A Niece Time, Part 2

[ Mg, pedo, inc, oral ]

by tomtom

[email protected]

Published: 2-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Following our first sexual encounter and the fact that Aimee was staying all the next day and overnight, it would have been tempting to just stay in the following day and introduce Aimee to all manner of things. However I loved my little 7 year old niece and wanted to maintain more than just a sexual relationship with her.

Over breakfast we discussed the previous evening and Aimee wanted to try more things right then. I said we would do some normal stuff through the day and after an early tea we could change for bed and that would be the time for us to have some sexy fun. I also felt that the delay and anticipation would make her more eager later.

While Aimee was getting ready I set some stuff downloading on the computer for us to look at later as a way of introducing some more things for us to try. These ranged from naked pictures of girls Aimee's age to some films of children involved in sexual acts of varying degrees. These were some of my favourite downloads and it suddenly occurred to me how similar a lot of the girls were to Aimee. All really slim and juvenile looking if that's the right word.

Aimee appeared at the doorway and I felt my pulse quicken. She looked gorgeous and I realised that I was looking at her in a whole new way. She had a candy striped tight fitting top on and even tighter fitting three quarter length leggings that showed her pert little figure off to a T. She asked me if what she was wearing was alright and I said, "Yes it's very sexy". I looked at her very closely and this made her fidget self consciously. What I noticed made my cock begin to stiffen. At the point where her legs met there was just a hint of a camel toe.

She noticed where I was looking and I said, "It looks like you're not wearing any knickers".

"I'm like mummy and don't like wearing knickers much. I did say last night. Would you like me to put some on"?

"Not now," I said "but when you get ready for bed can you wear the blue ones you had on before as I would like to take them off". She smiled encouragingly at this.

"So what are we going to do today" I asked?

"I'd like to see ice age at the pictures" she replied.

"Ok how about we do that and then have MacDonald's for lunch and go to the park in the afternoon"?

"Yippee," she almost shouted and we walked into town to save money and kill time before the movie started. Once in the cinema we sat at the back as it was one of the small screens and because the film had been out for a while there were only a dozen or so people scattered about. The film started and Aimee began to munch the popcorn I had bought her.

She was engrossed in the film and wasn't aware that I was looking at her rather than the film. The light from the screen lit he face beautifully and when she laughed I felt my heart melt a little more. I looked around and there was no one who could see us below the level of the seats and when she let her empty popcorn packet slip to the floor I reached over and placed my hand on her knee. As I did she placed her tiny hand on top of mine.

I was in two minds as I wasn't sure whether she had put her hand on mine to prevent me going any further and this took me back to my younger years when I had tried to feel up a girlfriend in the cinema. On that occasion I was out of luck but I needn't have worried as Aimee began to move my hand up and down her thigh in short strokes. To be fair because of her tiny stature there was not much distance between her knee and the top of her thigh.

The material felt smooth and almost like a second skin. She moved her hand and I continued to stroke he thigh gently not quite reaching the top where her little legs met. I looked down and she was still watching the film intently but her faced appeared flushed with excitement. She then gripped each arm of her seat and pushed her bottom forward to allow my hand to reach higher. I took the hint and moved my hand a little higher on each stroke.

As I neared the top of her thigh she opened her little legs wider and my hand brushed her pussy lips. I could hear her as she breathed out sharply and jerked like she had had an electric shock. I pulled my hand away quickly, looked around to see if we had attracted any attention and then whispered "sorry" to her.

"What for?" she whispered. "pPlease do it again"?

I resumed my stroking of her thigh and on each stroke I gently touched her pussy. This went on for a few minutes and by now I was playing with my erect penis with my other hand over the top of my trousers. I know I said earlier that I wanted to wait for the evening before doing anything but this was just too erotic and enjoyable. The slight chance of being observed seemed to enhance the pleasure.

