'Mission Impassible', Part 3

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Published: 27-Nov-2011

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Dear readers this adult story is a tongue in cheek poke at a story some of you might recognize. It is not presented for the eyes of minor children, or for those who would object to any of the story codes listed. Those who come upon this tale who are not adults, or who might become offended with the story codes representing the contents, should pass this story by, and seek a more suitable story.

Part 2, Ending

Within an hour of the signing the IM force delivered the four little preteen girls along with four signed contracts and turned them over to the owner and manager of "Porno Sadistico" with great appreciation they were thanked for a job well done.

As they drove away the IM force congratulated themselves at completing their mission successfully.

Nearly three months had passed, when Mr. Jim Welts received a hand delivered parcel from UPS to his apartment. He signed for it and brought the parcel inside his kitchen and laid it down on the table next to his coffee. He studied it for only a second before unwrapping it, then with a familiar look upon his face placed the little recorder closer to him and pressed the play button.

"Good morning Mr. Welts, The "Porno Sadistico" film studio and porn magazine publishing company was taken over by a couple of very savage brothers, Wesley and Samuel Mathews middle aged men who ousted the present owners. They have set up their own code of operations and torn up all the preexisting contracts that were on file. The four little girls that were returned to the original owners have been kept prisoners of the new ownership and made to perform the most degrading and humiliating sexual acts ever known to mankind. Although the four little preteen girls were due to be returned to their homes as per the terms of the old contract. They now find themselves sexual slaves to these beastly owners."

" Your mission Mr. Welts should you choose to accept it, is to use the IM force to free the four little girls from their captivity, and to put the new "Porno Sadistico" film studio and porn magazine publishing company out of business permanently"

"If any of your "Impassible Mission" force is captured or Killed the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your mission. This tape will self destruct in ten seconds, good luck Jim"

Part 3, Beginning: Selecting The Team And Defining The Mission

Jim Welts pulled the leather roll up pipe tobacco pouch from his pocket and filled it from his humidor, then filled the bowl of his pipe and lit the tobacco. He took a few puffs then shook his head and smiled to himself.

How ironic he thought, the success of this mission would depend on doing just the opposite of everything the team accomplished successfully in their last mission. He took another puff from his pipe and then reached for his personnel files. Once again he choose the notorious pedophile Joseph Von Hammer and the kidnapping, photography and blackmailing expert Carlo as his two associates, but he needed one other member of the IM force to complete the team he needed for this mission.

He continued to turn the pages of his files until he reached the page he was looking for, it showed the picture of a very adorable if not totally sexy little 10 year old girl. the name on the top of the page read Brigit Carter, Jim put his finger on the picture of the beautiful child, a look of remembrance came over his face. Little 10 year old Brigit was the daughter of Cinnamon Carter who Jim worked in the past with on a number of missions.

Cinnamon always had difficulties with her child's outrageous determinations to join her mother in the IM forces missions, even as early as five years old little Brigit caused her mother to include her in one or two of her IM force missions. Jim Welts was impressed with the little girls complete understanding of the importance of behaving according to the needs of the mission itself. It wasn't until the child grew a bit older, that Jim together with her mother Cinnamon Carter would allow her to be placed in harms way.

That harms way came about when the IM force was to gain entry into a warehouse where explosives and weapons were being stored for a foreign radical terrorist group who's plans included blowing up government institutions.

The plan was for little Brigit to crawl through a tiny opening and gain access to the interior of the warehouse, she was to see as much as she could in the brief time she was able to spend there, before the terrorists chased her away. The plan never turned out that way, The poor little girl was caught, then spanked by the foreigners and nearly raped by them. She endured lots of physical abuse on her little private parts, before her screams were heard outside by the IM force, and only by luck were they able to gain entrance and rescue her. During the little girls sexual torture, an unsuspecting terrorist came along and opened the warehouse, never expecting to find a little seven year old girl being sexually groped and beaten. It was that bit of luck that saved the child from her first rape and allowed the IM force to complete its mission.

As the years progressed little Brigit Carter grew more and more excited by the thrill of each mission she was picked to join. This would be one of them, Jim smiled as he placed her photo on top of the ones he already selected.

