8: No Panties Lovely Yolanda

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Published: 27-Sep-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Señor Pedo's Preteen Sex Adventures in La Ceiba Honduras

I meet happy and lovely Yolanda at the big outdoor Mall in La Ceiba. She's a wonderful nine year old treat, who discovers she really likes getting naked for me.

I called my Taxi owner Adolph, "Hi Adolph I'd like to go to, 'El Mall', for some lazy shopping. Can you pick me up at Viscaya?" (Local nearby restaurant)

"Si Señor in about thirty minutes!"

"Perfect I'll be looking for you!"

Adolph arrived saying he had another fare and we needed to hurry up. I paid my bill we left. It didn't take long to arrive at the mall. I told him I'd call him when I was ready to leave.

This mall is a conglomeration of local's selling produce and handcrafts along with major brand outlets. There are over fifty stores all painted dark green. I'm not much of a shopper. I'm a people watcher. So many ethnicities walked amongst the vendors and stores. Some in a hurry. Some just taking their time like myself.

After an hour I became hungry. There are plenty of food booths. I settled on one that specialized in Chicken Tamales. They also had a nice sitting area to eat my selection.

As I stood in line I felt a tug on my arm. I looked down to discover the most engaging, bright smiling, nine or ten year old little girl. She had long straight black hair and very, very white teeth with dark brown skin.

She looked engagingly into my eyes, "Please Señor can you buy me a Chicken Tamale? I'm really hungry!"

I took a second look and saw a gorgeous dark skinned girl with really nice facial features. Her dress a simple pullover. It was a little dirty and had torn edges along the hem. She never let go of my arm holding it close to her chest. Her smile could melt a heart. It did mine.

"So my little princess I'd be ashamed of myself if I didn't put enough food inside of you to fill you up! You're far too pretty to go hungry!"

"Oh Señor thank you! Thank you!" She never let go of my arm, or stopped beaming at me with huge beautiful dark eyes.

I looked at her, "Whatever you want you can have!"

She continuously looked at me with upbeat black eyes that never stopped peering at me. In a way it was unsettling, but she was such a pretty little girl I just gave in.

We finally collected our selections. We each carried our tray to a nice quiet table. She took over and placed all the different items on the table and removed the trays to their place. When she returned she made sure she was close to my side. She looked at me with what appeared to be affection.

"What's your name?"

"Yolanda at your service, Señor!"

Her smile could not be extinguished. We began eating, although she must have been starving, she was very lady like and delicate in her mannerisms.

"Are you in School?"

"Yes sir! I'll be in the Sixth Grade this year."

"Do you have brothers and sisters?"

"Yes a sister seven and one sixteen. I don't have any brothers."

"Who is raising you?"

"Just my mom, she tries really hard, but money is always an issue."

"Is that why you're here at the Mall?"

She looked down, but only for a moment, then turned up beaming, "Yes! But that's how I got to meet you!"

"You're a very smart and pretty young girl! Your momma should be proud!"

"She tells me that all the time especially when I bring her, 'A's' from school!"

"Do you like school?"

"Oh yes Sir! Very much!"

She took a long drink of her soda. She continued shining her bright smile on me, "What do you do Señor?"

"I take pictures of young girls for the Internet!"

"Could you take my picture for the Internet?"

"As pretty as you are, you bet I can!"

I removed the lens cover from my camera, aimed at her face snapping off three quick shots.

I showed her the pictures. She exploded with happy sounds, "These are great! Can you please do more?"

She held my arm against her chest.

"I have to speak to your mom first!"

"We live in a poor part of town. My mom will tell you whatever I want is ok with her!"

"Would you mind if I took you shopping for you some nicer clothes to model in?"

"Oh please Señor I desperately need new clothes! Especially dresses, mine are all wore out!"

"The girl's that model for me specialize in posing in their underwear! Would that be a problem for you?"

"Whatever you want! Anything you want! ANYTHING is ok with me!"

We ate quietly for a few minutes.

"Oh Señor I'm so excited that you're going to do all these nice things for me!"

"So tell me, which store has the best selection of girls undies?"

"I know a store we can try."

"Well I want you to pick out pretty panties, buy the smallest they have!"

"That'll be easy! Can we go now? I'm want to get started," her smile was huge.

She tugged gleefully on my arm. As we walked she took my hand and held it in hers. At one point she pulled my hand up and kissed it. This really got to me.

We turned into a store a clerk approached. I looked down at Yolanda, "This pretty young girl needs a couple of dresses and some nice underwear!"

The sales clerk smiled grabbed her wrist and said, "This way pretty girl!"

Yolanda beamed, her white teeth could light up a room. She hurried along with the clerk.

I found a chair near the changing room. Yolanda modeled five dresses, we settled on two. She enjoyed swishing the dress back and forth. She liked flipping it up enough to give me a nice leg tease.

