Helen And Her Daughters Fuck Dave

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Published: 14-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I hadn't seen Helen for quite a few years. We had been together for a few months, but then split because she needed to "find herself". It was tough, but I accepted it, and tried to move on.

She had contacted me about three weeks ago, totally out of the blue. We arranged to meet for a coffee in a nearby village. We chatted for ages, drank lots of coffee and laughed a lot. She looked amazing. She had a sparkle in her eye that I remembered when I first met her. She was flirting heavily, and I was returning the compliment. As we parted, she gave me her new address and invited me over to have dinner and to take a look at her new venture. I asked her what the new venture was, but all she did was wink and say, "You'll just have to wait and find out, but I know you will love it".

The cheeky little minx. She knew she had me, not just by that mysterious invite, but by the obvious bulge in my trousers which she started at knowing I saw her do it.

A few nights later, I arrived at her new address. A lovely cottage in the middle of nowhere with a few old barns around the back. I knocked on the door and waited a short while. Helen answered the door, and she looked amazing. She smiled warmly and asked me to come in.

"I've got a casserole on cooking, but it will be about an hour or so before it's ready", she said with a smile.

"That's cool", I replied.

"Come through, I'll give you a tour", she said, turning to walk down the short hallway.

"This is the lounge", she gestured towards the beautifully cosy area. An open fire was burning fiercly in the grate. A big squashy sofa in front of it looked so inviting.

"This is the kitchen, and through there is the utility room". She carried on walking, I was taking everything in.

"These are the girls rooms", she pointed to two typically girly room. I thought I caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a photograph of a group of people having sex on the wall in one of the rooms, but didn't pay it much attention.

"This is my room", she said slowly. A huge bed sat in the middle. On the walls were several large framed photos of Helen and her girls Fiona and Honey. These weren't ordinary family portraits, they were shots of each of them sitting astride huge erect cocks, portraits of them with cocks in their mouths, cum shots, anal sex. It was incredible.

"Do you like them?", she asked smiling.

"Erm...I...wow. Is this your new venture?", I asked.

"Yes it is. We make hardcore porn. Well, hardcore porn for the lover of the younger girl. And since I love fucking too, I thought I would make some too. We love it. What do you think?", she laughed.

"I think it is incredibly horny. I'm getting hard", I replied.

"I can see that", she said, "reaching her hand down to my crotch and rubbing my cock through my jeans.

"Do you want to come out to the studio and meet the girls? They're both doing shoots now. I thought we could join in. I really want to fuck you, and I know Fiona does."

"Yeah, ok", I replied a bit nervously.

Helen, unzipped my jeans, pulled out my rock hard cock, couched down and started to suck my cock. She pulled my foreskin back and used her tongue to lick the underside of my helmet.

"Mmmm, tastes as good as it always did. Can't wait to see it inside Fiona.", she looked at me, my cock in her mouth and winked.

She stood up, grabbed my cock in her hand and said "Come this way".

We walked out through the kitchen, across a small yard to the first barn. She opened the door, and we walked down a narrow passage. To the left was an office adorned with more pictures of her and the girls in various sexual acts. My cock was painfully hard now. Helen glanced back at me and smiled. She opened another door further down the corridor. This was the studio. Inside there wass Fiona, completely naked, crouched between two guys with huge cocks, a hand on each cock, and the widest smile you could imagine on her face. The reason she was smiling was that her face was covered in cum, and her mouth was full of cum, and I could see quite clearly that her pussy was full of cum too, as I could see it dripping onto the floor..

"Beautiful isn't she?", Helen said.

"Wow, yes, she is gorgeous. How old is she now?"

"She's 13. Honey is 9. She's in the studio next door. She'll be in in a moment."

"Fiona, can you come here sweetheart", Helen called.

Fiona, swallowed the cum in her mouth, and came over. She was stunning. Her breasts were small but perfectly formed, and she had a very curvaceous figure for such a young girl. She still had cum on her face. Helen used her fingers to scrape as much as she could up, and popped them into her own mouth.

"Mmmm, fresh cum, love it", she purred.

"Hi Dave", said Fiona, "so good to see you. So good to see your cock", she said glancing down to my crotch where Helen's hand still encircled my hard cock. "Are you going to fuck me? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?", she begged.