The following day all three members including Jim Welts gathered in his apartment to lay out the plans of the new mission. Jim had studied the new "Porno Sadistico" film studio and porn magazine publishing company, and its new savage and sadistic pedophile owners. It was clear to him and the others that they could do little to disrupt the operation while working from the outside, and working from within would have to be a very well thought out operation.

Apparently the new owners were not only partners but brothers as well. Middle aged sadists named Wesley and Samuel Mathews, who trusted nobody except themselves and even then, that trust would be tested and often wind up in arguments. But one thing was clear to the IM force, and that was the need of "Porno Sadistico" to maintain an outside contact for the purpose of adding to, or replacing those little girls that somehow became expendable and therefore replaceable. The Mathews brothers had such a contact, his name was Bruno Morosini, that was the opening the IM force needed.

It was their job to convince Bruno that he needed to take a trip back to Italy, or face some serious jail time for procuring young little girls for the purpose of pornography.

The next phase of the operation would make or break the mission, and that had three parts to it. Carlo would pose as Bruno Morosini's step brother and convince the Mathews brothers that Bruno was called back to Italy to be with his very ill mother. Carlo would then tell the brothers that he would take Bruno's place.

Carlo would have with him, the bound body of an absolutely adorable and sexy ten year old little girl, that girl would be Brigit Carter.

It would be Brigit's job to locate and befriend 10 year old Amy Wilcox, 8 year old Anita Sanchez, 7 year old Jillian Yang, and 9 year old Amanda Jones. Then together with the help of the IM force, take them and any of the other little slave girls out of that horrible place.

The third member of the IM force would be the notorious pedophile Joseph Von Hammer posing as a wealthy business man from Europe who had just returned to the U.S. without knowing anything at all about the Mathews takeover of "Porno Sadistico" and demanding that they honor his so called contract with the studio to furnish him with the best porn movies his great wealth could buy. The greed of the Mathews brothers would be enticed by Joseph Von Hammers great wealth ploy. Once inside the studio it would be Von Hammers job to convince the Mathews brothers to show him where the little girls were being kept, so that he could supposedly take some pictures of them in bondage. Once that information was obtained, Von Hammer could then pass it to 10 year old Brigit Carter so that she could then find and befriend the little girls and make preparations for their escape.

But before young and eager Brigit would be allowed to participate in such a potentially dangerous mission, Jim Welts needed to be granted permission from her mother Cinnamon Carter. That permission did not come easy, Cinnamon knew from past experience that her daughter Brigit was a most impossible child to refrain from taking dangerous parts in the IM forces missions.

Ever since she could remember, Brigit wanted to emulate her mothers rather precarious vocation, especially once she heard the tales her mother and those other IM force members spoke of when gathered together.

Perhaps it was a mistake on Cinnamon's part to include Brigit when she was only five years old on that special IM force mission that called for a little preteen girl. But her daughter just seemed to fit the part of that little five year old girl. From that point forward there always seemed to be a mission that was just suited for little Brigit.

The dangers kept growing, and the worst was that terrible time when she was only seven years old in that warehouse operated by that foreign radical terrorist group where Brigit uncovered and captured and then spanked, abused, and just moments away from rape.

Both Cinnamon and Jim spent a great deal of time discussing the mission and those involved. When it was over Cinnamon Carter knew she had not been able to keep her daughter from taking part in the IM forces mission.

But that mission was to be delayed for nearly one full week. Little 10 year old Brigit had made previous plans to take part in her schools performance of "Cinderella" which meant rehearsals and then costume fittings and then two performances on succeeding days. It was after all the holiday season and she could not go back on her word. The IM force would just have to delay their mission for at least that amount of time.

Since all the members were impassible including little Brigit, which meant they were incapable of emotion, they were unfeeling especially towards others, and that gave them the ability to concentrate on their missions, without getting emotionally involved or distracted. They were of course anxious to get the mission underway, but certainly not concerned with the horrors those poor little innocent girls were experiencing, and would continue to experience for at least one more week.

Oh Please Wont Anybody Help Us?