I loved the show she put on. I selected two light weight dresses that were full for some easy interesting poses.

I asked the clerk to help her pick out a pair of shoes and some accessories to enhance the dresses; And oh yes! Some thong or T-Back panties.

Yolanda was beside herself that I was buying her T-Back undies.

She came over, confiding in my ear, "My older sister is going to be so jealous over these T-Backs!"

When we were done, Yolanda sidled up to me with her brown bag, she beamed, "Oh Señor! Please wait for just a minute more!"

She grabbed one of the new dresses and a thong. She hurried into the changing room. When she came out, she smiled widely as she waved then threw her old panties in the nearest trash bin.

As we walked she grabbed my hand pulling it close to her. She actually hopped and skipped next to me the shopping bag swinging at her side.

She enjoyed swishing her dress back and forth, "Señor Pedo I'm so excited about modeling my new dresses and my new thong for you! I can't wait!"

I called Adolph saying I was ready for pickup, I gave him the exit. We arrived at the exit before he did, so I posed Yolanda in happy ways that she truly enjoyed. She liked pulling up her dress to show her young legs. She could give the nicest, friendliest coquettish smile I've ever photographed.

When Adolph pulled up, we got in. The bag went in first to the far side of the back seat. I gently helped her in so I could sit next to the window.

The instant I got in she snuggled up very close to me. She quickly intwined her fingers in mine, "Adolph this pretty girl is Yolanda!"

"Encantado de conocerte!" "Very nice to meet you! Indeed you're very pretty!"

"Yolanda, Adolph's granddaughter Inocenta is one of my favorite models. She's a gorgeous six year old little tigress!"

Yolanda replied as she looked up at me, "I'd love to meet her! Maybe you can arrange it one day soon!"

Adolph replied, "She loves making new friends she especially wants to meet any of Señor Pedo's models!"

We arrived at my place. I agreed to call him in about three hours.

Once Yolanda was out of the Taxi, she grabbed my arm and gleefully tugged on it. She's the most naturally affectionate young girl I've ever met.

As soon as we were in my apartment she hurried to the kitchen to straighten things up. I joined her and turned on the coffee.

"Ok young lady first things first. You're going to take a nice warm bath so you'll be relaxed for my camera!"

"Oh Señor I haven't had a warm bath in ages my mom can't afford the gas!"

As the water started running I poured some bath crystals that I occasionally use to help me relax. It made the water smell good. I wanted to go slow with Yolanda so I said, "Take your time, I going to drink some coffee and work on my stories."

She was in a hurry to get out of her clothes. I told her to wait until I was out of the bathroom to get undressed. She smiled demurely, stopping just before showing her thong.

I enjoyed buying California wines from Casa Colorado. I had to buy the bottles in mixed case lots. Honduras is a very big beer country, one of their most popular is, Salva Vida. It's taste reminds me of Budweiser.

I turned off the coffee. I had enough coffee for the day. It was time for wine. My favorite red is Beringer Cabernet. I poured myself a healthy glass sniffing the aroma before sipping it.

I opened my IPad to pictures of girls showing their panties. I used this for posing ideas. As we looked Yolanda came up behind me wrapping her arms around my neck and squeezing really hard.

"That's the first time in my life I ever took a smell pretty bath! Tell me I smell pretty! Tell me! Tell me!"

"You smell marvelous and very pretty! I nuzzled under her neck. She giggled saying, "Ohh! I like that! That felt grown up! That was kinda good!"

"I want you to pick out a pose then go on the white sheet and assume that same pose!"

She pulled the IPad in front of herself. She intently studied the pictures.

She said, "I like this one!" She got down on the floor pulling one leg up, leaving one down, thus allowing her thong to show nicely.

"Can you see my undies and my butt? I want you to see them good!"

"Oh I like seeing them too! Don't worry about that!" She smiled excitedly.

She looked for a different pose on my IPad. She quickly assumed the position. Her beautiful smile took over the picture. She was a real treat to photograph eagerly showing her young assets. So far we hadn't spoken about nudity or sex.

After about thirty more minutes of sexy posing I called for a break, "I need some wine!"

I hooked up the camera to my IPad exporting the pictures so we could see them displayed on a big screen.

They were all outstanding with mostly crotch shots. She had a big smile in every one.

Sitting close to me she looked at me saying, "I like it when you focus right here!" She proudly pointed her finger to pics that made the center of her thong the focal point.

She also loved it when I moved her leg with my hand. She smiled encouragingly as she put her hand on top of mine. She would ask, "Can you see good? Does my butt show nicely? Is my thong pretty in this pose?"

"Yolanda I want you to see these next group of pictures! I want you to tell me if you'd be comfortable taking pictures like these?"

