Farmhands, Part 1

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Published: 16-Jun-2013

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This work is copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious. The author does not approve or condone sex between adults and minors. The following story is a work of fantasy solely for entertainment purposes. It contains images and explicit situations that may be abhorent to some. If you do not care for pedo literature and erotica, please leave.

They had been shouting for quite a while now, but I had been dreaming that they were arguing as always. It had been up to now that their voices reached such hights as to wake me completely up. I layed still with my eyes closed, listening to my parents fight.

-I can't take it anymore, Jedd!- shouted Ma, her voice angry and choked with tears. -He's just a boy! He's only twelve years...

Pa answered with his bellowing growl: -I haven't done anything...!

-...Yet!- shrieked Ma. -Because I've let you fuck me in your disgustin' way. You don't care if it hurts me or not. You've never fucked my pussy! I want children...

I went frozen when I heard Pa yell back: -That's why we adopted Jesse!

-I want children of my own!

The back door slammed.

-Don't' you turn away from me, Jeddediah Campbell! JEDD!- and then there was silence.

I was like a rock, a statue, I couldn't move: so I was adopted. Ma and Pa weren't my parents, Jedd and Becky adopted me. I kinda had figured that out already, what with my skin being the color of coffee and milk and Ma and Pa's... no, Becky and Jedd were white, she with beautiful brown hair, he dusty blond. But I loved them anyway, they WERE my parents, they brought me up, they raised me. A few minutes later Becky knocked at my bedroom door.

-Jess, Jesse? You awake, honey?-

It was useless to fake it, so I turned around and sat on the bed. Becky came in and sat beside me.

-I guess you heard, huh?- she asked me. I just nodded, tears already welling up in my eyes. We didn't need to say anything. Crying, we threw our arms around each other covering our faces with kisses. After a while Becky softened her embrace and without a word left the room, left the house and left our lives. I flung myself face forward on my bed and cried my heart out. I was adopted, I'd lost my mother and was going to live with a man that wasn't my real father. But didn't love count? They loved me, I knew it, I felt it. And I loved them back just as much.

I remember the first time I actually became conscious of how much Jedd and I loved each other. I must have been eight or nine years old and Jedd had told Becky that he was taking me to camp near the lake in the mountains. I'd always seen him ride away with the farmhands each year, but now he'd told them that he was taking his son alone, for some "father/son" togetherness. The farmhands all patted my head or kindly slapped my butt, laughing and wishing us a great time. Becky was in the kitchen at the time, looking out the window with a smile. She could see us but not hear what the guys were saying.

-Hey, Jedd- called Sean, a carrot headed milk white bear of a man -Isn't Jesse too narrow yet?- The other farmhands all roared out in glee.

-Yeah, wait a few years to pop his cherry! -bellowed out Hank, a tall and muscular American-Indian with long jet-black hair and a bandana around his brow.

Tad, a hunky black man said: -Damn, I wanted to be the first one to pork the kid!

More laughs and guffaws. I didn't understand what they were talking about but I was smilling all the same, feeling all grown up hanging around with the guys.

As Pa was climbing up his horse he told them off: -C'mon, guys, knock it off. You're gonna scare the kid with all your pig talk.

-Yeah, sure.

-He might as well get used to it.

-Yeah, Jess, men are pigs.

-Oink, oink!- chorused the other two as they laughed on.

-C'mon, Jesse. -Pa called out putting his arm out for me to hold on to. Tad helped to hoist me up pushing my ass. In that split second he managed to quickly poke my ass hole with one of his fingers. The moment was so fast that I wasn't even sure of what I had felt, besides that Pa sat me in front of him on the saddle. And off we were to the mountains.

I had a pony and was learning to ride, but Pa had decided to take only one horse. I didn't mind for this way I was with my Pa and he'd let me take the reins and stir his horse. We'd gone for some time now, me riding in my Pa's lap when I started to feel something warm and hard pushing my butt. Pa put one of his strong arms around me and pulled me firmly towards him, pressing what felt like a hot snake to my ass. I don't know why I did it, but I felt that I had to lean forward so Pa could really press his groin on my butt cheeks.

I was in Heaven: not only was I stirring the horse with the wind on my face but Pa was holding me close to him, bouncing up and down with every gallop the horse took, sliding his cock up and down the back of my pants. I too was pebble hard. My kid's dick was at its hardest in all my life. It was so stiff it hurt. But I didn't mind as long as Pa was loving me, mashing his hot cock to my already eager ass.

We arrived to our camp site much too soon for my liking. Pa helped me off the horse and then unmounted himself with a swift lurch of his legs. I saw that his jeans were at a busrting point, his cock so swollen and trapped in his pants.

-C'mon, Jess, let's take a pee by the lake.

