A Niece Time, Part 1

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by tomtom

[email protected]

Published: 30-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

This all started properly about four years ago when my sister's husband left her. This meant that she had to return to the world of the employed. Her only experience was as a hostess in a west end club, dressing in sexy attire and persuading customers to spend their money on drinks. She did this until she met her husband and she was 24 at this point. She did not immediately give up her job but was quickly pregnant and then married. At 4 months gone and starting to show she had no choice but to give up her job.

Her husband wasn't a bad chap and when she gave birth to Aimee he supported them reasonably well. Aimee was a premature baby and has always been small of stature which means that currently as an 11 year old she could easily pass for 6 or 7. Any way I'm jumping the gun here let me just take time to describe Aimee's early years.

Aimee quickly developed into a lithe and athletic child with very slim hips and a small but pert little bottom. She has brown hair and her teeth were slightly crooked but not in an off putting way. I had a sexual attraction to her from an early age and as a toddler I occasionally looked after her for them when they had a night out.

The first time I saw her little pussy she was about 15 months old and still had some puppy fat. I took her nappy off to change it and was struck by the fullness of her outer pussy lips. It was amusing to see her giggling as I traced my finger up and down her slit. At this stage I didn't go any further but during several subsequent baby sittings moved on to kissing and fingering her pussy and on just one occasion pushed my penis against her pussy lips and to my complete surprise the helmet popped in between them but came up against her tiny opening and would go no further. The feeling of snugness was incredible and as I withdrew I came all over her thighs.

It was also about this time when a problem arose. Aimee began to expand her vocabulary and I became fearful that she would soon be able to tell some of what I was doing to her. I wasn't convinced that I could convince her to keep a secret at this age. Frankly I bottled out and only babysat for them on the rare occasions when I couldn't come up with an excuse. Don't get me wrong I still had the odd feel but it was usually under cover of horse play.

This carried on until my Sister split with her husband and as I said needed to go back to work. She had kept herself in good shape and had no problem getting a job through some old contacts. Her biggest problem was someone to look after Aimee. She needed someone to have her overnight as she wouldn't be home until the early hours.

I was her first option but I was reluctant at first because I didn't foresee any option for anything sexual to take place but gave in eventually and Aimee was to stop over Friday night until Sunday morning. At this time Aimee had just turned 7 and at 39 I was eight years older than my sister. I was also currently unemployed and the cash for babysitting would be a welcome boost to my income.

I only live around the corner from my sister and she came round to drop Aimee off at 5 o clock. Aimee was still in her school uniform and looked cute as anything. My sister laid out some ground rules to us both mainly being for Aimee to do as I tell her. She could also stay up as late as I was willing to permit as there was no school involved. Aimee MUST do her homework and must have a bath each night. My sister told me I must supervise this and make sure she washed thoroughly. I know what you're thinking but funnily enough this was not how it really began.

Aimee watched TV while I made scrambled egg and then did some homework while I cleared away and ran her a bath. I called to Aimee and she came into the bathroom and began to remove her school uniform. She pulled her jumper and vest off over her head and shook her head to untangle her long hair. I checked out her slim body and completely flat chest. Just tiny nipples that looked hard due to the temperature. I gauged that I could probably encompass her tiny waste with my hands.

She then removed her grey socks and pleated skirt leaving her standing there in light blue knickers, god what an erotic sight. She pulled her knickers down and it got even better as she had the loveliest bald pussy I had ever seen. It was so different to when she was a toddler with the lips not so pronounced. As she carefully put one leg over the side of the bath to test the water it caused her pussy lips to open slightly in a very seductive way. My eyes were transfixed until I realised Aimee was looking at me looking at her. I looked away quickly but did notice that Aimee did not seem too concerned.

By now I had a growing erection and told Aimee to be sure she washed properly before leaving the bathroom. About 10 minutes later Aimee came out with a towel wrapped around her and a slightly concerned look on her face.

"What's the matter," I asked.

"I've forgotten to bring a nightie," she replied.

"Don't worry I've got plenty of old T shirts, I'll lend you one of them".