She put the IPad down. Used her hands to open my arms climbing onto my lap beaming up saying, "Now I'm ready to see them! Show them to me!" She wiggled her butt closer to my lap.

These pictures feature girls from five to twelve showing their pussies. By the expression on their faces they loved showing off their delightfully naked virgin vaginas.

Yolanda looked wide eyed, her smile increased, lovingly she pulled me to her. Speaking sexily in my ear, "It's gonna be fun getting naked for you!"

She didn't seem to be aware that she was black and neither did I.

She put her forefinger on my lips. I maneuvered her finger into my mouth and sucked hard and lavishly. Her eyes opened wide. This was a new sensation for her.

"Ok let's start with teasing pictures. I want you to tease my camera with a pose and look of, "Just maybe I'll take off this thong off and let you my beautiful young slit! Maybe I'll let you see my perky new tits!"

She examined the pictures on my IPad for a pose she liked, "Señor Pedo, my older sister and I had a big sister talk about a year ago. She said to please a man show off your body. When you think the time is right let him play with your peecha!"

"That was very insightful of her, after all it's us men who pay to see pictures of young and older girl's pussies!"

"Well I'm nine and I'm ready to show you my peecha!"

"Let's start with teasing pictures! Sit on the floor with your legs apart lean back on your hands!"

I grabbed my camera and aimed at her tiny thong. During our entire picture taking session she always smiled broadly and always gave the impression she liked the camera focused on the center of her thong.

She enjoyed showing her butt to me and my camera. The only thing keeping her from being totally naked was her thong. Her titties were just beginning to poke out enough to tease by themselves. She loved squeezing them for the camera.

I took about ten different pictures, We were having fun. She looked at them, then smiling brightly came over to me. Standing directly in front of me, grabbing my hand placing it on the top of her thong. She leaned down to my ear, "Please take these off! I'm ready for you to see my peecha! She wants you to play with her! Will you do that kind sir!" She smiled delightfully.

"(Si chicka bonita!) "Yes young miss!" I reached over and slowly pulled them down pausing just before exposing her slit. When they were finally off she said, "Finally! I get to be naked for you! Do you like me naked?"

"Oh yeah this is one of life's best treats! I love your skin color it really excites me!"

"Well than show it!"

I pulled her to me. I was sitting on a straight backed chair. I took her left hand and placed it on my shoulder. I took the forefinger of her right hand, inserted it into my mouth I began sucking hard on it.

My right hand reached up and firmly tugged on her small but protruding titty. She sucked in her breath.

"Wow! That was really nice! You Señor are off to a great start!"

I spread her legs! She used her hand to help me spread them. I let my forefinger trace along the inside lips of her pussy. "Oh yeah this is gonna be good! I can tell already!"

I put my left forefinger into her mouth, she sucked it hard and lavishly as if it was a small dick.

My right index finger found the tiny indentation that let me know this was the entrance to her hole. Her head nodded up and down her throat said, "Uh huh! Uh huh!"

She was ready for me to explore her tiny virgin hole. I teased her by putting my finger in just until it hit resistance. My finger moved in a circle in her wetness. I wanted to ease into her young pussy. I intended to raise her sense of hot sexual desire to new heights.

Her body literally shook. She pulled my finger out of her mouth, "Please put it in! You're driving me nuts!"

I applied pressure. She held her breath, then, "Keep going! Keep going in!"

My finger moved past mild resistance and slipped all the way in. I moved it back and forth and in a circular motion. She only made delicious guttural sounds, all saying, "I like it! I like this a lot!" Her hips moved back and forth on my finger.

She bent down to give me a big hug whispering loudly in my ear, "This is so good! It's so good! I can't believe how good this feels! Thank you! Thank you!"

She lavishly kissed my cheek saying, "What's next? I want more! Much more!"

"Ok you gorgeous creature! Come lay on your back on my bed!"

She hurriedly laid down. Her hands began moving her pussy lips around in different ways as she explored her new found joy box.

"Close your eyes, spread your legs, put your hands on your hips and relax! Relax so you can enjoy what's coming next!"

I wiggled my body until I was as close as possible to her wet pussy lips, my tongue quickly found her hole. I pushed hard, it slid easily into her, bringing both of us some serious pleasure.

She called out, "This is what my sister meant when she said, 'Sex is oh so good!'"

Her hips were moving up and down rapidly as she made loud guttural sounds. Then, "Keep doing that! Oh yes! Keep doing that!"

Her hips were moving so rapidly that I had difficulty keeping my tongue inserted. I could tell she was about to orgasm, she let out a huge volume of air, and then, "Oh God Yes! Oh my God yes!"

Once again her entire body shook. She clung to my head, her eyes rolled back, her face was all squinted up. She held this exquisite orgasm in her body as long as she could. She finally collapsed sucking for air, her chest heaving.

