A Birthday

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Published: 6-Jan-2012

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Purely a work of fiction.

"Happy Birthday, Daddy....are you ready to unwrap your special present now?"

"And what special present could a 7 year old possibly have that a Daddy would want?"

"You know"

She nodded his head down the hall.

"Oh, that present. Yeah. I'd love to unwrap that."

She takes his hand and leads him down the hallway into her bedroom. Stopping at the end of her bed, she turns to him and wraps her arms around him. She lays her head against him, it coming to rest just above his navel. He strokes her hair and she squeezes even tighter.

"I love you, Princess."

"I love you too, Daddy."

"Why don't you unwrap your present now, Daddy?"

He kicks off his shoes and she does the same.

"Arms up, Baby."

She lifts her arms and her father pulls her dress off over her head, leaving her in just her white cotton panties. No sooner than her dress is off, she leaps up, wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his back. He grabs ahold of her panty clad ass with both hands and gives each cheek a gentle squeeze.

Now face to face, he reaches out and kisses her forehead, then her little button nose, and then on the lips. Gently at first...little butterfly kisses like any father would give his daughter. But soon her lips open and his tongue darts in, searching for hers. When he finds it, the two tongues swirl around together, like lovers in a passionate embrace. She loves the taste and feel of his tongue in her mouth and closes her eyes to savor the moment.

When she opens them again, she realizes that she is now laying back on the foot of her bed. Her feet are resting on the floor, slightly apart, and her father is leaning over her. He takes his lips away from hers. She struggles to get them back but they have moved on to other things.

His lips slip from hers and he kisses her chin. Working his way down, he kisses her neck, from one side to the other. He kisses, then gently nibbles, her left ear.

"Oooooohhhh, I love it when you nibble my ear, Daddy."

He says nothing, moving over to the other ear for a quick nibble. Then kisses back to the center of her neck. His kisses work downwards, towards the center of her chest to the area that, in a few years, will be her cleavage. Now, it is just a slight indentation. He kisses it, then kisses to the left until his lips are in contact with her under developed left nipple. Small and pink, it does not protrude, but he licks and sucks at it anyway. That immediately starts a reaction as she arches up, feeding her breast to him.

He kisses his way over to the right nipple and kisses, licks, and sucks on it, before moving back to the center. The kisses continue lower until they reach her bellybutton. The center of a perfectly formed tummy. He plants a kiss on the indentation, then sticks out his tongue and swirls it around the hole. He can feel her starting to tremble.

His mouth continues its downward journey, kissing the bottom of her belly until it comes in contact with the waistband of her panties. Although no longer bare skin, he continues to kiss down her panties, his mouth planting kisses on her two soft mounds and then the center, where her panties have pulled up into her slit.

"Off, Daddy....Take my panties off. I want to be naked."

Never one to refuse her requests, he reaches up and pulls at the waistband. She arches her butt off the bed then lifts her legs in the air, allowing him to pull her panties completely off. He tosses them onto the growing pile of discarded clothes, then places her feet back on the ground.

"Eat me, Daddy.....Suck my Pussy."

He eagerly complies, reaching down to kiss the now bare mounds before spreading her legs apart and licking her sweet pink hole. He licks and sucks at her cunt, then lifts his head up just a little to get to her clit. And what a pronounced little clit it is....for a 7 year old. He starts to suck on it, causing her to reach down and grab the back of his head. She starts to thrash on the bed, grinding her bare, immature pussy into his face. He hungrily sucks on the clit until she starts to tremble and moan. He knows she is getting close. If you have never seen a little kid cum, you are missing a beautiful sight.

Suddenly, she lets out a loud moan and her pussy gets wet from the kiddy cum she releases. He laps it up, enjoying the taste of her nectar.

She continues to buck for well over half a minute. Moaning and grabbing the back of his head, her orgasm rivals that of any woman he has ever been with.

As she is coming down from her high, he continues his kissing. Lifting her legs up in the air, he kisses the inside of her thighs before working his way down to her knees, then her ankles, and finally, standing up, her toes.

"Did you have a nice cum, baby?"

"God, did I ever, Daddy."

"Good....Daddy's turn now."

He starts to undo his shorts.

"No, me do me do!!!"