"Why don't you have a quick shower Fi, make sure you wash your pussy out. Dave, why don't you get naked?", she smiled and started to undress herself.

I didn't hesitate. I was naked in seconds, as was Helen. A few minutes later, Fiona returned, clean and fresh. She immediately got down in front of me and swallowed my cock. Helen started kissing me passionately at the same time. I reached around and started playing with her clit and pussy lips. She had shaved her pussy since I first met her, and I must say, it looked good. She started groaning, and was getting very wet indeed. She suggested me go and lie on the bed on the set. I lay down and Fiona continued to suck my cock hungrily. She was expert at her craft. Helen positioned herself over my head and said "Eat my pussy like you used to".

I wasn't going to argue. I used my fingers to open her full lips, and darted my tongue around her sweet cunt. She pushed her pussy onto my face. She smelt amazing.

"Fiona, sit on Dave's cock sweetheart, I want to see him inside you", she said to her daughter. "Ok mummy", she replied.

She crouched expertly above my cock. I could see her 13 year old pussy in all it's glory. It was still swollen from her previous fuck session, the lips protruding down about an inch. Her clit was very prominent, just like her mum's. With one hand, she spread her pussy lips, and with the other, she guided the head of my cock into her pussy as she gently lowered herself. My cock slipped in easily all the way to the base. She shuffled her feet around a bit and leant back so that both me and Helen could both see my cock in her young cunt.

"Ride him really slowly Fi, I want to savour that view", Helen said above me.

Fiona rode me so slowly, each time rising until the tip of my cock was almost visible, and then sank back down slowly.

Fiona looked at me and said "Mmmm, your cock is the best. Mum said it was. I've been waiting for this for so long. Will you fuck me every day?"

Helen laughed and said, "Yes he can Fiona, but only after he fucks me every day.

With that, the door to the studio opened, and Honey ran in shouting, "Yaaay, family fuck, can I have some cock?".

Honey looked stunning too. Very slim like her mother, more of a boyish figure, no tits. Her chest was covered in what seemed like gallons of cum, and her hair was streaked with it too.

She crouched next to my hips and watched Fiona ride me. She grabbed the shaft of my cock and pulled it out and began to suck it furiously, jerking me off into her mouth. She did that for a couple of seconds, and then pushed it back into Fiona's now gaping cunt.

I was in heaven. I was fucking Helen and her two daughters.

"I want some of that cock inside me", said Helen.

Fiona dismounted me, and Helen replaced her. She slipped my cock into her soaking pussy and started riding me hard, grinding her clit into my groin on each down thrust. Meanwhile, Honey got between her sisters legs and started lapping at her sisters freshly fucked pussy. "I can taste his cock in you Fi", she exclaimed.

"Suck my clit Han", Fiona gasped.

"I'm going to cum soon Helen", I said

"Excellent. Do you want to fuck Honey too?", she asked.

"Yes please".

"Honey, get in position sweetie, Dave want's your 9 year old pussy around his cock", Helen said with a huge grin. "And then he wants to share him cum with us all".

I stood up and positioned myself behind Honey. She was tiny, but I was going to fuck her hard. I pushed my cock into her cunt slowly to begin with, and then harder. She opened her legs a bit more to allow me to go deeper. I fucked her hard for about 5 minutes, relishing the tight grip of her cunt muscles around my cock. She was still licking her sisters pussy, and her sister was now sucking her mums pussy lips and clit. What a sight.

I looked up at Helen and nodded. She told the girls to get in a circle around me, with her in the middle. I jerked my cock at them, their faces inches from my cock, their mouths open and tongues sticking out. Seconds later, a huge jet of cum shot out, and hit Helen right in the mouth. I moved my cock around so that both Fiona and Honey got spurts too. I came the longest and hardest I had ever done. Helen, sucked my cock to get the last jets of cum all to herself. Both the girls licked each others faces greedily to get my spunk.

"That was brilliant", I said.

"It was wasnt it", said Helen. "Think you can go again after food?"

I just smiled. I was going to fuck Helen and her two daughters again. What more could a man ask for.

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thanks for posting your story, loved every word, looking forward to reading more

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