Initiation, Part 1

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Published: 20-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Ten year old Sarah raced in the front door of the townhouse she lived in, her best friend Bree, who was also ten, followed right behind. The dropped their backpacks by the front door and bounded up the stairs. AS Sarah entered her thirteen year old sister's room, Bree stopped at the door.

"What are you doing?" Bree asked. "If Cali catches you in here she'll kill you."

Sarah ignored her and reached into the dresser, pulling out a small box. After closing the drawer, Sarah dashed out of the room. "Come on," she said to her friend. Sarah led Bree to her room and then shut the door behind them.

"Check this out," Sarah said as she opened the box. Sarah pulled out a pink rocket-shaped object about six inches in length.

"What is it?" Bree asked trying to peer into the box.

"Duh!" Then Sarah's eyes widened, and she smiled a mischievous grin. "You don't really know, do you?" Bree shook her head. "Okay, watch this."

Sarah reached up under her green and blue school tartan skirt, and pulled her yellow panties down. After kicking them off, she flopped onto the bed and flipped her skirt up revealing her little hairless mound. She twisted the base of the pink object in her hand, and it started buzzing in her hand.

"Is that - " Bree started to ask, her eyebrows raised in interest.

"A vibrator?" Sarah finished for Bree. She started rubbing the tip around the puffy outer lips of her pussy. "Yep."

Bree watched her friend masturbate with the toy. Though she had looked at her own pussy in a hand-held mirror, she'd never really looked at another girl's. Now, here she was, looking at her friend who had her legs spread wide showing all of her little girl parts and watching her rub herself with a vibrator.

"How did you know she had that?" Bree asked.

"She showed it to me yesterday," Sarah said, her eyes closed, a look of pleasure on her face.

"Does it feel good?"

"It feels awesome!" a voice from the door way said.

Bree spun around and Sarah tossed the vibrator to the side of the bed.

Cali and Sarah were obviously sisters. Their fine long red hair and freckles would have been enough to identify them as such, but they also had small noses that had a slight upturn at the end which most people would say added to their cuteness.

"I told you not to get that out without asking me first," Cali said walking over to the bed. "I don't want mom finding it." Cali picked the vibrator up off the floor. Cali wiped her hand on her shorts to clean it from Sarah's pussy juices that were all over the vibrator.

"I just wanted to show it to Bree," Sarah said.

"You could've waited till I got home. If mom finds it she'll kill me."

'But mom's not home," Sarah said sitting up on the edge of her bed. Her skirt now folded over her thighs barely covering her small sex.

"I know, but she could come home any time, and I don't want to lose it."

"I know," Sarah said. "I'm sorry."

"But," Cali said relaxing her tone, "mom won't be home for another hour. She called me on my way home from school. I'll show you both something I discovered last night that really rocks, and I'll let you both use it."

Sarah smiled. "Okay. What do you think Bree?"

"Well, it looks kinda weird, but I'll try it."

"You'll like this, but you both need to take off your clothes," Cali instructed.

"All of them?" Bree asked.

"Your skirts and panties at least," Cali said. "I'm gonna get totally naked."

Bree watched as Sarah and Cali stripped down to nothing, while she hesitantly took off her shirt. Cali and Sarah were nearly identical naked, except for the small tits on Cali's chest and the fact that Cali was a few inches taller than Sarah. Both were freckled all over their bodies, and neither had any hair on their thick-lipped pussies.

"Come on, Bree," Sarah said. Bree had just taken off her white shirt and brushed her black hair back over her shoulder and adjusted the strap of her cami. Sarah impatiently went to where Bree stood, knelt in front of her, and reached up under her friend's skirt and pulled down her pink and white striped panties.

"Okay," Bree said unfastening her skirt. She let it fall and stepped out of both the skirt and the panties and pulled her cami over her head. Her olive skin was dark compared to the pale white skin of Cali and Sarah. Her nipples were dark brown nickel-sized circles on her flat chest. She thought they were too dark. She wanted reddish-brown ones like Sarah and Cali had. She felt a little conspicuous and different.

"Okay," Cali said, "watch this."

