Gampy's Girl

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Published: 30-4-2012

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"Jack, you know this is wrong and you shouldn't be doing this."

I looked at the little white angel on my left shoulder and gave that some thought.

"Come on, Jack, she likes it, look at her, she's really enjoying it." The devil on my left shoulder said.

I looked down at my pretty little not quite four year old granddaughter Sierra bobbing her head up and down in my lap. I took my left hand off the back of her head, reached over to my right shoulder and threw the angel across the room. Temptation had definitely won out today. I put my hand back on her head and guided her up and down motion as she continued to suck my cock.

I took my right hand and started to caress her petite little body. I rubbed her back and reached around and caressed both of her nearly non-existent nipples, brushed over her taut little tummy, then brought it around to grab hold of that sexy little ass of hers. And I do mean little. I could fit both of her cheeks in the palm of one hand. Of course, I have pretty big hands. And big fingers. I took the middle finger and slid it up and down her slit, using her young pussy juice to lube it up before slipping it into her bald little cunt. It slid all the way with little resistance. I had popped her cherry over a year ago, on her third birthday and fucked her numerous times since so she had no trouble accommodating my finger.

I pulled my middle finger out of her wet pussy, having gotten it lubed up for what I really wanted. In one motion, I slid my ring finger into her pussy and my middle finger into her puckered little asshole right above it. As with her cunt, I had no trouble getting my finger into her anus. I had been fucking that tight little cavern since her second birthday. On her first birthday, I had taught her how to give head. I liked giving my little princess special presents on her special day. Her fourth birthday was next week and I had something very special in store for her.

She lifted her head off my cock. "Do you wike that, Gampy?" That's what she called me.

"Yeah, Baby, I love the way you suck my cock....Do you like my fingers inside of you?"

"Uh Huh...feews good."

I used my left hand to push her head back down on my dick. She started to suck me off again. My fingers pistoned in and our of her in perfect rhythm. Her hips started to rotate as she began to get into the finger fucking she was getting. I could feel she was getting close to having her "happy time". Not sure you could call it a "cum" per se, but she did get a warm fuzzy feeling and tense up and shudder and got quite wet. I guess that was about as much of an orgasm as you could expect from a not quite four year old.

I, on the other hand, could feel a hell of an orgasm building. As her head bobbed up and down in my lap, she managed to get all six inches of my cock into her mouth. I could feel her lips hit the base with each downward bob. Her right hand was caressing my balls and her left had taken to rubbing her chest. I felt her start to get more and more into it and could tell it was time for her "kiddy kum". I wanted to try to finish at the same time. I felt her body arch upwards and the shudder start.

"That's it, princess, cum for Gampy and Gampy will cum for you."

I think she had already figured out I was closed to cumming as she picked up the pace. As she was reaching her peak, I couldn't hold back any longer. I felt my semen work its way up my cock and explode into her mouth. She clamped down with her lips (she was very good at not using any teeth) and formed a vacuum so none of my cum would escape. She started swallowing as quick as she could, milking every last drop of my man juice out of my throbbing cock. The feeling was sensational. I pumped eight squirts of semen into her tiny little mouth.

"Oh God, Baby, suck it....suck it dry, drink all of my hot cum."

She did as she was told and swallowed every last drop. She even licked the last few drops off the end of my cock before looking up at me. I noticed just a little dollop of cum at the corner of her mouth. She noticed it at the same time and reached out with her tongue to bring it back into her mouth.

"Did I do good, Gampy?"

"The best you've ever done, Honey." I collapsed onto the couch. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and ass and she stood up at the side of the couch.

"My turn, now, Baby.....would you like to come sit on Gampy's face and have him eat your pussy?"

She didn't say a word but climbed up on the couch, straddled my face and shoved her hairless little snatch onto my mouth. I responded by reaching out with my tongue and running it up and down her slit. I stopped at her hole and darted my tongue in and out, then searched out her little clit. She had quite a pronounced little button for a three (nearly four) year old. I started to lick and suck on it, something I knew she liked.

"MMMMM....suck my cwittty, Gampy."

There is nothing sexier than dirty talk coming out of the mouth of a four year old.

I sucked her hot little cunt for about five minutes or so, alternating between her hole and her clit. She was getting pretty wet and I felt my cock getting hard. Time for round two.

"Grandpa wants to fuck this hot little pussy of yours, would you like that?"

"Yeth...I wike it when you fuck me, Gampy."

I lifted her off of my face and moved her down so her pussy was positioned directly over my now rock hard cock. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, using her juices to lube me up, then guided my shaft into her tiny little cunt hole. I pulled her down while I pushed up and found myself completely buried in her pussy. She had no trouble accommodating my cock in any of her holes.

