Boy On A Bench, Part 5

[ Mm, teen, gay, bond, ws, mild tort, nosex ]


Published: 9-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Good morning, Beautiful!" I said loudly.

Jeremy lay on the bed, tied spread-eagled. His face and body were coated in sweat. His hard cock lay on his belly, leaking pre-cum onto his abdomen. The battery had run out, so the vibrating butt plug no longer buzzed in his asshole, but the plastic cone was still stimulating him, leaving his erect cock leaking and pulsing.

My dazed, confused, captive opened his eyes, blearily and focused on my naked body.

"Pleas," he croaked, "Please let me go!"

I smiled at him and stood next to his bound, naked body. I gripped his swollen, abused cock and squeezed, eliciting groan form his throat.

"Not before I fuck you," I told him "And torture your balls for awhile." I smiled when his face drained of color. He really was beautiful. His pale delicate features were still youthful and effeminate. His eyes were large for his face. His nose was narrow and short, and his pink lips large and full, forming a perpetual pout.


And mine for now. Until I sold him.

I untied his wrists first, then his ankles. He moved slowly, feeling pins and needles in his hands and feet.

"Come on, Baby!" I said, dragging him off the bed by his nearest arm. He slumped to his knees on the carpeted floor. His legs wouldn't hold him. I took a handful of his thick black hair and pulled him along on his hands and knees to the bathroom.

"Get in," I told him, indicating the bathtub. Jeremy looked at me, and I nodded at the tub encouragingly.

"Sit down," I said, when he had climbed in. He sat on his as with his back against the cold porcelain and his feet splayed out in front. I tied his wrists together behind his back and let him slump back against the side of the tub.

"Now, piss."

He looked at me pityingly, but I only stared back.

"Please don't make me!" he whined. I sighed.

"Maybe this will help," I said. I stepped up to the tub and held my semi-hard cock in my hand, aiming a stream of urine at Jeremy's face. He turned his head and sputtered, trying to avoid the spray of urine, but I soaked his hair and shoulders.

His naked body shuddered as I relieved my bladder on him.

"Your turn," I said, after I had shaken the last drops from the end of my prick. His head hung on his chest, and he sobbed, my piss ripping from his hair onto his chest and stomach.

"Wait!" I told him, turning away and into the bedroom. I returned with my phone, switching on the video camera.

"Okay, go!" I said. Dejected and defeated, Jeremy let go of his full bladder. A thick yellow geyser erupted from his cock, dribbling down the sides of his erection and spraying his belly and chest. His hard-on caused the stream to spray and spatter unevenly, leaving droplets of piss on his chest, belly and thighs.

He sobbed again when he finished, sitting in a small pool of cooling urine.

I had captured the whole scene on video.

"Very good," I told him, condescendingly. I turned on the water and sprayed him clean with the hand-held shower. I kept the water cool, so he shivered uncomfortably.

He looked so pitiful, dripping wet in the bottom of the tub. Ashamed and humiliated at having had me watch him piss on himself.

My cock was rock hard.

"Come on, Princess," I said, helping him to his feet with a hand under one elbow, "Time to clean that ass before I fuck it!"

He sobbed, watching me prepare the enema bag. I liked to let him watch the preparations, it increased his apprehension. I like to keep my property on edge.

After cleaning him out a few times, we retired to the bedroom. Jeremy paused at the side of the bed, as usual, but I pulled him along to the foot, standing him up facing me, with his back to the bed, between the high bed posts.

With some loose pieces of rope, I tied his wrists to the posts, over his head, then tied his ankles similarly. He stood with his arms and legs spread apart, naked and vulnerable.

"Comfy?" I asked, running my hand up and down his chest. His skin was smooth and soft. I had shaved him again.

I stepped closer to him, letting my palm glide down his belly and abdomen to grip his swelling cock. The poor organ was red and chafed, from all the abuse I had doled out to it the past two days. Poor Jeremy was sobbing from unfulfilled lust now, as I manipulated his hard, six inch cock. I felt the warm slime of his pre-cum on my hand, and slipped my tongue into his mouth.

