Pippa's Panties - Interlude at Home

[ F/g, inc, cons, oral, anal ]

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Published: 10-Sep-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

We were both very excited by the time we got home, but I was determined to take things slow and easy - I wanted this special moment to be perfect. I knew exactly how I wanted this to happen and so I led Pippa into my bedroom and she sat on my bed as I moved around the room lighting candles before retrieving some things from my dresser drawer.

"I want you to wear these, "I told my daughter, handing her a pair of pure white thin cotton panties, the other pair for me to wear. I turned the lights off and in the soft warm candle light we both undressed and slipped on our panties - they were both several sizes too small so that they were a very tight fit, clinging to us almost like a second skin. Pippa's mound was outlined wonderfully and the sight of her made my pussy quiver, especially as she was looking at me the same way.

We ended up lying in a tight embrace on my bed, our mouths locked together as we kissed passionately - it felt so naughty to be kissing my own young daughter like this, but it felt so good! Her soft young body felt so good pressed up against mine and I was constantly running my hand all over her smooth skin. Our legs were scissored and our panty-clad pussies pressed against each other's thigh, both of us feeling the heat and dampness of the other.

I unravelled myself from my horny daughters clutched and rolled her onto her front, sliding down her body, kissing her smooth skin all the way until I was lying between her spread legs and admiring her panty-clad bottom. With plenty of spit in my mouth I started to lick those panties, soaking the thin material with saliva and pressing down on them so that they stuck to Pippa's skin. This was something I'd dreamt of doing for so long and now was the ideal time - I had all night to enjoy my daughter in any way I wanted.

I rolled Pippa over and spread her little legs wide as I continued to lick her panties, my drooling mouth having no trouble in providing enough saliva to slowly soak the thin cotton completely. Pippa loved what I was doing and as she moaned and groaned her hot little slit helped me by adding her pussy juice to my saliva as I licked it through the cotton. I could taste my daughters love honey as I pressed the wet fabric into her slit and I wanted to tear her panties off and get right in there, but I contained myself - I wanted this to last!

Then I got up and quickly retrieved my digital camera from my dresser, telling Pippa I wanted my own record of this. She seemed more than happy with that and I took several shots of her laying there, her little slit visible under the almost transparent covering of her soaked panties.

"Push your panties into your pussy," I told her, "I want to see it in your slit." She did as she was told and I took some more pictures, her slit now readily visible as it was full of sodden cotton. Then I told her to finger herself and she did so, smiling sweetly at me and moaning in pleasure as she pushed the cotton deep inside herself with her finger. My snug panties were by now quite sodden themselves as they soaked up my juices, but I resisted the urge to touch myself. I had to taste my horny daughter's pussy now and so I put down the camera and pushed her legs right back as I lay down, getting her to hold her legs in place as used my mouth to pull her panties out of her slit.

The cotton was soaked with her sweet pre-teen juices and I adored the taste of her as I took the fabric into my mouth and sucked on it. I tugged those wet panties out from under her ass and lifted them up to her bent knees, exposing her wet and hairless slit and little pink bum hole. I can't delay it any longer - I stick my tongue out and lick it broadly up the length of my little girls slit, shivering with the sheer horniness of the act and enjoying the feel and taste of her.

"Oh yes mummy!" Pippa moans loudly, "that feels so good!"

I'm licking and lapping her wet little slit like it was my favourite ice cream, splitting her folds with my tongue and delving inside to taste more of her cream. I also tease her hard little clitty at the top of her slit, making it peek out of its hiding place as I ease her skin back, and that has her writhing and groaning. Oh god, why hadn't I done this earlier? Putting myself through all that anguish, those guilt trips, denying myself the most wondrous experience a mother can know?

I was in heaven as I feasted on my 10 year old daughters pussy, and I guessed from all the contented noises she was making Pippa was in heaven too as she pushed her sex against her mummy's face and creamed into her greedy mouth. By now my thumbs were holding Pippa's slit wide open and I was working my tongue into her tight little vagina as I sought more of her pussy juices. My daughter was fast approaching her climax and I licked and sucked her for all I was worth, desperate to give her her first mom-induced cum.

