Boy Scout Bob a Job

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Published: 30-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I was 10 and a boy scout in London, it was Bob a Job week, I left home Saturday morning and wanted to earn as much as I could for my cub pack so I went to the larger homes on the edge of town that backed onto the common.

The first house a lady asked me to put out here trash, It took me 10 minutes and I got 5p. A couple of house never answered then I came to a neat clean home, a man about 50 opened the door.

"Can I help you young man?" He said, he was wearing grey slacks and an unbuttoned shirt.

"Bob a Job Mister?" I said.

"Em, I don't really have anything for you to do, sorry," he said and paused. "What do you do?"

"Anything, clean yer car, wash your dishes, polish shoes," I smiled.

He looked and me and thought. "I have a bad back and can;t clean my bath tub can you do that/s its quite bad and will need scrubbing."

Five minutes later I had my sleeves rolled up and was on my knees scrubbing his bath tub, he came up with a glass or orange juice and watched me.

"It would be easier if you climbed in, you will never reach the far side, I will put the heater on, you can fill the bottom with warm water," he said he leant over put in the plug and turned on the water, once it had about 6 inches he said. "Well put your clothes on the chair ad climb in"

It felt a little strange getting naked with him watching me but he was a guy so I just did it. I climbed in and he was right I could reach the other side, it took me about twenty minutes to scrub it, he came back with a towel.

"Great job, here climb out and I will dry you off," he said.

I climbed out and he wrapped me in a warm fluffy white towel, he dried my back, the back of my legs and turned me around, he did the same to my front and took time to dry my penis and hairless balls. He took my hand and led me to his bedroom, he sat on the bed and continued to dry my penis, he slid his hand around my back and felt my crack.

"I better get dressed now," I said a little nervous, something was wrong about the situation.

He ignored it and pressed his finger in my anus.

"Ouch" I said his finger nail hurt me.

"Sorry, let me get some baby oil," he said he opened his drawer in his night stand and took out a bottle.

"I don't need that I had better get dressed now," I protested.

"No, the detergent you used has dried your skin, I need to put oil back in your skin, I'm a doctor don't worry," he lay the towel on the bed and told me to lie on it face down. He straddled me and rubbed oil into my back, neck and legs, I was smothered in it. He slowly worked some into my crack.

"Oops i'm getting it my clothes," he said, he took off his shirt and trousers I was unsure if he took off his underwear.

He rubbed more oil on me and lay on top of me, he kissed my ear, it felt gross. His knees spread my legs wider apart, I could feel something hot and wet on my ass. He applied more oil and slowly pushed his finger in my anus again.

"Relax, you have soap here, you need oil in here else you will get sore, relax and let my finger in," he said, I was scarred now, his weight had me pinned to the bed. His finger slid in and out for a while.

He stopped and I felt something large pushing against me.

"Relax, and push like you are taking a poop," he said.

I did as I was told bit nothing happened and it was starting to hurt, he used his fingers to guide it. Bang the head of his cock went in, I couldn't scream my breath was taken away, I fought back and tried to squirm, it pushed his head out again, but he kept pushing.

"Please stop it hurts," I cried. He pushed again.

"Relax' He shouted in my ear. then oh my god it went in again, I screamed out loud his cock was in, I tried to fight him off he lowered all his weight on me and continued to push, it was terrible, I felt I was being split in half, he cock went deeper and deeper, I was crying loudly now.

He ignored my cries and continued, once he was fully in he put his hands around my groin and cupped my limp cock and balls. His chest was crushing me, then he started to hump me.

It was horrible, he kept going and going, now and again kissing and biting my neck. He started to moan, his cock seem to grow even more, he went really heavy and groan out loud like he was in pain. His cock pulsed inside me, filling my insides with his sperms. When he was done he pulled out, spun me over and kissed my tear soaked face.

I was allowed to take a bath and get dressed. he gave me 5 pound, this was more than I expected to get all week from everyone. he said he was sorry if it hurt and told me not to say anything else he would have to take the money back.

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Loved it, you could do with reading your work before you submit it but it was a great hot story.

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