Ten year old Amy Wilcox, eight year old Anita Sanchez, seven year old Jillian Yang, and Nine year old Amanda Jones, were the last girls to be added to the already sixteen girls who now found themselves nothing more than sex slaves to a ruthless porn making film studio taken over by a new ownership. An ownership with absolutely no concern for the welfare of their tiny little film stars.

"Porno Sadistico" film studio and porn magazine publishing company was never a place any little girl would ever in her most weakened moments, would ever voluntarily wish to participate in. These poor unfortunate children were there for two reasons. The first was rather simple, they were abducted from institutions such as orphanages or caught as little aliens sneaking across the boarders. The other reason, a bit more involved, entailed some blackmail or some outright trickery.

Amy Wilcox, Anita Sanchez, Jillian Yang, and Amanda Jones were the latest girls to arrive and they were there because of the efforts of the IM forces last mission. The new owners Wesley and Samuel Mathews treated them the worst of all the little girls, simply because in their sick minds they determined these little girls were fresher, like bananas before they became spotted and too old to enjoy.

All four of the little girls were there not only for the clients of the studio but also for the enjoyment of the two sick brothers. The poor girls actually hoped for those days when the studio was busy with clients that asked for new porn films, because it meant they would be busy with the production end of the studio, and not taken down to the private sex room of the brothers to be violated in the most terrible ways.

It was just one of those weeks where the studio had just completed production of its latest film, and shot its last porn magazine layouts. The poor children shuddered as they were pushed and shoved and pulled along to that dreaded horrible sex room down in the studio's basement, a special basement that the two brothers had set up for their own sexual purposes that naturally included several well placed hidden video cameras that would record the awful ordeals the little girls would be suffering.

Wearing nothing but the skimpiest of undies the poor little girls were all attached to hanging ropes, positioned in such a manner that each girls legs were spread wide and made to face each other girl. In that way they could not only feel the pain of their own abuse. but see the pain the others were receiving and anticipate that same pain to fall upon themselves.

Little seven year old Jillian Yang, was shivering with fear as she watched both eight year old Anita Sanchez, and Nine year old Amanda Jones being spanked with a paddle she could hear their screams,

"WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "EEEeeAAAaahhhhwwww!" they shrieked, "OOOOwwwwiieeeeee! Owwiieee!"

Poor little Jillian Yang watched in utter terror as now both new owners Wesley and Samuel Mathews slid the poor little girls panties off the feet of Anita Sanchez and Amanda Jones then used a cane to torture the two little girls most tender little titties,


"NOOOOOOO!" NOOOOOOO!" NOOOOOOO!"Oooooooooo Oooooooooo Ooooooooo Noooooooooo the two poor abused children screamed on top of their lungs.

Poor little seven year old Jillian Yang suffered the horrors of expectations. She could see most vividly what would soon be her own fate, and there was more to come.

Eight year old Anita Sanchez, and nine year old Amanda Jones both suffered anal and breast torture, but that wasn't enough for the two sadistic brothers, both Wesley and Samuel Mathews grabbed their cattle prods and began to send electric shocks onto the poor little girls vaginal labia and clitoris.


Both little girls screamed and then fainted, and all this was seen by the poor shivering little seven year old Jillian Yang, whose little heart was beating as fast as it possibly could. But her ordeal was not to begin yet, the two horribly sadistic brothers wanted this Asian child to suffer the anticipation even longer and they had one more victim to practice their cruelty on, that victim was Ten year old Amy Wilcox, who just like the younger child could also see the horrors of what would soon become her own living nightmare. Jillian now had to watch as poor Amy was the target of the two madmen.

They wasted little time in stripping the child and then they started on her. Wesley Mathews stood in front of poor Amy holding a rather large eight inch long studded dildo in his hand, while brother Samuel Mathews held a six inch vibrating dildo in his hand. the video cameras catching every action taking place. While the little ten year old daughter of millionaires Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox cried tears of horror in anticipation of what her own eyes saw only moments ago, the two horrible sadists began the sexual torture of the poor naked child hanging by her wrists before them. Simultaneously both dildos were viciously driven inside the poor child's two holes.


