At The Pool, Part 1

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Published: 19-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

When Eric's wife died he let his son, Tom, a beautiful by of four sleep with him. The first night little Tommy cuddled against his father's belly. Eric stroked the boy's soft hair, then his smooth skin, then kissed him, first on the cheek, then on the lips. Tom responded by holding his father penis. Eric cock began to stir when he pushed his tongue into his son's mouth.

He had never had a homosexual experience before but had always been attracted to his son, licking his baby anus after bathing him, and mouthing his empty scrotum and sucking the tiny cock. Tommy always squealed with glee when Eric's tongue poked into his tight pink anus. He stopped doing it when his wife caught him, Now he was completely enchanted by his young son.

"Why is your pee pee hard, Daddy?" The youngster held the thick organ.

"It gets that way when I get excited."

"What are you excited about?"

"About you, Angel. Touching you makes me feel good."

"Me too, Daddy." Tom held his father's fat nine incher, his small hand not going around it completely.

"Turn around, Angel." Eric panted. "No, not like that. Put your feet up here next to my head." When Tom did Eric slid down and sucked his son's penis and ball sack into his mouth. He let out a soft groan. "I used to do this when you were really little. You used to really like it then."

"I still do, Daddy. It feels good." Little Tom looked at his father huge sex organ, fascinated by its smooth head and shaft. Without another thought he popped the prick head into his mouth. Pre-cum leaked into his mouth. "You taste good, Daddy." Eric squeezed up his shaft and another load of pre-cum perfumed the boy's mouth. "Mmm," Tom whispered and sucked for more.

"Get the shaft all wet with spit, Tommy and run your hand up and down it." Eric said as he sucked the little penis that grew slightly stiff. "That's my baby. Like that. And don't forget to suck the tip, the head it's called. That's where it feels the best."

Tom swirled his father's prick head around his mouth. "Like that, Daddy?"

"Yes, Baby." Eric sucked his son's cock, ball sack and anus, and Tom did the same. "Now just the head, Baby. I'm getting close."

"To what?" Tom asked.

"In a minute I'll shake a little and a lot of juice will squirt out of my cock, like peeing, but it's cum, something that's good for you. It'll make you big and strong, and taste good too, so just drink it down when it squirts out, if you want. If not, just spit it out into this." Eric reached for his tee shirt on the floor by the bed.

Eric tried not to push his cock down his son's throat. he held it to the boy's lips and shot off a giant load. Tom sucked and drank eagerly until is father stopped shooting. Then Eric said, "Milk the shaft like this, and you can get the last drops out." Tom did as he was asked, licking the sweet cream from the tip of his father's smooth head.

He never had to ask his son to please him after that night. Tom was always eager to drink his father's sweet cream. Whenever his father kissed him on the lips he knew he would have some cum, usually for dessert before bedtime, and always a secret just between them. Tom liked that too, and this little secret went on for two years until one day at the public pool.

Eric lay in the sun on the grass by the pool reading the paper, not far from his son who splashed in the shallow end. He noticed a man in the shade rubbing his crotch too often to be a mistake. Eric was hot in a red Speedo, washboard stomach and bleached blond hair. The man watching him was dark, sexy dark, with a two day old beard and a nice basket.

Seconds later his six year old son came out of the water. His lips were blue. He shivered and crawled onto his father for his warmth. "I'm cold, Daddy," the smooth boy slithered over his Eric's sweaty body.

"You shouldn't stay in so long if you get so cold, Tommy."

"But I like lying over you to get warm." Tom hugged his father and rocked his hips over his crotch. Eric began to get aroused and looked around. The man in the shadows watched them, and rubbed his own crotch again. Eric turned onto his side to watch the man and held his son tight to hide his erection.

"Tommy, you're doing that to daddy again."

"I know, and you like it." The boy's hand went between them and stroked his father's huge erection that threatened to pop the seams of the bathing suit. "I want to suck you again."

"Tommy. We're in public."

"And no one can see, except that man who's been watching you. And his son played with me under the water."

"Who? Where?" Eric asked surprised and very interested.

"He's coming out now."

Eric watched a beautiful eight or nine year old climb out of the shallow end. He was dark like his father, with pure white skin and a beautiful round ass. Eric hadn't fucked an ass since his wife died two year earlier, and he was about ready for anything now.

The boy stood before his father who wrapped him in a beach towel, and then reached inside and pulled down the wet bathing suit. Once the boy stepped out of it Eric watched as the father put his hand inside the fold of the towel to dry off the boy. The drying went on way too long. He was masturbating his son right in front of them, ten meters away. Eric got so excited that Tom pulled the string of his father's bathing suit and quickly pulled out the nine inch monster.

"Tommy, we're in public. I told you about that." Eric curled his leg over himself.

"It's OK, Daddy. I want to hold it, and no one can see but them, and they like it too."

The other father popped his face between the folds of the towel. Eric knew he was sucking his son's cock. He just knew it. Shit. Even though the leaves cast moving shadows he knew the father's head was bobbing on his son's cock. Then suddenly the man lay on his side, facing Eric, and patted the blanket for the boy to lay in front of him. The boy lay like a small spoon in front of a larger one. The father covered them with the boy's towel, and Eric was sure he took down his pants before he reached for a bottle of baby oil.