"Mummy!" she cried out, "I'm cumming!"

I slurped and licked her wet sex as I rubbed her little clit hard, and with a cry my little angel shook and trembled as she came for me, her little pussy feeding me with her sweet honey as I licked and sucked it from her spasming hole. I feasted on her slick flesh for as long as she could stand but finally I had to stop stimulating her as she begged me to.

I crawled up and pulled her limp body to me, kissing her softly and whispering to her how much I loved her. We stayed like that for as long as Pippa needed to recover, and eventually she smiled at me and told me it was her turn now. She moved down and for a while was happy to suckle on my breasts, making me moan happily as I remembered the last time she had done that. Then she shuffled down to kneel between my parted legs and she saw how wet my panties were.

"Mum, it looks like you've peed yourself!" she exclaimed, "Can I use your camera?

"Honey, you can do anything you like," I smiled down at her as she grabbed the camera, "I'm your model now."

My daughter got me to spread my legs really wide and as she snapped away she got me to rub myself through the sopping wet cotton - it really did feel like I had peed my panties! The material cling to me and my entire groin was wet from all the cum that had oozed out of me.

"Stick your finger up you bum mummy," Pippa directed me, "stick your wet panties up your bottom for me!"

I groaned to hear such a kinky request from my daughter but I happily complied, reaching down to press the wet cotton against my anus before pushing it right in with my finger. I'd never done that before and I found that I liked it, feeling the wet material inside my arse as Pippa clicked away. She told me to finger my pussy with my other hand and I obeyed, getting off on the tables being turned and doing dirty things for my daughter.

"Now take them off mummy and show me your pussy," she told me, and so I removed my finger from my arse and eased the sodden panties down and off, spreading my legs wide to show Pippa how excited I was. I pulled myself open as wide as I could and she really liked that, moving in and snapping away.

My daughter put the camera down and I groaned as she went down on me, her hands replacing mine as she licked and lapped my sticky folds and sucked on y swollen clit. As I squeezed my tits and pulled on my nipples I looked down at the incredibly exciting sight of my darling daughter between my legs, smiling up at me as she sucked on my pussy lips. I was going out of my mind with sexual excitement and pleasure as Pippa licked and fingered me all over, from my clitty to my bum hole, and my juices were streaming out of my burning sex.

Jill had, of course, been right - this was the most amazing, most exciting, most mind-blowing sex I'd ever experienced, surrendering my quivering cum-dripping body to my wonderful daughter, to let her feast on the pussy that had given birth to her only 10 years ago. My little angel shoved tow fingers right up inside me and fucked me with them as she kept her lisp glued around my clit, and I was moaning her name and telling her how good she was as she brought me to the brink of a major climax.

I came with a very loud cry, searing loudly and telling Pippa to fuck me as she banged away at my pulsating cunny, my clit on fire in her mouth. My daughter's fingers were squelching in my pussy as she whipped my copious juices up, keeping her mouth on my clit as I bucked and shook under her. I was panting and gasping for breath as Pippa started to slow down, releasing my throbbing bud from her mouth and pulling her wet fingers from my cunt.

As I caught my breath and started to calm down I moaned softly as I watched my angel lick my juices from her fingers, and then she scooped up some more and gave her fingers to me to suck clean. Mmm, I tasted good! I pulled my darling daughter up on top of me and held her tight as I kissed her, muttering how much I loved her and how wonderful a daughter she was.

Fortunately it was a Friday night, and with no school the next day I told Pippa she could stay in bed with me if she wanted to. Of course she did, and after a while we made love again, a little slower and gentler this time, taking our time to explore each other's bodies and spend time stroking, kissing and licking each other. the camera came into use again too, both of us delighting in posing for each other in ever-more disgusting ways - I liked the shots I took of my finger buried deep in Pippa's backside and the ones I took of her licking my clit. I knew that this was a major turning point in our lives and I was looking forward to what was to follow, knowing that whatever it was Pippa and I would be enjoying it together...

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OMG thank you for this new chapter to Pippa's panties. I hope there will be more. Beautiful story...

Dave D

Wonderful series.....so erotic it had me wanking for days.Well done!!!

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