We ran to the lake's edge laughing while we unbuckled our belts. Pa half pushed his pants down and out plopped his pulsing cock. I'd seen it before when Becky would ask him to bathe me while he showered. But this was the first time that I saw it almost at full mast and very close by. Pa grunted and started to let go a strong stream of smelly piss. I couldn't resist it, and not even knowing why, I fell on my knees and lovingly took his cock in my hands and directed the hot stream of Pa's urine to my face and mouth.

Pa was taken aback, and couldn't talk. -Jess... what...? Ahhh...

On and on a jet of warm piss kept squirting out of his piss-slit. At first I kept my eyes closed and lucky I did, so that way the piss didn't sting my eyes and I could see everything that was happening an inch from my eyes. His one eyed cobra was spitting in my mouth. Pa's pee tasted very salty and a little bitter, but I just couldn't stop gargling it, guzzling it down, gulping down large swallows, as if my life depended on every single golden drop. It's what the gods drink, I swear. I didn't want Pa to stop peeing, but as the blast subsided to a dribble I opened wide and popped his fat cockhead into my mouth. His pee went directly down my throat into my gut. If I had been thisty before this was way better than water. I could feel Pa tensing his butt to squeeze out the last drops of piss so I started helping him by sucking his cock clean.

Though I didn't remember at the time, I must have done this before, 'cause it was coming out naturally. I took a strong grip of his cock with both hands and opened my mouth as wide as it could go. God, it felt so good to have Pa's big fat cock pushing at the back of my throat. Pa must have felt good too 'cause he placed his hands gently on my head and started to push his hips in and out. His cock grew even more now that we both had the same rhythm.

My mouth was streched out as wide as it could go, his glans poking a hole inside my head when suddenly something amazing happened: I managed to swallow his cock head. His fat dick was slightly curved downwards so it just followed the natural curve of my throat. I was almost passing out from lack of air but I could have died at that moment and gone to Heaven for all I cared. We got into the rhythm again this time letting his cock slide up and down my throat to match my breathing. If anybody had passed by they'd seen a very hot sight: a nine year old boy deep throating a thirty two year old man. I wondered what they would think if they knew I was his son giving my daddy the blow job of MY lifetime. If this was "father/son" togetherness I was all for it.

Pa started pushing his hips faster and faster until I could breathe only every three thrust of his delicious cock down my throat. All at once Pa tensed, gripped my head to his pubes, let out a growl... and started gushing hot and creamy cum in my gullet. I couldn't breathe so I pushed back hard and dislodged his jizz-spurting cock from my throat and mouth. I got blast after blast of his cum right smack on my face, and I pushed out my tounge and opened my mouth wide to receive every little cum drop. If his piss had tasted salty, his cum was sweet, really sweet. I wanted it all, I wanted more. I hugged his legs and swallowed his cock again. I could have stayed like that forever, my nose smashed into his coarse pubes, his cum cooling on my face, his cock slowly softening in my mouth.

Pa just kept caressing my head and saying: -I love you, Jesse. I love you, son.- I looked up and without a sound (my mouth was so full of his cock) my eyes told him also: -I love you too, Daddy.

We pitched the tent up as soon as I'd let my Pa's soft cock out of my mouth. Instead of pulling his pants back up he chucked his boots off, pulled his jeans and underwear off, sat on a rock and showing me his hairy and sweaty ass hole he pulled the boots back on.

-C'mon, Jess, take your pants off also and help me pitch up the tent.-

I was in a daze, my heart was still pounding, and now even more having "drunk" and "eaten" so much of my Pa's piss and jizz. With all this father/son loving I had forgotten to piss so I took my pants and underwear off and prepared to take a pee by the lake.

-Whoa, Jesse, let me have some of that also, son!-

Pa had taken his shirt off and flung himself down in front of me and opened his mouth wide. I started peeing onto my Pa's face, first giving him a good splashing, and then I aimed into his mouth. He drank it up like a man, my Pa. I had drunken his cock juice, he was drinking mine.

When he was no longer thirsty he got up, slapped my ass softly and told me: -C'mon, Jess, let's pitch the tent up and then we can take a dip in the lake to wash off.-

It was fun to pitch the tent up together, both of us smelling like toilets, bare assed and laughing like a couple of kids. We took a little more because Pa let out a rip roaring fart that had me doubled over laughing. I was clutching my belly while I rolled on my back with my legs doubled towards my face when I also let out a high toned fart.

-Jess, your ass just wunk at me!- shouted Pa while he roared with laughter, having had a good look of my nine-year-old-boy's pink ass winking at him in laughter.

Once the tent was up we took our boots and hats off and ran to the lake. We were splashing around, yelling, hollering, having a heck of a time. Pa called me over and started soaping my back while I started soaping his hairy abbs. When I was smaller and we bathed together he would let me help him bathe himself while he bathed me, so this was not uncommon.