The pain of that eight inch studded dildo being driven inside her ten year old little cunt was just so horrible, but the pain she felt with that six inch vibrating dildo being forced inside her tight little asshole was even worse.


Her screams only added more thrills to the two sadistic perverts and they continued their assaults on the child's abused body,

"She continued to scream "Nooo!! no! noooooo! Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh!! Nooo!" Amy cried again, and again and again sobbing and crying and screaming with pain AAaawwwww aaaaawwwwwww awwwww"

Amy being just a bit older than the other little girls, was also just a bit cleverer, and seeing that these two horrible men stopped torturing eight year old Anita Sanchez, and nine year old Amanda Jones, when they fainted, she closed her eyes and hung her head, the trick worked. Both Wesley and Samuel Mathews were tricked by the clever little girl into believing she had fainted. It was good for Amy, but not for the poor little seven year old Taiwanese girl Jillian Yang, they had saved this adorable little girl for last, and their hard swollen cocks were ready and eager to fuck her brains out.

Poor little Jillian was already distraught enough watching the horrible ordeal her three friends were made to endure. With bitter tears running down her pretty face and her bound and hanging body shaking, she watched as the two monsters approached her with their naked hard-ons sticking out, and their hands holding implements of torture.

Once again the two Mathews brothers assumed the position that they favored the most, one standing in front of a little girl, the other behind. Brother Wesley stood behind little Jillian and reached both his hands around her little body, grabbing both her tiny little nipples between his sadistically cruel fingers, and began to pinch, twist, flick and yank on them, then he attached those most terrible "alligator clamps" on them, bringing ear piercing screams from the tortured child's mouth,

Not only was the video cameras taking in all the action, but the sound of her screams of agony were also being recorded,

"EEEeeAAAaahhhhwwww!" she shrieked, "OOOOwwwwiieeeeee! Owwiieee!" Eeeuhhh, eeeeiihhh, ieeeehhh," AAAaaaaaaawwwwwww! UuhhAwwww!" The little girl screamed, sobbing and gasping."eeehhss! eehhss! owwwwie!"

Standing in front was brother Samuel and in his right hand he held a long curling brush, girls used to style their hair with, he smiled sadistically as he twisted that hard thistle brush inside poor Jillian's tiny little cunt hole, then in his left hand he drove a thick butt plug past the poor agonized little child' sphincter muscle, driving it inside her little asshole,


The torture of this adorable little Asian child could not continue, it was not their plan, they wanted her to suffer, but they had learned their lesson from the others, they did not want this one to faint, they wanted to fuck her both holes while she was totally conscious, and that's exactly what they did.

"Waaaaaaaaaah! its Too deep, mister she wept, "Take it out! PLEEEEEEEASE!" Not so deep! Oh! Oh! It hurts!"

Both hard cocks were now fucking poor little Jillian' cunt and ass at the same time, both swollen cocks were driving in and out of her tortured little holes showing no mercy, they fucked her until they came and their sticky cum filled her and then began to ooooozzzzz from her, as they finally satisfied their lust and pulled themselves from her two openings.

All four little girls suffered for an entire week down in that horrible private basement with it all being recorded on film. When they finally joined the rest of the other sixteen little girls, they had tales of horror that the others could hardly believe, but when told were totally unnerved, and horrified to hear.

Gaining Entry And Locating The Captive Little Girls

The schools performance of "Cinderella" was wonderfully received, and finally after all those rehearsals and the performance itself, Cinnamon Carters little 10 year old daughter Brigit was finally free to rejoin the others in mission leader Jim Welts apartment. There really wasn't much to go over since the last time they met, one week ago, the missions plans were outlined, the delay only required the team to simply refresh their memories.

Each of the IM force had a roll to play, and it was as always the job of mission leader Jim Welts to coordinate the plan. The day had arrived and all members were eager and ready to activate it.

The first to make contact with the Mathews brothers was notorious pedophile Joseph Von Hammer, the IM force spared no expense and had him attired in the most expensive business suit money could buy. His performance was excellent, his appearance and slight German accent which was genuine to begin with, just went perfectly with his image. The Mathews brothers were not only sadistic perverts but were greedy perverts as well, Von Hammer was welcomed with open arms.