Aimee glanced down and saw what I was doing and placed her hand over mine as I rubbed my cock. By now she had her legs as wide open as the arms of her chair would permit and I moved my hand between them and traced my middle finger up and down her slit. After a while there seemed to be a slight dampness there and I ventured further and pushed my fingers between her outer lips and again traced my finger up and down. The snugness reminded me of earlier times when I had popped the end of my penis in her toddler pussy.

I moved my other hand out of the way and Aimee's hand was now on my painfully stiff penis. She made a half hearted attempt at rubbing it and I placed my hand on top of hers to guide her. She picked up the motion but lacked the strength to add real friction through my trousers. At this point I wished we had stayed home and were both naked.

I then began to press my finger much harder between Aimee's pussy lips and almost immediately she shuddered and let out a little whelping noise that made a couple of people briefly turn their heads in our direction but they quickly lost interest. I think Aimee may have had some kind of orgasm, likely her first. I cuddled Aimee and asked her if she was alright and she whispered "yes". I learned a valuable lesson about not rushing things.

"I'm just going to the toilet, don't talk to any strangers," I said.

"I won't," she said with a smile.

I went to the toilet which was empty and into a stall and dropped my trousers. I played with my cock which was stiffer than it had ever been and felt on fire, Aimee was like human Viagra. Less than a minute and I was shooting all over the place. After cleaning up the cistern and the wall behind I washed up and returned to my seat.

We watched the rest of the film holding hands and then went for lunch. During lunch I asked her if she enjoyed the cinema and she nodded and smiled. That lovely smile with the slightly crooked teeth. As they were only her milk teeth they would probably sort themselves out. I had this sudden vision of Aimee sucking me off with no teeth. All gummy. My cock started to stir again.

We took our time over lunch and then strolled to the park. It was a warm day and plenty of people were about. Aimee played on the swings and the slide for a while and we then got her a lolly and sat on a bench soaking up some sun. About 30 feet away I noticed a couple in their teens lying on the grass. They were shamelessly snogging each others faces off despite the number of people around. I pointed them out to Aimee.

"Have you ever kissed anyone like that?" I asked knowing the answer.

"No," she replied. "They've got their tongues in each others mouths".

"Would you like to try that with me?" I asked.

"What here?" she said loudly.

"No," I said laughing. "Later on when we are ready for bed".

"Also would you like to sleep in my bed tonight so we can cuddle"?

"All night"?

"Yes all night".

"Yes" she said.

With that sorted we began our walk home. I was giving thought now to how far I wanted this to go tonight. I didn't want to get carried away and spoil things. I imagined us getting naked, kissing and maybe some oral but then gave up and decided to see how things panned out. No rushing I reminded myself.

When we got in I put some tea on and got into the shower as Aimee watched some kids show on TV. I contemplated masturbating in the shower so I could last longer but decided that wasn't probably necessary tonight. I finished getting the tea ready while Aimee showered. I have a shower over the bath. It's very powerful and you can unhook the shower head and hold it while rinsing your body off. Aimee was in there a long time so I peeked in and saw her with the shower on full power spraying it between her legs.

"Don't be too long teas ready," I said causing her to jump.

She came into the kitchen 5 minutes later dressed in my T shirt and lifted it up to show me her light blue panties.

"Very nice," I said.

As we had our tea the phone rang and it was my sister ringing up to see how Aimee was. I put Aimee on the phone and listened apprehensively as her mum was obviously asking Aimee what we had been up to. Fortunately Aimee remembered the need for discretion and didn't say anything to give the game away.

When Aimee handed me the handset my sister thanked me again for looking after Aimee and said the tips were very good so far and she would give me some extra money when she picked Aimee up. I said that while I should refuse the money would come in handy. I hung up the phone and told Aimee we were going to look at some stuff on the computer.

I sat on the chair and Aimee jumped on my lap again like the previous night. I opened up some jpegs of naked young girls and after about half a dozen pictures the situation of looking at these familiar images accompanied by Aimee turned me on and I got hard quickly. Aimee immediately began to perform like the previous night sliding her pussy up and down my shaft. I stopped her and said we need to be patient so we can try some other things tonight. She said ok but looked slightly disappointed.

