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Published: 20-Jul-2012

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All characters and events are fictional. Any similarity to real people is mere coincidence.

Little blonde, four year old Katie Larson climbed from her mommy's car and headed toward the preschool holding her hand. She wore a bright yellow t-shirt with a Disney princess on the front and a short pair of light blue terry cloth shorts that clung to her bubble butt and showed all of her legs. On her feet was a pair of pink ankle socks and white sneakers with Disney princesses on them, too.

Katie liked Disney princesses, especially Belle, because she wore the prettiest dresses. She watched that movie all the time. The Beast scared her and fascinated her at the same time. She wondered what it would be like to be held in a big spooky castle by a beast who was scary sometimes but nice other times.

She kissed her mommy and went inside the big play room to wait for school to start. She played with some dolls while she waited, and noticed Suzie, the new girl, being brought in by her daddy. Suzie was a small girl with dark hair. She was four, like all the rest of the boys and girls in school, but she looked younger. Her hair was tied in pig-tails with red ribbons, and she wore a red dress that covered her legs half way to her knees. When she sat cross-legged on the floor, Katie could see her pale legs all the way to her white underwear. Even over the white ankle socks and black Mary Jane shoes crossed in front of her. Since Suzie was so new, and still scared of being at school alone, the Teachers let her daddy stay with her, at least for a while, until she felt better. Katie could see that Suzie had been crying. Her eyes were red and puffy and she was still sniffing.

Katie thought Suzie was kind of a baby, though she didn't say anything 'cause the Teachers said that wasn't nice. Suzie's daddy rubbed her back a little and spoke softly to calm her down. Her daddy was a nice-looking man with black hair and a big smile. Katie liked him, even though they hadn't spoken much.

Suzie's daddy looked up at Katie. He seemed to be looking mostly at her legs - and between her legs - where she sat Indian style on the colorful carpet. Her soft shorts were stretched tight across her vagina mound, fitting right into the crack in front. He looked away briefly when he saw her looking at him, but glanced back occasionally, smiling at her when she didn't try to cover up or change position.

The truth was that Katie liked to be looked at. She knew she was pretty, like the princesses, and she hoped she might be a princess one day. Or maybe act in a movie about a princess. She loved to have her picture taken, and loved the attention she often got in public when people stared at her and told her mommy and daddy how pretty she was. So she smiled back at Suzie's daddy and kept her legs crossed so he would keep looking at her.

Suzie's daddy stayed until snack time, when he got ready to go. Suzie was comfortable enough now, so he kissed her head and went through the door that led to the hall and outside, waving to the Teachers as he left. Right after that, Katie had to pee, so she told one of the Teachers and went to the bathroom, through the same door that Suzie's daddy had used.

Just as Katie reached for the door knob, the bathroom door opened and Suzie's daddy stood there. The lights were on and Katie could hear the toilet running, so she figured he must have just used the bathroom. He looked down at her, startled, and smiled when he recognized the pretty little blonde.

"Hi there!" he said, still smiling.

"Hi," Katie replied.

"Gotta use the bathroom?" the man asked. Duh! Katie thought. But she just nodded.

"Okay, come on in!" Suzie's daddy invited. He stepped back into the room and held the door for the little girl. Katie went in slowly, confused but unwilling to disobey an adult. The man closed and locked the door behind them and Katie stood there uncertainly.

"Do you have to pee?" the man asked. Katie nodded again, looking up at his smiling face.

"Okay, go ahead," he invited, gesturing to the toilet, "Do you need any help?"

Katie was confused, and just a little frightened. She hadn't needed help to use the potty in a long time. Not since she stopped wearing pull-ups. She looked at the toilet then back at the man.

"Here, let me help you." Suzie's daddy said. He crouched down in front of the little girl and took her shorts in his hands, sliding them down her legs to her knees.

"Hey, is that Belle?" Suzie's daddy asked, looking at Katie's panties. Katie nodded, still silent and unsure of what was happening here. The little girl remembered the day she had been at the park and the man had asked her to look for his dog. They hadn't found a dog, but the man had led Katie to a small building and taken her clothes off and touched her between her legs.

This time felt a lot like that time, and she had ended up liking that a lot. So she stood and waited to see what this man would do.

"Belle's my favorite!" he said, smiling.

"Mine too," Katie answered, speaking for the first time.

The man pushed Katie's panties down to join her shorts, settling back to look at her exposed private place. She looked at his face and he had the same expression as the man who had touched her in the shed at the park.

"Beautiful," he whispered, staring at the puffy mound of her labia, pouting between her soft thighs.

"Well," he said, recovering from the sight of the little girl's bald pussy, "Let's get you on the potty, shall we?" He put his hands on Katie's waist and guided her to the toilet, lifting her a little to get her on the seat. As she settled onto the hard cold seat, her legs separated and her shorts and panties slid lower, until they dangled, bunched together, off of her left foot. This gave Suzie's daddy a great view between her legs, and Katie decided to leave her legs apart to let him look. He seemed like a really nice man. He left his hands on her sides and pulled up on her t-shirt. Katie looked up and saw him staring between her legs expectantly. She realized that he was holding her shirt away so he could watch her pee!

She found that really weird, but kind of exciting, too. No one had watched her pee but her mommy and daddy, and they hadn't done that in a while. She let go and the yellow stream splashed into the toilet. When she looked back at the man, she saw that he was smiling, and she smiled too.

Then he took his cell phone out of his pocket, just like the man in the park, and took pictures of her sitting on the potty.

"Smile!" he said. She grinned at him as she peed.

"Here," he said, "Hold your shirt up for me so I can take better pictures." She did as instructed and smiled at him as he snapped pictures of the nearly naked child urinating.