The father fumbled under the towel, the boy rand his neck around and kiss him on the lips before reaching behind and aiming his father's erection at his ass hole. Eric was hardly aware that his own son smeared him pre-cum over his cock head. And then it happened. The boy tensed. The father pulled him backwards. Eric knew he'd penetrated the boy's anus. Soon the boy relaxed and began riding the organ, slowly gyrating his ass. He smiled at them, he liked being watched.

"Daddy, do that to me." Tom's voice penetrated Eric's sex haze.

"Tommy. Have you ever had a cock up your ass before?"

"No, but I want you to."

"Not here, baby. I'm too big. It'll hurt too much."

Tom sat up and leaned against his father's side so the others could watch him jack off Eric's huge and beautiful cock. Eric let his son masturbate him as he watched the father fuck his son. The movements got more and more intense. When the father was certain no one else watched he pulled back the towel and lifted his son's leg. Eric watched the thick dark shaft pump the tight pink anus. The boy's long thin, hairless cock bobbed hard and dripped in front of him, and his smooth balls hung almost to the ground. He held his ass cheek up to give his father full access.

"Daddy?" Tom asked. "I want you to do that to me. Please,"

"Not here, Baby. Not here." Eric held his son's hand still. He didn't want to come yet watching the two across the grass.

Then the father began slow slamming his son's ass. Eric looked around. No one watched. His cock dripped.The father let out a grunt so loud they heard it, and then Eric knew he was coming. The rhythm changed, deep and slow, the sperm flowed, filling the grateful boy's anus that pushed back and squirmed on his father's shaft. When the shooting stopped the father nicked them over.

"What does he want?" Tom asked his father.

"I don't know."

"Can I go ask?"

"If you want." Eric panted.

Tom walked over and sat next to the two. "Tell your dad," the man said, "that he can have seconds if he wants. Unless he wants to fuck you."

"I never been fucked."

"Well, it looks like Daddy wants his dick up an ass, and Jack here loves it. Send your daddy over. What's your name?"


"Well, Tommy, Jackie here loves cock up his ass, so send your daddy over and make my boy happy."

Tom went back to his father. Eric looked around. No one watched so he stood up with his erection bulging past his hip in his red Speedo and walked over to the two. "Hi, I'm Eric."

"Ben. And this is Jack. He wants your cock up his ass as much as you want it there, so let's trade places for a few minutes." The stranger had a sex appeal Eric had never felt before.

"OK." His cock made the decisions now. Ben went and laid behind Tom facing the two. Eric felt the boy's anus: loose, greased and oozing cum. He pulled his suit down under his balls. His pre-cum was enough to lube his cock enough, and although he was much bigger than the boy's father, Jackie had no trouble taking the whole shaft in one smooth glide.

Eric pulled a towel ever them and pumped the boy's ass slow and deep as he watched his son eagerly lick the ass slime off Ben's still pulpy cock. Then he watched the other father lift his son's leg, spit into his hand and gently finger fuck his Tommy. He watched until his fucking became so violent that little Jackie shook all over. Like a rag doll the ass ravaged boy gave in totally to the pounding cock up his ass. He panted and pushed backward.

When Eric felt the anal contraction he reached around and held the boy's smooth penis, and little Jackie filled his hand with a pool of warm boy sperm. After the short orgasm little Jackie pulled the hand to his mouth and drank his own cum, eagerly licking Eric's hand clean. Then he held his ass cheek high so Eric could finish the job.

The heat spell broken momentarily, Eric pumped the grateful anus slow and deep, pulling out enough to hold his shaft and run circles around the boy's anus ring. "That feels really good," Jack giggled and pushed backward. "I hope daddy invites you and Tommy over for Friday Nighters. Tommy has a nice cock too. I felt it under the water."

"Oh, Baby," Eric panted. "You're going to get me."

"Good. I like cum up my ass. Lots of it."

"Shit." That sent Eric over the top. He pumped the loose anus hard and deep until the boy went limp, his only movements geared to keep his anus at the right angle for the battering organ to feed him cum. Eric grunted and humped, oblivious to everything around him, and then finally dumped a huge loud of sperm into the boy's ass. As he came down from a sex rush like nothing he'd ever had before he looked across the grass and watched Ben grinning and deep finger-fucking his little Tommy. Tommy held his ass cheek up like Jackie had done and smiled at his father.

When they finally got their breaths back Jackie said, "Gee, Mister, you can do that any time you want to. That was great."

Eric's limp cock finally slipped out of the boy's sticky anus, and after Jackie turned and licked him clean he got up and went back to his son. Ben stood and said, "This boy of yours needs some serious ass work, man. Don't deprive the little sucker. He's ready, just like my Jackie was at that age."

"Yeah. OK." Eric was still a still a little disoriented. "Your little Jack is great."

"Daddy." Tom protested. "I can be great too." He hugged his father.

"Of course you can, Popsicle." It was their code word for Tommy being his pop sucker.

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Great beginning to what I hope is more to cum.


Very hot story mate.


So that's what they mean by father/son bonding, shoving your hard cock up his sweet bum and giving him an arse full of spunk. Sounds good to me. Very horny, look forward to 6 year old tom getting his first bum fuck.


Fantastic work. Can't wait to see how the two Dads relationship grows. Please don't stop.


Oh yes, very good start. Cant' wait for more!


Hot story.


Great story! Can't wait to read how Tommy gets his cherry popped.


Hot story!! Bet those 4 are going to be getting together a lot from now on. Keep up the good work.


I love this story. Please write a follow-up.

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