First Memory With a Baby

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Published: 23-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I am a pedophile. There. I said it. I am not ashamed of it. The road to arrive here was a long one. Over the years I have spent many many hours thinking about what I like and how I like it. My journey to this point started at nine years old. I was not abused as a child myself, but what I discovered was very arousing to me, even at that young age.

I learned how to jack off at 9 years old. I was so far ahead of my classmates. I grew body hair and learned that humping my bed felt really really good.

When I started cumming, and one of the images that stuck out in my head was thoughts of my father naked. His 5'10" frame and furry body really made my little boy dick hard. I would fantasize about him doing things to me and to my friends. I would lay in bed on my stomach and grind my little dick into the bed, pretending his big adult daddy dick would be between my ass cheeks, moving up and down. My dick would push against the mattress while his dick would slide between my ass cheeks.

I would start pushing against the mattress harder and harder as his hairy mandick would push against my ass harder and harder. I would feel my orgasm build as his cockhead would tease my little tiny boyhole as he pushes himself against me. His 200 pound weight resting on my chubby body. His furry chest and stomach would rub against the soft skin of my back. Just as he would shoot his thick creamy load all over my ass and my back I would cum right into the sheets on my bed. I would roll over exhausted from the grinding and check out the wet stain on my sheets.

Around the same time I started masturbating my dick, I also started babysitting. I kept myself out of my trouble in my youth, so many adults thought I was a very responsible boy. One of my neighbors asked me to babysit their two-year old son.

His name is Caden, and he's really adorable. He's already walking and talking. He was growing like crazy. He had very red hair, and he was meaty to say the least.

He was your typical growing toddler. He was so smart. I often said that he was "3 going on 18."

Caden's parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary so they asked me to come over and babysit Caden for the night. I gladly accepted their job offer, and I walked over about 8pm that night to the house two doors down from my own. His mother just put him down for the night so my job would be easy.

"The phone numbers are on the counter, along with your fee. If you need anything call us. We should be home sometime around midnight," she said to me.

"No problem. There is nothing to worry about. We will be just fine," I responded. The night was uneventful until about 10 that night. I was watching a horror movie, and as with most horror movies, there was sex and death. I was watching it intently and on the screen I see a couple on the screen having sex. As I watch my little boydick stands at attention. The girl was sitting on the guys dick and riding it really hard and fast, and my cock loved it.

I was rubbing my knob through my jeans and underwear when a thought came over me. I stood up from the couch and walked across the floor ever so quietly to Caden's bedroom and quietly opened the door. There he was: Caden was fast asleep in his crib. He was wearing a "Thomas the Tank Engine" sleeper and some light blue socks. His outfit was a stark contrast from the bright red hair on his head.

I walked over to his crib and was watching him sleep. I couldn't stop looking at this beautifully peaceful site. I didn't understand why my dick was so hard looking at this beauty, but I also wasn't complaining. Maybe it was the fact that it was so taboo and wrong to be hard while I was watching a two year old toddler sleeping. I knew it was so wrong what I wanted to do, or rather what I was about to do, but I wasn't going to stop, nor was I going to help it.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled my little hard dick out of my underwear. It was about 2 inches hard and completely bald. I started stroking my dick, watching that little 2 year old sleep.

"Oh Caden, suck that dick. Suck my bald boy dick my little kid bitch," I thought to myself. I wanted that little two year old to put my little tiny dick in his mouth so he could suck it like a baby bottle.

My left hand began rubbing Caden's back gently while my right hand kept moving up and down my short shaft while the left hand. My left hand inched down to his beautifully rounded ass and I started rubbing his ass cheeks.

"God Caden, you have such a great ass. I want to fuck it so bad." I clinched my hand to feel the sleeper and the diaper underneath and his butt underneath that. I felt the cum moving closer and closer to the head of my penis where it would explode forth. I won't be able to hold back much longer.

My right hand takes over working my really hard pee pee now, jerking it really fast. My arm muscles are really starting to tire now as I'm looking at Caden's face. His eyes are closed and his mouth is slightly open from breathing.

"I want to put my dick on his lips for him to taste."

I'm so close now. The cum is ready now. I start whispering, "Oh Caden, my little toddler whore. Take my kiddie dick. Take my kiddie dick." That sent me over the edge. My watery jizz shot out and hit the carpet. It was so watery that it absorbed into the bedroom carpet.

Now what? What the fuck just happened here? What does this mean? I didn't know yet, but I was about to find out.

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Wonderful horny want hear more


I like babysitting stories. Teen females using young ones together would be extra exciting to read.


Hot fucking story. I think Casen should wake up and want to suck that hot balb boy cock!
Thanks for writing this and looking for more Please


Some pointers:
Firstly, a 9 year old babysitter? Who in their right mind entrusts a 9 year old with their 2 year old child. Secondly, the dialogue is so unrealistic, it's an erection killer. What kind of 9 year old thinks or says 'suck my bald boy dick' and 'take my kiddie dick.' It sounds like the the perspective of a 40 year old pedophile in the body of an adolescent.


Technically, Anon is right...but, oh, fuck! This was an incredible fantasy. Caden needs more attention, when you have the time...

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