Katie Goes Trick Or Treating

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Published: 3-Nov-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Trick or treat!"

Frank Findlay had opened his door to an incredible sight. Two little 4 year old girls stood on his front porch. One was the neighbor girl, Katie Larson. The other, he assumed, was her little friend, Suzie. Suzie was dressed for Halloween as a pop star, in a very short black skirt and a glittery silver tube top. Her dark brown hair had been teased out into a bushy pile around her pretty face, and glittery hair spray had been applied liberally. Her lips were painted bright red, and she had blue eye shadow over her big brown eyes. A pair of high heeled black boots completed her sexy outfit.

Katie was dressed as Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Ariel wasn't Katie's favorite princess - that was Belle - but Belle wore way too many clothes to suit the little exhibitionist, so she had settled on Ariel instead. She had a green belt with two diaphanous pieces of fabric tied in front and back, ostensibly covering her pussy and ass, but the fabric was translucent enough that her charms were on full view. On her flat chest were two 1-inch wide shell shaped stickers covering her nipples. Her mommy had sprayed bright red dye on her blonde locks to turn her into a redhead. She wore a pair of blue flip flops.

Frank's heart beat fast as he held the door open and the sexy little angels entered the house.

"Hi, Mr. Findlay!" Katie chirped, a huge smile on her pretty face, "This is my friend Suzie!" She held onto Suzie's hand reassuringly. The little brunette was shy, looking down at the floor and glancing up occasionally at the tall older retiree.

Frank crouched down in front of the new arrival and smiled at Katie's friend.

"Hi Suzie," he greeted the half naked child softly, "It's nice to meet you. Of course, it's always nice to meet pretty little girls like you!" Suzie smiled a little, looking up at Frank through her long dark eyelashes. He glanced over at Katie and saw a sight scowl on her face. He loved the sexy pout, and realized she was jealous of the attention her friend was getting.

"You look very pretty too, Katie," he said to his little neighbor, "You look very sexy as a redhead!" Katie grinned her response. The vain little girl always liked being told she was pretty. Frank thought he would be able to use Katie's envy of Suzie to his advantage.

He had been nervous at first, when Katie's mother, Lucy, had called to ask if Suzie could come over with Katie to beg for candy. He had reluctantly agreed, while his plans for the evening evaporated before his eyes. He had been relieved, therefore, when Katie herself had called a few minutes later to explain that Suzie was as into sex as she was, and that the little girl would happily join their party.

Frank had planned this evening carefully, and it looked like it would go even better with the new addition. Lucy had told him that the girls could stay at his place for as long as he wanted them, where she knew they would be safe. He smiled to himself, thinking that the girls would indeed be safe, but that Katie's mother might disagree.

"Well come right this way, ladies," Frank invited smoothly, entering the living room, "The party's just starting!"

- - - -

Katie followed Mr. Findlay into the house, leading Suzie by the hand. She was glad that her friend was getting comfortable with her neighbor - though she wasn't happy about how he had told her she was so pretty, as if Kate wasn't even there. She thought Suzie would really like this party, but not if she was all scared and stuff.

Suzie stopped in her tracks when they passed through the archway into the big rom. Three other men were already there, all about the same age as Mr. Findlay. Mr. Findlay turned and grinned at the girls from the middle of the room.

"Girls, these are my friends: Larry, Bert and Walter." He said, "Gentlemen, this is Katie and Suzie."

The men all stood and smiled in a friendly manner, nodding, smiling and greeting the little girls quietly.

"Hi, Katie," said one of the strangers. He came forward and sat on a chair near where the nearly naked child stood. He was older, like Mr. Findlay, but he had a full head of white hair, and he was not as tall as Mr. Findlay. Katie thought he had a nice smile.

"Hi," she greeted politely.

"I'm Walter," the man said, "You are a very pretty girl, Katie," he continued seriously. He put his hand on her bare arm, and she didn't move, so he rubbed gently up and down as he stared at her.

"Thank you," she said softly, stepping closer. His other hand came up to rest on her other arm, gently pulling her to stand in front of him, between his knees.

"Very pretty," he said again, and his hands drifted to the little girl's hips, running around her waist to the small of her back. Katie glanced over to where she had left Suzie, who was being led toward two of the other men by Mr. Findlay. His hand rested on her left shoulder, encouragingly. Katie turned back and moved closer to Walter. She could smell his cologne, and she liked it. Katie sighed when she felt his hands on her butt, under the thin cloth. She moaned when his fingertips slipped into the crack between her butt cheeks.

