Bobbie Exposed, Part 1

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Published: 21-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Pete Jones sat on his sofa and groaned inwardly. How had it come to this? He was listening to his gym buddy Russell Pitt going on about how his wife had suddenly left him last week. At first he thought he was doing the right thing in offering his friend a place to stay and emotional support after his bank account had suddenly been emptied by the woman who claimed to love him. Now Pete was having second thoughts. How many times did he have to hear what a bitch Russell's ex-wife was? All Russell had to do was find someone else to suck his dick, and everything would be alright again.

Or would it? It was now four weeks since Pete had started his modelling agency, with 11 year old Bobbie Baxter as his star performer. She was truly one of a kind, a pretty face with a mischievous grin, a tight but developing young body, and an ass that just wouldn't quit. Best of all, she had a sexual appetite that needed to be constantly fed. The only problem was that he hadn't heard from her in a fortnight. He had no idea why. She wasn't suddenly behaving any differently at the school where he taught, and she hadn't told anyone about the two of them because nobody was giving him grief about fucking an underage girl, but what had happened to her?

Did she suddenly get cold feet and want to forget the whole thing? The website he had set up for her was really taking off now, but it would need new content soon to keep its subscribers happy. If he failed to make the weekly update next week, the site's reputation would take a hit, and people would simply download the pictures of Bobbie they currently had access to, and not renew their subscription. Was he making a big mistake in using kids to begin with? Was there a reason the 'child model' market was largely ignored (apart from the legalities)? Were children simply too flaky and unreliable to do something like this, that required professionalism?

The worst part was that he couldn't talk to her about it at all. They had decided between them that they wouldn't mention "modelling" at school for confidentiality reasons. He dare not phone her at home --what would happen if one of her parents answered the phone? He couldn't call her on a cell phone because her parents flat out refused to buy her one, and she could hardly tell them why she needed it. Why didn't he just buy her a phone and pay the bills from the profits on her website?

His thoughts and Russell's plaintive whining were interrupted by the telephone ringing. Thank God he could talk to someone else for a while. He picked up the phone and spoke into it, "Hello?"

Bobbie's voice came through the line, "Oh God, I thought I'd never get away"

"Bobbie!" Pete exclaimed, "Where have you been?"

"My grandparents were visiting, and they're like human lint, they just wouldn't let me out of sight." she explained, "Are you free to take some pictures today?"

"Well, not really" Pete replied, "My buddy Russell's wife just left him, so I'm helping him out."

"Why don't you bring him over?" Bobbie suggested, "I'll make him feel better."

"Bring him over, what do you mean?" Pete asked.

"We have to do it at my place today" Bobbie explained, "My parents have taken my grandparents away for the weekend, thank God, but they could call and I have to be here in case they do."

"What about your sister?" Pete asked

"Krissy won't be a problem" Bobbie assured him, "she's at ballet this afternoon, then she's staying with a friend. We've got all night, but you need to get here so we can get set up."

"I'll be over there as quick as I can" Pete assured her, before putting the phone down. He turned to Russell, "Sorry, buddy. Work calls, and I have to go. Hey, why don't you come with me? I've got a nice little surprise waiting for me, and it might make you feel better too".

Russell just nodded, he couldn't think of any reason to argue with Pete, so he just went along. Pete gathered up his photographic equipment, and the two of them got in his car and they drove around to Bobbie's house. Pete knew that Bobbie would have her make up done and a costume picked out by the time he arrived. By now they had worked out a routine, they would start with a relatively innocent costume, before moving on to a more raunchy one for the second set of pictures. That ensured they would at least have a couple of sets done before they had to fuck each other's brains out.

Russell was a little shocked when an 11 year old girl answered the door and told him to relax and make himself at home. Pete introduced them, and quickly set up his equipment. Russell then sat back and watched while he photographed the first set of pictures. Bobbie started with just an ordinary little girl blouse and skirt, and Russell didn't understand what all the fuss was about. Sure, she was a cute kid, but he really didn't understand why Pete was doing this, or why he considered it a second job. Every family with a daughter had pictures like this of their kid, so who would buy this stuff?

