"

"O.. OK!" Candy pushed him back in the chair and opened his trousers. His cock was nice, not the monster her uncle had, it was about six inches long and five inches in circumference, something she could easily swallow. And she did, sucking his cock into her eager mouth and listening to him groan. She tongued the head, licked his shaft and suckled the purple head until he cried out and came hard into her greedy mouth.

When she left she had a load of Gordon's thick cum in her belly.

She got his to admit to many things and they were all on her tape. She would have him eating out of her hand in no time, her hand and any place else she wished.

Sofie came to spend the week after Candy had convinced her mother. During the night after Sofie had licked her to orgasm she led the pantie-less girl to her uncle's room.

They lay naked on her uncle's bed, Candy's fingers pulling the dildo out of the girl's little bottom as Sofie sucked on the sleeping man's throbbing erection. Candy pulled the girl back and turned her around, pressing her little bottom up against the cock she had just been made to suck and drink from. The little girl was still swallowing the man's thick sperm as Candy fed the enormous cock up her girl-toy's tight little arse. The girl's panties were forced into her mouth to keep her from crying out as she was forced wide around the thick pole. It squeezed up the little child's well-used bottom and lodged deep. Candy lay in front of the girl, kissing her face, instructing her, rubbing the girl's pussy. She knew that Sofie never felt so full, her anus was being spread wide and the thing was stretching open her rectum. Then she began to get the pleasurable feeling from Candy's working fingers and her hips began to work on the cock in her butt. Candy kept the girl on the cock all night. Her uncle found his cock covered in slime when he awoke for work, thinking it had been Candy, but that was only half the real story. Sofie had taken three copious loads of sperm and was made to suck the cock clean twice before Candy had her turn.

Candy took the girl back to her room. The girl was on her knees with her shoulders against the bed, Candy's pussy was locked to her hungrily sucking mouth. Candy had the girl's head held tightly by her hair as she rolled her hips to the movement of the tongue in her aching pussy. The girl's face was soaking wet with Candy's juices. Candy came very hard, biting her lips together hard to stop screaming.

"Good girl, good girl. Now for your reward!" She pressed her upper lips to the girl's mouth and came hard, creaming into the girl's mouth. She could hear the desperate swallowing as she tried to get it all down.

At school she spoke to Kimmie alone, an idea formed in her head after talking with Sofie's brother.

"I need to tell the teachers about your mother and her boyfriend!"

"WHAT! NO YOU CAN'T!" The girls eyes went everywhere. Desperation in her widely scanning eyes.

"Yes I can and I will. They have to go to jail for what they have done to you!" Candy said.

"No, please, don't tell I'm begging you!" sobbed the weak, taller girl.

"If I don't then they will keep on doing things to you. I can't let them!" Candy told her seriously, her pussy already wet and soaking her panties.

The other girl was crying now. They stood in the hiding place at the back of the school's bushes. Nobody had been allowed at the back there, but the girls had found another route there and used it as a secret hideout.

"Please, I don't want to go to Child Services. I'll do anything you want!" the desperate blonde pleaded.

Candy didn't wait. She pushed the willing girl to her knees.

"If you lick my pussy whenever I want I'll keep quiet, if not...!"

"OK!" she said in a small voice, completely open to doing whatever her friend told her to do after all the nasty things she had been made to do for her mother's brutal boyfriend.

She was already accustomed to eating pussy, her mother's. Candy took off her panties and raised her dress.

"Lick me!" was all she told her friend and the girl did so with fervour and gusto that amazed Candy. When the stronger girl had cum twice she pulled the girl to her feet.

"You belong to me now. Whatever I tell you to do you do it, got that!"

"Yes Candy!" was the girl's timid response, defeat in her pretty blue eyes.

She pushed her back onto her knees and made her eat her out again. The girl heard the words "Swallow!" and found her mouth was full of fluid. She tried to swallow it all but some splashed onto her clothes. Her friend had peed into her mouth. She stayed on her knees crying, feeling used and betrayed. Kimmie was dragged to her feet and kissed soundly, she felt Candy's tongue slurping inside her mouth. She knew she was gone would do anything the brunette told her now.

Now Candy rode Sofie's brother's cock as Kimmie licked and sucked his balls. The young man couldn't believe his luck, two girls to sodomise.

"Oh no, you can't fuck her, only me and Sofie. But she will suck your cock any time you want it!"

Gordon quivered and blew his load up the sexy little bitche's arse. His cock was pulled roughly out of the girl's bottom and he felt the hot sucking mouth of Kimmie as she cleaned him off.

Candy went over to the other chair and bent over it sticking her lovely arse out.

"Come and clean me now!" Kimmie stopped what she was doing and crawled over to the arse waving about on the other side of the room. She stuck her face into the girl's meaty bum and sucked her clean of the sperm leaking out of her as the horny teenage young man watched them.

Candy was enjoying life now. She had her uncle, her friend's brother and two her two best friends to play with. She had even had her uncle's cock up her arse while the family watched the TV in the evening, taking two lovely loads of sperm before she was told to go to bed.

Candy took her own virginity with the rubber cock, then she took Sofie's as well. Kimmie lost hers to her mother's boyfriend already. Now she was ready for the next stage, fucking her uncle.


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