Step two of the missions plan was just a bit more entailed, and depended on blackmailing expert Carlos ability to threaten Bruno Morosini with some serious jail time, for procuring young little girls for the purpose of pornography and convince him that a trip back to Italy was in his best interests. That part of the plan had unexpected benefits. Carlo had been following Bruno for a short time when he actually saw the evil man kidnap a small little girl from a playground and put her in his car.

It wasn't good enough for the pervert to simply carryout his task and deliver the little girl to the two Mathews brothers at "Porno Sadistico". Bruno Morosini decided to try the poor little child out for himself, so he drove to a deserted area completely unaware that the IM forces Carlo had been following him. Once the car was parked he took the poor little child who looked to be no more than five years old and began to undress her while she screamed her head off. It was easy for him to subdue the little girl, and soon he had his pants and undershorts pulled down and his hard cock out. The child's agony could be heard by Carlo in his car parked behind some large hedges.

"AAaawwwwwww, aaaawwwwwm, awwwww!" she wailed aaaaaawwwwwwwwhhhh!" she began to scream "Nooo!! no! noooooo! Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh!! Nooo!"

Carlo being the kidnapping, photography and blackmailing expert was ready for this welcome turn of events and snapped all the pictures he needed. He then left his own car and banged on the window of the totally shocked Carlo who was enjoying himself attempting to rape a screaming little five year old girl. Once presented with the facts and the evidence, Bruno needed little convincing, jail was something he would not contemplate.

Mission leader Jim welts was being kept informed step by step of the progress his team was making and was pleased at their progress. The last step was for Carlo to actually make contact with the two very savage middle aged brothers, Wesley and Samuel Mathews. He did so easily, once they laid their eyes on the delicious morsel he had with him, and that of course was Cinnamon Carters little ten year old daughter Brigit.

The Brothers actually handed over $500.00 dollars to Carlo for his efforts in abducting such a hot little girl like Brigit. The mission had now proceeded according to plan, and when Carlo left "Porno Sadistico" he immediately told Jim all went well.

It had gone well, but only up to that point. For instead of little ten year old Brigit Carter meeting Joseph Von Hammer, and finding out where the other little girls were being kept, or even being taken to the four girls brought there by the IM force, she was brought down to the brothers very special basement, And all the time Joseph Von Hammer was busy taking pictures down below where the twenty little girls were being kept.

Brigit remembered one other time when an IM force mission didn't go according to plan, and that was the time when she was only seven years old and caught in the warehouse of some foreign terrorists and spanked, tortured, and nearly raped, she suffered terrible physical abuse to her little private parts.

Her little body began to tremble with the anticipation that once again she would be made to suffer sexual torture and this time probably rape, She wasn't mistaken. Both Wesley and Samuel Mathews slowly undressed her and themselves, then took their time with the new sexy addition to their evil porn studio.

They probed all the very sensitive sexual parts of her little body with their hands and instruments of torture, while she screamed,

""OOOOwwwwiieeeeee! Owwiieee!" "OOOOwwwwiieeeeee! Owwiieee!" Eeeuhhh, eeeeiihhh, ieeeehhh," Nooo!! no! noooooo! Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh!! Nooo!"

Brigit cried again and again. Hoping her screams would be heard by Joseph Von Hammer who she knew was in the building somewhere. But her screams were in vain, Von Hammer was not aware of her torment, and the evil Mathews brothers had their cocks out and were preparing to fuck the little child's pussy and asshole at the same time.

"EEEeeAAAaahhhhwwww!" she shrieked, "OOOOwwwwiieeeeee! Owwiieee!" Eeeuhhh, eeeeiihhh, ieeeehhh," and cried even harder "Aaaahhwww Ahhwww Ahhhhwwww!!" she screamed even louder "AAAaaaaaaawwwwwww! UuhhAwwww!"

But her torment continued and she was viciously raped by the two brothers. One had his cock thrust inside her otherwise little virgin pussy hole, while the other brothers cock was wedged into her tight butt hole.