I went to fetch one and when I returned she dropped the towel and pulled on the shirt. I couldn't help notice that she did not put any knickers on. I mentioned this and she said she never wears knickers to bed just like her Mum. This caused my mind to wander back to when my sister and I were kids but maybe that's a story for another time.

By now although nothing had really taken place there seemed to be a slight air of sexual tension as we made our way to the living room. I asked Aimee what she would like to do and she asked if we could play the computer. While it was loading up I nipped into my bedroom and changed into my night shorts.

When I returned Aimee was doing her best to surf the internet without much success. I said let me sit there and when I did she jumped up on my lap. We managed to navigate to this site where Aimee could dress Dora and choose furnishings for her house. As she was doing this she was wriggling about on my lap and my cock began to get erect.

At first I was wriggling too in an effort to prevent her feeling my erection but this was impossible once it was up to its full six inches. Aimee must be able to feel my cock I thought and she didn't seem too bothered. In fact she seemed to be positioning herself so that my cock lay right between her legs. After a few minutes of this she began to rock gently back and forth which caused the shirt she was wearing to ride up. Eventually she had her uncovered pussy rubbing against my cock.

Up to this point we had maintained the pretence of playing the dora explorer game but I looked at Aimee's face which was now flushed and she increased her rocking motion and was obviously enjoying the sensation. The feeling was incredible and as she shuddered and went limp I came copiously in my shorts. We sat there for a few awkward moments until she swivelled in the chair kissed me on the lips and said quietly "thank you". At this point she felt the sticky wetness of my shorts on her bottom and pussy and asked me what that was. I asked Aimee to come and sit on the sofa with me as we needed to talk.

I asked Aimee if what had happened and what we were going to talk about could be a secret between us as what had just taken place could get me in a lot of trouble. Aimee agreed that no one would know what went on between us. I asked her if she had enjoyed what happened and she confirmed what I already knew.

Aimee then said without prompt that she would like to do it again. She then said something which took my breath away.

"Why did you stop touching me all those years ago when I was little"? I had to gather my thoughts before replying that I was worried that she would tell someone. "I would never have told anyone and really missed the nice feelings" she replied. I was amazed that one so young could recall these events and slightly sad that I had obviously missed an opportunity.

I explained to Aimee that there were many more things we could do to pleasure each other but again impressed upon her the importance of secrecy. I told Aimee that the wet patch in my shorts was because she had made me feel so good that I had cum. She needed some explanation regarding this and then a light seemed to go on in her eyes as she said

"Is that the same stuff that was all over my legs before"?

"Oh do you remember that"?

"Yes" she said "you pushed your thing between my legs".

"Did you like it" I asked?

"It was a bit uncomfortable but you looked so happy I didn't want to say anything".

My mind was racing and I needed to think so I told Aimee to go to bed and told her we will talk more in the morning. She kissed me and went off to the spare bedroom.

I was going to have regular unrestricted access to my cute little 7 year old niece. She appeared to be more than willing and the possibilities were endless.

I spent the next couple of hours wanking twice and making plans for tomorrow.


If this story is ok I will follow up with the next days events but would appreciate feedback as this is my first effort.

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Must have more please, I just love secret romances. I do hope she has a little friend, too.


Very nice


Nice beginning of what I anticipate will be a continuing 'naughty' tale.


Great story, keep it coming.


Very good ... she is going to learn a lot I bet!


Good for your first try! Keep going! But take it a little slower, you have the ability to write a good, detailed story if you don't rush things.


Very good, well written and well edited. Please continue.


please continue, very exciting for this old perv! LOL


Story is promising, good job. Looking forward to part 2


Wonderful story!


Thank you for the encouragement,this was a bit of a scene setter but point taken I will try to go for more detail in the next episode which is underway and Thorny your request gets fulfilled but there are a few things to cover first. I must say when I saw the story up on the site I had my doubts that anyone would want to read it so thankyou.

the sarcastic one

Great story and great build up but PLEASE do not introduce a secret friend as someone else requested. Stories tend to get real stupid and unrealistic once you do that. I love the fact that you know how to use a spell checker. So many don't

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