The second set of pictures were a different matter altogether. Bobbie had changed into a tighter-fitting while shirt, and a pair of yellow shorts that were so small and tight that they must have been meant for a younger girl to wear. As she cavorted in front of the camera, showing off that incredible ass, Bobbie could see that both men were getting aroused, but both were afraid to take out their pricks in front of each other. She would have to make the first move. She waited until the last picture in the second set had been taken, then she raced across the room and sat herself on Russell's lap, facing him and wrapping her legs around his body.

"Happy Birthday, big boy!" she said.

"But it's not my birth-" Russell began, but was interrupted when Bobbie moved up and kissed him, shoving her tongue deep into his mouth. Then she dropped her ass right onto the clear bulge forming in Russell's trousers and began rocking back and forth, all the while looking into his eyes.

"Oooh, you've got a big one!" she said seductively, "It's just as well my tight little cunt can handle big ones!"

Russell couldn't quite believe what was happening. He had just watched an 11 year old girl pose for pictures like a porn star while one of her teachers took the shots, and now she was grinding her ass on his lap and talking dirty to him while her teacher looked on. He was sure that if this kept up for much longer, he was going to cream his pants. However, as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Bobbie got up off his lap, and looked across at Pete.

"Your friend here is getting pretty horny, it's been a long time for him, hasn't it?" she said

Pete shrugged, then he looked across at Russell, "Well, how long has it been?"

Russell didn't say anything, but his face turned red, and Bobbie knew the answer. "Well, let's take care of that right now" she said. She reached down and began to unzip him, letting out a gasp when she pulled out his hard cock. It wasn't quite as long as Pete's but it was a little thicker. Bobbie planted a kiss on the sensitive head, then she looked up at Russell.

"I won't be able to walk for a week after fucking you two big guys" she said. Without waiting for a reply, she grabbed the shaft in both hands and wrapped her lips around the head of his big dick. She actually had some trouble getting her small mouth around the girth of his cock, but eventually managed to fit him inside. Now she relaxed her throat and managed to accommodate most of his length without gagging. She glanced across at Pete, and could see he was discreetly taking pictures for their private collection.

Russell threw his head back and moaned. This little girl was a master at sucking cock, more talented than his ex-wife had been, and her mouth was so much tighter. When she took him into her throat, it seemed like his whole cock was being squeezed. He soon felt the cum rising in his shaft and knew it wouldn't be long. Bobbie felt it too. When she knew he was going to cum, she pulled him out of her mouth and jerked him off onto her face. She wanted Pete to see (and hopefully photograph) the first couple of spurts across her face. After her face was coated, she clamped her mouth around the head of his cock and gulped down the rest of his cum.

Bobbie stood between Russell's legs where she had just sucked him off. "Get rid of the rest of those clothes" she ordered him. "I haven't finished with you yet." Then she turned to Pete, "I know you're gonna want to jerk off to what happens here, but you're not to do it", she told him. "You can get yourself hard if you want, but don't you dare cum. I don't want you wasting any cum on the floor when you can shoot it in my holes instead". The 11 year old was directing her own personal threesome!

"You sound just like a slave driver, Bobbie" Pete said.

"I am, it's my house" she replied.

By now Russell was completely naked and rock hard again. He hadn't been able to recover so quickly since he was a teenager, but that was also the last time he had fucked a young girl, and she hasn't been as young as Bobbie. He wondered if this was the real reason teenage boys seemed so horny all the time. Bobbie stepped out of the clothes she was wearing, and stood over Russell's bulging cock. This was gonna hurt, the dick was thicker than Pete's, and she was barely able to get her mouth around it before.