Despite his fear, he sucked eagerly on my tongue, breathing heavily through his nose. I reached lower with my other hand and cupped his hairless balls, massaging them gently as I masturbated his overly sensitized dick.

"Today I'm gonna work over you balls, Baby," I told him. I like to tell my subjects what I plan to do to them. The anticipation tortures their minds, more than I do their bodies, usually.

"You're really gonna hate it." I said.

"Please" he begged, "please don't hurt me! I'll be a good boy!"

That made my cock lurch. Wow, what a sexy kid!

"Of course I'm going to hurt you, Baby," I promised him, "How else are you gonna learn to be the perfect slave?"

"Besides," I told him, smiling into his tear-filled eyes, "I like it!"

With that, I squeezed his balls, drawing a pained groan from Jeremy's sexy pink lips. I didn't squeeze too hard. I didn't want to do any severe damage. I'm not interested in inflicting physical pain for its own sake. What I was doing was breaking the boy's will by intimidation, and some pain, to get my point across.

"You're mine now. You have no existence but what I provide you. No will of your own. You aren't even a person any more. You're an object, to be used for the satisfaction of whoever happens to own you at the time.

"And right now, that's me. And I want to hurt your balls. So I'm going to.

"Get used to it, Slave," I told him.

He sobbed as I stepped back and picked up yet another piece of rope.

I use common household rope - clothesline, actually - rather than cuffs or chains, or leather straps and ball restraints.

There is no BDSM paraphernalia in my home. Nothing to link me to any sex crime.

I tied the rope around his scrotum, up against the bottom of his cock. His hard little nuts bulged below the tightly tied line. The vein-covered skin was stretched severely across them. The fourteen year old's shaved scrotum jutted out under his hard cock, pink and vulnerable.

I cupped his warm balls in my palm, feeling the soft skin against my hand.

"Mmmmm," I moaned against his wet lips. I tasted salt, from his tears. Delicious.

Then I squeezed his vulnerable nuts again, and caught his scream in my mouth. I felt the warm rush of his breath against my lips and tongue, and licked his lower lip, tasting his saliva as it drooled out.

"Wow," I gasped, "What a rush!"

I was smiling happily, but he was crying and yelling as I turned my hand, twisting his balls painfully - but not harmfully. I twisted his nuts back and forth, while occasionally dipping my tongue into his wet mouth to taste his drool.

"Awesome," I whispered.

I stepped back and looked at Jeremy, hanging in his bonds, sweating and gasping. I looked at his reddened nut sac and slapped it with my fingers dragging a surprised scream from the thin, naked boy.

I slapped his balls back and forth a few times, watching as he twitched in his bonds. His hard cock swung back and forth as I hit him.

I didn't hit him hard, but it was enough to make him cry and cringe.

"Please!" he yelled, tears running down his cheeks, "Please stop!"

"Okay," I relented, "It's time to try something else anyway."

"No," he sobbed quietly, "No, no, please don't."

I smiled at him.

"I love hearing you beg," I told him, "It won't do any good, but I like that it shows me how much you hate this!"

The despairing look on his beautiful young face made my cock swell and drip.

"Man," I told him, 'I can't wait to tie you up and rape your ass!"

I loved the look of anguish on his sweet face. I took his cheeks in my palms tenderly and kissed his slimy lips, taking my time. It was a warm, passionate kiss. He opened his lips and I insinuated my tongue into his sweet mouth. I stepped closer, so he could feel my hard cock against his abdomen. I put my arms around his slender body and held him tight as our kiss grew more urgent. I felt him moving his hips forward and back, rubbing his cock against my hairy thigh as he gasped and panted into my mouth.

Then I kneed him in the balls.

I caught his gasp in my mouth and stepped back as his body bent forward, trying to fold up and protect his abused testicles.