She asked me what made my thing go hard. "Was it the pictures?" she said. I told her that while the girls in the pictures were beautiful they were not as beautiful or sexy as you and it was you that made my cock go hard. She seemed satisfied with this so I moved on to some pictures of two preteen children French kissing each other. Then a man with his tongue in his little 5 year old daughters mouth.

Aimee looked at this and said, "I'm older than her so I should be able to do that". I agreed and said shall we have a try?

Without waiting for a reply I kissed her gently on the lips and straight away she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. I found this naive attempt arousing. I told her to slow down and let it come naturally and when I kissed her again she kept her lips shut until I gently pried them open with my tongue. Our tongues swirled around together and I made her chase my tongue with hers until it was almost all in my mouth. I sucked her tongue in and she was making some mewling noises which were muffled by my mouth.

This was heaven and took my mind flying back to my first sexual experience. Ironically it was with her mother, my sister. I was 13 and she was 5 and we were playing kissing games. Now full circle I was doing the same with her 7 year old daughter.

We spent the next 10 minutes or so just kissing and licking each others teeth gums and tongues. Aimee was breathing hard through her nose during this and when we stopped I noticed her nose had run a little. I know this may disgust some people but rather then break the spell I just leaned forward and licked it away. During this period I had only just managed not to come in my shorts again.

Aimee asked to go to the toilet and while she was doing this I lined up a short movie. When Aimee returned I asked her to show me her knickers again. She lifted the T shirt and I saw she had dribbled into her knickers a little in her haste to get back.

Aimee jumped up on my lap again and said "Your cock is still hard". I enjoyed hearing her use the same word I had used earlier. As I clicked to play the video I watched Aimee's face intently. Her eyes immediately widened and her mouth dropped open. On the screen a 4 year old girl was enthusiastically sucking her fathers massive cock. She kept sucking for a few minutes until you could see her swallowing. As she did this her dad pulled his cock from her mouth and strands of cum stretched between it and her lips.

"How do you feel watching that?" I asked.

She thought for a moment and then said, "Tingly".

I then played another video showing a young dark haired French girl being licked out by her dad. Aimee was rubbing herself against me again and was obviously turned on by these images. I thought that was enough training videos for the night and it's now time for the practical part.

I said to Aimee, "Why don't we go to bed early together and watch TV"?

She was keen on this so we went to my room and got under the duvet together. I put on the TV and we agreed on a program but we both had other things on our minds. I took Aimee in my arms and she felt tiny like a doll against my big frame and I kissed her passionately and despite her limited experience she responded well. I threw the duvet back and lifted Aimee's night shirt over her head and admired her lithe body and flat chest, I told her to relax but that if anything I did upset her she must stay stop.

I flicked my tongue over both her nipples and was surprised at how hard they were. I then licked down her belly tracing my tongue around her belly button. This caused her to get the giggles but as I moved my tongue lower she went quiet again. I now started to kiss her over her knickers taking my time and as I got lower without prompting she opened her legs to allow better access.

I now felt it was time and kissed her pussy lips through her knickers. As I did so I breathed in through my nose and got a mixture of smells. A musky urine laced smell that really turned me on. As I kissed lower between her legs I looked up and saw Aimee had her eyes shut and was gently biting her lip. I licked up and down her slit and her breathing became heavy. I pulled my head away not wanting her to go over the top just yet.

I slowly pulled her knickers down noticing a slight stain near the back. This should have put me off but had just the opposite effect. It reminded me of her mothers instruction to make sure she washed properly. I studied her pussy closely and then flicked my tongue up and down her bare pussy lips. The taste was superb and took my time as I lapped away. I looked up again and Aimee was flushed deep red and she was raising her hips off the bed to get contact with my tongue.