"AAaawwwwwww, aaaawwwwwm, awwwww!" she wailed aaaaaawwwwwwwwhhhh!" she sniffed, it aaaallll huurrrrrts so bad!! Eeaaaahhhh! uuuaaahhh! uuuaaanhh!!"

Poor little Brigit sobbed and cried and bawled,

"Wwaaaaaaa"AAAaaaaaaawwwwwww! UuhhAwwww!"

She screamed, sobbing and gasping

"eeehhss! eehhss! owwwwie!"

It was only when Joseph Von Hammer finally met 10 year old Amy Wilcox, 8 year old Anita Sanchez, 7 year old Jillian Yang, and 9 year old Amanda Jones, and told him he was there to help them and the others escape, that they told him of the special torture room down below in the sub basement. He realized it had been too long a time before he made contact with little Brigit, and that something must have gone wrong with the original plan.

While the two brothers were busy raping poor little Brigit, Von Hammer called Jim and told him of the present conditions. It was obvious that an immediate solution to the problem needed priority attention or their mission would fail and little Brigit might suffer permanent damage, and be lost forever as an IM agent.

There was no longer an option to reach for, finesse had no place in their new plans. The team had no choice but to burst into the film studio locate Brigit and the other little girls rescue them, and then use the secret films they found there to put the two Mathews brothers permanently out of business.

The IM force acted swiftly and accurately in locating all twenty little girls, then when 10 year old Amy Wilcox, 8 year old Anita Sanchez, 7 year old Jillian Yang, and 9 year old Amanda Jones told them where the sub basement was located, they burst inside and rescued the poor screaming, raped little ten year old Brigit Carter. When they found the secret video cameras recording the rape of little Brigit, and all those other tapes of the horrible tortures the evil Mathews brothers were involved in, the mission was completed successfully. The Mathews brothers were packed up and moved to an undisclosed place where filming little girls was going to be the furthest thing from their minds. Primary for them was just survival.

Rehabilitation With 'Therapeutic No-Holes Barred Fucking & Sucking'

It had taken two full weeks of intensive rehabilitation to bring about the healing process hoped for by the IM force, and even though the secretary had deemed their mission a complete success, It was somehow felt by those in higher up places that each girl should be given the opportunity to either participate in a program of sexual pleasures, for which they would each be receiving gifts or some other type of remuneration. Or if any of the girls wanted to leave and not participate then that option should be theirs to choose. It turned out that not one single little girl choose to leave.

Money was obtained by the IM force and the old "Porno Sadistico" film studio and porn magazine publishing company was converted into the "Little girls pleasure palace"

There was a performance stage and a small room with a fireplace, all activities naturally being caught on multi-angle video of course, and with a paying audience watching on the other side of a large one-way mirror over that low fireplace.

The four little girls that originally were abducted by the IM force where now part of the training team responsible for showing the other little girls their "Radio city Rochettes"

Chorus dance, only this dance was a far cry from the one performed by the little girls in their schools auditorium. This dance was a strip tease dance where all twenty girls lined up in a chorus line and did their routines while stripping.

The little room with the fireplace was designed to be a rather erotically charged environment. Each little girl or sometimes several little girls would meet men of their choosing and enter into a no-holes barred fucking and sucking orgy, all witnessed by eager patrons who paid lots of money to watch on the other side of that one-way mirror. Naturally the sounds of those orgies were part of the excitement

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hoohh! UUUUUUU "UUUUHYESSS!!", they moaned Mmmm. Mmmmmm, mm mmmm!"OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh Ummmmmmmmmm Oh. God, oh, oh, oh, OH GOD I'm COMING AGAIN!"

Could clearly be heard by the paid patrons,

The little girls cunts were wide open and all wanting more cock.

End Part Three


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'The little girls cunts were wide open and all wanting more cock' - and hopefully they get more of their titties caned on the way? :-)

Principal Peter

Thanks for part three. It was especially well done considering you hadn't planned it ahead of time. Great work.


I've read all three parts and I can honestly say I dont know which one I liked the best. your one hot writer, thanks for keeping my hand busy and well you know where.

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