A Very Brady Fantasy, Part 1

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Published: 12-Oct-2011

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Alice the Maid makes a special delivery to her boyfriend Sam the Butcher

"Are we there yet, Alice?" Little Cindy Brady was excited. She was going to help Alice today. Beats sitting at home all by yourself. The rest of the Brady Bunch was out of town visiting a relative. Cindy didn't want to go, and Alice encouraged Mr and Mrs Brady to let Cindy stay behind. They both agreed with Alice that the 8 yr old would be bored out of her mind on the long road trip, and it was also kind of Alice to volunteer to babysit Cindy.

Of course, Alice had a reason to talk the Brady's into leaving her in charge of little Cindy. Seems her boyfriend Sam had been telling her his secret fantasies about Cindy Brady. Their sex sessions had been dominated lately by Sam calling out Cindy's name while Alice gave him a blowjob. Once he felt comfortable enough to come clean about his fantasy and share it with Alice...it's all he wanted to talk about during sex. Since Alice was too old to dress like Cindy or even try to talk like her, she went along with Sam calling out Cindy's name while she sucked his cock. Alice decided, since Sam liked Cindy so much, and Alice loved Sam, then the best gift she could give him was little Cindy Brady for real!

"We are almost there Cindy. Sam is going to be so excited to see you! You know you are his FAVORITE Brady kid, don't ya?" I am? Cindy replied..obviously proud to find that out. "Well of course. You are much prettier than Jan or Marcia..but don't tell them I said that, because we aren't supposed to have favorites, OK?" OK Alice, Cindy said, with a great big smile on her face. Alice glanced away from the road to look at Cindy. The pretty blonde 8 yr old was wearing a tiny dress who's hem stopped well above her knees. Cute ruffly ankle socks and shiny black patent leather Mary Jane's adorned her feet. Cindy also had the ever present curled pigtails, with white ribbons dangling from them. Alice felt her heart beat a bit faster, palms starting to sweat as she pulled into Sam's driveway. She knew this was her last chance to abort her wicked idea. She had told Cindy they were going to Sam's to clean his house; but if they were lucky, Sam would be home...and if he was, then they coul d play games instead of work. Cindy was understandably excited when Alice told her Sam's car was in the garage.

As Alice shifted her car into park, she knew she would not cancel the plan. Sam was too excited about it, when she told him what she was going to do for him. And to be honest with herself, she was excited too. The times she sucked on his cock while hearing Sam say Cindy's name had aroused her. It was a little weird at first, but the more he did it, the hotter it made her. She actually began to fantasize about Cindy sucking Sam's cock..and it made her wet. Real wet. Alice knew, she wanted to see it happen as much as Sam did. It was time. No turning back. "Come on Cindy, looks like we get to play instead of work!"

As Alice opened the door, Cindy walked in and ran over to the man of the house..."Hi Tham" Cindy said in her cute little lisp. Sam reached down to hug her, getting erect at the mere sight of Cindy. He picked the little girl up as he hugged her, sat down on the big sofa, and sat Cindy down right on his lap. Cindy's tiny dress was already short, so her soft silky thighs were fully exposed. Her weight was in perfect position on Sam's hardon, and he wasted no time resting a hand on her soft sexy thigh. How is my pretty girl? You look so pretty in this sexy dress...and look at those shiny black shoes. Cindy, you must be one of the prettiest girls in the world! While he complimented her, Sam's hand gently begins to rub Cindy's leg..up and down her thigh down to her knee, then back to her thigh. His hand tingled as he touched her warm smooth skin. Sam looks over at Alice, who is sitting on the chair, facing them. He winks at her, then silently mouths "thank you"..Alice smiles back, pleased that Sam is happy with his gift.

Alice said we get to play games since you're home Tham. What games are we gonna play? Well Cindy, we can play little girl games, OR if you are good at keeping secrets, we can let you play a BIG girl game, Sam replied. Cindy wiggled a little as she sat on Sam's lap, her arm around his neck. He was in heaven, feeling his little dream girl sitting on his hard on..knowing it would soon be out of his pants. "I can keep secrets, honest! Cindy said. I wanna play BIG Girl games". What do you think Alice? Sam asked looking over at the chair. "Cindy, are you SURE you will keep this secret? You MUST never ever tell anyone that we let you play a big girl game, OK?" Alice knew Cindy was a horrible secret keeper, but she so wanted this to happen. It really didnt matter what Cindy said at this point. "I promise" Cindy replied,smiling.

Good, then it's settled, Sam said, sliding Cindy off his lap, and onto the sofa next to him. Cindy, he said calmly, the first game we are going to play is called Blowjob. "I never heard of that game before" Cindy said innocently. "I know, it's ok, we are going to teach you some new games" Sam told her as he laughed. "Cindy, Blowjob is an easy game to play. I take my cock out, and you kiss it, lick it, and suck on it for me. I put it in your mouth for a little while. If you can make the sweet treat come out of my cock, and you swallow it all, you WIN the game!!" What's a cock? Cindy asked. Sam smiled big, as he undid his pants, lifted his ass up and slid his slacks to the floor. Wearing no underwear, Sam was now naked from the waist down. His penis was large, 7 inches but thick. And since the beautiful Cindy Brady was sitting next to him staring at it, it was as hard as it had ever been! That's a cock Cindy. I want you to hold it in your hand. Sam grabbed one of her tiny hand s with his, and guided it to his cock. His body shivered as he felt her soft hand take hold of his cock for the very first time. He watched as her fingers closed on the thick shaft, a soft moan escaping his lips. "Tell him you love his cock Cindy" Alice encouraged from where she sat. Cindy looked up at Sam, their eyes locking onto each others, and she sweetly repeated her line "I love your cock Tham".