I gently pulled her pussy lips apart and marvelled at the sight. A really tiny hole with a visible hymen that one day I hoped to be the first to break. I proffered my tongue to the hole and just the very tip entered. She was wriggling now but not saying stop so I pushed a little harder with my tongue and felt a little more of my tongue slip past her hymen. At this point she reached down and grabbed my hair pushing my face to her pussy.

I gently removed her hands and slid my tongue up to the top of her slit. I felt a slight hard point there, the beginnings of a clitoris, and she started when I flicked it with my tongue. At this point I sat up and asked her how that was.

"Wow my tummy felt lovely could you do it some more"?

"In a minute," I replied.

My shorts were tented by my erect six inch cock and I saw Aimee looking at it.

"Would you like to see it?" I asked.

"Mmm" she said. I slid my shorts down and my cock sprung up almost touching my belly. Aimee's eyes were wide as she seemed impressed by the size. When I looked down at her small body and compared it with the size of my cock it did look massive. I was already wondering how I was going to get it inside her.

"Don't be shy," I said. "You can touch it if you want".

She reached forward and put her hand on it and pulled away.

"It's hot," she said.

"Yes hot for you," I said and gently placed her hand back on it. She grew in confidence and started to rub up and down like in the cinema. I took her other hand and placed it under my balls, she could only really hold one at a time and she juggled between the two. Her tiny hands made my cock seem huge which was a pleasant sensation.

Much more of this and I was going to cum. I wanted to go just a little further tonight.

"Remember the little girl in the movie with her daddies cock in her mouth"?


"Well I don't think you could fit my cock in your mouth like that". I could see a look of consternation on her face.

"Bet I could," she said.

"Doing is proving," I said. She scooted across the bed so that my cock was just in front of her face. I could see a mental struggle going on in her head and then she popped the end of my cock in her mouth. She stayed like that for about 30 seconds until she got used to it. I have a large girth and the sight of her mouth stretched to accommodate my cock was very arousing.

I then put my hands on each side of her face and gently moved her head backwards and forwards a little. The sight and feel of her small mouth around my cock was too much. I was going to come no matter what. The only thing that stopped me putting my hands behind her head and coming in her mouth was the fear that she may panic and choke so I pulled out and sprayed my cum on her upper chest and then directed some up onto her little chin. Aimee did blink but to her credit didn't turn her face away.

What a beautiful sight, there was this little child with my cum all over her chest and dripping from her chin.

"I was expecting to have to swallow it like the girl in the film," she said.

"That takes some practice," I replied. "The first step is to taste some, I've never tasted it shall we taste some together?" This was a little lie as I had kissed someone after cumming in her mouth before but I thought it would help things along.

I scooped up a good finger full off her chest and licked it off saying yum yum. She then picked some off her chin with her finger and put it in her mouth swallowing with a grimace.

"Not too bad," she said. We then cleaned up all the spunk in turn putting it on our tongue to show it to the other before swallowing.

I gently kissed Aimee on her cummy covered lips and we lay down cuddled together. I had her pert little bum cupped in one hand and almost immediately my cock started to stir but before I had any other ideas I could hear Aimee gently snoring in my ear. As I cupped that little bum in my hand I imagined in my mind my cock obscenely stretching her little rosebud anus between those two little cheeks of her bum. I was already making plans....

To be continued

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In the beginning of part 1 you described her as being 11 but looked 6 or 7 but by the end of a very short part 1 she is now 7 instead of 11 try and keep your story straight it really takes away any enjoyment when an author can't keep up with his own story


Shame when a reader can't understand a story. Try reading slowly from the beginning. Current and backstory.


gman I've looked at part 1 again and it makes it quite clear that while Aimee is currently 11 the story refers to events up to four years earlier 11-4 = 7 in any language.


G Man this part 2 is the day after the events of the previous story when she was 7 too. I'm not up to present day yet I will try and link episodes better to explain.


Do the details matter that much, surely its enough to lose yourself in the fantasy, yes, and I definitely did, well done Tom-tom

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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