She sits up and unzips his fly, undoes the snap, and gently pulls his shorts down. As they get to his knees, they fall to the floor. He kicks them into the pile. He pulls off his shirt and tosses it on their shoes.

His rock hard cock is tenting up in his boxer shorts. She reaches out and strokes it through the cloth. He startles at the touch of her hand, even through the material. She rubs his cock back and forth, then reaches up and pulls his boxers off the same way she had his shorts. He kicks these into the pile. It is now complete. They are both naked. Good thing no one is around to see them.

"Your cock is so hard, Daddy."

"All because of you, Angel."

She giggles, then reaches out to stroke his cock. It again pulses at the touch of her bare hand wrapping around it. She only strokes it a few times before the first drips of precum appear. She leans her head forward and licks it off the head of his dick. His cock responds to her tongue as one might expect. Not satisfied with licking the precum off, she swirls her tongue around the entire head. Lifting his cock up, she proceeds to lick all of the way down the shaft, then licks up along the top. When get backs to the head, she licks it once, then takes it into her mouth, where she lets her tongue swirl around it again.

"Oh God, Baby, suck it. Suck Daddy's big, hard, cock."

She starts to take him deeper into her mouth until her lips are at the base. His cock is not very big but it is just the right size for her. She pulls back, until just the head is in her mouth. Again, she licks once around the head before sliding her lips back down his shaft.

"Holy Fuck, how the hell does a 7 year old learn to give head like that? You are the best cocksucker ever."

She doesn't answer...she just continues to suck on his cock. Slowly at first, then picking up speed.

He can feel his cock pulsing....ready to shoot. He'd love to hold off but knows that he can't resist the force that his little girl has over him. Her hot little mouth is steadily working up and down on his cock while her hand gently massages his balls. He knows that he is going to cum soon. He does not speak, instead he concentrates on not cumming quite yet. It is a losing cause.

She too can sense when he is about to cum. She can feel his cock throb inside her mouth. She can taste as the precum gets a little bit thicker. She can tell the exact second when his balls will release their seed.


As soon as she feels the first stream working its way up his shaft, she pulls her head back until just the tip of his cock is in her mouth.. He does not have a very powerful cum but it is very plentiful. Eight...nine...ten full spasms releasing their load into her mouth. She tries hard not to swallow, instead letting it fill up her mouth until her cheeks are nearly bulging out. As she uses her hand to stroke the last few drops out of his cock, she looks up at him and opens her mouth, allowing him to see that it is full of his semen. After letting him see it for a few seconds, she quickly swallows it all at one time before licking her lips to make sure she got it all. They had seen this once in one of the porno movies they watched and they both found it incredibly exciting.

"God, Baby, nobody sucks a cock like you do."

"Thank you, Daddy, I love getting you off and swallowing your load."

Although they had been "doing it" for only about 8 months, she had learned how to talk dirty and all the right words to use. There is nothing sexier than dirty talk from a little girl.

"More, Daddy."

She jumped completely back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide. He crawled down between her legs and again starting licking and sucking on her clit. While he was sucking her button, he ran the middle finger of his right hand up and down her slit. She immediately started to get wet. After five or six passes, he stopped at her hole and slipped the finger inside of her. Just a little at first to let her get used to it, then the entire length.

"Oh yes, finger fuck me, Daddy."

She definitely liked having things inside of her....his tongue, his finger, her small vibrator, but most of all, his hard dick. He continued to finger fuck her and suck on her clit until again she was close to orgasm. It was time.

Sliding up the bed, he lifted her legs up, putting them over his shoulders. His arms took a position right beneath her armpits. His crotch was now even with hers, the head of his cock just inches away from her small, hairless vagina. He quickly reached down with his left hand and lined it up with her hole, feeling it slide effortlessly inside. As with her mouth, she was able to take the whole length inside of her. This was their favorite position for fucking, him on top, her underneath.

After he had it all the way in, he stopped until he was sure she was comfortable.

"Fuck me, Daddy."

With that, he started to slide his cock in and out of his little grade-schooler. Very slowly at first. With each stroke the bed made a little "Squeak Squeak" sound and the headboard gently tapped against the wall. Again, it was a good thing there was no one around to hear the sounds of a man and his little daughter making love.

"Faster, Daddy."

He picked up the pace a little, but not too much. He wanted to make it last. That wasn't what she had in mind.