The thirteen year old got on Sarah's bed and laid down on her back. "Okay, first start with your legs closed. Cali put her legs together, forcing her thick lips to mound up over her thin belly. "Next I turn on the vibrator, and run it over the outside of my coochie very lightly." She turned it on to a low vibrate setting. The two younger girls watched as Cali ran the tip of the toy over the outside of her thick lips, then down her crevice to the top of her thighs.

"This really gets you going," Cali explained, still running the vibrator over her cunt. "Then when it starts to feel really good, open your legs but keep doing the same thing." Cali parted her legs and ran the vibrator up and down the inside of her parted pussy.

"That looks like it feels really good," Sarah told her.

"It does," Cali said, her breathing a little harder. "But just wait and watch."

The two ten year olds watched the older girl's pussy up close as she ran the toy all over her swelling sex. Cali increased the vibration speed and started circling the outside of her tight pink opening. Her still hairless pussy was starting to glisten with her hot dew.

"Now, here's where it gets good," Cali explained. She eased the toy into her tight hole, and using her free hand, she started massaging her hardening nub.

"Holy cow!" Bree exclaimed. "It's going into you!"

Cali didn't respond. Her hands were moving faster. Her eyes were shut tight. Her flat belly was rising and falling faster with each hard breath she took.

Sarah's and Bree's eyes widened and smiles crossed their faces as they watched Cali's body start to spasm and writhe in ecstasy. Her hands worked fast as the waves of pleasure washed over her thirteen year old body.

"That looked like it felt awesome!" Sarah said as Cali came down.

"Did she really cum?" Bree asked. "Holy cow! That's cool!"

Cali pulled the toy out of her pussy and shut it off. She just lay there on Sarah's bed catching her breath. "It-was," she answered Bree. "It feels - almost as good as - having sex."

"You've had sex?" Sarah asked, surprised at the information.

Cali smiled. "I was ten when I lost my virginity."

"With who?" Sarah asked.

"Uncle Mike."

Sarah's eyes widened. "You had sex with Uncle Mike? Does Aunt Shelly know?"

"Aunt Shelly was there too," Cali told her. "Uncle Mike likes girls more than he likes women, and Aunt Shelly lets him have sex with young girls if he wants to."

"No way," Sarah said.

"He told me he wants to do it with you, too." Cali sat up and swung her legs off the bed.

"That's gross!" Bree said. "He's old. Why would you have sex with an old man?"

"He's only 40, so he's not that old," Cali told her. "Besides, I didn't mean to - at first." Sarah climbed on the bed and grabbed the vibrator. She laid down on her back and started using it the way Cali just did.

"Hold on, Sarah," Cali said grabbing her younger sister's wrist. "Do you still have your cherry?"

"My what?" Cali leaned over her sister and pulled the ten year olds smooth pussy lips apart. Cali looked close at Sarah's hole. "You still have your cherry. It's gonna hurt if you pop it, so be careful."

"Let me do it," Sarah said, pushing Cali's hand away.

"What do you mean you didn't mean to?" Bree asked Cali while she watched Sarah masturbate.

"Well, when we went to Uncle Mike's for Christmas three years ago, I got up in the middle of the night because I had to pee. Well I heard so weird sounds coming from Uncle Mike's and Aunt Shelly's bedroom. So I peeked in and saw Aunt Shelly on top of Uncle Mike and his thing going in and out of her coochie. It was weird, so I stood there and watched.

"Well, Uncle Mike must've cum, 'cause Aunt Shelly climbed off of him and kissed him. Then she said, 'You can come in, Cali.' That scared me so much when she said that that I peed my pajamas."

'What - did you - do?" Sarah asked, her breathing getting faster. She was rimming her tiny hole with the vibrator and rubbing her clit with her fingers.

"What could I do? I was caught. So I went in and stood by the bed, and they just laid there smiling at me.

"'Did you like the show?' Uncle Mike asked me.

"'She must've,' Aunt Shelly said to him. 'She didn't leave the whole time. Take off your wet pajamas and come up here and join us. It's fun.'

" I didn't know what else to do. So I stripped naked like they were and climbed up. Aunt Shelly taught me how to give Uncle Mike a blowjob, and I was able to get his thing hard again. She then helped me climb on top of him. She held his thing and had me let it go inside my coochie. It hurt when he went through my cherry, but then it started feeling good as I moved his thing in and out of me. Then it really started to feel awesome and all of a sudden he squirted his cum inside me."