Frank led Katie's little friend over to meet Larry and Bert. Suzie glanced over her shoulder to see Katie in the arms of one of the men, and turned back nervously to smile at the strangers Mr. Findlay was introducing her to. Though Suzie had a lot of sexual experience, it had mostly been either with her father or Katie. She wasn't as familiar with having sex with strangers as Katie.

But Katie wouldn't have brought her here if it was dangerous, and the way the men were all staring at her was getting her excited. She felt a familiar tingling between her legs as the men sat on the couch in front of her and leaned forward to greet her.

- - - -

Suzie was soon sitting astride Larry's legs, kissing him with her thin arms wrapped around his neck. His hands gripped her ass, which was bare under her tiny skirt. Bert had pulled her tube top down and was fondling her chest and belly as she kissed his friend.

Katie was lying on a large ottoman on her back, her legs drawn up toward her chest, while Walter knelt on the carpeted floor in front of her, his tongue lapping contentedly at her bald pussy. The little girl stretch languidly on the cushion as her new friend ate her, and she smiled up at Mr. Findlay when he knelt next to her head, which hung over the edge of the large stool. She opened her sweet mouth with a smile and Mr. Findlay slid his stiffening cock between her full pink lips. She closed her eyes and sucked on the familiar rod, reaching up to take the base of his cock in her hands and pull on it as she sucked him. Frank moved his hands to her body, running his palms over her belly and chest. He could feel her hard little nipples under his palms as he caressed her thin body. He felt her ribs under his fingers beneath her soft skin, expanding and contracting as she breathed around his cock.

Frank looked over to the couch where Larry and Bert were entertaining Katie's friend.

Suzie was straddling Larry's lap with his long thin cock in her pussy. She bounced up and down in his lap, facing him, with her head turned to the side to suck on Bert's cock as he knelt beside the couple. Her little hand cupped his hairy balls as her head moved back and forth on his thick shaft.

"Suzie seems to have gotten over her nervousness," he commented, and Katie moved her head to disengage his cock from her mouth to look. Frank saw a frown cross her pretty face, and her full lower lips stuck out in a sexy pout. Not wanting to be outdone by her friend, she looked up at Frank, then down between her legs where Walter was still lapping away on her pussy.

"Put your cock in me, Mr. Walter," the little girl demanded, "Fuck me!" Walter grinned and sat back on his heels. He knelt up between the child's thighs and took his hard cock in his hand. He rubbed the head of his cock against the little girl's wet slit a few times, pushing gently at the tiny opening, making sure that his cock would go inside without hurting the child too much.

"Fuck me!" she insisted, and he pushed harder. He watched as the petals of Katie's labia opened like a flower, her fat outer lips wrapping around his cock as he entered her. The man moaned when he felt the hot, tight hole closing over his cock shaft. Katie had closed her eyes as the hard rod slipped into her eager pussy and she reached back over her shoulder to try and find Mr. Findlay's cock. She tipped her head back when she got a grip on it, and her retired neighbor pushed his cock into her mouth. Katie had only taken 2 cocks at the same time once, at her friend's birthday party. But she wondered how Suzie was doing. As far as Katie knew, her friend had never been fucked by 2 men at the same time.

But she was distracted when Mr. Findlay put his hands on her chest, rubbing her hard nipples with his palms, while Mr. Walter caressed her inner thighs, hips and lower belly. The soft touch of the two men calmed the girl, allowing her to focus on sucking Mr. Findlay's familiar cock while letting the pleasant sensation of Walter's cock in her pussy slip into the background, blending with the gentle caresses.

She lay there, happily allowing the men to enjoy her 4 year old body, until she heard Suzie crying out. Katie wiggled and squirmed until she could look over at her friend, but could hardly see her at all.

Suzie was still sitting in Larry's lap, but now Bert was kneeling behind her, between Larry's knees, with his cock sliding in and out of Suzie's asshole.

At the same time as Larry was fucking her pussy!

Katie stared, amazed and unsure. All she could see of Suzie was one skinny white leg sticking out between the two big men's bodies, wagging as Bert pushed his cock into her asshole. The cry Katie had heard turned out to be one of passion, rather than fear or pain - although Katie thought it looked pretty painful.