"Harder, Daddy, Fuck me harder."

He picked up the pace more. The gentle squeaking got much faster and louder, now sounding more like a "squeak-a-squeak-a-squeak-a-squeak" and the gentle tapping of the headboard now a loud banging that could be heard echoing through the room. Faster and faster he pounded his cock into her hot little pussy. The gentle sounds of lovemaking had given way to the primal sounds of a good hard fuck.

"Do it, Daddy...Fuck me hard...Fuck my bald little pussy and fill it with your hot cum."

"Yeah, Baby....here it comes....I'm gonna fill that hot little baby snatch up with my sperm....God I wish you were a little older so I could plant my seed inside of you....would you like that, would you like to have my baby inside of you?"

"Yes, Daddy, I want your cum. I want it forever...I want a baby in me, too."

He knew she was too young now, but one day, he would put a baby into her, just like he had with his first daughter....her mother. For now though, he was just going to enjoy fucking the little tyke for all she was worth.

"Oh God, Daddy's cumming, Baby."

Even though he had just cum into her mouth not ten minutes ago, he shot a pretty good sized load into her small little twat. As he started to cum, he shoved his cock deep into her and left it there. When her insides filled to capacity, it started to seep out around his cock, looking for somewhere to go.

As soon as he was done cumming, he remained inside of her, lifted her up and turned so that he could lay on his back, her cunt still impaled on his cock.

He had thoroughly enjoyed the blowjob and the fuck was one of the best he had ever had but he figured he still had enough stamina for one more round. While she laid on top of him, he reached down and started rubbing her pussy, which was oozing with his cum. He scooped some of the cum up and started to rub it around her tight puckered asshole before slipping his finger into her rectum.

"Do you want to fuck me in the ass, Daddy?"

"How could you tell, Baby?"

"You have your finger up it."

"Oh yeah....so I do. Do you like my finger in your ass?"

"Not as much as I like your cock there."

"Well, then, let's just see what we can do about that."

He swirled his finger around her asshole a few times to loosen it up, while stroking his cock to get it hard again. As soon as it was, he lifted her up and lowered her so that his hard cock entered her tight ass. Her on top was their favorite position for butt fucking. It was easier to control how much cock went into her although lately she had had no problem taking the whole thing up that hole either.

"Oooooooohhhhh.....that feels good, Daddy."

"I love fucking your hot little asshole, Baby."

"Pound it into me, Daddy."

"I'm gonna ram my dick so deep into your ass that it is gonna come out of your mouth."

He tilted her back and looked down so he could see his cock slide in and out of her ass. Her pussy was red and swollen from the hard fucking it had just taken and was still dripping small amounts of his cum out. The sight of his naked little 7 year old getting it up the ass was incredible. Even after cumming twice in the last 20 minutes, he knew that he was not going to last long in that tight little hole. Sure enough, within a few minutes he was pumping the third of his loads deep into her bowels.

Collapsing on top of him, it is not very long before she is fast asleep. Just before he nods off, he thinks to himself that Tomorrow is another day....when it will be her turn to have a "Birthday".

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really like this. Girl is just the right age and you put it over very well more pleas


Wow, what a great story!I wish I could express the scene, the characters, and the action as well as you do. If I didn't spend so much time 'reading' these great stories, I might have time to write a few!
Thanks for posting this winner.


Great story! Hard to believe this is your first attempt at writing. I hope to read more of your writing, I really like your style of writing. The subject matter is pretty hot too!


ohhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssss I love it... it.s the best story readen today.... I love it... this little girl (7 y.o) is the best lover. Congratulations.


NICE!! Perfect for us.The age is familiar ... hehe. Wouldn't change a thing. Thanks! ;-)


amazing, such a little nympho, and angelic as well, congratulations


Loved the way you made the sex so hot and steamy, and yet so tender and sweet. What a little girl!


Great writing! Got my cock hard and kept it hard through the entire story. Keep up the good work my friend.


Holy shit that was a great story.


Excellent!! Just lacking a physical description of the precious little lover. Very good use of language especially by the daughter, it was almost like being in daddy's place and enjoying actually hearing her sweet voice directing traffic and uttering deliciously obscene encouragement. Keep up the good work or pleasure.


Great story for your first time .Hope to see more of your works as soon as you write it.

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