She slowly sank down on that thick cock, crying out as her pussy struggled to accommodate the girth. It just seemed too thick for her, she was struggling to get very much of it inside her tight little pussy. Russell let out a moan as he felt her struggle with that cock. If he hadn't just shot a load in her mouth, he was certain that he'd be filling her pussy with cum right now. She was just so tight. As it was, it felt like she was teasing him, why didn't she just sink down on it and fuck him? He flipped her over and, completely forgetting that she was just an eleven year old girl, began fucking her with all the pent up anger he had for his ex-wife.

Bobbie gasped, then screamed as he fucked her harder than she'd ever been fucked before. The thick cock in her pussy and the force Russell was using to drive it into her felt like it was going to tear her apart. She wanted to tell him to slow down, but all she could do was whimper as he drove that monster into her young body. His thrusts shook her so violently that she couldn't even make out whether Pete was jerking off or even watching. Then she felt a tingling sensation in her body, and she knew what that meant. It was bad enough that he was fucking her much harder than she could handle, but now she was about to cum, and cum hard! What kind of a slut was she?

The orgasm really hit her hard, pinning her to the sofa and making her slender body stiffen. She cried out loudly. It almost felt like her first ever orgasm. As her muscles tightened, so did her pussy. It was too much for Russell, he pumped his second load of cum right into her tight little cunt, her muscles milking every drop of semen from his dick. Russell collapsed on the sofa opposite her after his climax. He could see that her pussy was gaping, dripping with cum, and that her lips were red and swollen. He suddenly remembered that she was just a girl, and not ready to be fucked like a woman.

"I'm really sorry, Bobbie" Russell said, "I guess I just got carried away."

"Don't be sorry," she told him breathlessly, "you made me cum so fucking hard, and I've got all weekend to recover before anyone else is home." She looked at Pete. "You didn't cum yet?"

Pete shook his head, "You told me not to, but I don't know what good it's going to do. He really laid into you, didn't he? Are you sure you want another cock in there right away?"

Bobbie shook her head. "Not in there, but there is something else we can do." With that, she turned around and presented her tight little ass to him. She started swaying from side to side as Pete stared at her incredible ass. Finally the penny dropped, and he almost creamed on the spot. He had wanted to fuck that ass for so long, and now here was the little girl practically asking him to do it.

"Are you sure, Bobbie?" Pete asked, "It's going to hurt a lot more than your pussy did."

"I'm sure." Bobbie said. "I've wanted to try this for a while. Fuck my ass."

That was all the encouragement Pete needed. He still had doubts, of course, but his dick was now telling him to go right ahead. He moved over to her small ass and put his large cock at her tiny entrance. He didn't know if it would fit, but he knew he would have fun trying. He pushed at her entrance, gently at first, then a little harder, and was almost surprised to see his big dick starting to slide into her. If her pussy was tight, then her ass was something else entirely. It seemed to grab his cock like a vice, even as she screamed at the shock of the initial penetration. Once he got the head of his cock inside, the rest seemed to follow slightly more easily.

Pete had just taken lewd pictures of this little girl. Then he had watched his best friend fuck her pussy into delirium. It had been driving him crazy, but the tightness and feel of her ass were just too much. Once most of his cock was inside her back passage, it only took about 30 seconds of half-hearted pumping for the cum to surge from his balls down the length of his shaft and into Bobbie's incredible ass. She was that good.

Bobbie looked over her shoulder at him even as his cock was still pumping sperm into her. "Couldn't wait, huh?"

"You've been teasing me all day" Pete said defensively, "You've let my buddy cum twice, then you shove me into your ass, how long did you expect me to last?"

Bobbie wiggled her ass, even as Pete's dick slid out with an audible 'pop'. Much to his own surprise, Pete didn't even go soft after his first orgasm, and now Russell was recovered and ready to go again too. Bobbie looked at the two of them. Then a lewd idea occurred to her.

"You're both hard and horny." she said, "Looks like I'll have to take care of both of you at once".