But now it was different: I was no longer a baby, I was almost ten years old, I was a boy, his son. So now our soapy carresses were charged with male love, a father and a son sharing a very intimate moment. It felt so right, so natural that none of us said a word. Pa let me soap him all over and it felt so good to feel his strong and muscular body go soft as putty in my hands. But then Pa did something that caught me unaware: he started teasing and tickling my ass hole with one of his sturdy fingers.

When he popped his finger tip into my hole I yelped and sprung into his arms, locking my mouth to his and slurping on his tounge. His finger went deeply into my ass and I munched more savagely on my Pa's lips and tounge. My arms were around his broad shoulders and strong neck, holding me up, my legs wrapped around his hairy body. His stiff rod was poking out in between my buns, so I was practically riding him, while he held me up with one finger up my ass and the othe hand holding me close to him. That's when we both knew that we loved each other, that we really were father and son.

I must have cried myself to sleep remembering that special moment some three years ago. I was twelve years old now and starting to have little hairs growing in my arm pits, my groin and my ass hole though not yet on my face. I was sleeping with my ass up in the air, maybe having remembered Pa's finger up there, when a slight noise in the house told me that Pa had returned. I stayed just as I was, without moving, my eyes hardly open. The light in the hall went on and a beam of light fell directly on me laying face down with my ass in the air. I saw on the wall the silohuette of Pa's body as he stumbled to the door.

-Jess, Jesse, you awake, son?- By the way he slured the words and the whiff of strong fire water I smelled I knew he was drunk. I didn't think I could take any more goodbyes, so I didn't answer, but kept faking that I was asleep.

-Jesse?- He had taken a few shaky steps towards me and was now standing next to my bed. I started to feel the sheets being pulled off me, exposing my upturned ass to the shaft of light coming in from the hall.

-Oh, Jesse, son.- Whispered Pa and he started to gently caress my buns.

I didn't give him the slightest hint that I was awake but continued to "sleep" on. He kept fondling my buns through my underpants and with on deft finger he pushed my undies down. I heard him unbuckle his belt and fumble with his front button until he lowered his zipper. With one hand he was softly squeezing my but and with the other one he was jerking off on top of me. I could hear the 'flop-flop' of his foreskin as it rolled on and off of his cock head, I could smell the musky odor of his unwashed dick, I could almost taste the pre-cum that I felt dripping on my bun-cheeks.

At one moment he must have sucked his finger because the next thing I knew he was poking it gently into my ass hole. I moaned softly, hoping he didn't stop what he was doing if he thought I was awake. But he was so intent making his hog slober that he didn't notice I was raising my ass even more, meeting every thrust of his finger proding my ass. I could hear his breathing getting more and more hoarse, his jerking movements more fast and his poking my ass more deep. All of a sudden he pulled his finger out, potitioned himself over me, grunted and started to let out a volley of hot spunk that hit me directly in my ass, a perfect bull's eye. It felt as if he were pissing on me, there was so much warm cum gushing out of his dick.

The smell of Pa's spooge was so strong I could almost taste it. When he was all spent he slowly bent his knees and leaned forward. His tounge started licking his jizz off my cheeks, but when it came to cleaning my ass he dove head on and locked his mouth-lips to my ass-lips. Oh, man, that was the best feeling in the world. Pa must have noticed I was awake but he kept eating out my ass. I was obviously helping him out 'cause I was on my knees with my face in the pillow, letting him have complete access. So this was it, at last my Pa was going to fuck me, he was going to shove his big fat cock up my ass. But instead one of his hands sneaked between my legs and got a good grip of my twelve year old cock and started jerking me off while he ate my ass.

-Daddy, daddy, daddy- was all I could repeat. It was so good I wanted it to last all the rest of the night, but I started to feel how my balls were pulling up and a good presure on my bladder. I started to cum with a howl. Pa put his cuped hand beneath my spurting dick to catch every drop of my boy spunk. I had started jacking off when I was about ten years old, actually shooting jizz only a short while ago, so it was one of the first times I ever came, and there was a lot of young boy's cum to almost fill his cupped hand.

When I finished cumming in his hand he got up and I could hear him slurping up my cum from his hand. We had drunken our piss years ago, only I had eaten his jizz, but this was the first time HE ate my cum. Now we were really father and son. But when it was all over he got up, leaned over to lick my ass hole one more time, patted me on the cheek and said:

-G'night, son. I'll never leave.

And with that left my room, shut off the light in the hall and went to his room.

To Be Continued.

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Fantastic. I didn't last until the end. Can't wait to read more and spill more to your stories


Sweet story!!


Great. I shot my load when the kid sucked his dad off.

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