I held her around the waist as she leaned back and gave me a clear view of my cock buried inside of her. This was our favorite position, her on top, me on the bottom. We had tried other ways but we liked this best. When I popped her cherry on her third birthday, we had done it missionary but at 6' 8" and 260 pounds, I intimidate her. I don't like doing her doggy style as she has an absolutely beautiful face that I love to watch as I drive my dick in and out of her. This position allows us to do just that.

As I stroke my cock in and out of her, I think back to her 3rd birthday and the taking of her virginity. We had a regular party, then everyone left except Sierra, her mom (my daughter) Valerie, Sierra's best friend (and my biological daughter) Ashley, Ashley's Mom, Krissy (Bob's Daughter) and Bob, my best friend. Bob and I had been banging Val and Krissy for years when a few years back we both decided we wanted new little girls to molest. We didn't want to impregnate our own daughters so we swapped daughters for the Summer. They had just turned 13 and, being so highly sexed, had no real trouble conceiving. Val got knocked up first and delivered on April 19th and Krissy gave birth to my little Sierra on April 28th. Since the girl's birthdays were so close, we always celebrate them together. On their first birthday, we taught them how to give head and swallow. On the second we took them in the ass for the first time and on the 3rd, deflowered them. I remember the first time I put my cock into little Sierra it was like heaven. Her virgin pussy squeezed my dick so tight, it was all I could do to move it in and out of her. I laid over her and thrust my cock in and out of hairless mound until I felt my load building to a crescendo. I filled her little cunt up with my hot semen until it overflowed. Afterwards, Val licked her daughter clean, then me. Since then, Sierra and I have had lots of sex, each time being better than the last.

All of a sudden, my mind backed into the present as I felt my cock begin to throb. I was about to shoot another load into her immature little snatch.

"Oh God, Sierra...that is so good.....Gampy's cumming baby." And I did, lots and lots of cum.

Sierra collapsed onto my chest (well, stomach mostly) and within a few minutes, I heard her softly snoring. My cock was still buried inside of her and I had to pee but I didn't want to wake her. I decided to let her sleep for a few minutes, then I'd get up to pee.

The next thing I knew, it was 4:00 in the afternoon. Sierra and I had been asleep for over two hours. My dick was either still hard or had gotten hard again but it was still buried deep inside of her. I gave it a few strokes and she started to wake up.

"MMMMMM, that feels nice, Gampy."

I still needed to pee, but being inside that sweet little pussy overrode everything else.

"Butt, Gampy?"

"What, baby?"

"Put it in my butt." She said, pointing at her nearly perfect bottom. Like her mother, she loved taking it up the ass. How could I resist a request like that? I lifted her up so that my cock slid out of her wet pussy. I lined up my cock with her asshole and slipped it in. Like her pussy, I rammed it in to the hilt, feeling my cock brush up against her bowels. Her tight little sphincter had a death grip on my cock and it felt great.

"God, you got a tight little ass, Sierra...... I love to fuck your little shithole."

" my butt, Gampy."

Although I still had to pee, I could again feel the cum beginning to build. I grabbed onto her butt cheeks and started slamming her ass as hard as I could. She was bouncing up and down on my cock. It wasn't very long before I shot my third load of the day into the depths of her nether region.

"I'm cumming again, baby." I screamed as I pumped my load into her. She just moaned and took my load like a good little girl.

I pulled my dick out of her ass, feeling my cum rush out onto my dick. Without a word, she bent slid down and started to lick my dick clean. She was a good little slut who had learned well from her mother.

"Gampy has gotta go pee, baby. Let me up."

"I come too?"

"If you want."

I knew exactly what she wanted. She loved water games. We no sooner walked into the bathroom as she climbed in the bathtub and laid down. I stood over her and aimed my cock at her tiny hairless twat. I started to urinate, letting my stream work up and down her little body. I peed and peed and peed and she loved every minute of it. After I finished peeing on her, I took my place in the tub and let her flow into my mouth. When she was done, I reached up and licked her pussy clean. Then we got out of the tub and I ran us a proper bath.

We were dressed and sitting on the couch when her mom came home.

"So what did the doctor say?"

"That you would soon have someone else to play with."

I hope it's a boy....I haven't played with one of them in quite some time now.

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I hope he was gentle with her. I've heard of bouncing babies. I suppose that's because they have very bendy bones and rubbery skin that can stretch to accomodate the intrusion of a male cock. I love the idea that there was love and intimacy between the man and baby-child, long may it last (in an ideal world). I had tears in my eyes as I read this lovely story.

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