I gently licked the outer lips of her young pussy. She just nodded her head up and down, gasping for air, her grin was as wide as a Cheshire Cat.

"Oh Señor this has been the best day of my entire life!"

I got up to drink more wine while she slowly caught up with herself. After a time she walked over, moved my arms aside, sat on my lap, put her arms around me tight. She purred quietly as she lowered her head onto my chest. Words were not wanted or needed.

Eventually, "Will you promise to do this with me again?"

"Absolutely I will, and with real pleasure! I'll definitely look forward to that day!"

I whispered in her ear, "It's time to go, I'll call Adolph."

After a time I heard Adolph's Taxi I got up to answer. Yolanda was there first. Then I heard a tiny loud voice, "Señor Pedo! Señor Pedo!

Inocenta called out, "I brought Amanda to say hi to you!"

Inocenta ran and practically catapulted herself around my neck. She covered my cheek with kisses, "I brought Amanda so you could see her new thong panties! Look! See how tiny and pretty they are! But not as pretty as mine!" With that she lifted up her dress so I could see her own tiny thong panties.

"Inocenta I want you to meet my newest pretty girl model, this is Yolanda. Inocenta walked over to Yolanda, pulled up her new dress, "Yeah those are nice! But not as nice as mine!" She pulled down Yolanda's dress unceremoniously.

"Yolanda why don't you show Inocenta what we bought you today?"

She looked down smiling at Inocenta, "Only if I can hold Amanda!"

Inocenta beamed exceedingly wide, "Here take her! She likes secrets! Do you have any you can tell her!"

Yolanda hugged Amanda to her chest. She took Inocenta by the hand intertwining their fingers as they walked to my bed.

I gave Adolph a beer. He nodded gratefully.

"So Señor a day of excitement?"

"Oh yes! Indeed! A really nice day!"

"I can tell! Your face has little girl sex juice all over it!"

We both laughed out loud drinking our beer. I had a twinkle in my eye.

We overheard Inocenta say, "My friend Carmen doesn't come over since Señor Pedo helped her stop being bashful! He taught her to like sex!"

Yolanda said she was sorry her friend stop coming over.

Inocenta looked up at her, "You seem really nice could you come spend the night at my house?"

Yolanda grinned widely at the invitation. "Oh I'd love to! Only if your parents say it's ok!"

"I know it'll be ok! But first you have to tell Ananda a very sexy secret! She'll tell you one of mine! Then maybe we can become sex friends! I'd really like to be your sex friend! You're pretty! So tell Amanda a sex secret!"

Yolanda's white teeth never stopped showing. She whispered loudly into Amanda's doll ear. "Well Señor Pedo fucked me for my very first time with his finger and his tongue!"

Inocenta pulled up her dress, pushed her fingers into her pussy, pulled them out tasted them and said with aplomb, "That tastes good! Does yours taste as nice as mine?"

Yolanda smiled, "I don't know? First I have to taste yours!"

Inocenta pushed her fingers in deep then proffered two wet fingers to Yolanda for tasting.

Yolanda made a big deal over how delicious her pussy juice tasted.

"Now yours!" Before she could move Inocenta moved Yolanda's legs apart, jabbed two fingers into her still wet pussy, pulled them out and stuck them quickly into her mouth. "Oh yes! I'm going to like you for a sex friend!"

With that she walked over to Adolph, "This is final! Yolanda gets to sleep over tonight! You can bring her home tomorrow!"

Adolph looked over at a beaming Yolanda, "Is that ok with your parents?"

"No problem whatsoever!"

He took a big gulp of beer.

He called out loudly, "Inocenta you'll have a lovely guest for the night!"

"I know! Be quiet! Yolanda's telling Amanda a special secret!"

After telling the doll her secret they hugged warmly for a good bit of time. Yolanda got up and placed her clothes in the brown shopping bag.

The two girls were intertwined hugging each other. I got down on a knee to accept Inocenta's hug and her loving cheek kissing.

When I stood up, Yolanda grabbed my hand pushed it against her pussy and said gleefully, "She really, really thanks you!"

I kissed her forehead and said, "You aren't done yet! Inocenta absolutely loves sex as you're about to find out!"

Yolanda hugged Inocenta's little hand to her chest and said, "I can't wait!" The two girls ran together holding hands to Adolph's waiting Taxi.

Amanda hung from Yolanda's hand facing back at us. I swear the doll was smiling!

"Adios Señor!" Adolph grinned wide as he walked away with a knowing glint in his eye. I paid for her fare, he grinned, "Until next time Señor!"

I hope you enjoyed the sensation of Lovely Yolanda entering into the world of hot, sexy fun!


In my next chapter I invite Gloria to come over, she readily and eagerly agrees. This is a hot chapter I call; 9 No Panties Gloria comes over.

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