"Higher, Honey," he instructed, "Hold your shirt higher up." Katie lifted her shirt as high as she could, and Suzie's daddy got some great pictures of her bare chest and belly. Her tiny nipples were hard and pink.

"Beautiful," he breathed again.

Katie reached for the toilet paper when the urine stream trickled to a stop, but Suzie's daddy grabbed the roll first.

"I'll get it for you," he told the child. Tearing off a strip of toilet paper, he reached between the little girl's thighs and wiped gently at her pussy, rubbing back and forth. Katie stared into his eyes as he touched her. He let the scrap of paper fall into the bowl, but kept his hand between the four year old's legs. Katie closed her pretty blue eyes when she felt the warm, gentle touch of his fingers on her pussy, gently stroking the fat labia.

"Do you like it when I touch you there?" the nice man asked quietly. Katie just nodded as his fingers caressed the soft outer lips of her pussy.

"Has someone else done this before?" She nodded again.

"Your daddy?" he asked after a long pause. She shook her head "No."

"A stranger?"

A nod.

The man removed his hand from between the child's legs and stood. Katie looked up at him from her perch on the toilet as he opened his zipper and pulled his thing out from his pants. Katie had seen one before, at the park. The other man had shown her his thing, and it had squirted warm gooey stuff on her. Having seen one before, she wasn't scared, just curious. The man stared down at her and stroked it until it grew hard, like the other man's thing.

This one looked different from the first one she had seen. It wasn't quite as long, and it was darker. She stared at it with interest. This man's thing was skinnier toward the back, but fatter in front.

"You've seen one of these before, haven't you?" Suzie's daddy asked. Katie nodded.

"Can you tell me about it?" She shook her head negatively. The man had told her not to tell, or she would get in trouble, and Katie remembered that. He had also said that Katie should let other people touch her whenever they wanted, and she remembered that, too.

"Well that's okay," the man said. As Katie watched, he pulled and squeezed the thing for awhile. Then he put his hand on top of Katie's head and stepped between her knees. She leaned back as his thing came close to her face, but he held her still.

"Did you suck it last time?" the man asked. His voice sounded funny, kind oféthick. And he panted a little. Katie looked up at him through her long eyelashes and shook her head.

"Open your mouth, sweetie," the man said, and Katie obeyed. The other man had told her to do what people wanted, but besides that, she didn't want to say "no" to the man. He was so nice looking and polite. She wanted to make him feel good, so she opened her pink lips and took the end of his thing in her mouth.

She was surprised at how soft it felt on her tongue. It was really warm, too. He pushed it in a little more, and said, "Suck it, baby." She sucked on it a little and it didn't taste like much of anything. There was a smell coming from the hair at the bottom of the thing, but it wasn't too bad. Kind of neat, actually. Suzie's daddy started to slide his thing back and forth on her tongue, in and out of her mouth. She heard his breathing get deeper and faster. It reminded her of when the man in the shed pulled on his thing until it spit that stuff on her face. Would the man squirt the stuff in her mouth? The other man had scooped up his slimy stuff with his fingers and pushed in her mouth, and that had been okay, but she didn't know how she felt about having it spurt right in.

"Mmmmm, suck my cock, sweetie," the man moaned. Cock, Katie thought, he calls his thing a cock. She thought she could remember that. She wondered if all men called their things cocks, or just Suzie's daddy. She'd have to try to find out.

Katie felt the man's hands on the sides of her head as he started pushing his hips at her faster. A little more of his "cock" slipped into her mouth when he pushed it toward her, but still not too much, just the end. She heard him gasp and moan, then he held still as the warm stuff oozed out onto her tongue. His thing jumped, and a spurt shot across her tongue, surprising her. She tried to jerk away, but his grip on her head prevented her. There were a couple more of the strong squirts, then the flow of slimy stuff slowed and stopped. Katie just held the slime in her mouth under the man's cock until he let go of her head and slipped it out. She could see that it was shiny now, from her spit and from the slime, and that it wasn't as hard as before.

Katie heard a click, and looked up to see Suzie's daddy taking her picture. "Show me before you swallow, honey," he told her. She opened her mouth and he snapped more pictures, then he told her to swallow it, snapping more photos after she opened her empty mouth to show him.

Like the first time, Katie didn't mind swallowing the stuff. It didn't have much flavor, and she really liked the smell. She even found that it didn't gag her as much as the first time. She smiled at Suzie's daddy with the slime on her lips. It made them nice and shiny.

Suzie's daddy helped her off the toilet and wiped her face with a wet paper towel so no one would see the white stuff on her face. He slipped out of the bathroom while she was getting dressed, and Katie came back to the play room just as the Teacher was coming to look for her.

Katie remembered not to tell what happened, like the first man had told her. She knew that the next time someone tried to touch her she would let them do it. She wanted to see more cocks, too. She wondered how she could find men to play with her, without letting her mommy and daddy know.

She would have to think about that.

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Bravo. Nice. I like the realism. Well done.


Beautiful little slut in the making... what a good little girl, nice story


what a GOOD GIRL Katie is!!


I need to read mOre off this story... keep it coming

A. Nonimus

Very good. Great idea, well executed. Perfect age too, very pliable 'round that age. I hope you have more to share. Thanks.


Great story Simon!! Can't wait to read more about little Katie and her search for more cocks!


Love the realism - maybe more pee play. Or little girls wetting panties. Good job - keep them cumming!!!!

sex writer

I like this series, keep it going. Katie is such a cute little girl.


Wow quick follow up. I was not disappointed!
Can't wait to read more, keep 'em coming please!


Genuinely hot, get Katie some more cum to eat


That was hot

Philip Spencer

Good series of stories. No doubt there's a male teacher or teacher's assistant at the school who would love to love Katie.


You never disapoint! love how your stories are series :)


That was so hot. Can't wait until her bald vagina feels a cock

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