Then she remembered that Suzie was really into having her asshole fucked. Katie liked it OK too, but not as much as Suzie. That was almost all she and her daddy did.

Katie could hear Suzie gasping and panting as the men fucked both her sex holes at the same time.

"Oh, oh, Katie!" she heard her friend's muffled voice coming from between the two sweating, hairy bodies, "You hafta try this! It's so awesome!" Of course, Katie didn't want to look chicken, so she turned to her neighbor and asked, "Could you fuck me in the ass, Mr. Findlay?"

- - - -

Frank gave Katie an ironic smile and said, 'Sure, Beautiful, Come here."

Nodding at Walter, he lifted the nearly naked little girl and went to sit on the couch. He found the wisps of cloth dangling from her waist to be an annoyance, so he untied the belt and tossed it on the floor. Frank kissed Katie, then turned her so her back was to him and settled her onto his lap, hugging her small body to his chest as he guided his hard cock to her anus. Fortunately for the child, her asshole and Frank's cock were both coated liberally with her pussy juice and spit, so his hard pole slid easily into her tightest opening. Frank held still when he heard his little neighbor hiss, but she nodded and grabbed his wrist below the fist that was feeding his cock into her and pulled, letting him know that he should push into her ass.

He spent a few minutes sawing his cock in and out of her asshole in short thrusts, until she was comfortable, then nodded to Walter, who knelt in front of the child. Frank held still while the other man rubbed the head of his cock against the 4 year old's clit, causing her to pant and groan. Her big blue eyes flew open wide when Walter pushed his cock back into her pussy.

- - - -

Katie had never felt anything like it. If sucking and fucking at the same time was confusing, having a cock in her ass and pussy together was almost overwhelming, Katie gasped and shook, but again she felt Mr. Findlay's hands on her small body, rubbing her belly and chest, while Walter caressed her thighs.

The initial pain in her asshole, which she always felt at first, receded quickly. Mr. Findlay's cock wasn't as thick as the others that had been in her anus, so she got used to it quick.

When the men saw that she had relaxed, they started a slow, gentle rhythm of penetration. Mr. Findlay would push his cock into her ass while Mr. Walter pulled out of her pussy, so she didn't have both all the way in at the same time.

Katie's head lolled to the side to see Suzie, sweaty and happy, grinning at her from between Larry and Bert's chests.

"Isn't it great?" the 4 year old brunette squealed. Her face was red and sweaty, and her dark hair stuck to her cheeks and forehead. Katie smiled back, nodding. It did feel good, she decided.

Bert started grunting as he got ready to cum. He yanked his cock from Suzie's gaping asshole and stood, grabbing a fistful of her long dark hair and pulling her back toward him. Suzie turned her head toward Bert, who was jerking his cock in his fist, aiming it at the pretty 4 year old's face.

Katie watched as Suzie opened her mouth wide and Bert's cock spit a thick glob of semen onto her cheek. The next shot hit her tongue and the side of her mouth. Bert pulled at his spurting cock, spraying Suzie's red-cheeked, sweating face with semen.

When he finished, the man put the head of his cock in Suzie's mouth, and she sucked it to get the last of his sperm.

Katie thought that was pretty gross. The thought of sucking on a cock that had just been in her butt was really disgusting. Sometimes Katie thought Suzie was a little weird.

Katie felt Mr. Walter pushing harder into her pussy, and she could tell by the sounds he was making that he was going to cum soon. She put her hands on Mr. Findlay's thighs to hold herself steady as the man thrust harder into her pussy. She wondered if he was going to cum inside her pussy.

But Walter pulled his cock out at the last minute and stood in front of the pretty blonde - now a redhead - and pumped his cock at her face. Katie opened her mouth, waiting for his cum.

She didn't wait long, as Walter slipped his cock into her mouth so she could suck his semen right from his cock. She moaned as she felt the slippery rod drool its load onto her tongue. The little slut loved the taste and feel of the slimy sperm, especially with her own pussy juices mixed in.

She swallowed happily and grinned at the man, just as she saw a flash. She looked over and saw Bert, still naked, holding his cell phone and snapping pictures of the 2 little preschool sluts.