"I'm - gonna - cuuuummm!!!" Sarah moaned, her hands feverishly working on her ten year old pussy. Cali reached around and grabbed the vibrator and started working it for Sarah.

Sarah's body tensed up, her small hips raised off the bed. As soon as she started convulsing, Cali rammed the vibrator up inside her sister's tight pussy. Sarah kept convulsing as if she was being charged with electricity. Cali fucked her ten year old sister with the toy while the little girl came.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Sarah said as she came down. Cali pulled the pink plastic penis out of Sarah, and looked at the blood coating the toy.

"Grab a sock or something," she told Bree pointing at Sarah's dirty laundry basket. Bree grabbed one, unballed it, and gave it to Cali. Cali held it to Sarah's hairless pussy.

"I popped your cherry," Cali told her little sister.

"It hurts, but it feels good," Sarah said rubbing her tender, immature sex.

"So is that all you did with your Uncle Mike?" Bree asked Cali.

"No, Uncle Mike and I have sex now every time I see him. He told me that he wants to do it with you too, Sarah."

"Really?" Sarah asked. "Why?"

"I told you, he likes young girls and Aunt Shelly will let him. You know they're gonna be in town for the weekend?"

"Are they?" Sarah asked. "But Bree is sleeping over this weekend."

"Mom says they're staying at the Dressler Hotel just up the street so they'll be close and still have a good place to sleep. Don't worry, you'll be ready, and I know you'll like it."

"Can I try the vibrator?" Bree asked.

"Come on up," Cali said. "Let's make it really good for you. Sarah, lick her like you do to me sometimes and I'll use the vibrator on her coochie."

Bree laid back and Sarah knelt next to her. As soon as Sarah's tongue touched her friend's bald pussy, Cali started the vibrator. Sarah pulled Bree's legs open wide, then concentrated her tongue on Bree's Sensitive nub. Cali started rubbing the tip of the toy around the thicker outer lips of the ten year old's pussy.

"Holy Cow!" Bree exclaimed. "That feels awe-some!"

The sisters fondled, licked, and vibrated the naked ten year old's hairless pussy. Bree started to tense up and move her hips with the rhythm of Cali's movements.

"I'm gonna pop your cherry, Bree," Cali told her. "I'll do it when you cum, just like I did to Sarah."

"Will - it - oooooooohhhh!!! Uuunnnngggghhhh!!!" Bree cried out as the child's orgasm hit her. Cali immediately pushed the toy fully up inside the little girl's tight hole.

Bree kept writhing and bucking while Sarah continued to use her tongue to flick the ten year old's tiny clit. Cali thrust the toy in and out of the girl's pussy, fucking her through her climax.

Finally, Bree came down and just lay on the bed catching her breath. Cali held the sock to the young girl's bleeding pussy after she pulled the vibrator out.

"We'd better get dressed before mom comes home," Cali finally said.

"Good idea," Sarah told her. "Where'd you get the vibrator?"

Cali pulled her panties back on. "Jason, next door."

Sarah and Bree pulled their panties back on. "Really?" Sarah asked. "Why'd he give it to you?"

"'Cause he initiated me into adulthood, he said, so he gave me this as a gift to congratulate me."

"Will he give us one if we asked him for it?" Sarah asked.

"I'll find out and let you know," Cali said. "He'll probably want to initiate you too."

"What would we have to do?" Sarah asked.

"He'll let you know," Cali told her, "But I'll go over and ask him tonight."

"Girls?" Sarah and Cali's mom called from downstairs. "I'm home."

Sarah and Bree adjusted their skirts. "Be right down, mom," Sarah called back.

"Both of you keep this quiet," Cali said. "This is our secret."

To Be Continued.....

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I like the premise of this story. There's so much going on at once (telling about Cali's past while all the girls are having fun) that there'd be plenty of room for a calmer story progression. It was challenging to picture a naked girl that later on gets described as a spreckled redhead. I'll e-mail a suggestion to prevent taking up all the review space haha. Overal strong discriptions and I was never in doubt as to what was going on. some writers tend to go all over the place, forgetting details that confuse me as to whats going on. But not here. good job.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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