Inside Kathy J, Part 1

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Published: 16-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The Bedtime Story

Friday night on my bed very hot just my short little nightgown looking at my book waiting for Danny so nice Mommy's boyfriend hope he stays not like the others. Didn't like him coming in my room first time second time even third time but got better takes me places does things with me when Mommy's having sad times laying in bed don't want to get up.

I snuggled with him on couch watched TV it was nice fingers felt good in my hair on my neck on my leg. Mommy doesn't touch me anymore not much too sad I touch her she cries no sound just tears. Danny says it's OK he will take care of me till she gets better OK with me like his face his hugs his touch things he says to me...(giggle)

"Oh Kathy you can't be seven years old so sexy you are don't tell your mommy I said that but it's true such sexy legs like a pretty woman's legs I turn all red. Danny asks can he touch them while we look at my book I'm in my short nightgown like tonight I say yes it feels good kind of weird the way he sounds when he touches them I ask what's wrong. "Nothing, he says and just keeps on rubbing.

Sometimes he gets real real close to that place everybody says don't let anybody touch. I touch it sometimes I wonder what's so bad I know it's private they scare me make it sound like you go to hell don't want to go to hell just feels good sometimes... every time. Wonder what it would feel like if he touched it he gets so close maybe I want Danny to does that mean I will go to hell? Read my book read my book read my book stop thinking about stuff here he comes...

He's wearing his robe hair is wet towel round his neck smell's nice never came to my room from the shower before. I give him a sweet smile tilt my head likes my black hair pig tails big brown eyes.

"Hi beautiful girl, Danny says. "How are you this lovely evening?

"I'm hot, I tell him.

"You... are very hot, he says big smile I turn all red like strawberries. "Instead of a book tonight Sweetheart can I tell you a story?

"OK. Sounds like fun I can listen hope Danny touches my legs I put away my book lie my head on the pillow look up at him say yes and smile when he asks if he can touch my legs when he tells the story. He smiles I must like it when he touches my legs I smile so big and turn so red and he says that's so sexy and grownup.

"Once there was a very lonely little boy named... let's call him Jeffrey... well, Jeffrey didn't have any friends at all. He was a weak but nice and innocent little boy who got picked on and bullied all the time...

"That's sad, I say getting very comfy feel one hand on one leg going slow I can see picture of lonely boy named Jeffrey sad eyes boys around him saying bad things punching him. Both hands on my legs touching so soft...

"Sometimes these bullies acted angry like Jeffrey did something bad to them and Jeffrey couldn't figure this out, because Jeffrey never did anything to hurt anybody.

I see the bullies and their angry faces I know some at school always angry about something so stupid... Danny is touching me so nice I hope something good happens to Jeffrey soon my skin so soft his fingers wow... oh no... I wonder if he knows his robe is open and his thing is sticking out...

"...and he wondered if he was going to survive. Kathy, is something wrong?

I didn't hear I wasn't listen... wow... it's growing I shake my head no nothing's wrong I try to listen it's so big and it's getting bigger Danny's penis. It's kind of pretty looking kind of scary I feel funny in my stomach kind of like when Mommy's acting funny I don't know what to do just watch it get thicker longer swelling.

"When Jeffrey was twelve years old he met the little girl next door, and everything changed. Her name was Kathy, she was seven years old, and the most beautiful thing he had ever seen...

OK I'm listening now he's got me but he's making those sounds was his penis doing this all those other times he touched my legs making sounds its creepy oh wow it looks so stiff long moving by itself...

"When she played with him... and he played with her... other people thought it was strange... maybe even a bad thing but he became her sitter and... she was crazy about him...

Danny is breathing very funny hard for him to tell the story his penis jumping up and down has to know I can see it his robe is all open I see his chest his hands are moving touching my butt I am shaking the penis is jumping...

"Danny... I say my voice is too soft feel dry need water. "Danny...

Penis jumps Danny's head snaps back squeezes my butt penis jumps jumps again eyes can't leave it so big swollen jumping OH MY GOD stuff coming out white stuff squirting hard lots of it penis jumping by itself white stuff squirting all over Danny making sounds wild sounds... white stuff on my arm it's hot... OH MY GOD finally over... scared. Danny be OK please Danny look at me he stops touching me doesn't look at me.

"Sorry about this, "he says. He stands up closes his robe looks down at the mess down at the floor not at me. "Where's my towel?

"Danny, I say. I want him to talk to tell me to explain he gets his wet towel cleans up. He doesn't look at me can't look at me I did something bad now I know. "Danny? Please stay with me. Did I do something wrong?

"NO! he shouts so angry he has never shouted at me before it surprises me hits me in the heart I try not to cry. I sit in a crouch he cleans off my arm and he heads he asks if I need to use the bathroom before bed I shake my head no he turns off my lamp I lie down I cry real quiet don't want no one to hear... they don't care I'm alone questions like Jeffrey so lonely until Jeffrey found... me (smile)... I put my hand down my panties think about what I just saw the penis so big jumping wow...

That was something this feels specially good tonight...

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The Sound and the Fury was written in four distinct narrative styles throughout the story. And if you research the story you would find that this story achieved more critical response than any of his other stories. Please do not pass it off as a literary work of genius. The story sucked back in 1929 when it was written and the style still sucks today. Not all of Faulkner's stories were written in this style so do not play it off that this particular style won him his Nobel Prize in Literary work.


It could have been an awesome story but was ruined with your so called Interior Monologue. It made it hard to read and frankly ruined the story.


No matter what person or perspective you write from, there is no excuse for lack of punctuation. If you are writing from the perspective of a 7 year old girl it's up to the reader to imagine this, not have to suffer through 1400 words of run on.


Just responding to the critics. Sorry to perpetrate such unthinkable over-your-head trash... oh, wait a minute... James Joyce did it? William Faulkner did it? His classic SOUND AND THE FURY featured this kind of writing prominently? Hmmm... it must be that I am writing this for the wrong kind of company. Go figure.


I think you have a great writing style. The lack of punctuation does make it difficult to read though. I had to read it quickly and rhythmically (going up and down like a roller-coaster). Otherwise I found myself having to reread to get the right context. I think that periods or commas would have been good to separate thoughts, as I don't believe anyone (kids included) thinks that rapidly without pausing (unless it was meant to be more of a diary and not taking place in her head). The fragmented thoughts I can believe though. But I digress, you are the writer and artist, and thus should be allowed to express yourself in any way you feel is necessary. I hope you continue to contribute to this site, or at least let me know where I can find more of your work.

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