I want you to kiss it Cindy...go on, lean in and kiss it for me. Cindy leaned in, and quickly placed a shy peck on the tip. Again Cindy..kiss it again..ok she said, and leaned in and kissed the tip. Sam reached down, and palmed the back of her head with his large hand before she could lift her head away again. He kept her face there, at his crotch. Lick it for me now Cindy..I wanna feel that hot sexy little tongue of yours all over my cock! Sam was getting excited. He grabbed his cock in his left hand, while holding little Cindy's head down with his right hand. he rubbed the fat purple head of his cock against the little girl's lips. Glossing her lips with the first drops of precum..lick it baby girl. He smiled as he looked down. He saw the pink tip of Cindy's wet tongue extend past her lips and lick the tip. OH!!! he yelled MORE!! Lick it all over Cindy!!! Sam was sooo aroused, he didnt even noticed Alice had removed her panties as was rubbing her pussy as she watched Sam vi olating little Cindy Brady. Cindy began licking Sam's cock as she had been instructed to. Long slow licks, first on just the tip..then on the thick shaft too. Sam had removed his hand from his cock, so Cindy could lick it all over for him. She seemed to like the new game, as she willingly licked Sam's big fat penis for him.

"Ok Cindy, I want you to get on the floor now, and kneel down here between my legs. Time for you to try and win the game." Cindy slid to the floor, and kneeled where Sam had told her to, right between his legs, facing him. His cock dangling obscenely in her pretty little face. Sam took a second to enjoy the moment, looking down at her as she obediantly kneeled. He couldn't resist the temptation. Insticts took over. He took her by the back of the head again, holding her still...and proceeded to rub his cock all over her pretty innocent little face. It wasn't enough he was taking advantage of this sweet innocent little girl. It wasn't enough that he was soon going to live out his fantasy and enjoy a blowjob from little Cindy Brady. No. He wanted her to know she was now his. It felt good to him..rubbing his cock all over her cute little face. Her cheeks were so smooth. He liked how it felt. He enjoyed seeing the trail of precum the tip of his cock was leaving on her face. Ok Ci ndy...time for you to win the game. Remember, I am going to put my cock in your mouth, and you are going to suck it for me. I am going to help you get my cock in your mouth, since it's your first time. If you can suck the sweet treat out of my cock, and swallow it all, you are the winner, ok? Ok, little Cindy replied. "Now, say...please shove your big fat cock in my mouth"....Cindy did as told and quickly repeated " please shove your big fat cock in my mou...." before she could finish her line, Sam thrust his hips forward while pulling her head towards him, and poked the fat purple tip past Cindy's little girl lips. FINALLY..his dream was reality! OH CINDY! Sam screamed...as he felt the wonder of her wet,warm little mouth.."mmmmm, thats it baby...suck Sam's cock...suck it good for me.." Sam's hands grabbed those blonde curly pigtails..He looked over at Alice and said " do you know how long I have wanted to grab this little slut by the pigtails, while she sucked my cock?" Ali ce smiled and before she could answer him, he had already turned his attention back to Cindy.

Holding her tightly by the pigtials now, Sam began to be more forceful. As his state od arousal grew, so did his animal instincts. He gripped her pigtails tightly, and began thrusting harder. Her tiny lips stretched, as Sam forced more and more of his cock into her virgin mouth. Alice moved next to Sam on the sofa to watch. MMMM that's it baby, fuck her mouth..Sam pulled Cindy by the pigtails towards him, then back away..her lips sliding back and forth on his cock..he could feel his balls begin to churn.."suck my cock..you hot sexy little slut!!"..."Suck my cock Cindy...yes Cindy Brady,,suck my cock" Sam moaned as he faced fucked the little girl..oh Cindy,,here I cum ...his hips bucked, his body spasmed..he scooted to the edge of the sofa, and yanked her back towards him by her pigtails one last time. He watched as her lips tightly slid down his shaft, her hot little mouth providing him unknown pleasures. He pulled her until her nose was pressed into his pubes, his entire coc k buried in little Cindy's face..."here I cum Cindy...swallow it baby...swallow it all....swallow my cum,,my little cum slut"..Cindy had no choice, swallow Sam's hot seed or drown. He held her so tightly against his body, she could only swallow..she felt the first shot hit the back of her throat full force. She gagged, but it went down quickly...followed by a second then a third blast of hot salty cum. Sam's body thrust one more time..and a final smaller dose of his hot "sweet treat" spilled into her mouth...she knew...she had to swallow it, so she did.

Sam's body was spent. Exhausted, he released his grip on her, and fell back into the sofa. Cindy, still kneeling, face sweaty and sticky with precum, smiled at Sam and Alice and proudly boasted " I swallowed it all!! Im the winner!!! Can we play another Big girl game now?"

......to be continued????

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now she can suck cock, you can have lots of fun with her.don't keep her to yourself. let your mates have a go.

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