The two men looked at each other. Did they hear right? Most adult women wouldn't want to do that with two well-endowed men, and now an eleven year old girl was talking about it like it was no big deal. Bobbie told Pete to sit on the sofa. She climbed up onto his lap and sank her little pussy down on his big cock. He groaned. This was the pussy that his buddy had destroyed a few minutes ago -- the feeling of Russell's cum on his cock reminded him of that -- yet it had recovered and was now gripping his cock like a vice. God he loved little girls.

Now Bobbie looked over her shoulder at Russell. "Fuck me again, but be gentle this time. There's no way my ass can take such a pounding with another dick in my pussy." Russell understood and this time managed to contain himself. He slowly pushed his thick cock into her ultra-tight asshole. He couldn't believe how tight it felt, especially with another dick in her tight little pussy. He was only just able to hold back his third load of cum right there.

The little girl screamed at the feeling of two big cocks invading her preteen holes at once. The feeling was more than she could handle, she looked over her shoulder at the guys. "Go slow -- wait... hold still or I'll cum... oh fuck..." The two men looked at each other and nodded silently, then started to slowly move in and out of her holes. This was more than Bobbie could take, and she came instantly, crying out in ecstasy as the orgasm ravaged her young body.

Bobbie had been in control for most of their session, but with the two dicks pumping in and out of her at once, she could barely speak. "fuuuuck.... oh God... big in me..." was about all she could manage between moans. The little girl loved fucking, but this was beyond anything she'd ever felt before. She wondered if it would ever feel this good again with anyone else. There must have been sixteen inches of thick cock sliding in and out of her tight body as the men built up quite a rhythm, and the thought was driving her crazy. She was going to cum again.

It was all getting to be too much for Russell and Pete. Bobbie was now cumming on their cocks for the second time as they pounded her. As usual, her orgasm caused her holes to tighten around them, and they simply couldn't hold back any longer. It was Pete who lost his load first, adding his cum to the deposit Russell had made in her pussy earlier. The sight of everyone else cumming sent Russell over the edge, and he shot his thick load in her tight asshole. Bobbie was cumming so hard that she continued shaking and convulsing for a full minute after the guys had finished and pulled their softening cocks out of her.

Bobbie was clearly exhausted now, and Pete was hardly surprised. After all, she was just an eleven year old girl, and had just been fucked hard by two well-endowed men. There was cum clearly leaking from both her holes, and she was making no attempt to get up. She was either enjoying the afterglow of her threesome, or she was simply too tired to care. Pete wasn't sure which. He didn't get very long to think about it, because he heard the voice of another little girl behind him.

"What's going on?" It was Krissy, Bobbie's eight year old sister. The three of them stared at her in shock. They had been far too entranced in their own session to even hear her come in, and nobody knew how much she had seen. In truth it didn't really matter, because right now she could see her big sister lying nude on the sofa, with cum leaking from her holes, and the two men who had deposited the cum were also standing naked in the room.

Pete looked at Bobbie, then at her tiny sister. There was clearly no way of hiding this, even from a little eight year old. The only question now was whether the could keep her from telling anybody about it.

To Be Continued...


Comments? Questions? Suggestions of future characters or scenarios? Write to me. I can't promise to reply to every email, but I do value your feedback.

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Grandpa Fuchs

I can't wait to hear what Kissy gets up to. If she is anything like her big sister she'll be taking a lot of cock and cum!


this is a fun story lots of hot sex and some thing intresting to cum


LOved every bit of the story i loved it so much


can't wait for them to take Krissy


I hope this will one day continue.


Nice story. Very hot! My cock was hard right from the beginning.

The Sarcastic one

Great story idea. I would love to see this story in the hands of an author like RENPET or ARACHNOPHILE. An author with the writing skill to actually develop a story line with real character development. Oh well, I guess people in hell want ice water but we know how that's working out.


The Sarcastic one, you're an asshole. This is good, raunchy smut, and that takes a talent all its own. Why don't you toddle along and enjoy your high-falutin' _erotica_, with its fancy schmancy 'characters' and 'motivations.' We'll be over here getting our rocks off.

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