But he couldn't', so I slapped them, drawing a whining cry from his thin body.

I turned and picked up a five pound weight from near the dresser. It was one of those kettle bell things, with a handle at the top and a heavy bulb underneath. I tied the end of the rope around Jeremy's balls to the handle and let it drop a couple of inches, yanking his nuts down and making his scream again.

The heavy weight swung between his legs. I pushed it with my foot to keep it swinging back and forth.

Jeremy's young body was strained and sweating. His legs were stiff, and his arms pulled and twisted the ropes holding his arms to the posts. I could see his ribs though the soft white skin of his sides. His belly was sucked in and his pretty face was twisted in a rictus of pain.


I snapped a few pictures of his suffering, then kissed him again as he cried.

I knew from experience that the weight on his balls was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Some of my closer friends even like it, which is how I knew to do it in the first place.

But enough about my private sex life.

I switched his position to something more uncomfortable. It took some doing, but I managed to lift his feet to meet his hands, bending him double. The kettle bell weight swung in slow circles under his ass. His bound nuts stuck out in front of him invitingly.

"Time to spank those balls, Baby!" I told him, turning to the closet.

I returned with a thin leather belt, way out of style, but perfect for my needs. I stepped up to the suffering boy and swung the belt back and forth, lined up with his balls.

"Ready, Pretty-Boy?" I asked rhetorically. I let the belt swing up and tap his bound scrotum lightly, making him wince.

"No, please don't!" he sobbed. I smiled at him and smacked the flat side of the belt against his nuts, hard.

He screamed and jumped in his bonds. His cock bobbed in front of him as his body flinched.

"Ow! No! Please, don't!" he cried.

I swung the belt back and forth, smacking his nuts. I loved the way they bounced at the impact of the thin leather strap.

Moving the belt forward a little, I let the tip of the belt nick his asshole when it contacted his balls.

"Okay," I said, after five smacks of the belt against his vulnerable balls. "Here's how this works. You count every time I hit your nuts." He looked at me desperately, shaking his head slowly.

"Oh, yes," I corrected him, "And when you reach twenty, I'll stop." He sobbed, drool running down his chin and collecting on his chest.

"No," he whispered, "Please. No more."

It was a pretty dramatic display, considering I wasn't hitting him all that hard. What a wimp.

"Ready?" I said, and swung the belt again, smacking his nuts.

"Ow!" he cried, "No, please don't!"

"Wrong!" I said "You were supposed to count 'One!'. Now we have to start again!" I smacked him again, and his naked body rocked in the ropes.

I stood, waiting.

"One," he whispered.

"Make sure they're loud enough to hear, Slave," I told him. "If I can't hear you, I'll start over."

He made it to seven. Eight was just a dry croak.

"Sorry, Sweet-cheeks," I told him, not sounding sorry at all, I'm afraid, "Couldn't make that out. Gotta start over." I yanked on the rope around his balls, smiling at the strangled groan I caused.

"One!" he yelled, as my belt hit his balls.

"Twenty!" he practically screamed, when we reached the end together.

"Good job!" I told him. Then I smacked his nuts again, harder than ever.

"And one to grow on!" I said over his cry.

I stood between his legs and kissed his spitty, crying face. I sucked his lips between my teeth and chewed on them gently, and pressed my body against his, squeezing his poor, swollen nuts between us.

The muffled sound of his sobs made my dick twitch.

In this position, my hard cock was rubbing against Jeremy's thigh, and I humped his leg a little as I kissed him, leaving a trail of clear slime behind.

As I kissed his lips, I drew my fingertip through my pre-cum and used the scant lubrication to push the digit into his asshole.

He moaned and sobbed while I fucked him with my finger and pressed against his sore balls.

"Mmmmmm. Time to fuck that sweet asshole of yours, Baby," I said softly, my lips brushing his.

"Ready to get raped?"

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Very hot. Looking forward to the next chapter



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