Swimming at the Lake, Day 1

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Published: 11-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Note: If you not yet read the previous story, 'Swimming' do so first. Then you will better understand the Problem I have with my gigantic cock, why I turned to little, innocent girls, and the dilemma I face in needing to get my cum into tiny Brandi without ripping her down the middle.

It is Friday, the beginning of a 3 day weekend, during which I promised to take just-7 year old Brandi for the next three days so that her ditzy mother can get away with a "friend." They arrived early, the mom eager to unload the kid and get away. (I am eager to get away and unload into the kid.) Little, lithe, blonde Brandi had on loose, pink cotton shorts, a thin tee shirt and cutesy girl sneakers. She had a little backpack presumable stuffed with her things for the visit. She stood a little away from her mom looking eager to get the transfer over with. Mom had offered me $100 a day to babysit her angel.

She said, "I don't have the money for you now. I can pay you when I get back... or we can think of some other way to get evened up." I am not interested in flirting with this slut and have no intention of letting her know that what I have in the front of my pants would ruin her for all other men.

She turned to her daughter and harshly told her, "Do everything that Mr. David says. I don't want to hear about you being a brat." With that, Brandi and I stood there watching her mom's rear end fishtail out of the driveway. Well the rear end of her Mustang.

Brandi looked up at me with those wide blue eyes and said, "I'm sorry. I mean I'm glad my mom is gone and I get to be with you."

"Me too. Come on, Brandi, we are going to my fishing cabin on the lake."

In the truck on the way out of town with this gorgeous girl-child belted in next to me I said, "We will go swimming in the lake as soon as we get there."

"But... I can't," she replied.

"I know you can swim, Brandi. Is there a problem?"

"I didn't bring my swim suit. I didn't know we were going to a lake."

Bluntly I told her, "Doesn't matter. I don't have a bathing suit either. We will skinny dip."

"Skinny dip?"

"You know, swim without clothes. Naked."

"Together?" Brandi almost whispered.

"We will do everything together for the next few days, Brandi. I am taking you to a magical place and will teach you about magic."

She thought about this quietly for awhile.

When we finally arrived I took our light luggage and food into the cabin while Brandi goggled at the sheer beauty of nature surrounding us. A large isolated lake surrounded by my land, with a cozy cabin nestled in the trees and a mountain rising behind it. She had never seen anything like it except maybe on the Disney channel.

"OK Brandi, I will examine you and you will do some magic before we go swimming."

"I don't know any magic, Mr. David."

"Oh, you are a magical sweet little girl. I will now show you the first trick." With that I undressed in front of her on the shore. She watched with keen interest. I took off my briefs and my flaccid cock hung down to my knees. She looked intensely at it, not because of its tremendous size but because she had never seen a cock before.

"What is...? How do you make pee pee?"

"I will show you later. This is my cock and I pee out of the end of it. Now for your magic. Look at my cock and remember what it looks like. Now turn around. Good. Now take off your shirt."

"What if someone comes and sees me?" "There is no one around for miles. We won't see another person all weekend."

Hesitantly she pulls her shirt over her head and keeps a hold of it, hunching her shoulders in slightly.

"Have you ever been naked out doors before Brandi?"

"No Mr. David."

"Take off your shorts now, but not your panties, and remember what my cock looks like." She slowly took down her shorts and stepped out of them. In front of me was this compliant 7 year old girl with nothing on but her well-worn, not-so-white-anymore underwear.

"Now for the magic and the examination. I am going to pull down your panties and examine your hiney hole to see if you are ready to get in my clean lake."

"Uh, OK, I guess. But, Mr. David, I have to pee-pee."

"Brandi, you will not pee until it is the right time and that is later. And you will not piss in my beautiful lake, you understand? I will know if you do. I know that sometimes you let a few drops of pee in your panties when you wait too long to go to the bathroom. Am I right?"

She stammered, "But... how did you know?"