She grinned again, mugging for the camera as Mr. Findlay fucked her asshole from below. She heard Larry moaning and saw him lift Suzie from his lap and set her on her feet between his knees. The little brunette staggered on weak knees as Larry rose a little from the couch and jerked off at her face. He sprayed several strings of sperm on her face and into her mouth while Bert, who had switched his camera to video, recorded it.

"Don't swallow," Bert told the 4 year old. Suzie closed her pretty pink lips and nodded obediently. Katie wondered what they were going to do.

Mr. Findlay started thrusting harder into her asshole, then lifted her off his lap and set her down on the couch next to him. Katie hoped he didn't want her to take his cock in her mouth, like Bert had done with Suzie, but was relieved when her neighbor moved to her side and pointed his slimy cock at Katie's best friend.

Suzie parted her lips and Mr. Findlay pumped his cum into her mouth as Bert filmed it. Katie watched, fascinated, as the cum spurted onto her tongue, joining the sperm that was already there. A creamy white pool formed in the back of Suzie's mouth.

"Keep it in there, Honey," Bert told the child.

When Mr. Findlay turned away, Bert motioned to Katie to stand next to her friend, who stood with her lips pursed around the load of cum in her mouth.

"Kneel down, Sweetie," Bert told Katie. The little girl looked at Mr. Findlay, who nodded. Katie knelt facing Suzie, getting an idea of what the men wanted to see.

"Now bend over and let the cum leak out into Katie's mouth," Bert told Suzie, "Katie, open your pretty mouth, Baby."

Katie smiled and opened her lips, tipping her head back as Suzie leaned forward until her lips were just inches from Katie's. Bert moved close to film the scene as a thick line of white goo oozed from between Suzie's full pink lips and drooped toward Katie's open mouth, plopping onto her tongue and sliding toward the back of her throat.

When Suzie's mouth was empty, the girls changed positions and swapped the mouthful back. They did this a few times, until Bert told them to kiss.

Suzie and Katie knelt on the carpeted floor facing each other and shared a long, deep French kiss. Bert filmed the whole thing, as semen oozed from between their lips and dribbled on their chins.

When the sexy kiss ended, the girls smiled at the men as they applauded. The rest of the men had grabbed their cell phones, and were taking pictures of the pretty girls' grinning, semen-smeared faces.

- - - -

Suzie and Katie were cleaned up, and got their costumes back on and straightened, except for one of Katie's shell stickers, which couldn't be found. The girls walked back across the street to Katie's house hand in hand.

"That was fun!" Suzie bubbled, squeezing Katie's hand.

"Yeah!" Katie replied. She stopped and turned toward Suzie and the 2 girls kissed.

"Mmmmm," Suzie hummed, "Can we go back and do that again some time?"

"Yeah, sure," Katie replied noncommittally. But she wasn't really sure she wanted to share her special neighbor - or his attention - with her sexy friend.

She would have to think about it.

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That was pretty awesome. Will love some more.
great story, visuals, hot fucking, no bs. Really got off on it!


Great! Love the sexy costumes. I want to see Katie in a school play and getting bum fucked afterwards.


[email protected]

That was FUCKING HOT!!! I hope you continue this as a series. I would love for the two 4 yo girls to become child porn-stars.


Another well-done story of cute little Katie's education and experience. She's growing up quite nicely. Very good!


What a delightful Halloween story. Thannks for the orgasm.

Dave Miyagi

[email protected]

Thanks Simon, what a fun Halloween themed romp.

Great description of their body positions which is hard to do. I think the best one is of Suzy sandwiched between her partners, only her little leg dangling out from the side, -beautiful.

Outrageous, not just one four year old DP's but two! -amazing.


Man o Man!! I do sooooo look forward to the next lil Katie story! each one is better than the one before! (now if we could just get that NAUGHTY Mommy of Katie's involved...!) personally, I think she is phone-fucking Suzie's Daddy...see 'Katie and the Workmen'... *wink*
Great story Simon!! Thank you for another wonderful chapter in the Katie series. I hope to read many Katie and Suzy stories in the future! You are AWESOME!


a lovely story. so timely too. i like the idea that the girls here had to trick for treats. i'm an old fashioned guy i guess. :)

Simple Simon

Thanks for the kind words. bluerath85, you can see all of Katie's adventures under 'S' on the author's listing at the left side of the web page. Thanks again!


I love it when these girls have fun together! They haven't done 69 yet, or have they? Love it!!! This series is AWESOME!

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