With that I knelt behind her and gently lowered her panties to around her ankles. I gazed, I sniffed, I tenderly spread her perfect ass cheeklettes apart and worshiped the sight of her tiny pink anus, pure except for the slightest smattering of dried girl poop nestled in her crack. I did what I had to do: I licked her clean. She shivered slightly.

I leaned back, enchanted, and said, "Now turn around a look at your magic."

She did, and her eyes got wider when she saw my fully erect prick sticking straight out and pulsing slightly in anticipation. She exclaimed, "Look at that! It is pointing at me. And it is bigger, and thick. I can see where you pee come out."

"This is like a magic wand, Brandi. And you made it point at your with your little girl magic."

She jumped up and down excitedly like the girl she is, and because she needs to pee. I took the worn panties from around her ankles and carefully put them on her shirt. (Later I will send them to my friend Gothman who will know how to appreciate them.) I let her take it all in for a few minutes, then took her hand, leading her to the edge of the water and told her, "For my next trick, magical Mother Nature's cool water will make my cock droop again."

"Really?" she asked in amazement. We swam together in enjoyment.

Of course when we got out my cock was down. Brandi thought that was too cool. I led her over the a mossy nook under the trees and laid down on my back.

"Mr. David, where is the bathroom? Is it time for me to pee-pee? The water made me really need to!"

"There is no bathroom at the cabin. You will pee and poop outside like the animals. I'll teach you about that. You will pee when the time is right, but not until then." She was adorable with a little pouty face and ever-wide eyes.

"Now come her and kneel over my face. I am going to lick you between the legs! Tell me how it feels." Slowly, unsurely, she assumed the position. I reached up and firmly took her slim hips in my hands and pushed her against my mouth. Now my tongue went to work probing into the slit of her perfect peach.

I tickled her clit nubbin and she vibrated and said, "That feels funny. And good." I shifted her tiny pelvis forward so I could tongue her butt hole. I pushed the tip against her sphincter and felt it tighten at the novelty of the intrusion. I persisted, pressing her hips down against my face, and got the tip of my sensitive tongue into the hiney hole. Bliss. And! What do I feel but the hard round tip of her little girl turn hiding just inside her. Oh, this gives me an idea for how I might be able to get my cum in to her body. I will see you tomorrow you mysterious turd.

I went back to stimulating her clit, knowing what will inevitably happen. And it wasn't long before I tasted a little spurt of her pent up pee.

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. David! I tried to hold it. I couldn't help it!"

"Brandi, your magical body knows that it is now time for you to pee-pee."

"On you? On your face?"

"Yes, on my face, and in my mouth, and all over!" And out her golden girl pee gushed; all over me, on my face, in my mouth. Time slowed down it seemed and I experienced every hot drop. What a satisfying release for us both. I licked the last drops from her pussy.

Little did she know that I was fully hard and my balls were loaded and aching to release.

I lifted her off of me and laid her on the moss. Now it is my turn. I slowly parted her skinny legs, knelt between them, brought up my cum cannon and began to stroke it from tip to base. She looked up at me with a little fear and a lot of curiosity.

"Are you going to pee on me!?"

"No, I am going to cum on you, all over you. Watch, and don't be afraid; think about how it feels."

And I began to come. Long, thick ropes of white cum. I covered her hairless peach cunny, filled her cute navel, obliterated her flat pink nipples. I did not aim at her face so that she would't flinch and could watch me shoot all over her. I didn't think her big eyes could get bigger, but they did. It was a sight to behold from above and from her innocent eyes below. Unsteadily I reached over for my camera and took a half dozen pictures of my pale glazed donut of a girl.

We lazily went back to the lake to rinse off. Then it was to the cabin for a nude dinner at which Brandi asked questions non-stop about her experiences today. We slept together.

Tomorrow I will take her up the mountain and will introduce her to more magic. Her life will never be the same. I will make sure that it will be so much better that it was likely to have been before I unleashed my monster cock on her.

Sleep tight.

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that was great! can't wait to see what happens next!

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